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03:55<Pikka>hmm hmm hmm
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04:10<Supercheese>I'm afraid I don't know that tune
04:29<@planetmaker> @ Supercheese ;)
04:29<Supercheese>sound of silence amirite
04:29<Supercheese>oh no, it isn't?
04:30<@planetmaker>could be. could be not ;)
04:30<Supercheese>saw simon & garfunkel
04:30<Supercheese>immediately thought joke opportunity
04:30<Supercheese>guess not
04:31<Pikka>no way for newgrf to query the signal side, is there?
04:32<@planetmaker>a (new)grf provides the signals in their states and orientation, and OpenTTD draws the appropriate sprite
04:32<@planetmaker>thus: where would a newgrf *need* the side at all? It provides all sprites, that's it
04:33<@planetmaker>i.e. what's your use case, Pikka ?
04:33<Pikka>having semaphore signal blades facing away from the track, as is usually the case? :)
04:34<@planetmaker>oh, you mean the setting 'signal side'?
04:34<@planetmaker>ah, completely mis-understood you
04:35<@planetmaker>Yes, you can query that and provide one set of sprites or the other. Check OpenGFX source
04:35<Supercheese>signals_on_traffic_side var I guess
04:35<@planetmaker>That. And traffic_side
04:37<@planetmaker>the if clause in line 124 is what does the trick
04:37<@planetmaker>if is the equivalent of actionD whereas switch the equivalent of (var)action2
04:38<@planetmaker>actionD? action7/9? Some combination thereof :)
04:40<@planetmaker>signalsontrafficside (flag 0x3B)
04:41<@planetmaker>var2 0x06 or global var 0x86 (traffic side)
04:41<Pikka>can't find it in the newgrf specs. :) But OpenTTD now allows explicitly setting the signal side, so it seems like "signalsontrafficside" and "trafficside" don't cover all cases...?
04:42<@planetmaker>not? You can use those two to get every, don't you?
04:43<Pikka>afaia it used to be that the only way you could have right-hand signals would be to set right-hand traffic and signals on traffic side. but if players can now set right-hand signals directly, there's no way for the newgrf to test for that?
04:43<@planetmaker>hm... dunno. Got an idea when that was changed roughly?
04:44<Pikka>I don't know, I just saw it while looking for the switch in a recent-ish nightly
04:48<Pikka>2012-05-02 frosch (svn r24194) -Change: Rename the 'signal_side' setting to 'train_signal_side', and add a third option while doing so.
04:48<@planetmaker>flag 0x1B is train_signal_side
04:49<Pikka>:) thanks
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04:54<@planetmaker>So that means that 0x1B gives whether the signal is on the (rail) traffic side. So yes, you still need to query both settings, but you can get each :)
04:55<@planetmaker>hm... or?
04:56<Pokka>hmmm. :)
04:56<Pokka>I'll come back to this later, anyway. I've made a note of 1b.
04:56<@planetmaker>OpenTTD has a new setting. But the NewGRFs don't. That's how I see it. Thus they have to query both to get it right
04:58<@planetmaker>0x1B still returns whether the signal is on the driving side
04:59<@planetmaker>and var 0x86 returns whether driving side is on the right (0x86 == 1 --> rhs)
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05:31<@planetmaker> <-- that's how I read the current code, Pokka
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06:06<_nowhere_>hi, I just registered with the central user management thingy, and can login there; but login with the bugtracker does not work (Unknown username/password combination)
06:07<@planetmaker>when and where exactly did you register? Which username?
06:07<_nowhere_>ah, I see why
06:07<_nowhere_>for password
06:08<_nowhere_>I just registered at, account name 'canaaerus'
06:08<_nowhere_>passwordlength 156
06:08<_nowhere_>no problem with the central management
06:09<@planetmaker>does the truncated password work? Probably not
06:09<_nowhere_>I changed the login-field to allow any password length
06:09<_nowhere_>then login worked ^^
06:10<_nowhere_>still it would be nice if a consistent policy was enforced
06:11<@planetmaker>open a bug - in the website's bug tracking category. Same bug tracker, but different project. Can be selected i nthe upper left
06:18<@planetmaker>ty :)
06:19<_nowhere_>ok, done :-)
06:24<_nowhere_>another question: I was investigating issue ; is there a way to know which revisions can be compiled? I have cloned trunk.git and intended to do a git-bisect, but lots of revisions don't seem to compile
06:25<@planetmaker>every revision should compile except very few - where compilation is fixed immediately after
06:26<@planetmaker>we have a continuous integration and if our commits don't compile we get notified
06:30<@planetmaker>so in my experience maybe 1% doesn't compile
06:30<@planetmaker>if not less
06:48<_nowhere_>"(svn r27079) -Fix: Compilation with freetype2 version 2.5.4 and newer (AMDmi3)"
06:48<_nowhere_>that is the issue, why I can't compile anything earlier
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06:55<@planetmaker>well :) It doesn't mean the versions don't compile or didn't compile
06:56<@planetmaker>but they might need older libs, too :)
07:01<@planetmaker>well, that fix was 5 days after the release of that library version. Not a bad time span, I think :)
07:01<_nowhere_>thats true ^^
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07:38<_nowhere_>thats true ^^
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08:55<_nowhere_>planetmaker: I put by findings in the bugtracker
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10:00<Varoufakill>Hi guys
10:01<Varoufakill>i'm trying to assign a proper hotkey to the Autoroad tool, but the game always reset my file every time i launch the game.
