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04:20<NGC3982>I'm getting the error "You don't have permission to access / on this server." when trying to start a new Apache2 server.
04:21<NGC3982>I have followed the Ubuntu documentation on Apache2, and i have created a conf in sites-available, pointing to /dir/public_html
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04:21<NGC3982>I have also set permissions to my user with chown and chmod.
04:23<__ln__>is selinux enabled?
04:23*NGC3982 thought he was in #ubuntu.
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04:24<NGC3982>I do not really know, let's see.
04:24<Flygon>I feel kinda dumb now
04:25<Flygon>I was spending a lot of time last week trying to get a 98SE desktop working
04:25<Flygon>And I just JUST realized
04:25<Flygon>That I should've asked #openttd for help
04:25<Flygon>...unless I already did
04:25<Flygon>I hate my brain :|
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04:26<Flygon>In the end
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04:26<Flygon>I gave up getting the PCI LAN card working
04:26<Flygon>And got a USB>Ethernet adapter
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04:27<__ln__>#openttd is the perfect place for getting help in almost any topic.
04:27<Flygon>Because somehow it was easier to do that instead of using a PCI card on 9x
04:27<__ln__>i've successfully received help for things like maths, signal processing, poetry, ...
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05:21<Flygon>__ln__: I have been trying to use #openttd as a last resort thing
05:21<Flygon>Because, simply
05:21<Flygon>I'm a very small player here
05:21<Flygon>And don't have much in the way of respect from others
05:21<Flygon>Waltzing in screaming "HALP ME GAIZ MY COMPUTER WON'T WORK" is incredibly rude
05:22<Flygon>Shower time
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05:31<Wolf01>ho o/
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06:21<Wolf01>I feel Microsoft is trying to get the things right this time, maybe the real problem was Ballmer
06:33<@Alberth>imho the real problem was lack of competition
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08:14<supermop>you get your blender help?
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08:16<V453000>eh kind of :)
08:16<Eddi|zuHause>does it blend?
08:16<supermop>close enough
08:16<supermop>need to buy a suit
08:17<supermop>after years of jobs where shorts were dressy enough for work
08:17<supermop>Eddi|zuHause: what is your local city's beer?
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08:18<supermop>V453000: i am excited for your discreet grey land
08:18<V453000>me too but not enough time to finish it
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08:23<supermop>i had to stop even modelling brio trains
08:23<supermop>surfing then immediately into full speed job search and apartment search
08:48<Eddi|zuHause>supermop: depends how narrow you want to define "local". there's a small brewery nearby that makes Wippraer Bier, which is quite good, then there's a larger brewery which produces the rather mediocre Landsberger Bier, and a bit further away there are the Köstritzer brewery which focuses on dark beer, and Altenburger, which people say is good but is way too bitter for my taste
08:48<supermop>i like kostritzer, never tried wippraer or altenburger
08:49<supermop>landsberger doesnt really get distributed here
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09:28<Eddi|zuHause>i imagine wippraer to be the most difficult to come by, as they don't produce large quantities, and it doesn't last very long
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10:09<Wolf01>bye all, good weekend
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13:45<@DorpsGek>Commit by translators :: r27359 trunk/src/lang/swedish.txt (2015-08-07 19:45:12 +0200 )
13:45<@DorpsGek>-Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
13:45<@DorpsGek>swedish - 1 changes by planetmaker
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13:49<@Alberth>maybe he sneakily moved to another country :)
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15:41<kruug>I know I had it running at one point, but I now forget how to make OpenTTD run out of the folder that the .exe file is in without creating files elsewhere.
15:41<kruug>On Windows, how do I set that up again?
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15:45<frosch123>put the openttd.cfg into the same folder as the executable
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15:48<kruug>frosch123: got it. Thanks.
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17:09<Afdal>hay guise got a question
17:11<Afdal>I keep getting this goofy terrain a lot lately
17:12<Afdal>and I can't figure out what's causing it
17:12<Afdal>when I generate maps
17:12<Afdal>It tends to be near the edges of maps
17:13<Afdal>Here's my settings for that map for instance
17:15<peter1138>turn off variety, i bet
17:15<frosch123> <- according to that it is caused by variety distrbution
17:15<frosch123>but you can also try 1.5.2-RC1
17:15<frosch123>maybe that fixes it
17:18<Afdal>Ah yeah that fixed it
17:18<Afdal>What does Variety do exactly again?
17:18<frosch123>it makes maps flat in some areas
17:19<frosch123>contrary to the map type setting "flat", which makes it flat everywhere
17:19<frosch123>flat + variety distribution then creates flat maps with some even flatter areas :p
17:19<Afdal>What's the different between setting it to None and Very Low?
17:20<Afdal>oh god
17:20<frosch123>none is less than low :p
17:20<Afdal>Very Low gives the most checkboard patterns of all
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17:20<frosch123>if "none" fixes it, it may very well be fixed in 1.5.2-RC1 as well
17:21<Afdal>Yeah setting it to None gets rid of it
17:23<Afdal>I'd been using a MEdium Variety Distribution setting
17:24<Afdal>the terrain anomalies seem less common on high and very high
17:24<frosch123>if you use "flat" maps, then variety distribution actually has no point at all :)
17:24<Afdal>ono I:}
17:24<Afdal>So it's basically just for hilly maps?
17:24<peter1138>it's meant to work but the coder is shit
17:25<Afdal>to create nice valleys
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17:36<Afdal>ah yes, I see it now
17:36<Afdal>I don't understand how this is different from the Smoothness setting though
17:37<frosch123>smoothness is more like a scale setting
17:37<frosch123>smooth makes the map contain few hills, rough makes it contain many hills
17:38<frosch123>variety replaces some hills with flat land
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17:39<Afdal>how is that different @_@
17:40<Afdal>is variety applied after smoothness?
17:40<frosch123>smooth is one hill with an area of 100kmx100km
17:41<frosch123>rough + variety is one peek on an otherwise flat map
17:41<frosch123>smoothness is more like zooming
17:41<Afdal>you mean smooth is a big plateau?
17:41<frosch123>kind of yes
17:41<frosch123>you zoom in, which makes hills take bigger areas
17:41<frosch123>and thus lower slopes
17:42<frosch123>zooming out creates many hills with steep slopes
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