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04:36<AdmiralKewl>Should I have merged the bus stop and the dock?
04:39<@Alberth>looks like it
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04:39<@Alberth>passengers are extremely lazy, they don't walk :p
04:40<AdmiralKewl>Passengers that are meant for the dock go onto the bus stop instead though
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04:44<AdmiralKewl>I also really wish you could specify a minimum/maximum load for vehicles at a certain station
04:46<AdmiralKewl>Say: Train 1 has to be at least 50% full before it can leave the station
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04:56<AdmiralKewl>Is DBSet XL here compatible with oTTD?
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05:00<peter1138>does the download page mention openttd?
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05:05<AdmiralKewl>Apparently not
05:05<AdmiralKewl>Hi Wolf
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05:07<peter1138>are you sure?
05:14<Wolf01>he's right, it doesn't, it says OpenTTD not oTTD ;)
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05:24<Wolf01>uhm, it seem that 2 trains shared the same space in Germany
05:24<M-E>Oh dear. did they do so violently?
05:29<Wolf01>as always, newspapers don't agree... 40 injuried + 8 dead, 100 injuried + 2 dead
05:31<@Alberth>time of going to print differs :)
05:40<Clockworker__>sounds awful
05:40<Clockworker__>oh jesus
05:41<Clockworker__>it's on CNNs frontpage even
05:46<V453000>sup yo
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07:05<Wolf01>I'll drive in the middle of the road :P
07:07<Wolf01>also, I use the central line to keep the road with the fog, as usually the lateral lines are covered with leaves and dirt here... so with no central line I'll align with a tree for sure
07:09<@Alberth>no discussions about white versus yellow lines?
07:11<argoneus>white master race
07:13<@Alberth>please leave your racism at home
07:13<argoneus>im not even racist :(
07:14<Flygon>Flygon Master Race
07:14<Flygon>We sexy, we curvy, we fly :3
07:14<Flygon>Sexy only applies if the other people looking are also Flygons
07:17<Wolf01>Glalie, I chose you!
07:18<Wolf01>Glalie uses blizzard, Flygon is fucked
07:18<Flygon>That's what she said :#
07:32<AdmiralKewl>Is there a mod to increase just the size of the text?
07:32<AdmiralKewl>my eyes are bad, and the 2x UI size in the option makes everything too big
07:41<V453000>nice, managing to get accused of racism argoneus :P
07:43<argoneus>V453000: it keeps happening
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07:50<V453000>the "civilized world" is making me sad
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07:52<Flygon>The world is racist against me, clearly
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08:01<AdmiralKew_>Well, Formula One is way better then NASCAR #race_discrimination
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08:04<V453000>you step on the gas in both? :P
08:06<argoneus>Flygon I think your people are not sexy at all
08:06<Flygon>You hate Australians? D:
08:06<V453000>I learned to ignore most things Flygon says
08:07<Flygon>He's still bitter over the non-weaving cloverleaf
08:07<V453000>that is the last thing tbh
08:08<Flygon>If I've genuinely upset you, I'm willing to correct myself
08:08<argoneus>did you steal his four leaf clover
08:08<argoneus>or what
08:08<V453000>no, not at all, nothing personal
08:08<V453000>vast majority of the stuff you say makes no sense to me, just that
08:09<Flygon>If I ever do upset you
08:10<Flygon>Please make it obvious >_<
08:10<Flygon>I have very poor perception of other's feelings
08:10<V453000>upsetting me is considerably hard
08:12<Flygon>Yes, but I tend to be blind to even considerably
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11:04*andythenorth needs to start a new Lego forum
11:04<Wolf01>ok, you have my attention now
11:04<andythenorth>just annoyed with EB posters
11:04<andythenorth>they are silly bunnies
11:05<Wolf01>the story "lego will sue you"?
11:05<andythenorth>didn’t even see that :)
11:05<Wolf01>the porsche thread, about the mocs of the various parts
11:07<andythenorth>I have up reading before that
11:07<andythenorth>“omg, I can’t believe we have to wait until August for these"
11:07<andythenorth>“Yes, I know. That’s nearly half a year!”
11:07<andythenorth>I wonder if they have to use the picture guides to tell a 13 stud beam from a 15 stud beam
11:08<andythenorth>or if they can count
11:08<andythenorth>also the guy who’s life just won’t be complete until there’s a 1H/2H flagship wheel excavator
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11:16<Wolf01>btw, what set should I purchase with a 35% discount?
