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03:42<Flygon__>Reading the rainfall patch thread kinda makes me wish OpenTTD could have 'dynamic' water
03:42<Flygon__>That'd be too expensive :(
04:01<@Alberth>what would you do with such water that you currently don't?
04:06<@Alberth>there are infinitely many different models to derive rivers, but in the end, they are all just ways to make a bunch of water tiles
04:10<@Alberth>btw openttd does have dynamic water, ocean does do flooding of land at ocean height
04:10<__ln__>Flygon__: I suppose you are aware of Cities Skylines?
04:11<Flygon__>Alberth: I meant, as in, rivers too x3
04:12<@Alberth>what is the added value for game play?
04:12<Flygon__>Alberth: Rule of Cool
04:13<@Alberth>ah, useless feature, but it looks good :)
04:14<@Alberth>OpenTTD doesn't need to make people pay for the game :p
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04:37<Flygon>Alberth: Yes but you can hold them hostage with donation goals :B
04:38<@Alberth>hmm, good idea, let's ban people from the channel until they have donated sufficient monies?
04:39<Flygon>Yes :B
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04:43<@Alberth>moin frank
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05:40<Wolf01>bah, i don't know why i purchased chivalry... mount & blade is really better than that
05:45<@Alberth>too much money, curiosity, bored of things you already have ?
05:47<Wolf01>i hoped it was better than m&b, but i was wrong
05:47<Wolf01>also my friends have chivalry and not m&b
05:48<Eddi|zuHause>that's what demos are for?
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05:53<Wolf01>it's even free weekend :P
05:55<Wolf01>but since we don't know which one of our 200+ games to play with, we might play it now that everybody have it
06:10<@Alberth>throw a 1d200 :p
06:16<Wolf01>i need to sleep
06:17<@Alberth>that's another game :p
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07:16<Eddi|zuHause>was 123 also the result of a 1d200?
07:18<frosch123>no, it's the page of my favorite poem from my childhood christmas poem and song book
07:19<frosch123>did you think it represented how far i could count?
07:20<Eddi|zuHause>no, i expected you could count to 4, like everybody else i know.
07:21<frosch123>why 4? what is "4" good for?
07:21<Wolf01>i throw dices for numbers bigger than 1
07:22<frosch123>Eddi|zuHause: ah, i get it, they counted to 4, noticed that that number is useless, and thus stopped
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07:38<Eddi|zuHause>frosch123: if you show people pictures and say "count the number of dots", there is a huge dropoff in speed beyond 4
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08:58<Wolf01>i built the crawler crane last night
09:01<andythenorth>any good?
09:01<andythenorth>looks tempting
09:02<Wolf01>it is big... and it is a 40x 15 holes beams festival
09:03<Wolf01>also the pulley for raising the crane is wonderful
09:05*andythenorth ponders shops
09:05<andythenorth>anyway, biab :)
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10:42*Wolf01 must go hunt for food for tomorrow
10:53<__ln__>in our country, we have these facilities called 'grocery stores' where one can obtain food without hunting.
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10:54<Wipe>that's cheating
11:03<Wolf01>ok, hunted some eggs and cheese
11:04<V453000>sc2 prologue done :( waiting for release =D
11:04<Wolf01>me too
11:04<Wolf01>i should play it again to get all the badges
11:04<Wolf01>but i'm lazy
11:05<V453000>I did, on brutal
11:05<V453000>nothing more to do :0
11:07<Wolf01>about badges, i'm not able to get the last badge (complete in less than 5 minutes in brutal) for the second or third mission on WoL... the best i achieved was 05:01 -.-
11:08<Wolf01>three times in a row!
11:08<Wolf01>ok, one was 05:02
11:09<V453000>I think I have all in WoL except two
11:09<V453000>one is the dumb minigame
11:09<V453000>I think on beginning missions I have all though
11:10<Wolf01>i missed 3 or 4 because i hate some missions (specially those with the countdown)
11:10<V453000>ok I dont have the minigame, under 8 hours of total play time on normal difficulty
11:10<V453000>and didnt buy all airship upgrades
11:11<V453000>sounds like I should replay WoL
11:11<V453000>find out why tychus is always in armor ... I think that should be done after one specific mission
11:11<V453000>k lets do this :D
11:13<Wolf01>they welded the armor around him in the opening...
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11:14<V453000>I know why
11:14<V453000>but there is an achievement that you have to talk to him so he explicitly tells you something
11:15<NGC3982>By accident, i found the shift+ALT feature.
