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05:44<Flygon> OTTD feature? :D
05:45<Flygon>Submergable rollingstock
05:45<Flygon>Though, erm
05:45<Flygon>You got a point
05:45*Flygon gives Wolf01 $5
05:46<Wolf01>a cookie should be enough
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05:46<Flygon>Then I'd have to explain how a Flygon can Bake
05:47<Flygon>And that just makes things even more awkward
05:47*Flygon gets Snail baked
05:48*Wolf01 is trying to figure out what a Flygon and a wolf can do with money
05:49<Wolf01>bah... bored
05:49<Flygon>Wolf01: Exchange it for goods and services
05:50<Flygon>Given the probable world where this is likely
05:50<Flygon>Probably a combination of the two
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05:52*Wolf01 is going to play with lego
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06:12<@peter1138>i got some "nanoblocks"
06:13<@peter1138>it's about half the size of lego
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06:35<Eddi|zuHause>hm... maybe i shouldn't try to fly half way around kerbin by plane...
06:39<Eddi|zuHause>... also, i can't switch to my mun flyby mission while flying a plane
06:40<Eddi|zuHause>last time i looked, mun entry was in 5h, and mun exit in 1d
06:41<Eddi|zuHause>still deciding whether i try to land
06:47<oskari89>@seen Zuu
06:47<@DorpsGek>oskari89: Zuu was last seen in #openttd 5 days, 15 hours, 30 minutes, and 30 seconds ago: <Zuu> __ln__: The state funded it with 90 M SEK less than the municipality asked for. The opposition with an anti-tram party in the lead has claimed that the desicion to build the tram line is not legas due to the missing 90 MSEK (~9 M Euro). But indeed a majority in the municipality has taken the descition to start (1 more message)
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07:33<frosch123>someone wants to translate to macedonian?
07:49<Flygon>There's something hypnotic about a train taking a cloverleaf
07:51<@peter1138>who even builds cloverleafs?
07:54<frosch123>those who also build roundabouts
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08:00<Eddi|zuHause>yay, mun touchdown!
08:00<Eddi|zuHause>luckily i don't need a return trip :p
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09:22<@planetmaker>hi and merry christmas
09:33<Wolf01>o/ to you too
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10:26<drac_boy>hi myhorta
10:32<drac_boy>how doing?
10:32<drac_boy>and good xmas? :)
10:35<Myhorta>I'm fine, and you?
10:35<drac_boy>doing ok so far
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10:38<drac_boy>just looking for any competitive options to a nice low-cost motherboard but so far it looks like theres noone else perhaps :P
10:38<drac_boy>otherwise not really doing much atm :)
10:45<@peter1138>gimp help!
10:46<@peter1138>somehow the layer opacity has ended up in the image data
10:47<@peter1138>so i can remove the alpha by setting opacity to 100% in the layer, as it already is now :S
10:49<@peter1138>threshold alpha let me fix it
10:49<@peter1138>stupid gimp!
10:50<drac_boy>I dunno much about gimp to be able to help, sorry :->
11:24<drac_boy>$128/ea and free shipping ... might start with ten heh
11:27<drac_boy>anyway sorry..going off to make some food now :)
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13:05<alluke>a motherfucking blizzard outside
13:05<alluke>visibility maybe 20m
13:37<V453000>solve it with a cloverleaf
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14:02<Keridos>Can I set FIRS industries to also grow when enough is transported?
14:11<alluke>dont they do that automatically
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15:35<Sylf>No, they don't, and no, you can't unless you re-code FIRS
15:38<Keridos>hm, is there an alternative to FIRS then?
15:38<Sylf>alternative in what way? what are you looking for?
15:39<Keridos>more complex industries
15:39<Keridos>I like the concept of FIRS
15:39<Keridos>just a config option to enable growth would be nice
15:39<Keridos>i see no point of doing big trains here on my map
15:39<Sylf>almost all alternative industry set depends on resources to grow primary industries
15:40<Sylf>you're using engineering supplies and farm supplies in your game?