10:01<Varoufakill>Is that possible to properly change this hotkey?
10:10<Varoufakill>i think this hotkey should permanently be assigned, it's a real pain to make truck networks on this game.
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10:22<andythenorth>should be shift-A
10:22<andythenorth>I couldn’t get it to work for a very long time
10:22<andythenorth>wouldn’t persist
10:22<andythenorth>then it did
10:22<andythenorth>sorry, no better help than that :(
10:23<_nowhere_>I always use 3, although you need to be careful to keep the road construction panel open, it works ok for me
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10:23<andythenorth>lo Alberth
10:32<Varoufakill>yes nowhere, i use 3 too... But the 'A' shortcut is a good way to open the rail construction panel. So if autoroad had a dedicated key, you could open the road construction panel with it, and construct a bridge with 'b' within two hotkeys, no need for mouse, it's much quicker imo
10:33<Varoufakill>and i agree with andy, shift+A could be a nice option for such a shortcut
10:36<_nowhere_>good idea, i put it in hotkeys.cfg, it works!
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10:36<_nowhere_>autoroad = 3,GLOBAL+SHIFT+A
10:38<_nowhere_>works in 1.5.0 and trunk
10:38<Varoufakill>you're right, it's working with shift+A
10:38<Varoufakill>Strange, i tested with various keys, and shift+A seems to work
10:38<_nowhere_>ctrl-a works as well
10:39<Varoufakill>i tried to change the 'Z' key because i hate this hotkey, and replace it for autoroad, didn't work
10:40<_nowhere_>maybe your z key is actually a y key ^^
10:41<Varoufakill>it's the same key on the game and on the .cfg
10:41<_nowhere_>I just know that in the wiki they say something about US keyboard layout
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10:42<Varoufakill>yup, but i use an AZERTY keyboard and the hotkeys are the same as in US keyboard
10:44<Varoufakill>anyway, thanks for testing :)
10:46<Varoufakill>That's strange that in Simutrans community, most people speek german. German people hate openttd ? :o
10:46<_nowhere_>german people don't need to speak german all the time
10:47<Varoufakill>True, german people aren't that bad in english, but still, there are not much german players on OTTD compare to Simutrans
10:47<Varoufakill>based on the flags of the lobby
10:51<Varoufakill>bye guys, have a nice day
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10:57<andythenorth>and yet the game is mostly made by germans :D
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10:57<andythenorth>or mostly talked about being made by germans :P
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13:28<frosch123>i wonder whether "wget -r" follows any order
13:30<Zuu>On GS side is CmdIndustryGSEvent a mechanism to set production which could be abused for messiging, or is it a messiging call from start that could be used for production changes as well?
13:31<frosch123>message is uint32
13:31<frosch123>and noone says that the grf would change production
13:31<frosch123>so, we cannot call it SetIndustryBaseProduction
13:31<Zuu>So it is more the later function signature then?
13:31<@Alberth>'any order' is always followed :)
13:32<@Alberth>but perhaps it uses whatever the http server sends
13:32<frosch123>yes, it's just some uint32 that is send
13:33<Zuu>That uint32 has no meaning at all other than if agreed or a convention is made?
13:33<frosch123>i don't get your @return
13:33<frosch123>yes, it's up to the newgrf and gs to make a convention
13:33<Zuu>The return is a copy-paste error.
13:33<@Alberth>animamion typo
13:33<frosch123>likely we need some action14 to allow the newgrf to tell which conventions it understands
13:33<frosch123>but, well, not for a test version :)
13:34<@Alberth>what if the industry newgrf doesn't do production cb?
