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00:01<supermop>australian maps should face south due to lighting convention
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01:08<Flygon>supermop: Having a "Rotate by 90 degrees" mode in OTTD'd be cool
01:08<Flygon>You hit issues with building GRFs not having multiple angled views for some buildings :U
01:08<Flygon>That, and
01:08<Flygon>A trillion other reasons that killed the idea for AoEII
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02:46<Pikka>mr mop, what was happening with your trams, btw? I didn't finish coding them all. Were you going to make the "real" versions some time? :)
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03:10<supermop>yes at some time
03:10<supermop>could be sooner rather than later i guess
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03:25<Pikka>I don't mean to rush you, just curious (and feeling a little guilty I didn't get around to coding the rest of the von brauns)
03:35<supermop>well the commercial project i've been working on has gotten to the point where it doesnt need any more design for from me for a couple more weeks.. and I am uncertain what to do next
03:35<supermop>I've only got one month left in australia
03:35<supermop>so I guess something locally relevant is good
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09:14<Flygon>supermop: I'd say we should meet before you have to go
09:15<Flygon>I'm really boring and we'd run out of stuff to talk about real fast
09:16<@planetmaker>lol :)
09:16<@planetmaker>would be strange if two regulars from this channel couldn't spend a jolly evening together
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10:00<Flygon>planetmaker: I'm broke and jobless
10:00<Flygon>Melbourne's Cafes cost, like
10:00<Flygon>$17 for a coffee
10:01<@planetmaker>invite him home?
10:01<V453000>unless homeless too? :P
10:10<Flygon>planetmaker: I don't think he'll enjoy ramen
10:10<Flygon>Or Sunbury...
10:10<Flygon>Tho, Sunbury's food is actually affordable
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12:01<qwebirc34643>Hi, i was thinking about an option which makes all roads a city property. I'm looking for someone who knows OTTD codebase and can give me some hints
12:04<frosch123>qwebirc34643: what does "town owned" mean for you?
12:04<frosch123>what implications does it have?
12:04<frosch123>that you cannot remove a road after you misclick-built one?
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12:10<Eddi|zuHause>qwebirc34643: could you please pick a better nickname, before continuing this discussion?
12:11<Eddi|zuHause>there should be a function in src/road_cmd.cpp that is called like "DoBuildRoad" or so, and there the owner of the road will probably be decided
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12:12<Eddi|zuHause>thanks for the discussion
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12:13<pawel>i'm back. As 'town owned' i mean,
12:13<pawel>I have a lot of fun from building a road network
12:14<pawel>There are two problems with that: a costs which skyrockets, the other players cannot remove the roeads.
12:14<pawel>How I see it: after X months after building the road became a public one.
12:15<pawel>And the nearest city takes over it.
12:15<Eddi|zuHause>pawel: you could make a gamescript that removes player owned roads, and replaces them with unowned ones
12:15<frosch123>so, remove the maintenance cost for road
12:16<frosch123>and remove the owner-check when removing road
12:16<pawel>Eddi|zuHause: I didn't know about that.
12:16<Eddi|zuHause>gamescript has the benefit that you don't have to distribute the modified binaries to your other players. only the server needs the gamescript
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12:18<pawel>The benefit of making it a setting (if I manage) would be a standard game option. I will first try to play around gamescript.
12:21<@Alberth>changing ownership kills infrastructure costs for them
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12:47<Flygon>As an incidental note
12:47<Flygon>Regarding the roads thing
12:48<Flygon>I always felt having a 'Government' player would be kinda neat
12:48<Flygon>As in
12:48<Flygon>Builds roads, and company agnostic rail lines ect...
12:48<Flygon>But you'd need to figure out how the money works with that
12:48<__ln__>It'll never happen.
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12:53<frosch123>we should remove companies can railtypes
12:53<frosch123>and instead add a paint tool
12:54<frosch123>so you can give stuff different colours
12:58<@Alberth>giving different networks a different colour on the minimap would be quite useful
13:02<@Alberth>are there remaining things to do with eints?
13:10<frosch123>i have three things on my list
13:10<frosch123>1) allow uploading lang files with ##textdir pragmas and stuff
13:10<frosch123>and preserve them when redownloading
13:11<frosch123>2) use json or whatever for the individual lang files, to make things faster
13:11<frosch123>currently it takes 1.6 seconds for saving one lnaugate, which is a bit much for editing
13:11<frosch123>3) write the repository sync scripts
13:13<@Alberth>@calc 1.6 * 0.7
13:13<@DorpsGek>Alberth: 1.12
13:15<frosch123>what is 0.7 ?
13:15<frosch123>blizzard time?
13:15<@Alberth>70% (or 30% speed up)
13:16<@Alberth>not quite convincing, 1.12 s
13:17<frosch123>wasn't it way more?
13:21<frosch123>[Sunday 05 April 2015] [16:07:04] <frosch123> then 7.3s for json, 1.2s for pickle, 0.5s for marshal
13:21<frosch123>there were things 10 times faster than json
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13:23<@Alberth>yeah, 1s for just 4k strings to disk sounded very slow
13:23<@Alberth>actually, closer to 16-20k, but still
13:24<frosch123>well, the trick would be to only make the header a dictionary
13:24<frosch123>and make the changes only tuples
13:25<@planetmaker>did you fiddle with eints recently?
