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02:49<Pikka>isn't it
02:57<andythenorth>is cat?
02:58<Pikka>not really
02:59<andythenorth>should I play a game?
02:59<Pikka>probably. I'm working on university assignments and suchlike. And finding jorbs for the summer.
03:00<andythenorth>I am making chocolate spread sandwiches
03:00<andythenorth>not for me, mind you
03:00<Pikka>I wouldn't have thought so
03:00*andythenorth should finish a newgrf
03:01<andythenorth>might put the power plant back into FIRS
03:04<V453000>hello Pikka and andythesouth
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03:11<Supercheese>man, there sure is a long gap between ~1905 and ~1950 in FISH in which no new ships come out
03:11<Supercheese>or FISH 2, rather
03:11<andythenorth>what would you have?
03:11<andythenorth>there is problem with ships, fundamentally
03:12<Supercheese>just those tanker ships, which are irrelevant for the majority of cargoes
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03:12<andythenorth>so I agree
03:12<andythenorth>thing is
03:12<andythenorth>- ships are already sized for the capacity you need -> no progression
03:13<Supercheese>just speed I guess
03:13<andythenorth>- speed has narrow range for ships -> no progression
03:13<Supercheese>and graphical updates
03:13<andythenorth>- power is not available -> no progression
03:13<andythenorth>- loading speed -> nobody can find any fucks to give about that
03:13<andythenorth>- cargo aging -> same, roughly
03:13<andythenorth>is challenge for set designer :)
03:14<Supercheese>I do miss the hydrofoils, the graphics were snazzy
03:14<andythenorth>I should forget the ‘small set’ idea for FISH 2
03:14<andythenorth>and just put all the things back
03:14<andythenorth>but then that annoyed me in FISH 1 :P
03:15<andythenorth>also, for all the ideas that can be had about ships, somebody has to draw them :(
03:15<andythenorth>and ships are far and away the stupidest, hardest, most boring thing to draw in game
03:21<andythenorth>powerplants -> town growth?
03:21<andythenorth>powerplants -> building materials (ash cement)?
03:21<andythenorth>powerplants -> black hole money pit
03:22<Supercheese>powerplants -> vespene gas
03:22*andythenorth had to google :P
03:23<Supercheese>for shame, you must now construct additional pylons as penance
03:23<andythenorth>Pikka bob, why didn’t your VOLT cargo idea work out?
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03:39<Supercheese>Resistance was futile
03:39<Supercheese>too many Ω
03:40<Pikka>didn't it?
03:40<Pikka>it worked fine I thought, we just never finished the lunar set
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04:12*andythenorth considers electricity cargo
04:12<andythenorth>deliver to towns
04:13<andythenorth>make a railtypes-hack type, similar to pipelines grf
04:13<andythenorth>problem is, any train grf where wagons have ‘refit all cargos’
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04:14<Pikka>if you don't give it any cargo classes, it won't refit
04:19*Supercheese tried that once
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04:55<andythenorth>Pikka: so how much does 1 VOLT weight?
04:55<andythenorth>and how did the payment curve look? :P
04:57*andythenorth is probably going to code it
04:57<andythenorth>just to see…
04:59<@Alberth>potential doesn't weigh anything :)
04:59<@Alberth>ie it's equivalent to asking "what is the weight of 10 meter"
05:00<andythenorth>we need to raise the cargo limit…
05:00<@Alberth>usually, capacity is the used notion, usually in kw/h
05:00<andythenorth>FIRS only has one slot left :P
05:01<@Alberth>but since electricity is just a bunch of electrons, weight is pretty close to 0 :)
05:03<@Alberth>just name it all "power" :)
05:04<@Alberth>alternatively, existing cargo can be abstracted to "products" or "things"
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05:04<TB2>hello :D
05:04<@Alberth>giving you about 30 free slots
05:04<TrueBrain>hi TB2; orudge, meet TB2 :)
05:04<Supercheese>my awfuk hack I tried a while back
05:06*andythenorth wondered about POWR
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05:07<andythenorth>needs railtype and vehicles and stuff
05:07<andythenorth>would it be better in it’s own grf, or in FIRS?
05:07<andythenorth>its *
05:08<@Alberth>seperate, about 60 grfs I think
05:09<andythenorth>seems a lot of work just to get the power plant back in FIRS
05:09<andythenorth>and that only because I like the cooling tower sprites
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05:12<@Alberth>make an new object grf?
05:13<Supercheese>OGFX+ Airports got its own object set, maybe OGFX+ Industries is due...?