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11:18<Eddi|zuHause>why does the price even matter? either you're poor enough so you shouldn't buy any at all, or you're rich enough that you can buy all of them... there's nothing inbetween anymore
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11:20<Dumarest>And anything you buy you'll see for half what you paid the next day.
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11:31<andythenorth>Wolf01: what’s left? You have everything good, no?
11:31<Wolf01>that's the matter
11:32<Wolf01>I must pick a duplicate... If only the summer sets were spring sets :P
11:32<Wolf01>maybe I'll buy another mercedes arocs
11:34<andythenorth>buy the arocs
11:34<andythenorth>build the tractor unit
11:34<andythenorth>put the rest in the parts bin
11:34<andythenorth>new pumps, some spare tyres
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11:46<Wolf01>I have... 12? spare tyres (the 42009 crane)
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11:50<andythenorth>Wolf01: in that case
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11:51<V453000>oh RV porn
11:53<andythenorth>12 axle actros?
11:53<V453000>I thought 1 axle = set of 2 wheels?
11:54<andythenorth>you’re right
11:54<andythenorth>6 axles actros
11:55<andythenorth>tbh, big technic models are boring to build
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13:04<andythenorth>so why don’t most of you compile OpenTTD in a VM?
13:04*andythenorth is curious
13:04<andythenorth>in fact, why would you ever compile anything on your host OS?
13:04<andythenorth>(from 3rd parties)
13:05<Mazur>Who's compiling?
13:05<Mazur>oh, different conversation.
13:05<Mazur>Never mind.
13:07<Milek7>andythenorth: security paranoia?
13:08<Mazur>Would that not be called insecurity paranoia?
13:12<andythenorth>I can trivially grab the contents of your .ssh and send them to a remote url
13:13<andythenorth>is that good?
13:14<andythenorth>depends who you are, but if you ever compile my newgrfs…
13:15<andythenorth>it’s also probably quite easy to get escalated privileges on devzone, by social engineering it if nothing else
13:16<Milek7>it is based on trusting other people
13:17<Milek7>but ok, if i would ever need to compile your newgrf i will do it from separate user ;P
13:17<andythenorth>it doesn’t require evil, only a lack of competence
13:17<andythenorth>and the more I read, the more I am convinced that lack of competence is widely distributed
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13:33*Mazur is not distributing, he is keeping his incompetence all to himself.
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13:49<AdmiralKew>okay lol
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14:07<_johannes>currently, is there only the cargo possible described in cargo_type.h ?
14:08<_johannes>are there no extensions for other cargo types?
14:08<_johannes>(this file describes only temperate, arctic, tropic and toyland)
14:09<@Alberth>it lists the default cargoes
14:10<@Alberth>newgrfs can also define cargoes
14:10<@Alberth>not sure what "type" means here
14:11<_johannes>ah, FOR_ALL_CARGOSPECS seems to list all type of cargo
14:12<@Alberth>with some isvalid check
14:14<_johannes>ah, many thanks.
14:18<@Alberth>cargo chain window should pull cargoes from the high hat too, maybe you want to check how that works
14:36<frosch123>andythenorth: <- that seems to restore savegame compatibility
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14:37<_johannes>Alberth: do you know how the cargo chain window is named?
14:38<@Alberth>CargoChain something?
14:39<andythenorth>frosch123: nicely done thanks
14:39<_johannes>no, grep -i did not find "cargo.*chain"
14:39*andythenorth didn’t test, getting children to sleep
14:40<@Alberth>IndustryCargoesWindow : public Window industry_gui.cpp 2045
14:40<@Alberth>_johannes: ^
14:41<_johannes>Alberth: oh, I though it would be in the widgets directory
14:41<@Alberth>widgets only contains widgets (ie the small elements at a window)
14:42<@Alberth>*_gui files contain the GUI windows
14:42<@Alberth>*_cmd files the commands
14:43<_johannes>ah, ok
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14:48<_johannes>this is really too complicated :/
14:48<@Alberth>hmm, widgets is just widget numbers :p
14:48<_johannes>I mean, these cargo strings
14:49<_johannes>I just wanted to get a map of (cargo id, cargo name) of the current game
14:49<@Alberth>the price for having 42 different translations :)
14:49<_johannes> GetString(suffix, GetGRFStringID(indspec->grf_prop.grffile->grfid, 0xD000 + callback), suffix_last);
14:49<_johannes>Not sure if that does it
14:50<_johannes>I was hoping for something like SetDParam(0, carg->Index()); GetString(buf, STR_CARGO_PLURAL, lastof(buf)); but STR_CARGO_PLURAL does not exist
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14:52<_johannes>can someone please hel me how to get this map?
