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05:12<dihedral>greeting :-)
05:15<peter1138>Anyone on the new virus yet?
05:15<@planetmaker>ho dih :)
05:22<dihedral>hey tehre, how are you?
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06:24<argoneus>is there a way to influence industry production?
06:25<argoneus>in temperate, my oil wells are dying really fast, and my friend's forests are skyrocketing
06:25<argoneus>what am I doing wrong ._.
06:27<V453000>oil wells in temperate are meant to never increase, and oil rigs replace them later
06:28<V453000>you can fix that with newgrfs
06:28<V453000>search for "oil wells" newgrfs and you will find some
06:28<argoneus>there's no point to using oil wells then
06:28<argoneus>since coal does everything better
06:28<V453000>yeah kind of isnt, unless you fix it
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06:40<argoneus>V453000: do you have a favourite TL?
06:40<V453000>but I play various things :)
06:42<argoneus>if you play a regular game, no coop
06:42<argoneus>do you plan things or do you just go by feel?
06:42<V453000>well I dont exactly plan things but I sort of have some ideas
06:43<argoneus>do you prefer terminii(?) or roros?
06:43<argoneus>or depends on situation
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06:44<V453000>in general, it purely depends on position, something fits some place, something other ... but 90% of the time I use terminus stations for pickups, and roro for drops. I put depots behind pickups that way, and I have all trains able to autoreplace once per trip
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06:52<argoneus>V453000: do you have any savegames of your games?
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06:53<V453000>yeah a couple hundreds
06:53<V453000>23 is typical for me
06:53<V453000>2013 is legendary :>
06:53<argoneus>wait those are solo games?
06:54<V453000>those two pro zone games mostly are
06:54<V453000>like from 99%
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06:55<ST2>hehe, poor Flinnwell City - the most useless Bank xD
06:57<argoneus>why do these trains.... have faces
07:00<V453000>cause they awesome
07:00<V453000>welcome to NUTS
07:00<V453000>also they travel through the shortest curves in full speed of 200 kmh ;)
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09:05<Wolf01>I tried to scroll a screenshot again -.-
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09:14<dihedral>well done Wolf01
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10:03<@planetmaker>Zuu_, just FYI: if you want a git repo, it's no problem to host that on DevZone, too. It's just that I don't (or didn't) make fuss about that capability. But it's similarily supported
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11:09<Taede>if openttd is hanging @100% cpu usage, is there a way to get debug info from it?
11:09<Taede>or should i just kill and restart the server
11:10<Eddi|zuHause>or perf
11:10<Taede>ill try gdb, used that before
11:11<Eddi|zuHause>"perf top" will tell you which functions use a lot of CPU currently
11:18<Taede>gdb tells me theres a few hundred linkgraph threads running
11:20<Eddi|zuHause>that sounds like a lot
11:21<Taede>it does rather
11:21<Taede>will a backtrace and savegame be sufficient?
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11:26<Eddi|zuHause>no idea
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11:58<frosch123>Taede: still running?
12:00<Taede>just killed it
12:02<Taede>anything else you want me to get next time?
12:02<Taede>or just highlight you?
12:02<frosch123>"bt full" is the most useful command in gdb
12:02<frosch123>it prints the backtrace including all parameters
12:03<frosch123>but when i am around, i likely can also login to the server
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12:04<Taede>ill remember that
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12:11<Taede>i should probably have attached that backtrace as a txtfile
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12:18<frosch123>Taede: self regulating network?
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12:37<Taede>think so
12:37<Taede>last autosave should be there
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12:47<Taede>all cargodist is set to manual
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13:43<Eddi|zuHause>anyone good with wood working? my armchair is behaving ... suboptimal
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15:19<Zuu>planetmaker: noted. One benefit I though of forking on github, is that we already have a mirror on github and cloning that one is fast. But perhaps cloning to a git repo on devzone would also be fast.
15:55<argoneus>is openttd coming to xbox one
15:56<argoneus>so I can get no scopes
15:57<frosch123>it has locked 30fps, so why not?
15:58<argoneus>but it supports more than 720p
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16:01<@Rubidium>OpenTTD is limited to just 32K if it's 16:9 or 24K if it's 21:9 (or whatever limit your OS gives you)
16:01<@Rubidium>so there's a little stretch there
16:04<@Rubidium>apparantly it runs a stripped version of Windows 8, so I wonder if the normal Windows version runs on it...
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16:16<+glx>probably need a directx video driver
16:16<+glx>and same for audio
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