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05:36<argoneus>hey V453000
05:36<argoneus>you play aoe2 right
05:36<V453000>yes, occassionally
05:36<argoneus>do you do mp or campaign or whatever?
05:37<V453000>rarely campaign
05:37<V453000>mostly mp or skirmishSP
05:38<argoneus>civ of choice?
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05:38<argoneus>inb4 huns
05:39<V453000>I play random almost always
05:40<V453000>each has something
05:40<V453000>but playing vikings on a land map is kind of meh :)
05:40<V453000>I probably like mongols the most
05:40<V453000>turks probably the least
05:40<argoneus>dude turks are awesome
05:40<V453000>magyars are fucking sick
05:41<argoneus>gunpowder memes
05:41<argoneus>oh dlc
05:41<V453000>yeah, as long as you have gold
05:41<V453000>turks have terrible trash
05:41<argoneus>you can make regular hand cannons
05:42<argoneus>+ heavy camels
05:42<V453000>still costs gold
05:42<argoneus>good luck countering that
05:42<argoneus>just press villager
05:42<argoneus>rightclick gold
05:42<V453000>well, at one point gold runs out on the map
05:42<V453000>relatively quickly
05:42<argoneus>do you do team games?
05:42<V453000>sure, you have trade but even that is usually not enough
05:42<argoneus>or 1v1s
05:42<V453000>team games usually
05:42<argoneus>when you get your market
05:43<argoneus>you should start pumping those carts
05:43<argoneus>until you have like 40-50 of them
05:43<argoneus>now this is gold mining
05:43<V453000>yeah and die to first knight rush
05:43<argoneus>which maps do you play? arabia?
05:43<V453000>generally quite random, but yes arabia-ish
05:43<argoneus>you can generally wall off 3 sides of your base
05:43<argoneus>and force him to come from one
05:43<argoneus>where you have spearmen
05:43<argoneus>or something
05:44<V453000>yeah, which makes you get to castle later and not have stone for TCs
05:44<argoneus>you wall with your production buildings and houses
05:44<argoneus>not walls
05:44<argoneus>or you use palisades
05:44<V453000>of course you do
05:44<argoneus>stone is useful
05:44<argoneus>you can sell it or buy tcs
05:44<V453000>but on open maps it aint so easy
05:44<argoneus>in a team game
05:44<argoneus>one or two directions are generally your teammates
05:45<argoneus>and you can wall one or two relatively easily usually with houses/barracks/blacksmith/whatever
05:45<argoneus>and put your army in the last one
05:45<V453000>yeye sure
05:45<argoneus>I mean
05:45<argoneus>there's always a gap
05:45<argoneus>but you can at least try forcing him to move into your spearmen
05:45<argoneus>then again
05:45<argoneus>if he's not dumb he'll just run away from them and kill your villagers
05:46<V453000>I prefer to get my own knights or xbows instead of spearmen
05:46<argoneus>if you have a quick castle yourself
05:47<argoneus>I was assuming you're going more eco and are still feudal
05:47<V453000>yeah which only costs 650 stone you could invest into TCs and farms
05:47<argoneus>quick castle age*
05:47<V453000>assuming not going fast castle is kind of ... :) but yeah on arabia it is not always the best idea
05:47<argoneus>I generally go for archer rush
05:48<argoneus>to punish fast castling
05:48<V453000>hehe :)
05:48<argoneus>people don't really make skirmishers early on
05:48<argoneus>only the AI loves its skirmishers
05:48<argoneus>fuck skirmishers
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05:48<V453000>haha yes
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05:49<V453000>what elo do you have? might invite you for a game later
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05:53<argoneus>my elo is rather shit, I mostly play with friends
05:53<argoneus>I'm not that good at the game, mostly just read things
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05:53<argoneus>it's like 1620 after 4 games
05:54<argoneus>so if you do invite me don't expect me to carry :P
05:54<argoneus>my real elo is probably somewhere around 1600 too
05:57<V453000>well I also get my ass kicked in 1800+ games even though I have around 1750 but idk :) just having fun
05:58<argoneus>idk why but I hate 1v1s
05:58<argoneus>in every game pretty much
05:58<argoneus>too much pressure, one mistake and it's over
05:58<V453000>1v1s are awesome, but yeah, pressure, being serious, just not for me anymore
05:58<argoneus>I had enough of pressure and 1v1s in brood war
05:58<argoneus>and sc2
05:59<argoneus>I don't want to play aoe2 to watch my replays over and over again and figure out build orders
06:03<argoneus>also I like black forest scrubbing
06:03<argoneus>it eliminates any fear of a knight rush and I can just focus on my macro and then still end up with more units than the enemies
06:03<argoneus>because people around 1600 can't make villagers or I don't know
06:03<argoneus>or maybe it's people playing black forest aren't very good
06:04<argoneus>V453000: do you go for boar+deer, just boar or is it too much effort?
