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02:35<andythenorth>maybe we should talk in forums more
02:35<andythenorth>it took me like, 2 years in forums or so to discover irc
02:35<andythenorth>and first time I came in here, got a bit bruised
02:36<V453000>I was fine with just IRC for years :P
02:38<andythenorth>if you turn up in forums, and it’s all either reddit-crowd asking illiterate questions
02:38<andythenorth>or foamers asking for extra rivets
02:38<andythenorth>and then you ask a ‘dumb’ question and one of us answers it
02:38<andythenorth>probably not very friendly
02:40<V453000>idk, my threads might not be getting the most attention but when they do it is usually not utterly idiotistic
02:40<V453000>well, except the BAD features thread, that was fun :D
02:41<andythenorth>exactly, RAWR thread makes it look like a game you’d want to contribute to
02:41<andythenorth>if game looks like it has smart people making good stuff
02:41<andythenorth>is better
02:42<andythenorth>might find moar devs
02:43<V453000>=D my girlfriend just brought me my custom keycaps cause I obviously forgot them at home :D time for keyboard surgery
02:43<andythenorth>click click
02:52<V453000>got it =D
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03:44*andythenorth ponders
03:44<andythenorth>could nml dump its parse tree to disk as a cache? And then observe a flag to use that, for cases where only graphics contents are changed?
03:45<andythenorth>maybe it does already
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05:14<supermop>roads look good V453000
05:14<supermop>crosswalks on dirt are a bit odd though
05:27<@DorpsGek>Commit by planetmaker :: r27126 trunk/src/map_type.h (2015-01-26 10:27:51 UTC)
05:28<@DorpsGek>-Fix [FS#6218] (r26873): Reduce memory footprint of map array by shuffling its variables
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05:57<V453000>yeah they are indeed supermop
05:57<V453000>I just did it for now :D roads are quick to re-render in case
06:03<V453000>I might just make there some brighter dirt to make it look like humanz walk there
06:03<V453000>not like that makes any sense but hey :D
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07:34*andythenorth experiments with posting more to forums
07:35<andythenorth>a few months ago I experimented with trolling less, also
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07:49<V453000>andythenorth: what results did that bring?
07:55<andythenorth>what, less trolling?
07:55<andythenorth>makes me look less like an idiot, I guess
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09:08<V453000>Eddi|zuHause: iz 2x5 :P
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09:30<Eddi|zuHause>V453000: then i need glasses
09:31<V453000>we are talking about the iron works right?
09:32<Eddi|zuHause>now that you say it, i see it
09:32<V453000>easy to happen :)
09:33*andythenorth got glasses
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09:34<andythenorth>also the 2x5 layouts, the arrangement of buildings makes 2 or 3 distinct gestalts within the shape
09:35<andythenorth>so it looks like a bigger thing
09:37*andythenorth isn’t sure gestalt is the appropriate noun
09:38<andythenorth>but it’s gestalt theory anyhow
09:38<V453000>sounds horribly german
09:38<andythenorth>it is appropriately german
09:39<V453000>almost done with rodez :>
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09:42<@planetmaker>Gestalt... yes, it's a German word. But the English people use it in weired ways :P
09:44<@planetmaker>Gestalt is deprecated ;)
09:45<@peter1138>Apple is deprecated.
09:45<andythenorth>I owe you a disk
09:45*andythenorth should look in a cupboard
09:46<andythenorth>did they really used to run everything with cross-application pointers?
09:46<@planetmaker>V453000, slightly less white for the pedestrian crossings?
09:46<V453000>yeah perhaps
09:46*andythenorth had an OS 9 mac that crashed as often as you looked at it
09:46<V453000>you are quick to react :D
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10:58<deniz1a>hello. is there a way to navigate to a tile coordinate on the map?
10:59<deniz1a>you can see the coordinate of a tile using the land area information tool
11:02<@planetmaker>#goto tilenumber
11:02<@planetmaker>or similar. check rcon help
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11:04<@planetmaker> IConsoleHelp("Usage: 'scrollto <tile>' or 'scrollto <x> <y>'");
11:04<@planetmaker> IConsoleHelp("Numbers can be either decimal (34161) or hexadecimal (0x4a5B).");
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11:07<deniz1a>ok thanks
11:07<deniz1a>what's rcon help?
