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04:46<@Alberth>hmm, sneaky andy, adding running costs to wagons :)
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05:18<andythenorth>hello bob
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05:35<andythenorth>bye bob
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06:08<Wolf01>hi o/
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08:11<fjb>Quak frosch123
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11:04<Wolf01>bah, train fever is annoying, back to factorio
11:05<Eddi|zuHause>except i don't have factorio
11:06<Wolf01>i fucked up 100M in train fever because the entire economy is point to point and not star/ring shaped -.-
11:07<Eddi|zuHause>the economy is a bit fiddly with interruptions
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11:22<planetmaker>hi ho
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11:28<Eddi|zuHause>do you know this effect, that when you switch games, you press all the wrong buttons? like trying to scroll with wasd when you need arrow keys?
11:29<Wolf01>i have that problem between diablo 3 and heroes of the storm
11:29<Wolf01>1-2-3-4 vs q-w-e-r
11:39<Eddi|zuHause>you should probably just reconfigure those hotkeys :p
11:40<Wolf01>i'm lazy
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12:12<@Alberth>and confused with the buttons :)
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12:40<Wolf01>if i have some text wider than a fixed width and it must go on a new line, what is the best way to calculate the new height? (it could span on more new lines if it's very long)
12:40<Helyx>Hey everyone. I have a question about Novapolis city builder, can anyone help me?
12:41<Wolf01>i was thinking about line_height + (text_width mod max_width) * line_height
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12:43<Helyx>Hey everyone. I have a question about Novapolis city builder, can anyone help me?
12:43<Supercheese>perhaps that fellow, since he has Novapolis in his nick
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12:43<Supercheese>nope guess not
12:44<planetmaker>you scared him :)
12:44<Helyx>worth a try :D
12:44<planetmaker>Helyx, you need to exercise a bit patience when using IRC
12:44<Supercheese>I was too cheesy for him :[
12:44<Helyx>ya first time i use it actually
12:44<planetmaker>it's not like people here just stare at their screen for the off-chance to answer a question
12:45<Helyx>oh, thought it works like a classical chatroom
12:45<planetmaker>also you'll get better answers if you actually state your problem instead of asking "can someone help me"
12:45<planetmaker>it does... but not everyone constantly watches a chatroom window either, does it?
12:45<Supercheese>is this the same place that just released their "secret source code" or whatnot...?
12:45<planetmaker>I guess
12:45<Helyx>Okay my problem is basically this:
12:46<Helyx>My claimed village is pretty close to some other citys/towns etc and thus it doesnt have all industries in its influence area. Currenty my town wants farm supplies but there is no industry that accepts them and my town wont grow? And the problem will also occur with other cargo. Am i doing something wrong or am i stuck and I cant continue anymore?
12:46<Supercheese>you can fund another industry if you have the cash
12:46<planetmaker>fund instustry which accepts it?
12:48<Wolf01>i'm stupid... i need to know the quotient, not the remainder
12:48<Helyx>hmm the problem is if towns are close to each other, there is not much room to place 10 industries or so near it.
12:57<Supercheese>I don't think there's much to be done about that
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12:57<@Alberth>kill other cities :p
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13:26<Wolf01>did you find cat?
13:30<andythenorth>not today
13:31<andythenorth>but recently, yes
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13:43*andythenorth has been playing openttd
13:43<andythenorth>not so much cat
13:45<@DorpsGek>Commit by translators :: r27412 trunk/src/lang/vietnamese.txt (2015-10-25 18:45:10 +0100 )
13:45<@DorpsGek>-Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
13:45<@DorpsGek>vietnamese - 16 changes by myquartz
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14:01<andythenorth>boring forum day :P
14:09<andythenorth>hmm termite seems to use old nml / python 2.7 for compile
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14:46<andythenorth>changing railtype grfs on a running game is interesting
14:46<Wolf01>blew up something?
14:47<andythenorth>trains stuck on wrong railtype
14:47<andythenorth>can’t move them, can’t destroy them
14:48<andythenorth>I keep starting a nice test game and then breaking it :D
14:49<andythenorth>changed cargos, changed industries, changed railtypes :P
14:50<Wolf01>in theory they could move to another railtype, i had that problem too
14:51<Wolf01>at least steam and diesel ones ;D
14:52<andythenorth>not pipelines :)
14:53<@Alberth>you need to change the wheels of the train :p
14:57*andythenorth starts another new test game :P
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15:23<@Alberth>make a copy every now and then :p
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15:37<andythenorth>and another one :P
15:37<andythenorth>really, don’t expect to change railtypes on a game :D
15:38<Eddi|zuHause>sounds like a non-issue
15:39<andythenorth>nature of developing newgrfs
15:40<andythenorth>it’s quite annoying testing, simultaneously, a railtype grf, train grf and industry grf
15:43<andythenorth>change a cargo, lose your game
15:43<andythenorth>change a railtype, lose your game
15:44<andythenorth>add a vehicle that uses a previously unused railtype, lose your game
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17:20<greeter>back to scenario building, if my isp decides it'll let me have a decent internet connection anyway
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18:12<LadyHawk>is there a way i can change the truck lookahead anywhere?