13:36<frosch123>well, we may want a different callback
13:36<@Alberth>I am not convinced messaging should be piggy-backed onto production change, for testing, it's ok, for 'final' implemrntation, something nice would be needed
13:37<frosch123>yes, i checked what return vaules a newgrf would need
13:37<frosch123>and they are either production or animation related
13:37<frosch123>technically you don't need the production change callback at all
13:38<frosch123>newgrfs have other methods to change production
13:38<frosch123>the production callback is just some weird thing to make it behave like legacy industries
13:38<frosch123>anyway, all is experimental :)
13:38<@Alberth>ah, ok
13:38<@Alberth>yep, let's see what happens :)
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14:03<Zuu>Is Random() here where were I should pass the uint32 message?
14:03<Zuu>uint16 res = GetIndustryCallback(monthly ? CBID_INDUSTRY_MONTHLYPROD_CHANGE : CBID_INDUSTRY_PRODUCTION_CHANGE, 0, Random(), i, i->type, i->location.tile);
14:08<Zuu>Eg, does this look good?
14:08<Zuu>GetIndustryCallback(CBID_INDUSTRY_PRODUCTION_CHANGE, 0, message, i, i->type, i->location.tile);
14:09<Eddi|zuHause>what are you trying to do?
14:09<Zuu>Sending data to var 10 I think.
14:10<frosch123>no, you want to replace the "0"
14:10<frosch123>i.e. the currently unused value :)
14:11<Eddi|zuHause>yeah. that's what i was about to say
14:18<Zuu>Okay, this is completely untested, but does compile :-)
14:18<Zuu>The area command is also not implemented.
14:19<Zuu>And annimation callback is not called.
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14:20<frosch123>Industry *i = ::Industry::Get(i_id); <- GetIfValid, otherwise it never returns NULL
14:20<frosch123>+ SendIndustryMessageFromGS(i, p2); <- need "if (flags & DC_EXEC)", or it will be done multiple times
14:22<frosch123>now we need a andy for a newgrf and a gs :p
14:23<Zuu>I'll make a MessengerGS :-)
14:23<frosch123>put signs next to industry? :p
14:23<frosch123>send number to newgrf
14:23<Zuu>Actually, it could be called IMessengerGS wher I is for industry :-)
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14:27<Wolf01>hi o/
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15:17<andythenorth>lo Zuu
15:17<andythenorth>how’s GS -> industry cb? o_O
15:18<Zuu>Currently trying to get my test GS to work. :-)
15:18<Zuu>Trying to make it so it doesn't crash if you fail to type a number. :-)
15:21<Zuu>First tried to determine if a string was a number, but that was too fiddly in Squirrel. So now I use an exception instead which make it look like the script crashed in the debug log. But this is just a test GS so I don't care too much.
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15:34<Zuu>Okay. You now find the patch and a GS at this URL:
15:34<Zuu>If it works, it will call the production change callback with the number you put in the sign ontop of an industry.
15:36<Zuu>The animation callback is not yet called.
15:37<Zuu>Whatever you return when the GS call you will be discarded.
15:38<Zuu>Eg. OpenTTD will not use it to change production.
15:39*andythenorth needs to fix hg checkout :P
15:40<Zuu>I just made a new one :-)
15:47<andythenorth>maybe I can git checkout
15:47<Zuu>That would work too. It is just a single patch to apply.
15:52<andythenorth> so are the branches separate git repos? o_O
15:53<Zuu>I would clone
15:53<Zuu>I guess so. It is the same in the hg mirror.
15:57<andythenorth>yeah that works
16:08<andythenorth>“Game Load Failed Broken Savegame - Too many NewGRF entity mappings”
16:08<andythenorth>not seen that before
16:09<andythenorth>this a clean trunk git checkout
16:16<Zuu>That happened when you tried to load a game right?
16:16<Zuu>Because to use the GS, you need to make a new game. But if it is a bug, then good to mention it.
16:18<andythenorth>happened when loading a game from last trunk checkout I had
16:18<andythenorth>didn’t patch yet
16:18<frosch123>is the git mirror broken or something? :p
16:18<frosch123>you would get that error if you run a binary with the old industry limit
16:19<andythenorth>let me check my rev
16:20<Zuu>My rev is r27327 (using hg checkout from yesterday)
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16:22<andythenorth>Date: Thu Jul 9 17:45:08 2015 +0000
16:24<Zuu>I could load a random save game from my disk without getting that error. But could be that I don't use as much NewGRFs as you.
16:29<andythenorth>I have a FIRS branch using new industry limit
16:30<andythenorth>FIRS works fine on a new game
16:31<andythenorth>possibly a heisenbug
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16:40*andythenorth -> bed
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18:25<Eddi|zuHause>oh yay, another SkiddLow set! i can't get enough of those
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