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00:55<Flygon>What was the speed limit for 2 tile long curves, again?
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00:56<Flygon>Oh, dear
00:56<Flygon>Craaaap :(
00:57<Dakkus>Aha, you found it quicker yourself :)
00:58<Flygon>I forgot where the article was x.x
00:58<Flygon>Had a busy junction
00:58<Flygon>But cramped room
00:58<Flygon>But had to put in a free flowing high speed junction...
00:59<Flygon>I COULD probably make three of the leafs in the cloverlead good for 132km/h
00:59<Flygon>But one's actually not in use
00:59<Flygon>And one that NEEDS speedening can't be done
00:59<Flygon>If I had access to curved bridges or tunnels
00:59<Flygon>I'd have a waaay more compact interchange
00:59<Flygon>Though, even THEN
01:00<Flygon>Building a stack interchange needs more powerful locomotives
01:00<Flygon>And most of the traffic atm is FREIGHT
01:00<Flygon>And that hates the climbing :|
01:02<Flygon> I'm screeeewed. Dammit Lansing.
01:02<Flygon>It actually won't be a problem
01:02<Flygon>And pax won't need to use the cloverleaf at all
01:03<Flygon>And I build pax lines around it, and grow suburbia around it
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05:01<Flygon>I... uhm
05:02<Flygon>Take it the 2CC Tram Set isn't designed for realistic acceleration?
05:02<frosch123>how old is it?
05:02<Flygon>Going by the forums
05:02<@Rubidium>well, a 2cc engine doesn't sound very powerfull or realistic
05:02<Flygon>Pretty new
05:03<Flygon>Rudibium: Actually
05:03<Flygon>Some of the Trams have TE and HP ratings for realistic
05:03<Flygon>Others have null strings
05:03<Flygon>Yeah, the readme is copyrighted 2015
05:04<frosch123>ok, i thought it was from 2010 or older :p
05:04<Flygon>Sorry x.x
05:04<Flygon>Lemme grab the topic
05:04<Flygon>Knowing me
05:05<Flygon>I'm idiotic enough to overlook features being unimplemented
05:05<Flygon>Oh noo
05:05<Flygon>The Snow Theme's back :(
05:05<Flygon>It's Summer what is this :(
05:06*Rubidium wonders how long it takes before the Christmas songs are going to be changed
05:06<Flygon>It's disappeared... I... sorry
05:06<frosch123>Rubidium: heard about that austrian radio guy?
05:06<frosch123>Flygon: it's all from 2014
05:06<Flygon>I swear the topic was posted in recently
05:07<Flygon>Why can't I find it
05:07<Flygon>I've dun goofed
05:07<frosch123>Flygon: <- it's all there
05:07<frosch123> <- and it uses ini files :)
05:08<frosch123>those files contain "weight" and "power", so realistic acceleration should work/is intended
05:08<Flygon>I've lost my marbles
05:09<@Rubidium>frosch123: I can't say I'm familiar with Austrian radio (or Australian for that matter)
05:09<@Rubidium>are you sure copyright doesn't say 2005-2010 and your mind messes that up to 2015?
05:09<frosch123>basically some moderator had some kind of "breakdown", locked himself inside the studio and broadcasted "last christmas" no stop for 3 hours
05:10<Flygon>frosch123: I get the feeling that the Bananas version might be outdated
05:11<Flygon>Rubidium: The .grf's own URL links back to the openttdcoop link frosch123 linked
05:11<Flygon>I'm pretty sure the .grf doesn't date back to when .grf was more popularly known for being the stuff that broke Ragnarok Online patchers and had me screaming at a craptacular CRT xP
05:13<frosch123>Flygon: according to the devzone repository, nothing changed about acceleration till 0.1.0-beta2
05:14<@Rubidium>frosch123: till as in, looking through revisions in reverse order?
05:14<Flygon>The one on Bananas is 0.10-beta2
05:15<Flygon>Erm, 0.1.0
05:17<frosch123>Rubidium: yeah, "since" :)
05:19<Flygon>Might have to compile the 'latest' and insert it manually and hope that doesn't break the entire savegame
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05:54<Eddi|zuHause>bäh, KSP is ever so crashy...