18:12<LadyHawk>google is drawing a blank
18:13<LadyHawk>my trucks are blocking the station layout before the end of the station is reached, i wonder if they 'can't see it' so to speak at the point they block it
18:13<LadyHawk>(always blocks at the start, most bays except last few have moving trucks)
18:14<FLHerne>LadyHawk: Try increasing the value of yapf.road_stop_occupied_penalty in openttd.cfg
18:15<FLHerne>At the default value, it's worth 8 tiles of (straight, flat) road
18:15<FLHerne>Unless I changed my settings here and then forgot
18:17<planetmaker>LadyHawk, build the road stop layout appropriately - then more bays will be used
18:17<planetmaker>you might want to look at some openttdcoop games
18:17<LadyHawk>i'll show the layout... i constructed it based on Eddi|zuHause's advice
18:18<LadyHawk>it's got a double road to/from since a single road cant handle the traffic the station can
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18:18<LadyHawk>after i have a look at this c onfig.. just to see what it's set at right now
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18:27<LadyHawk>kinda experimenting with what seems best
18:32<LadyHawk>the trucks dont start mingling until further in the station to stop favoritism for the inner exit road
18:32<LadyHawk>so they devide over the 2 roads properly
18:43<LadyHawk>hmm.. also, i seem to have lost the option to disable improved loading algorithm.. i wanna use the old one where everyone just gets stuff
18:45*LadyHawk is intrigued
18:50<sim-al2>The improved loading algorithm is where the first vehicle to arrive fills up first right?
18:53<sim-al2>Found it on the wiki, last contribution to that page is from 2012, and most it written before 1.0.0
18:54<sim-al2>I guess it's the default setting considered now
18:54<sim-al2>you could try "improved_load = false" if you haven't already
18:54<LadyHawk>in a situation where you end up having 15+ trains/40+ trucks loading all at once from a high supplying station it's actually quicker to use the older loading algorithm
18:55<LadyHawk>i go change that
18:55<sim-al2>I haven't had a problem, if there's more cargo than the vehicles capacity in my games they fill up pretty well
18:57<LadyHawk>if there's not enough stuff for a long train to fill up... everything else sits and waits, while, the supply is HIGHER than the speed at which a train can fill up... you dont want the rest to sit and wait, the rest needs to load as well
18:57<LadyHawk>which is exactly what the old loading algorithm does
18:58<LadyHawk>a tiny bit on the station? everyone waiting there goes ITS MINE!
19:00<sim-al2>SO the old way had all vehicles fill up at the same time?
19:02<LadyHawk>im looking at my station now, there's 300ish coal there, 2 trains filling up, about a dozen trucks... and there rest of the trucks sit idly by doing nothing... why.. supply is higher than loading rate, start loading!
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19:02<LadyHawk>changing the improved_load = false thing didn't work
19:03<sim-al2>Yeah I just tried it too, I guess the old code isn;t there anymore
19:03<LadyHawk>no :'(
19:03<sim-al2>Or the setting at least
19:04<sim-al2>Or maybe not:
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19:09<LadyHawk>when a long train arrives at the station and starts loading, the trucks sit idle.. it piles up on the station because the train 'reserves' the cargo it needs for a full load.. which is 300... and my station always has about 300 coal there.. i cant empty it
19:09<LadyHawk>i cant empty it because of this new loading algorithm..
19:11<LadyHawk>which means, if there's constantly 2 trains sitting there loading, the minimum on the station to be expected would be ~600 toness
19:11<LadyHawk>cant get below it
19:11<LadyHawk>does that affect ratings? or is it considered 'gone' once reserved?
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20:24<Eddi|zuHause><LadyHawk> hmm.. also, i seem to have lost the option to disable improved loading algorithm.. <-- that's probably one of the settings that were removed from the GUI, because no sane person should disable it.
20:26<Eddi|zuHause><LadyHawk> if there's not enough stuff for a long train to fill up... everything else sits and waits, while, the supply is HIGHER than the speed at which a train can fill up... you dont want the rest to sit and wait, the rest needs to load as well <-- the algorithm does start loading other vehicles if there is more available than fits into one vehicle.
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