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02:16<andythenorth>is all
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05:12<Wolf01>legacy of the void order status updated to shipping \o/
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05:23<Eddi|zuHause>i feel like i shouldn't encourage your addiction :p
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08:13<Wolf01>drawing a hollow rectangle with xna is really complicated :|
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11:36<MeSaber>lmao Eddi|zuHause
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12:45<@DorpsGek>Commit by translators :: r27440 trunk/src/lang/spanish.txt (2015-11-09 18:45:07 +0100 )
12:45<@DorpsGek>-Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
12:45<@DorpsGek>spanish - 2 changes by SilverSurferZzZ
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14:59<andythenorth>also bye :)
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15:00<@planetmaker>good evening
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15:05<@Alberth>I have some small fixed in ogfx+landscape Makefile
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19:03<drac_boy>hows you?
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19:06<drac_boy>hi super-cheesy-cheese :)
19:08<Supercheese>Heh indeed
19:08<drac_boy>hows you anyhow? :)
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19:09<Supercheese>more Factorio than OTTD currently
19:10<drac_boy>heh ok
19:10<Supercheese>and will soon be more Battlefront than either of those
19:11<drac_boy><is still adding a little bit (very slowly) to this grf project but otherwise is a bit more busy trying to sort out a renewed model layout
19:11<drac_boy>at least so far I've decided to perhaps go after a bemo rhb railcar .. seem nice for small layout re electric railcar with optional freight wagons :)
19:12<FLHerne>Someone else waiting for that? :-)
19:13<FLHerne>Although I'm worried it'll miss whatever made SWBF II such a fun game before
19:14<drac_boy>btw if you were wondering ... this sort of train is what rhb has and it suits me nicely
19:14<drac_boy>short and the fact that even to today (2015+ in fact) swizterland still knows how to run a proper mixed train :P
19:14<Supercheese>yeah, I hope they'll re-add the combat between capital ships, where you have to launch on transports and board the other ship
19:14<Supercheese>that was very fun
19:14<drac_boy>heh ok
19:15<FLHerne>drac_boy: Eep, definitely not a thing you'd see in the UK
19:17<drac_boy>flherne the swiss people like to understand: mixed trains make better use of very light traffic that if forced to separate would have sounded the death of service from inflated costs and lack of traffic
19:17<drac_boy>(for uk I guess you sorta could imagine trying to run a class 66 with only two wagons per every second day)
19:17<FLHerne>ISTR there was a proposal to hang single wagons on the back of DMUs up in Scotland
19:17<drac_boy>not trying to nitpick anyone else here ofc
19:18<FLHerne>They have some very remote routes (i.e. awful roads), and low enough linespeeds that performance wouldn't be awful
19:19<FLHerne>The problem was braking/coupling (passenger stock is mini-buckeye and electric brakes, freight air-braked with buffers or AAR buckeyes)
19:20<FLHerne>You'd have to fit a pile of stuff to the DMUs, or stick translator vans on everything
19:21<drac_boy>btw historic photo if that makes you feel any better?
19:21<drac_boy>must be a train heading to stub-end station what with re the double brakevan staffing there
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19:23<FLHerne>Passengers in the middle of a train like that would be against the rulebook even in the steam era though
19:23<drac_boy>hmm..maybe unique operation? dunno tbh. I just recall that sometimes some railroads had their own different way of things from others
19:24<drac_boy>like the 9F only being placed on slower (and so usually freight) train but Southern wasn't afraid to let them run quite fast in passenger service (even with 5 heavy driveaxles)
19:24<FLHerne>Especially in a train without through brakes, which that almost certainly is
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19:25<drac_boy>hmm maybe that explains the two brakevans or I dunno then from the sound of what you just said
19:26<drac_boy>how about this with the coach up front?
19:26<FLHerne>Yeah, the thought of 9Fs on express passenger is astonishing O.o
19:26<drac_boy>can't tell if thats an infamous Terrier or rather a different class :p
19:27<FLHerne>No, 14xx
19:27<drac_boy>mm whats a 14xx now?