06:05<V453000>any food I can get, to get to castle asap :)
06:05<argoneus>I wish the game was more responsive
06:05<argoneus>the netcode isn't great
06:05<V453000>the delay is utter horseshit
06:05<argoneus>and the attackmove doesn't really work
06:05<argoneus>>attackmove my cavalry archers into enemy army
06:06<argoneus>>they volley the siege rams in front
06:06<argoneus>thanks i guess
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06:12<V453000>Well that is how the game is :) you can micro better :P also, longbows in BF games would be fuck OP without this shit with rams :)
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06:13<V453000>Same with plumed archers etc
06:15<V453000>Also the african kingdoms are nice
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06:44<argoneus>I only bought forgotten kingdoms
06:44<argoneus>realized people still play vanilla more in MP
06:44<argoneus>and haven't touched it since
06:44<argoneus>"vanilla" == "the conquerors"
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10:13<Wolf01>nice, i may go there in march
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10:26<@Alberth>15 sites that want to run scripts?
10:34<Wolf01>i enable scripts only for the main site
10:35<Wolf01>if the content still doesn't show up i close the page :P
10:36<Eddi|zuHause>i disabled all scripts...
10:37<Eddi|zuHause>also, i was just flying around, when i looked up and there was a solar eclipse...
10:38<argoneus>what are you guys working on?
10:39<Eddi|zuHause>making a mun base
10:40<Wolf01>every time i open my game it gives me headaches, and for the real work, i'm still waiting for the customer qhich "i'll give the pictures today's afternoon"... yesterday
10:41<Wolf01>also i bet i won't see the money for this work
10:50<argoneus>Wolf01: which game??
10:50<Wolf01>the game i'm developing
11:06<Wolf01> eh
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11:14<Eddi|zuHause>is that new for you?
11:14<Wolf01>no, i knew them all, but i never tried to put them together
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11:34<Eddi|zuHause>hm, turns out you can't run an atmosphere test while submerged in water...
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11:45<Mazur>Depends,when you're near the surface, and the sun is shining, it creates a rather nice atmosphere, I think.
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13:30<luizrpgamer>hi devs and all :)
13:31<luizrpgamer>sorry for the question that has nothing to do with OpenTTD, but anybody here want to continue to develop lincity-ng game?
13:33<luizrpgamer>or make a fork of lincity-ng game?
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13:33<frosch123>never played it specifically, but i think that genre does not have enough depth
13:35<@Alberth>it's a pretty slow game
13:45<@DorpsGek>Commit by translators :: r27491 trunk/src/lang/croatian.txt (2016-01-09 19:45:38 +0100 )
13:45<@DorpsGek>-Update from Eints:
13:45<@DorpsGek>croatian: 1 change by VoyagerOne
13:46<luizrpgamer>but it would be possible to continue to develop it leaving it less slow? for example, OpenTTD? the game for me was abandoned in development issue
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14:04<@Alberth>I believe that would make it a quite completely new game
14:05<@Alberth>you'd have to design what to do between the actions you do now
14:08<Wolf01>i still can't understand why do i need to explicit the constructor on a class which extends a base abstract class which already has a standard constructor
14:08<Wolf01>in c#
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14:14<Eddi|zuHause>KSP still crashy...
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14:26<frosch123>it's so weird to write a regression test, that starts a webapplication, then runs stuff that communicates via http with it, and then kills everything again
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14:29<Wolf01>are you testing the api of something?
14:29<frosch123>makefile -> start eints, wait 2 seconds, run tests, kill eints
14:33<m1cr0man>Hey lads
14:33<Wolf01>@work we had a discussion about the right way to test apis, it came out that you don't need to test the api directly, you only need to make sure the client is able to comunicate, but instead you should test the functions of the system with unit tests instead
14:33<m1cr0man>Have you considered trying to push openttd through steam greenlight?