15:40<Keridos>would be nice if they continued to grow when they got everything
15:40<Keridos>Sylf: Yeah but 500t a month is not that much tbh
15:41<Keridos>a single 7 block train can get about 600-700 tons of material
15:41<Sylf>ECS, YETI, PBI
15:41<Sylf>Manpower, Auz Industries
15:41<Keridos>Ok thanks a lot, gonna look into those :)
15:41<Sylf>or older version of FIRS
15:42<Sylf>like version 0.7
15:42<Sylf>have higher prod limit
15:42<Sylf>or use feeders
15:42<Sylf>build cluster of primary industries, with allowing multiple industries of same type per town
15:43<Keridos>Sylf, can I change that setting in a running game?
15:43<Sylf>or... I think yes
15:53<alluke>off to bar --->
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18:03<Keridos>is there a newgrf that adds more endgame trains?
18:03<Keridos>and maybe universal rails and maglev cargo train engines?
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18:30<Eddi|zuHause>did you try monolev replacement or vactrains?
18:30<Eddi|zuHause>also, NUTS.
18:31<Eddi|zuHause>NUTS supposedly goes well with PURR
18:31<Eddi|zuHause>but i have never used any of these sets
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19:20<Sylf>actually NUTS doesn't neet PURR - PURR is included
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21:08<drac_boy>anyone else expecting some snow soon finally? heh :)
21:12<Xal>gib snow to pacific northwest pls
21:14<drac_boy>heh :)
21:15<Xal>other than that cascade mountains look beautiful though
21:15<Xal>excellent powder
21:19<drac_boy>so what're you doing atm tho?
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21:49<Payl>So, I've been wondering why openttd isn't multithreaded... let me elaborate: I.e. why YAPF can't run in threads to calculate vehicle directions (shouldn't perform any writes except for where train wants to go)? I think most latter games suffer from lots of pathfinding on huge network, isn't that the case? So wouldn't multithreading YAPF be the way?
21:53<drac_boy>payl dunno about actual answer but even a single 200mhz slice still is enough to calculate several hundred vehicles per second which is rather a big number
21:54<Payl>drac_boy: well i have 2013 i5 2.5Ghz and a 2048x2048 map with ~700trains, cpu usage ~30% so it's since core fully used
21:54<Payl>and it sometimes lags when i unzoom
21:54<drac_boy>well theres two other things...the big map size to draw graphics for :)
21:55<Payl>10% cpu usage with plain 2048x2048 map, checked that already
21:57<Payl>so it's either because map changes in some way after 100+years of gameplay, or because of 700 trains, 100 ships and some 100 cars...
21:58<drac_boy>not too sure what to tell you other than me having a tiny cpu sorry :)
21:58<Payl>drac_boy: well do you run OpenTTD on 200mhz? I find it hard to believe it will run on sth like that
21:59<drac_boy>btw unrelated but just had to ask, what year you started on re 100+ years?
21:59<Payl>well i started at about... uh 1950?
22:00<drac_boy>ah ok :)
22:00<Payl>honestly i thought that OpenTTD had no CPU bounds but after running it on my VPS i now believe OpenTTD required fast cpu, especially if it isn't 256x256 <100 trains map
22:01<Payl>so unless you ran OpenTTD at 200mhz CPU, don't claim it :P
22:03<drac_boy>I've always been for 1920 .. and usually ends around uhh 1970-2050 depending but mm to our own preferences on that one
22:04<Xal>I think the real answer to why openttd isn't threaded is because it takes time and no one wants to redesign how the game loop works
22:04<Xal>as with all big features
22:04<Payl>Xal: well if YAPF just tells trains how to move, then it should be rather easy sub 100 lines code...
22:05<Payl>but instead of making it there are claims that multithreading isn't possible...
22:05<Xal>tbh I don't really know what I'm talking about but keeping everything thread safe is also difficult and time consuming
22:06<Xal>SOME form of multithreading will come eventually
22:06<Payl>Xal: thats why you only multithread things that take most of time...
22:06<Xal>90-10 rule of thumb: 90% of time is spent executing 10% of the code
22:07<Xal>not entirely accurate
22:07<Xal>but probably applies
22:07<Payl>so for YAPF that would be... well nothing except dividing vehs to threads and then waiting for threads to finish...
22:07<drac_boy>btw wish I could join more of this topic but going to bed atm sorry. you two have fun tho allright? (on a side note..other than robo's build being old now there also is the question of why ottd still can't even have working restrict signals either?)
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22:07<Payl>Xal: unless you profile OpenTTD, then every procedure has 3% of execution... weird symbols u give with ur game!
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