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04:05<dihedral>good morning
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08:49<Wolf01>stupid router
08:53<Wolf01>ho, now it decided to let me log in
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09:30<@Alberth>you should talk nice to it :)
09:36<@planetmaker>dear router. Please give me access. And I'll be so kind to feed you a few bits. Including some tasty sweet ones.
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10:32<jonty-comp>why does so much of my job revolve around having to use programs that have barely been updated since windows 95 was released
10:32<jonty-comp>our invoicing and pricing software was written in Delphi in 1996 and has the characteristic custom UI theming that comes with delphi for some reason
10:33<jonty-comp>and the TNT global shipping software talks to other computers over the network via some kind of weird cross between SMB and its own protocol, and then dials up some proprietary VPN software from 1997 to send its report back to the depot
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10:35<jonty-comp>i write here in the vain hope that since openttd is from a similar era someone can explain why that works just fine and everything else that old fails catastrophically
10:36<jonty-comp>but i suppose the refactoring means that openttd is wholly renewed every few years :P
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10:47<@Alberth>openttd is constantly being changed/expanded, needing rewrites
10:47<@Alberth>there are old corners though :)
10:48<@Alberth>but the path from C -> C++ is much easier than Delphi -> anything-non-delphi
10:49<@Alberth>and there is the problem of changing video hardware, which currently has no nice solution
10:51<@Alberth>being an open source project, we don't measure in hours but in the quality of the software
10:53<jonty-comp>i guess if you write a TNT program in 1995 and it 'works' then you never need to change it again other than for compatability :P
10:54<peter1138>Ah, Delphi's custom graphics, yay.
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10:57<@Alberth>I usually find that you find the sweet spot of the program after writing it for three or so times
10:57<@Alberth>and the sweet spot generally moves in time
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11:29<cristianopentttd>como actualizo de 1.4.4 a 1.5
11:29<cristianopentttd>en linux
11:30<@Alberth>please try to talk english, a lot more people will understand
11:30<V453000>ESTA MUERTA
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11:35<@Alberth>that's one way to answer a question :p
11:36<Eddi|zuHause>yes, we know openttd is dying
11:39<V453000>quick association eddi XD
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12:19<Flygon>Eddi: OTTD is dying???
12:19<@Alberth>/me waits
12:19<Flygon>But I just joined!
12:19<Flygon>It's like every time I join a Ragnarok Online server
12:19<Flygon>It dies
12:26<Wolf01>don't even compare your curse to mine
12:27<Flygon>You kill RO pservs before they even exist?
12:28<Wolf01>one or two, yes
12:29<Wolf01>but usually when one wants to purchase a discounted game, he should tell me, so when I purchase it with 75% discount, the day after it will be discounted of 80-90%
12:30<Wolf01>and this is nothing: when I'm happy bad things happen, so I must not be too much happy
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12:40<Flygon>Sorry x:
12:42<Wolf01>and if you want I can flat you with this one: if I listen carefully I can hear my former girlfriend playing in the garden with her children... oh wait, I don't even need to listen carefully, she IS playing in the garden with her children, as she is my neighbour
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13:02<Wolf01>there's too much wind
13:10<Xaroth|Work>not much wind over there today tbh
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13:12<Wolf01>there's one flag or sort of which is moving on the right, that panel is big and makes a wonderful sail
13:13<Xaroth|Work>I think it was a balane issue
13:13<Xaroth|Work>the tugs were tipping over
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16:34<Wolf01>eh, you need to come early next time
16:35<Eddi|zuHause>yeah. like 3½ hours
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19:14<fjb>Moin Midnight?
19:20<FLHerne>Has been moin here for 20 minutes, so still rounds to midnight
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19:23<fjb>Moin is the whole day.
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19:45<Eddi|zuHause>i'm well aware of that.
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20:11<fjb>Eddi|zuHause: I know you know.
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