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04:18<Supercheese>refit-in-station is such an amazing feature, I use it for almost every freight route
04:18<Supercheese>great to be able to haul cargo on both legs, rather than return empty
04:19<Supercheese>I think I've mentioned this before, but it bears further praise
04:20<blathijs>Makes you wonder who hauls the empty containers back to the other station so they can be fitted on again :-p
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04:32<Xaroth|Work>blathijs: magic!
04:40<peter1138>Cargo type: empty containers
04:45<Supercheese>Well, with hopper cars you don't have any empty containers to deal with
04:49<blathijs>Supercheese: If you refit them, that means removing the hoppers and replacing them with different ones, right?
04:50<Supercheese>Nope, you just are able to tell the hopper, "you just hauled bauxite and dropped it off, now immediately pick up gravel and haul it away"
04:50<Supercheese>the wagon itself is the container
04:50<Supercheese>before refit-in-stations, you would have had to send the whole train to a depot to execute the refit order, wasting valuable time
04:51<Supercheese>of course, it also works wonders for ships as well as trains
04:51<blathijs>Ah, refitting is more like changing the label than actually changing the care :-)
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04:57<peter1138>There's probably a NewGRF around to 'cheat' with a universal wagon...
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06:46<@Rubidium>busy with ~OpenTTD things
06:46<@Rubidium>mostly work and preparing holiday
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06:48<@Celestar>holiday? where to?
06:52<@Celestar>the hell is Gozo?
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06:57<@Rubidium>near/in (depending on which Malta you think of) Malta
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07:44<@Celestar>aah :D
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07:58<Eddi|zuHause><blathijs> Makes you wonder who hauls the empty containers back to the other station so they can be fitted on again :-p <-- at some point the chinese decided that it's more expensive to haul empty containers back, and just sold them for scrap in europe and built new ones in china
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10:38<Eddi|zuHause>planetmaker: "I doubt there can be a 'more realistic' set than TTRS" <-- wtf is that supposed to mean?
10:40<@planetmaker>Eddi|zuHause, it shows that 'realistic' is in the eye of the beholder
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10:42<Eddi|zuHause>orudge: i think the forum theme setting is broken...
10:45<Eddi|zuHause>orudge: i tried to check whether the choice of forum themes affects my display problems, but it doesn't seem to take effect
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11:03<@Alberth>meep meep
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12:27<andythenorth>Driving in traffic cat
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12:28<frosch123>Eddi|zuHause: where do i complain when the 1996 spelling reform forgot to fix the spelling of a certain word?
12:28<frosch123>hola andy
12:29<Eddi|zuHause>frosch123: how should i know? i rarely follow the reform...
12:32<andythenorth>Complain on the internet
12:32<frosch123>is this place good enough?
12:35<andythenorth>What did I miss?
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12:44*andythenorth ponders
12:45<andythenorth>Does anyone here play OpenTTD?
12:45<andythenorth>I might try it
12:45<@Rubidium>nope, I'm trying way more recent applications lately
12:47<V453000>actually playing factorio atm
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12:54<@Alberth>I am sort of done with the snake bite-ish firs version, seems all fine
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12:58<NGC3982>How many days is a click?
13:01<Eddi|zuHause>i've only ever heard of "click" as a measure of distance
13:04<@Rubidium>about 800?
13:04<@Rubidium>or 1/50th
13:05<NGC3982>In OpenTTD?
13:06<andythenorth>alberth I think I'll play another BB game
13:06<andythenorth>Was going to wait until I'd fixed the recurring goals issue
13:06<andythenorth>But eh
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13:12<@Alberth>a bit of a challenge to fix it?
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13:14*andythenorth not competent in GS yet
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13:28<frosch123>V453000: so, what is your game setup/goal?
13:28<V453000>in factorio?
13:28<V453000>not much I havent played it terribly much yet
13:29<V453000>but just making a functional factory and getting to the end
13:29<V453000>which apparently involves shitloads of stuff :D
13:29<V453000>like getting the boosting chips etc
13:29<frosch123>you mean the speed/efficiency/productivity modules?
13:30<frosch123>hmm, do you actually need them for the default goal?
13:30<V453000>yeah kind of
13:30<V453000>my map has low amount of oil spots so maximizing oil wells by speed chips is a must
13:31<frosch123>ok :)
13:31<V453000>obviously the speed chips cost so much that I could probably research all of the upgrades instead
13:31<V453000>idk about making the silo, looks like it needs a lot of resources
13:33<V453000>I havent really had the chance to try everything yet, things like the logistic network are awesome :)
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13:34<frosch123>the flying robots, really? i hate them
13:37<V453000>well now you can have a roboport on your armor
13:38<V453000>so they repair nearby objects, cut trees for you etc
13:38<V453000>but mainly the logistic network can build from blueprints for you, like copypaste
13:38<V453000>btw we havea channel #hazzard for factorio if you want to avoid polluting #openttd :P
13:38<frosch123>who is "we" :p
13:39<V453000>buch of coop faggots :)
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16:25<NGC3982>Is there something wrong with coop?
16:27<frosch123>with the site? or with the people?
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16:35<__ln__>or the grocery store?
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16:37<Wolf01>hi o/
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17:12<@Terkhen>good night
17:14<Xaroth|Work>o> Terkhen
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19:14<drac_boy>hi there
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