06:01<argoneus>merry christmas train friends
06:01<argoneus>Eddi|zuHause: doesn't crash for me
06:02<Eddi|zuHause>go to the tutorial, works fine, exit to menu, go to (same or other) tutorial: crash
06:03<Eddi|zuHause>also, it crashes quite often when adding parts with weird symmetry
06:03<Eddi|zuHause>and when going to the launchpad
06:03<argoneus>i havent had a single crash yet
06:03<argoneus>that's why
06:03<argoneus>unity isn't friends with linux apparently
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06:16<andythenorth>I am trying to make FIRS industries more diverse in appearance
06:16<andythenorth>and less copy-paste
06:16<andythenorth>the next one to draw is Pyrite Processor (ore -> chemicals, metal)
06:16<andythenorth>but IRL it looks like the Copper Refinery :P
06:17<andythenorth>due to, eh, refining copper and refining pyrite are very similar processes based around sulphuric acid :P
06:17<andythenorth>AIUI, some pyrite is even copper-bearing
06:17<andythenorth>what larks
06:19<Eddi|zuHause>i think you're worrying about details nobody will ever notice
06:20<frosch123>andythenorth: the pictures for pyrite roaster look very different to your copper refinery
06:22<frosch123>the tanks all loook closed
06:23<frosch123>also, you can vary the graphics by putting tanks horizontally instead of vertically
06:23<frosch123>alter their size etc
06:24<frosch123> <- horizontal tanks
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06:24<frosch123> <- closed tank instead of pool
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06:30<andythenorth>I guess there are different definitions of ‘similar’ :D
06:30<andythenorth>I am looking at big pipes, tanks, and girder-frameworks, and thinking ‘same’ :P
06:31<frosch123>you also drew 3 farms
06:32<frosch123>and how many ports?
06:32<frosch123>yeah, i think the chemical plants are your smallest problem there :p
06:33<andythenorth>how about this one?
06:33<frosch123>haha, nice pile :)
06:33<V453000>that looks sick
06:34<andythenorth>sulphuric acid plant
06:34<andythenorth>dunno if that has anything to do with pyrite, but looks good eh?
06:34<andythenorth>that, a crusher, and a big roasting building
06:35<V453000>I like the huge and many pipes going out/to it
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06:44<Eddi|zuHause>looks abandoned to me
06:45<andythenorth>it is
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06:45<andythenorth>now dismantled
06:46<andythenorth>ukraine or so
06:51<andythenorth>I never did like this plastics plant
06:51<andythenorth>maybe that needs redrawn also :P
06:51<andythenorth>super bland
06:54<Flygon>Seems 2CC Trams is broken on Original too
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06:59<Flygon>Eyy :3
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07:34<Amis>Hi! Is it normal for the desert map to have transmitters all over it? It feels pretty out of space. (1.5.3)
07:35<Amis>Well, place*
07:38<frosch123>many transmitters is normal, but they are more noticeable in desert than in rainforest
07:38<frosch123>the map generators are pretty broken in 1.5, depending on settings you may have very much desert
07:44<Amis>I see, I wasn't sure if they were there before since I just upgraded to 1.5 from some 1.4. I guess there's no way to disable it other than using the magic bulldozer
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08:54*andythenorth wonders about automating FIRS ‘conflicting industry’ check
08:55<andythenorth>manually specifying conflicts across multiple economies is fail
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13:45<@DorpsGek>Commit by translators :: r27477 /trunk/src/lang (greek.txt polish.txt) (2015-12-24 19:45:14 +0100 )
13:45<@DorpsGek>-Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
13:45<@DorpsGek>greek - 76 changes by Ferrum
13:45<@DorpsGek>polish - 1 changes by ampersand
13:45<@peter1138>hmm, doom3... was that really 2004...
13:51<@Rubidium>feels like yesterday?
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