14:52<frosch123>use STR_JUST_CARGO_LIST
14:52<frosch123>with SetDParam(0, 1 << cargoid)
14:54<_johannes>frosch123: how did you know?
14:54<frosch123>i had wrote a gamescript some years ago
14:54<frosch123>which needed the same
14:55<frosch123>anyway, the approach is: check the string codes, figure out which you need, then check whether there is already a matching string
14:55<andythenorth>done a bit more on this
14:55<_johannes>but the "1 <<" ... :D
14:56<frosch123>cargos do not just have names, they have singular and plural forms for specific amounts, and other forms for arbitrary amounds
14:56<andythenorth>now I just need a big run of pipes in the air
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15:01<@Alberth>_johannes: the parameters is a 32bitset which cargos to print in the list
15:01<@Alberth>ie find a spot where that string is used :)
15:05<@Alberth>things are designed from required use rather than from the concept itself
15:06<@Alberth>also, it's assembly, converted to C, converted to C++ -ish
15:06<@Alberth>still lots of C-isms
15:06<@Alberth>but good performance :)
15:07<_johannes>lol what?
15:07<_johannes>this was originally assembler code?
15:08<frosch123>not all of if
15:08<_johannes>you're kidding now :P
15:08<frosch123>about 30%
15:08<_johannes>the one from tt deluxe?
15:10<@Alberth>btw "assembly" is the language, "assembler" is the program that converts such files to machine language
15:13<_johannes>was the reverse-engineering and using the resulting C code legalised?
15:16<_johannes>I mean if you'd do this with the windows binaries, you'd probably get into prison...
15:18<frosch123>the ownership is unknown, and there is not sufficient financial interest to figure it out
15:18<frosch123>search the forums if you want to know more
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15:35<andythenorth>can a mod stop this guy derailing GarryG’s thread? :)
15:35<@Alberth>andythenorth: use the "!" button
15:35<andythenorth>oh that’s what that means :)
15:35*andythenorth tries it
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16:36<Quatroking>is it possible to group multiple vehicles at once
16:37-!-Clockworker_ [] has joined #openttd
16:37<andythenorth>hold ctrl while dragging
16:37<andythenorth>winning feature, only just found it myself :)
16:38<andythenorth>ctrl-drag will also make a new group if needed
16:40<Quatroking>holy hell
16:40<Quatroking>this is going to save me so much time
16:41<FLHerne>Quatroking: Alternatively, 'add shared vehicles' in an existig group
16:41<FLHerne>Is handy if you've created more vehicles since you grouped them initially
16:42<Quatroking>Thanks again, haven't seen that option before
16:42<andythenorth>V453000: criticisms? ^
16:42<andythenorth>not done yet
16:42<andythenorth>but eh
16:43<Quatroking>Is it normal for a city of 2564 citizens to have 3800 passengers waiting at their busstops
16:43<andythenorth>if you have cdist on yes
16:43<Eddi|zuHause>even without cdist
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16:46<Quatroking>here's another question: can I change the wait time on multiple stops of one vehicle
16:46<Quatroking>for example, set all stops to a 4 day wait
16:54<FLHerne>Quatroking: Treat populations as being measured in the hundreds or something - like everything else in OTTD, the sizes of different things are ridiculous when you compare them...
16:55*andythenorth must to bed
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16:56<FLHerne>An articulated bus is longer than an office building, and the train you're taking them to might carry more people than the entire city. So why shouldn't they wait? :P
16:56<Quatroking>good point lol
16:57<Quatroking>Going from city A to B takes a good 20 days, building statues of yourself, etc.
16:58<Quatroking>I don't think there are any cities with statues of transportation CEO's
16:58<Quatroking>other than pyongyang
17:02<Eddi|zuHause>if it were up to me, statues would be replaced by local travel office or something like that
17:03<Quatroking>Do statues add anything other than vanity?
17:03<Eddi|zuHause>increase all station ratings by 10%
17:04<Eddi|zuHause>(around this town)
17:04<Quatroking>oh neat
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17:05<Eddi|zuHause>also, you can't decide where to put them and they can't be moved or removed later on, royally screwing with your restructuring and expanding plans
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22:31<supermop>Eddi|zuHause: i also would rather they be offices
22:44<AdmiralKew>I just stamp out competition whenever it arises
22:45<AdmiralKew>"Oh, new company? Sure, let me buy exclusive transportation rights to your starting town/s, fund massive roadworks, put up cities of myself, and herd all your vehicles into a space where they can do nothing"
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