19:27<drac_boy>mind you I don't know a lot about uk steam
19:27<FLHerne>Terriers are small-wheeled 0-6-0s (is that 0C0 in europeanish?)
19:28<FLHerne>Little 0-4-2T, built by the GWR
19:28<FLHerne>Both they and the autocoaches (that's one) were fitted with a primitive remote-control system
19:29<FLHerne>So you could drive the train from a cab at the far end of the carriages
19:29<FLHerne>Pikka does that nicely in UKRS2, although sadly only with the pannier tank
19:30<drac_boy>ah.. meh to our own but I never understood this very-uk thing about using 0-4-2 and 2-4-0 when they just seem to pretty much have the same body and weight loading as a 0-6-0
19:31<drac_boy>and heh .. I've always liked the idea behind the autocoach .. although hmm I still can't imagine the long slacks in the control rods to run two autocoaches at one end (which was done a few times apparently)
19:31<FLHerne>0-6-0 did become the standard later on, not really sure why not originally
19:31<Supercheese>they kept the trains short to try top ameliorate that it seems
19:32<Supercheese>try to*
19:33<drac_boy>flherne btw its nothing to do with autocoaches but it does almost seem "similar" tho...this is from germany the power is in middle and the control cabs are at both coach ends
19:33<FLHerne>I think two was the maximum, but you could get four-sets with two at each end
19:34<drac_boy> and sometimes they'll slip a detachable coach fitted with its own cab on as traffic requires too
19:34<FLHerne>At least three has been done in preservation, trying to find pics
19:34<FLHerne>drac_boy: Now that's just an older take on one of those Stadler thingies
19:34<drac_boy>its basically a (2+1)(B+1)(1+2) .. if I recall the UIC system right
19:35<drac_boy>stadler? hm I must not know they did one too
19:35*drac_boy goes to look
19:38<drac_boy>must be me...I think I'll write down to try look for stadler trains tomorrow instead..cheers for the thought tho
19:39<drac_boy>flherne on a side note what do you think of emus that basically only had 1-A trucks at both ends instead of B trucks as one usually would assume?
19:40<FLHerne>I mean these things
19:41<FLHerne>I can't think of any UK ones off-hand, but it's not a thing I've thought about
19:41<FLHerne>378s have three axles on one car powered
19:41<drac_boy>ahh I see my problem..was looking for stadler emus ... duh .. mm I can see where that funny little center body would make sense
19:42<FLHerne>It seems like a neat idea, they're thinking of buying them here
19:43<FLHerne>Idea is that when (if...) the electrification programme produces results, the power lump comes out and they can be straight EMUs
19:43<drac_boy>flherne well this was such a unit (and its not you..they actually used spooked tires on the powered axle and solid tires on the unpowered axle) .. and interestingly enough they still could be found running through mountain lines with several 2-axle coaches in tow ... I guess running at slower speeds does cause less induction for the two traction axles to slip tho
19:44<FLHerne>That does seem like an odd idea, I wonder why they didn't just drive both?
19:44<drac_boy> thats a LOT of coaches there :p
19:44<FLHerne>Early design carrying over pony-truck ideas onto it?
19:45<drac_boy>flherne heh well if you want know why .. its an early use of truck-mounted motors .. I think maybe space limit did rule out wanting to run two motors into each truck at the time
19:45<drac_boy>not sure .. I just know they still managed to run trains (not just themself) through mountains without a problem .. must be good design anyhow :)
19:48<FLHerne>Quite surprising, two driven axles shouldn't be able to do that :P
19:48<FLHerne>Anyway, I should sleep!
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19:48<drac_boy>bye flherne ;)
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19:49*drac_boy makes a note to find more about uk mixed's just for his humor :)
19:50<drac_boy>anyway I think I'll go for now too
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20:19<Eddi|zuHause><FLHerne> Terriers are small-wheeled 0-6-0s (is that 0C0 in europeanish?) <-- just °C". you don't write 0s
20:19<Eddi|zuHause>aw. he's gone
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