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04:22<guru3>merry christmas
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04:29<__ln__>ho ho ho
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05:49<LordAro>hoe hoe hoe
06:11<@Rubidium>H0H 0H0 ;)
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06:37<argoneus>good morning and merry christmas train friends
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06:59<Flygon>Dumb question
06:59<Flygon>Is a train-tram collission not happening when the Train rams the Tram's trailers a bug or a feature?
07:00<argoneus>I think it's a bug
07:00<argoneus>as trains smashing cars is a feature
07:00<argoneus>and trams are mods
07:00<Flygon>To be clear
07:00<Flygon>This Tram's 4 tiles long
07:01<argoneus>it's still a car under the hood iirc
07:01<argoneus>don't quote me on this
07:01<argoneus>so maybe it has a car's hitbox?
07:01<Flygon>Sounds like it
07:02<argoneus>that is
07:02<argoneus>unless the devs built in support for trams natively
07:02<argoneus>but trams were not part of original TTD
07:07*Flygon nod
07:07<Flygon>I haven't had any trailered cars yet
07:07<Flygon>Because HEQS lacks those in 1907
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07:08<Wolf01>hi hi o/
07:10<argoneus>hi yo
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07:15<Flygon>Is it lazy to use Freight Trams instead of Trains because you already have too much Rail in an area?
07:15<Flygon>And don't want to create isolated messes of lines?
07:15<Flygon>And find it easier to integrate the Freight network into patchworks of existing Tram networks
07:15<Flygon>Add a few Intercity Lines
07:16<Flygon>Reserve them for possible future highways, and intercity Trams (y'know, ones that go 100-110km/h)
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07:39<@peter1138>If you're not using block signals and feeders and main lines and priority junctions and constant-length trains you're doing it wrong (maybe)
07:39<Wolf01>constant length trains are boring
07:41<Flygon>peter1138: There's plenty of that
07:41<Flygon>Congestion on the urban networks is a problem though
07:41<Flygon>To the point where I've already had to separate parts of the network
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07:53<Flygon>Hell, along the same corridore, I am already running freight
07:53<Flygon>Just that adding short distance freight is not worth it
07:54<Flygon>And would create weaving problems with the network
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07:54<Flygon>I'm sure you understand how weaving affects North American Cloverleafs, peter1138
08:01<Flygon>I feel kinda stupidly clever for implementing a RoRo freight pickup BETWEEN a track pair
08:15<@Rubidium>constant length trains would be a nice feature, ask openttdcoop
08:16<Flygon>What IS constant length trans?
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08:34<qb>Question, I have a town in desert. I deliver enough food/water. (they are both green in town properties, I have 4 stations actively being serviced yet the town still says: 'not growing' I looked at the town growth wiki page.. but cannot see why it is still not growing (town is city btw)
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08:45<qb>aah server setting. did not think of that.. sorry for noise
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09:55<Wolf01>nice, i just read that train fever developers announced the last patch, then they will move to another game :|
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10:07<@peter1138>Flygon, all trains exactly the same length
10:07<Flygon>Nah, I got a mixed length network
10:07<@peter1138>Rubidium, I was pretty much just mocking them, heh
10:07<Flygon>It'll even out over time
10:07<Flygon>But mixed length is useful for atm
10:07<Flygon>Shower time
10:07<Flygon>The sleep
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11:31<frosch123>i have a co-worker named gilbert, who has all that stuff on the walls in his office
11:34<frosch123>anyway, half of that stuff in there has only been considered dangerous in the last 30 years or so
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15:48<Anonittst>I'm getting an error when generating maps 'There were no suitable places for 'Forest' industries'
15:49<Anonittst>My world generation is on the default settings, what's going on?
15:49<Eddi|zuHause>that's when you create arctic maps that have no mountains
15:49<Anonittst>Thanks that fixed it
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16:10<Eddi|zuHause>man, i seriously need to work on my reentry skills...
16:11<@Rubidium>just skim the atmosphere a few times to lose speed and to reduce the angle of attack
16:12<@Rubidium>as those Kerbins have basically unlimited air and food, right?