11:15<NGC3982>That's nice.
11:15<V453000>whats that?
11:15<Wolf01>on windows?
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11:16<Wolf01>a friend of mine asked to reinstall windows because he couldn't get rid of it
11:17<Wolf01>i showed him how to fix it with 2 fingers
11:17<Wolf01> also this is wonderful, i should build it
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11:45<NGC3982>In OpenTTD.
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12:05<Alaura_>What does shift-alt do Wolf01?
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12:05<Alaura><- is on W10
12:05<Wolf01>in ottd i don't know, who plays that game? in windows just change your keyboard layout to english if you have a different language
12:06<Alaura>thats cool
12:06<Alaura>I assume its a language barrier feature?
12:06<Wolf01>now also win+space does that, and in a more explicit manner
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12:57<greeter>greetings all
12:57<andythenorth>greeting cat
12:57<andythenorth>Saturday cat
12:57<greeter>it is indeed saturday
12:58<greeter>i wish it was monday night, although i won't be online then lol
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13:24<Eddi|zuHause>it's spelled caturday...
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13:39<greeter>ah that makes sense
13:43<greeter>ooh my game just slipped into a recession :-D
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22:13<ryouma>this is a really silly question, but for the default load game, is there a purpose or goal of the game? does one win it?
22:17<Flygon>You score the highest score possible
22:17<Flygon>It's basically an arcade game
22:21<ryouma>Flygon: by like 2050 or something?
22:22<ryouma>so if you want a short game you start at a time near 2050 i guess
22:24<ST2>ryouma: there's a bunch of online servers running with Goal (CV, CV, Rating, Cargo, Cash, etc)
22:24<ST2>but that requires some server controller software
22:24<ST2>the game itself is a sandbox
22:32<Flygon>Or as we call it in proper English
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22:38<ryouma>so i can connect to online and then play ai or other players that way? i tried this, but no servers showed up.
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22:51<Pikka>there's a button you have to click there to get the servers to show, I forget what it says though :)
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22:52<Pikka>"find server"
22:53<ryouma>that does nothing here
22:53<ryouma>there is an add server button, but i don't know any servers
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23:13<sim-al2>ryouma you still having trouble?
23:17<ryouma>sim-al2: yeah nothing happens when i click that button
23:18<sim-al2>No other internet problems right?
23:18<ryouma>maybe OpenTTD 1.4.4 is too old
23:18<ryouma>no, internet is fine right now
23:18<sim-al2>It's not current, but you should be able to see the servers listed at least
23:20<sim-al2>Here's the Public Server List, you can find IP addresses to try manually:
23:24<ryouma>is there a way i can enter a server address into a configuration file instead of using the gui?
23:24<sim-al2>You're on Windows right?
23:25<sim-al2>Ok you'll have to find the .openttd folder, I assume it's in home
23:25<ryouma>i am there
23:26<sim-al2>ok, in openttd.cfg there should be a [servers] section
23:26<sim-al2>you add the IP in the form of < = >
23:27<sim-al2>(no <>)
23:27<ryouma>so just enter " = " on a line by itself?
23:27<sim-al2>ALthough you might want to pick an IP address of an actual server
23:28<sim-al2>Try, it's stilll on 1.4.4
23:29<sim-al2>Does it show up ingame now?
23:29<ryouma>that worked. but says it is offline.
23:29<sim-al2>Hmmm, one sec
23:30<ryouma>your server? :)
23:31<sim-al2>No, i picked one on 1.4.4
23:31<sim-al2>from the master list:
23:31<sim-al2>It seems to be offline though
23:33<sim-al2>Ok, here's one that I know actually works: (disclamiar, I mod it):
23:34<sim-al2>It's on 1.5.2 though, so you won't be able to connect
23:46<sim-al2>Anything showing up?
23:53<ryouma>yes, but join is greyed out due to version mismatch
23:53<ryouma>tried mike's and it required password
23:53<ryouma>this is going to be a slog i guess
23:55<ryouma>but i can enter them all and try them one by one i guess
23:57<ryouma>actually i suspect that none of them will work for me, because one or two say "newgrf mismatch". i need big icons etc. which i suspect are "newgrf"? probably nobody else runs those.
23:58<sim-al2>Actually in 1.5.2 Big Icons are now a game option
23:59<sim-al2>I would download 1.5.2, there's a lot more servers to try
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