11:08<deniz1a>ok it's remote control
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11:15<frosch123>andythenorth: i have a patch for writing parse tree to disk
11:16<andythenorth>ha I was going to ask if that was a dumb idea :)
11:16<andythenorth>I noticed today I was making graphics-only changes
11:16<frosch123>slow-down on first encoding 20% due to cache-wirting, speed-up 50% if cache is ready
11:16<andythenorth>and if the cache is invalidated?
11:16<frosch123>anyway, i do no longer consider it, since it does not add much to the next level of partial compilation
11:17<frosch123>yes, 20% to write the cache
11:17<andythenorth>seemed like a wizard wheeze
11:17<frosch123>comparing time stamps of files costs nothing :p
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11:25<andythenorth>lo Alberth
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11:42<@Alberth>they look a bit crowded perhaps?
11:43<andythenorth>lots together
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11:46<@planetmaker>wooo more iron works layouts :)
11:46<andythenorth>more thread comments?
11:46<andythenorth>this is a bit of a hard-to-enter community, we need more public discussion :)
11:47<andythenorth>Alberth: maybe a few more empty tiles on some layouts?
11:47<@planetmaker>andythenorth, yes, that might make sense. Which could show steel when it actually produces
11:48<@planetmaker>like removing one combo of smelter/house/outlet from the design and replace it with those (new) courtyard tile
11:48<@planetmaker>similar to the logs(?)
11:49<andythenorth>the 2x4 and 4x2 do need to lose a smelter in that case
11:49<@planetmaker>yes, they would. But I'm not conviced that it would be fatal
11:51<@planetmaker>but then... not sure the layouts need to become less crowded. Might be a circle-optimization :)
11:54<andythenorth>I like them as is
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12:10<@planetmaker>then leave 'em :)
12:17<@Alberth>I agree :)
12:20<andythenorth>done, done, onto the next one
12:23<andythenorth>eh, there’s just no way to stop the repetitive conclusion that the economic model is wrong, eh?
12:24<andythenorth>I think I have forgotten that since last time it was discussed
12:25<V453000>remove money, save the universe
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12:29<@Alberth>great progress V
12:30<@Alberth>town looks very impressive
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12:30<V453000>thanks :) maybe 0.0.1 tomorrow
12:30<V453000>only road crossings and a couple of track misalignments to be fixed in postproduction only
12:30<V453000>there are other smaller issues but those will be taken care of later
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12:45<@DorpsGek>Commit by translators :: r27127 trunk/src/lang/latin.txt (2015-01-26 17:45:25 UTC)
12:45<@DorpsGek>-Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
12:45<@DorpsGek>latin - 1 changes by Supercheese
12:46<andythenorth>eh, was this any of you?
12:46<andythenorth>blowing stuff up, taking pictures
12:52<@Alberth>wasn't me unfortunately, I was just writing boring makefile and python code
12:52<@planetmaker>sounds like a fun job :)
12:54<andythenorth>Braunschweig is one of you?
12:56<@planetmaker>yeah, those are collegues from the faculty of Chemistry two streets away it seems
12:57<@planetmaker>seems they also are high-speed camera junkies :P
12:57<@Alberth>hmm, perhaps planetmaker did pick the best place after all :)
12:58<@planetmaker>not that I know any of them in person or so
12:58<__ln__>isn't it supposed to be Brunswick in english
12:59<frosch123>andythenorth: it was told that a biology/chemistry from my school dropped a pound of natrium into the school's pond as a 'fun event for the class', and subsequently killed all fish in it
13:00<@planetmaker>a pound of sodium?! :P
13:00<frosch123>likely :)
13:00<@planetmaker>that must have burnt like hell
13:01<@planetmaker>natrium (de) = sodium (en). I learnt it the hard way. No-one understood what I was talking about in class. Until I wrote it down :P
13:01<__ln__>but the most important question remains unanswered: was it fun?
13:01<frosch123>planetmaker: really? it's "Na" in any case,isn't it?