16:12<Eddi|zuHause>i'm on suborbital flights, and atm my approach is to have some kind of braking rocket
16:12<@Rubidium>heat shield does the trick if the remainder isn't too heavy
16:12<Eddi|zuHause>some google result suggested radiators
16:13<@Rubidium>i.e. basic command pod + science thingy is about as heavy as you should get it in the early stages
16:13<Eddi|zuHause>my problem is that it doesn't slow down enough to open the chutes
16:14<@Rubidium>hmm, suborbital... that doesn't have a huge speed to get rid of anyhow, so can't you just deploy the chutes at the highest point?
16:15<Eddi|zuHause>then they get ripped apart
16:15<Eddi|zuHause>upon hitting the atmosphere
16:15<@Rubidium>then I don't know... I never had any problems
16:15<Eddi|zuHause>well, the braking rocket somewhat works, but i have to fire it in the correct moment
16:16<@Rubidium>at 10 km height, change your direction to 45 degrees, then you get more orbital speed which means you have more time/distance to slow down in the atmosphere
16:21<@Rubidium>and possibly you could even get an orbit if you have enough fuel
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17:40<anonthfgh>I destroyed an airport to put in a bigger one and now all the passangers and mail aren't showing up, before there were hundreds now I'm lucky to be getting 6.
17:40<__ln__>life is not fair
17:42<anonthfgh>Where did the passengers go? DId they suddenly not want to fly anymore?
17:42<Wolf01>Santa didn't bring anything to me :(
17:44<Eddi|zuHause>anonthfgh: it might not have recognized the existing station sign (too far away), try rebuilding with ctrl+click, and select the correct station to attach to
17:44<Eddi|zuHause>(or it took you more than a month to build the new airport, then the old one disappeared)
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17:45<anonthfgh>I destroyed the airport first, then build the bigger one in the same location
17:45<Wolf01>in the latter it should produce even more than before because of the bigger catchement area and the good ratings you get for a new station
17:45<Wolf01>a screenshot might help
17:46<Wolf01>a save might help better
17:49<Wolf01>weird, it should work... also it's a small city for an airport... city ratings? maybe the local authority hates you
17:50<anonthfgh>City rating is very good, I've ran both a small and medium sized advertising campaign as well
17:50<anonthfgh>I built a larger airport because I had a dart that was complaining about a small runway
17:50<Wolf01>how many passengers does the town produce?
17:50<anonthfgh>Ah, medium campaign seems to have helped a little, now over 40 passengers and 5 bags of mail
17:51<anonthfgh>Max is 142 passengers
17:51<anonthfgh>Which is what I used to be getting
17:52<anonthfgh>Medium campaign has really helped it seems, over 75 passengers and 15 bags of mail
17:53<anonthfgh>Is it possible to extend a runway?
17:53<Wolf01>no, the only way is only decorative
17:53<Wolf01>so not working
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18:59<anonthfgh>How do you improve relations with a city?
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19:03<Supercheese>Plant trees
19:03<Supercheese>cities love trees
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19:30<anonthfgh>Anything I can do outside of trees?
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19:35<Supercheese>bribes work too
19:35<Supercheese>unless you get caught
19:35<Supercheese>but that's much more expensive than trees
19:35<Supercheese>in any event:
19:39<anonthfgh>Huh, only actions I have are advertising
19:40<Supercheese>bribes might be disabled in your game settings then
19:40<Supercheese>they are exceedingly expensive, and not an option for small companies
19:40<Supercheese>well, not a *viable* option
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20:25<Eddi|zuHause>anonthfgh: you probably should just land more frequently. check your ratings at the station
20:44<anonthfgh>Where can goods be shipped to? Just anywhere in a town?
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20:56<Eddi|zuHause>usually to the bigger office buildings in towns
20:57<Eddi|zuHause>if you have fewer than 3 or 4 of those near your station, it probably won't accept then
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21:03<drac_boy>sim-a12 if you see this...don't ask me what the heck it is
21:04<drac_boy>gear drive (literally) .. a slapped-on wood cab .. that cheap little water box on top .. etc ... heh :)
21:06<drac_boy>or how about and no you're not dreaming .. its a different boiler design where the boiler/firebox sorta does a U turn in the front section hence the smoke coming out of rear instead of front
21:06<drac_boy>but yeah that "cost nothing to build" water tank on the side is just making it ever more stranger once again heh :)
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21:26<drac_boy>anyway going sleep now
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22:27<Flygon><Konaro> Meanwhile at Moe Station
22:27<Flygon>Sleigh VLocity for 2CC Trainset plz
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