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02:50<planetmaker>hi ho
02:51<V453000>ho hi
02:51<planetmaker>moderate weather in the Netherlands it seems. Good enough for hiking tho :)
02:52<V453000>you turned into a dutchy<
02:52<planetmaker>:) temporary while on vacation
02:52<V453000>be careful so it doesnt get permanent :P
02:52<planetmaker>turned out it's difficult to talk to locals who don't talk English or German, though ;)
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02:54<__ln__>the solution is to speak L-O-U-D-E-R
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04:49<Xaroth|Work>planetmaker: wait, you're invading my country? TO THE BATTLESTATIONS
04:49<Xaroth|Work>and you're actually in a town where they don't speak english or german? wth
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07:22<Eddi|zuHause>when you say "battlestation" i must always think of MoO2
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12:14<andythenorth>cat has a hat
12:17<@Alberth>nah, the hat has found a cat
12:18<andythenorth>hat runs away with the cat
12:26<Hiddenfunstuff>and now the cat has found the hat
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14:16<__ln__>nicht schwimmen
14:44<Wolf01>bad tutorials are bad
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15:09<andythenorth>is the internet over?
15:09*andythenorth wonders
15:14<andythenorth>almost nothing to read on it
15:14<andythenorth>I might be reduced to cat videos
15:24<andythenorth>youtube, saving the internet
15:25<frosch123>start an openttd let's play channel :p
15:26<Wolf01>if this might amuse you, i'm trying to load a monochrome bitmap on my keyboard's display
15:30<andythenorth>I am not funny on voice over
15:30<andythenorth>my kids watch a lot of let’s play
15:31<andythenorth>mostly Stampy Longnose
15:31<andythenorth>maybe I should go find Yogscast and challenge them
15:35*andythenorth wonders wtf their office is
15:36<Wolf01>is there an easy way of manipulating a byte[] to show a symbol/icon?
15:38<Wolf01>i don't have any experience with dot-matrix displays :P
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15:44<frosch123>Wolf01: fill it with binary pattern
15:44<frosch123>so you can make a relation between bits and pixels
15:45<@Alberth>just render some text to pixels with a truetype renderer
15:45<Wolf01>oh, the text is not a problem, i have a function for that
15:46<@Alberth>plenty unicode glyphs with symbols :p
15:47<Wolf01>i think it'll take less to load an image directly :(
15:48<@Alberth>probably, as frosch said, just fill it with bit patterns
15:49<Wolf01>animating the thing will be a lot of work
15:50<Wolf01>i remember something from the plain old basic
15:52<@Alberth>just shift all the bits :p
15:52<frosch123>Wolf01: first you need to figure out, how many bits per pixel it uses
15:53<frosch123>1 or 8 or similar
15:53<Wolf01>each pixel is a byte
15:53<@Alberth>probably it's easier to prepare the bit patterns in memory, and shift it to the right position while copying the data
15:53<Wolf01><= 128 the pixel turns on
15:54<Wolf01>the display is 160 x 43
15:54<frosch123>well, then same your image as greyscale bmp
15:54<frosch123>cut the header from the bmp and dump it to the display
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15:57<Wolf01>mmh nice, it seem i don't have the namespace System.Drawing.Imaging
15:58<Wolf01>and i'm using the .net framework 4.5.2, there should be
16:10<andythenorth>release, no release?
16:10*andythenorth ponders
16:11<andythenorth>yeah release
16:18<andythenorth>new Hog
16:18<Wolf01>oh, the application MUST be a windows form one... it can't be that :|
16:30<Wolf01>i think that adding references on vs is a mess, it's not really clear that you need to "check" the reference instead of simply click on it and press "OK"
16:30<Wolf01>also the object manager said "reference added with success" and nothing changed
16:30<Wolf01>at the third time i managed to add the right references :|
16:31<Wolf01>plus: the drawing function of the display throws an exception
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16:54<Wolf01>bah, too difficult
16:56<Wolf01>tried with both MemoryStream.toArray() and ImageConverter... both give the same array, both cause exception :(
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17:30<Eddi|zuHause>what if you just push random() to the display, instead of trying to convert an actual image?
17:31<Eddi|zuHause>get one step working at a time
17:32<Wolf01>that should work, the problem is that the byte[] from the 160x43 image is not the same size of the 160x43 bytes array
17:35<Eddi|zuHause>maybe it's a 32bpp bmp, which would make it 4 times the size?
17:36<Wolf01>no, it's one of the bmps of the tutorial
17:36<Wolf01>but the tutorial does some tricks with the hbitmap
17:36<Wolf01>in c++
17:37<Wolf01>and i'm using c#
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17:41<_dp_>bmp has some header before image data, that may be the cause if you don't skip it
17:42<_dp_>also if you use some library to read bmp it may convert to 32bpp internally
17:56<mari_kiri>Tip, tga is a much nicer raw format ;)
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20:20<Alaura>/!load Soap Error: No module named libottdadmin2.enums Is there a fix for this?
20:23<FLHerne>Alaura: Not enough context
20:23<Alaura>this is supyrbot
20:23<Alaura>i was trying to load the module soap, that openttd uses to communicate from the irc
20:23<Alaura>to the game
20:24<Alaura>and i got that error
20:24<FLHerne>Did you install libottdadmin2?
20:24<Alaura>Is it a package?
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20:26<Sylf>did you read the readme?
20:27<Alaura>I just installed
20:27<Alaura>thank you
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20:30<Alaura>Hmm Sylf and FLHerne i did that, and im still getting the error
20:30<Alaura>It says it installed and then finished processing the dependancies
20:35<Eddi|zuHause>have you tried turning it off and on again?
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20:36<Alaura>wait, would that work?
21:41<Eddi|zuHause>... only one way to find out.
22:08<Alaura>I did
22:08<Alaura>but now when i try to connect, it gives "Connecting..."
22:08<Alaura>and then nada
22:09<Eddi|zuHause>then probably the port is not open
22:10<Eddi|zuHause>or you didn't set up a password
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