13:02<frosch123>__ln__: not for the other teacher caring for the fish
13:02<@planetmaker>frosch123, exactly. The chemical symbol is identical. But not the name :)
13:03<@planetmaker>that's where all folks said "oh, that's what you're talking about" ;)
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13:03<frosch123>planetmaker: easy solution, slur your speech so they have to read what you write :p
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13:39<Samu>I have a suggestion
13:40<Xaroth|Work>those are always the best entrances
13:40<Samu>when buying out another company due to it going bankrupt, have those in that company to start playing in the new company
13:41<@planetmaker>Samu, those companies which have a player do not go bancrupt. Thus ... yes, it's already implemented ;)
13:42<Samu>really? what is the setting
13:42<Xaroth|Work>no, more like
13:42<Xaroth|Work>if somebody is in a company
13:42<Xaroth|Work>it can't go bankrupt
13:42<Xaroth|Work>if i understand planetmaker's wordings
13:42<@Alberth>it's correct
13:42<@planetmaker>you do
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13:42<@Alberth>hi hi
13:43<Xaroth|Work>for a black plague victim I'm terribly smart today O_O
13:43<@Alberth>not that it matters much, since you can't buy anything if you're in the red :p
13:43<@planetmaker>as long as you keep your plague to yourself ;)
13:43<Wolf01>hello o/
13:43<Xaroth|Work>well i got it from the wife
13:43<Xaroth|Work>so we're both sick at home :|
13:43<Xaroth|Work>on a better note, TrueBrain managed to escape the country in time.
13:44<Samu>players in rich company buys out the bankrupted company and all those players will start together for the rich company? strange
13:44<Samu>will play together*
13:44<@planetmaker>Samu, you *cannot* buy out a player company. simple
13:45<@planetmaker>you can only buy out AIs
13:45<Samu>yesterday I bought some company in multiplayer
13:45<Samu>but it was not being managed by anyone at the time
13:46<Samu>so i can only buy empty companies that go bankrupt?
13:51<frosch123>Xaroth|Work: do you know some "Andrew"?
13:52<frosch123>ah, nevermind, tb copied from somewhere else
13:57<Samu>planemaker you're wrong, someone just bought someone else, I got screenshot for proof
13:57<Samu>company wasn't empty
14:01<Xaroth|Work>frosch123: er, doesn't ring a bell
14:04<Supercheese>You can buy them if they go bankrupt
14:04<Supercheese>Perhaps IFF they go bankrupt, even
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14:35*andythenorth needs nitrate mine sprites
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14:49<__ln__>important news from the kingdom of denmark to all the elves:
14:50<frosch123>is bjarni an elve?
14:51<__ln__>he's either that or a lego figure.
14:59*andythenorth better draw this
14:59<andythenorth>only not ruined
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15:14<@Alberth>andythenorth: you considered leaving out some of the houses of the furnaces?
15:15<@Alberth>would perhaps add a little more diversity
15:15<andythenorth>the smelter thing that the smoke comes from?
15:15<@Alberth>yep, in particular the wooden thing behind it
15:16<@Alberth>or brick-thing
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15:57<andythenorth>nitrate mine
15:58<dreck>that looks nice andy...
15:58<dreck>btw if I may suggest.. the empty ground inbetween would be a bit brownish/muddy with telltale of truck tracks going through?
15:59<andythenorth>you don’t like white?
15:59<dreck>is it only for arctic snowline alone? :P
15:59<dreck>thats the only time it could be white to me tbh :)
16:04<@Alberth>looks nice andy, fits with the other industries
16:06<andythenorth>I have reached peak sprites
16:06<andythenorth>I never draw anything new any more :)
16:07<@Alberth>you should make a python script to assemble random industries :p
16:08<@Alberth>hmm, why does firs take so long then, if you're re-using parts all the time?
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16:10<andythenorth>it is a good question :)
16:10<andythenorth>maybe just one industry
16:10<andythenorth>random cargos
16:11<andythenorth>random sprites
16:11<frosch123>all ports? ship only?
16:12<frosch123>most useless economy :) just build ships
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16:14<andythenorth>pure trading
16:14<andythenorth>maybe in space
16:14<andythenorth>all tiles are black
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17:17<FLHerne>deniz1a: Evening
17:17<deniz1a>is there a way to visualize signal blocks like you can do with track reservations?
17:18<FLHerne>deniz1a: No
17:19<FLHerne>But you should be able to see where they are, from the signals
17:19<deniz1a>but it would be great if there was an option to do it, am i right?
17:19<FLHerne>Path reservations need visualisation because you can't actually see them otherwise
17:19<deniz1a>sometimes it's not clear
17:19<deniz1a>that option could really help troubleshoot some junctions
17:20<deniz1a>especially for those who are new or don't know the details of how each signal works
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17:40<Eddi|zuHause>for people who are new and don't know the details of how each signal works, we should rather remove the block signals.
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18:36<dreck>eddi tbh no block = no more than 1 train :)
18:42<Eddi|zuHause>there would still be the path signals
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