05:13<Supercheese>ah but that would exclude the original baseset, hmm
05:15<andythenorth>non-functioning industries? o_O
05:15<andythenorth>power plant as annoying unremovable object? o_O
05:18<@Alberth>as opposed to unmovable industries? :)
05:21<andythenorth>more pointless :)
05:21<Supercheese>power stations as houses
05:21<Supercheese>...not sure how that'd be helpful
05:22<Supercheese>maybe for that citybuilder script
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05:24<TrueBrain>For those that might care: :)
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05:30<Eddi|zuHause>what if someone is not interesting? :p
05:31<TrueBrain>those people shouldnt have opened the URL
05:31<TrueBrain>it is not like I didnt tell them not to
05:31<TrueBrain>I mean
05:32<Eddi|zuHause>i meant in the first paragraph... you possibly meant "interested" ;)
05:32<TrueBrain>I meant interesting, but interested is more polite I guess :P :P :P
05:33<Eddi|zuHause>it's like with those chinese characters... you probably meant to say "friendship" but what you actually said was "turtle upside down" :p
05:35<Pikka>I don't remember, I don't think it weighed much :)
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05:54<andythenorth>TrueBrain: I am interested :)
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06:05<andythenorth>power plant as black hole then :P
06:05<andythenorth>just for coal?
06:06<andythenorth>or also oil or petrol or whatever?
06:12<@Alberth>I like the "whatever" cargo :p
06:13<@Alberth>make it a black hole for coal, but don't pay much :)
06:14<@Alberth>for bonus, make them look like the original baseset, and have lots of fun with confused users :)
06:18<andythenorth>the only reason it’s not in FIRS is that it makes more sense to deliver coal to processing industries that produce more cargo from it
06:18<andythenorth>but Busy Bee changes that
06:20<@Alberth>it does?
06:20<andythenorth>cargo is routed where Busy Bee wants it to go
06:21<andythenorth>less time worrying about optimising production
06:21<andythenorth>optimise routes instead
06:21<andythenorth>way more fun
06:21<@Alberth>ah, you don't need more production
06:21<andythenorth>ottd has accidentally grown too many tedious cost-benefit tradeoffs :)
06:21<@Alberth>so, that's perhaps why I just ignore the supplies :)
06:22<andythenorth>or newgrfs have
06:22<andythenorth>game is about routes
06:23<@Alberth>it's fine to play with tedious cost-benefit stuff if you like it :)
06:23<@Alberth>but by no means obligatory :)
06:26<andythenorth>should power plant limit acceptance?
06:26<andythenorth>depending on town population?
06:26<andythenorth>nothing else in FIRS does :P
06:27<Pikka>probably not then
06:27<Pikka>sounds like BAD FEATURES all over again
06:28<andythenorth>I’ll just do a black hole then
06:28<andythenorth>the one from default game
06:28<andythenorth>no clever beans
06:32<Pikka>does it need the power plant at all then? do you have other black holes?
06:33<@Alberth>just make it produce coal as well?
06:37<Eddi|zuHause>some of the smaller economies probably can do with a black hole
06:38<Eddi|zuHause>for either coal or oil
06:38<Eddi|zuHause>but i have no idea how your economies actually look like
06:38<Eddi|zuHause>also, i dropped a small black screw
06:39<Eddi|zuHause>onto my dark carpet
06:39<Eddi|zuHause>i used to have one...
06:39<Eddi|zuHause>i have no idea where
06:40<@Alberth>no doubt it's sticking around somewhere :p
06:40<Eddi|zuHause>i think i wanted it as far away from the computer as possible
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06:55*NGC3982 shuffles.
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07:37<andythenorth>magnetic cat
07:38<Eddi|zuHause>i have a feeling that wouldn't interact well with the usb stick
07:39<andythenorth>your cat has a usb port?
07:42<Eddi|zuHause>sort of...
07:57<frosch123>one input, one output, sounds quite serial
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08:34<frosch123>i wonder whether mods for ottd are as rough edged for a newbie as are factorio mods to me :p
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08:46*andythenorth was scared to even add a newgrf for a few years
08:46<andythenorth>and most of the ones we have are….rough edged :P
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09:39<NGC3982>andythenorth: Why so?
09:40<NGC3982>Rough edges compared to non-existance is a good thing.
09:40<NGC3982>I guess.
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12:59*frosch123 is lost in the full-firs-equivalent of factorio
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14:10<@Alberth>lots of stuff to try thus :)
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20:17<Supercheese>hot damn factorio is fun
20:18<Supercheese>I was convinced to try it after all the talk about it here
21:40<Supercheese>oh jeez base overrun
21:40<Supercheese>epic fail
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