13:25<frosch123>planetmaker: constantly the past 2 weeks :p
13:25<frosch123>or 3?
13:27<@Alberth>some value close to 'lots' :)
13:29<@Alberth>and add a version number somewhere :)
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13:31<@Alberth>hmm, not storing ##textdir, yet expecting it to be preserved..... tricky
13:31<frosch123>i thought about adding <custom_tag>textdir</custom_tag> to the skeletion
13:31<frosch123>and a dictionary with custom pragmas in each language
13:32<frosch123>they would just take every ## which eints does not know
13:32<@Alberth>sounds good
13:32<frosch123>or rather s/custom_tag/custom_pragma/
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13:59<@Alberth>right, json should relatively easy, with re-adding the json hacks, I'll try that first
14:06<frosch123>ok, i'll try the custom pragma thing tomorrow then
14:06<frosch123>it's one of those weird days tomorrows
14:11*Rubidium wonders what the weird thing of tomorrow is
14:12<@Alberth>I'd expect the day after tomorrow would be weird with 30+ degrees :)
14:12<frosch123>one of those days, where noone goes to work, and you don't know why, but better dont ask
14:13<@Rubidium>must not be a national reason then ;)
14:14<@Rubidium>otherwise the coworkers from Berlin would've mentioned that when planning the meeting for tomorrow
14:15<frosch123>it's some catholic reason
14:15<@planetmaker>bavaria... they always have holidays for weired reasons. PRobably hail our king Horst or so :P
14:15<frosch123>likely does not apply to berlin
14:16<frosch123>planetmaker: there is a king ludwig memorial in town
14:17<frosch123>some of the inscriptions look like someone forgot two letters and inserted them later :p
14:18<frosch123>i think it was "BEHARRLHKEIT" with a "IC" above the _ of the L
14:20<fjb>Nobody is perfect.
14:24<frosch123>hmm, there are some pictures on the internet, but none shows that particular part :p
14:30<fjb>Take a picture of it and put on the internet.
14:31<frosch123>usually i go by, no need to make a photo of something, of which likely another better photo already exists :p
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15:27<Wolf01>hi hi
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19:55<Zabot>Can I get talk permission on
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20:09<Eddi|zuHause>any particular reason for that?
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20:16<+glx>usually .dev is used when it's too noisy here
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22:29<Zabot>I'm having issues compiling on windows under VS 2012, can anyone help me out?
22:30<Zabot>Something about a complier error in squtils
22:31<Zabot>I've narrowed it down to this line:
22:31<Zabot>line 33 in squtils.h new ((void *)&_vals[i]) T(v._vals[i]);
23:06<Sylf>which guide did you follow to compile it?
23:07<Sylf>In the past, when I tried to compile it with VS2012 Express, I never had troubles
23:08<Zabot>I followed the guide on the wiki
23:09<Zabot>I've had to hit a few of the troubleshooting suggestions, they cleared up the other issues i've had
23:10<Zabot>The issue seems to be with the placement syntax for new
23:11<Sylf>btw, which version are you trying to compile?
23:12<Sylf>Is it a patched version by any chance?
23:12<Zabot>I grab the svn repo, i don't think so, let me double check
23:13<Zabot>Yeah, I'm building the trunk on svn://
23:18<Sylf>that file hasn't changed in a year. it shouldn't give problems...
23:21<Zabot>When I comment the line I get a handful of link warnings, but I think they're unrelated
23:22<Zabot>It builds but throws an exception as soon as it starts
23:26<Zabot>Error C1001: An internal error has occurred in the compiler. openttddev\trunk\src\3rdparty\squirrel\squirrel\squtils.h 40 1 openttd
23:26<Zabot>Thats the actual error text
23:27*Flygon points
23:29<Sylf>I can't help. I'm too out of practice compiling on windows
23:31<Zabot>I think its a VS issue, I'll try and pull the code into a different project and test it seperatley
23:32<Zabot>and report back
23:33<Sylf>Looks like it's been about 2 years since I've compiled it on Windows :D
23:35<Flygon>I really gotta properly record some of the details from the "Locomotives of Australia" book into something OpenTTD compatible some point.
23:35<Flygon>Granted, I'd still need an artist. <_>
23:35<Sylf>hm, that line hasn't changed in 4 years, so that line worked fine for me back then
23:36<Sylf>make that 6 years
23:37<Zabot>stackoverflow suggested including <new>
23:37<Zabot>I feel like that is something VS is supposed to assume but doesn't
23:40<Zabot>That was a no go, back to google
23:41<Sylf>did you see Error C1001
23:43<Zabot>Giving it a rebuild with no optimization
23:44<Zabot>I have gotten it to build by rewording the line, but it causes memory leaks
23:44<Zabot> _vals[i] = *new T(v._vals[i]);
23:53<Zabot>Rebuilt with all optimization disabled, produced three C1001's, all sq related
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