14:34<frosch123>that idea was discarded 5 years ago
14:34<frosch123>Wolf01: yes, true in theory
14:34<frosch123>but i don't want to refactor eints completely :p
14:34<Wolf01>you don't need to refactor
14:34<Wolf01>at least not so much
14:35<Wolf01>ok, it depends on how it's really written
14:35<frosch123>i may have to write a complete mock for bottle and the http lib
14:36<Wolf01>no, just mock some standard responses
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14:38<Wolf01>you might spend a week writing unit tests, but at the end you are pretty sure that they tell you if the app is broken
14:41<Wolf01>also.. the proof i don't think enough before typing code: how i'm supposed to use a windows service which doesn't have an interface to manage the connected devices via companion app? a local companion app?
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14:59<V453000>wtf just spent 2.5h with just one aoe game
14:59<V453000>uninstalling immediately XD evening gone
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15:00<Wolf01>hah! n00b, i spent 6 hours on a stalled supreme commander game
15:01<Wolf01>then i decided to build a superweapon
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15:27<V453000>anybody with some audio knowledge? Trying to decide between Audioengine A2+ and bose companion 20
15:30<V453000>want them for office on the table, so size is kind of a thing, dont want sub for the same reason
15:31<frosch123>what? speakers for the office? do your roommates know about that? :p otherwise you should rather look for headphones
15:33<V453000>those I have, but I am often alone in the whole office
15:34<V453000>it is wtf hard to choose audio hardware based on internet reviews and stuff
15:34<V453000>one group of nerds like those, one group of nerds likes these. same as apple x android in phones, or whatever else
15:35<frosch123>hehe, with pc hardware i switched to buying professional hardware
15:35<V453000>how does one distinguish professional hardware?
15:35<frosch123>i was tired of every description saying "this is the best graphics card ever"
15:35<frosch123>but noone telling me whether it would drive two screens
15:36<frosch123>V453000: for pc there are usually complete separate series. but you notice them that they have a huge amount of numbers and facts and less bullshit talk
15:36<frosch123>as for graphics cards: number of screens supported, resolutions, number of shaders, number of triangles per second, ...
15:37<V453000>meh I just got gtx 980 Ti :P
15:37<m1cr0man>Theres is a method to the madness, at least on the nvidia side of things
15:37<m1cr0man>and there are general rules you can follow too
15:37<m1cr0man>sound is a different deal though
15:38<V453000>yeah sound is super subjective
15:39<m1cr0man>I pulled an old Soundblast Audigy DG2 out of a parts box I found, which was built pre-2003 afaik. It sounds great and I use it for gaming + music all the time. But I have turtle beach headphones, and I have to push them against my head to hear bass
15:39<m1cr0man>Also, its hard to tell what the soundblaster is doing until I use something else with the same headphones
15:43<frosch123>V453000: <- for the professional series you get a plain table, i have been unable to ever find something similar for geforce
15:44<V453000>well that is cute but for 3d graphics for me, quadro just does not cut it
15:44<V453000>the sheer amount of cuda cores for the geforce just beats quadro to death
15:44<V453000>esp when considering the price
15:45<V453000>wtf do you use a quadro for anyway? XD
15:46<frosch123>i just wanted in 2010 a card that drives two screens, and it was the only one that stated that non-ambiguous :p
15:46<frosch123>as said, i only switched to the professional series, because it was impossible to know what the regular one did
15:47<V453000>I see now :)
15:47<frosch123>how many screens does your 980 ti support?
15:48<V453000>I think 3
15:48<Wolf01>my gtx780 supports 3 screens iirc
15:48<frosch123> <- i only get that long text of blabla
15:48<frosch123>and that's when multiple screens are way more common than in 2010
15:49<V453000>lol Limit 3 per household
15:51<V453000>k up to 4 screens
15:52<V453000>pretty sure I got this one
15:52<V453000>I use 2 screens only anyway, and not thinking about adding a third ... but blender is enjoying this shit. :)
15:54<V453000>I havent been able to get gpu rendering to work with 3ds max properly yet
15:54<V453000>which is also kind of a shame ..
15:58<V453000>I think I will go with bose
15:58<V453000>either solution is probably good
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16:34<Eddi|zuHause>"Sony wants to register the trademark 'let's play'"
16:34<Eddi|zuHause>how can that even be legal?
16:36<frosch123>the movie "pixels" did not become famous because of the movie
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16:46<@planetmaker>does "prior art" apply also to trademarks or is registering it possible when it's already used, and can be means to piss-off people?
16:47<Eddi|zuHause>i know practically nothing about american trade mark law, and very little about the german one
16:47<Eddi|zuHause>but trademarks are usually void if the term is "generic"
16:48<frosch123>Eddi|zuHause: maybe you should trademark "trademark" including "®"
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16:49<Eddi|zuHause>but the problem with that is that you usually have to go through expensive court battles to get that official.
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