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02:25<andythenorth>lo Alberth
02:32<_johannes>I have a train that shall reach a station using yapf, and it needs to turn around in a station to reach it
02:32<_johannes>the result: YAPF says it can not find the path :(
02:34<andythenorth>“Iron Llama (Inspired by Argentina, Peru and Chile)”
02:34<andythenorth>“Iron Llama (trains in the style of Argentina, Peru and Chile)”
02:35<andythenorth>“Iron Llama (trains for the sub-tropic climate)”
02:35<andythenorth>“Iron Llama”
02:35<andythenorth>(this is in the parameter dropdown option for each roster)
02:35<@Alberth>I wouldn't name real countries
02:36<andythenorth>I am thinking that
02:36<andythenorth>not very TTD
02:36<andythenorth>I’ll name them in the docs, for people who dig that far
02:36<@Alberth>You didn't add X1245 train
02:38<@Alberth>_johannes: isn't a search done twice, once without and once with reverse ? I don't know much of that code, but I think I saw that somewhere
02:42<_johannes>Alberth: good point, though I thought YAPF could do it natively...
02:44<@Alberth>it does sounds somewhat expensive, running mostly the same search twice. Not sure if there are A* versions that can handle such cases
02:44<_johannes>though an A* maybe just can not turn around...
02:44<@Alberth>in general, a train is moving, where turn-around doesn't make sense :)
02:45<@Alberth>so maybe it's too edge-case to bother about
02:46<_johannes>yes, I see the point...
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02:47<andythenorth>“Iron Llama (mostly narrow-gauge trains)”
02:48<@Alberth>it uses 2 rail types?
02:48<andythenorth>4 to be strictly accurate :)
02:48<@Alberth>ok, more than 1 :)
02:48<andythenorth>also depends on which railtype grf you have :P
02:49<@Alberth>would be fine, imho
02:49<andythenorth>“Iron Llama: mostly narrow gauge trains (sub-tropic climate recommended)”
02:50<@Alberth>bit long-ish eh? maybe add the latter in the description of the option?
02:51<@Alberth>I'd put the climate in the header, and the track type in the description, but that's just what you think is more important
02:51<andythenorth>I was thinking of putting a short guide to the rosters in the description
02:52<andythenorth>otherwise they’re just silly names, how does the player know what to expect?
02:52<@Alberth>fair enough
02:52<@Alberth>text will probably still fit, option window is quite wide
02:54<andythenorth>Iron Llamaa. Narrow gauge: from 1860. Standard Gauge: from 1950. Metro: from 1968.
02:54<andythenorth>start dates seem to be most important fact when choosing?
02:58<@Alberth>I prefer to know from when til when a train set provides trains, yes :)
02:58<@Alberth>track types are probably nice for the rail enthousiasts
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03:01<andythenorth>better to just show first intro date?
03:01<andythenorth>"Iron Llama: sub-tropic trains for 1860-1990”
03:08<andythenorth>“Iron Antelope: sub-tropic trains for 1860-1995”
03:08<andythenorth>might be low on information content :P
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03:10<andythenorth>the choice of climate is really up to the player? Or a guide is nice?
03:10*andythenorth wonders if there is a better way than parameter dropdowns o_O
03:14<andythenorth>different widgets?
03:14<andythenorth>similar to station UI I guess
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03:16<_johannes>strange, there seems to be no station turnaroun penalty?
03:17<_johannes>also, where can I set penalties in the options? is there any ingame menu?
03:17<_johannes>for the pathfinder options, I see only ~ 5
03:24<_johannes>I see only 3 options for any pathfinders: allow turnaround at stations, allow turnaround at signals, allow 90 degrees turns... does anyone have more options?
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03:29<V453000>_johannes: cfg :)
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03:33<andythenorth>lo V453000
03:34<_johannes>V453000: you mean editing the config file? hmmm...
03:35<V453000>to both. :>
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03:37<andythenorth>V453000 getting sleep?
03:37<V453000>somewhat yes
03:37<V453000>was celebrating on friday though, so brain is just getting back to operation
03:38<andythenorth>I have been waiting for 6 years for operating brain
03:38<@Alberth>andy: not sure how years are interesting after you loaded and enabled the newgrf, I mean, you'd already know what to expect, right? (hmm, ,maybe not everybody reads the blurbs :) )
03:39<V453000>my approach is to have 1 vehicle which is available since insanely early
03:39<V453000>like 1600
03:39<V453000>because why not
03:40<V453000>and the last generation of vehicles never expires
03:40<andythenorth>not everyone reads the blurbs :)
03:40<V453000>that way you have 1600-infinitum functionality
03:40*andythenorth must play mario for 1 hour now
03:40<andythenorth>family rules
03:40<V453000>and just write in the description new trains 1900-2100
03:40<@Alberth>as for climate, a guide is nice, but not sure whether to enforce it, most people are very much stuck in the temperate climate :)
03:42<V453000>the 1600ish date I have determined is by the maximum value for expire date
03:42<V453000>ie, I want teh vehicle to expire in 1920 after some new vehicles are around
03:42<V453000>1920 -256 or something
03:42<V453000>ofc 1800 is probably enuf XD
03:42<@Alberth>makes sense
03:42<@Alberth>add the same vehicle multiple times :p
03:43<V453000>placeholders :P
03:43<@Alberth>starting early has the nice advantage that you never end up in the mono rail and maglev eras
03:44<@Alberth>even electric becomes uncommon, for me :)
03:48<Ketsuban>I doubt a TT made today would bother with different climate maps - they'd just have desert and snowy mountain as parts of the map in general. There's really not enough content in terms of trains and industries to justify them being totally different map types.
03:51<V453000>well yes rails have their kind of magic, monorail and maglev not so much
03:52<V453000>Ketsuban: if a TT was made today, the engine would probably allow for bigger differences between the climates functionaly :P
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03:57<Ketsuban>I dunno what meaningful differences you could really add.
03:57<@Alberth>mobile TT 2013 isn't that big is it?
03:58<V453000>mobile TT is a joke isn't it :P
03:58<@Alberth>to CS it isn't, I think :)
03:58<V453000>idk, freezing rails, stuff :)
03:58<@Alberth>but maybe it's too much stuck into remaking the old game
03:59<@Alberth>or limited by available graphics
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04:56<_johannes>somehow, I think turnaround behaviour in openttd is improvable
04:57<_johannes>the best would be that if a train must turn, then the locomotives move away from the waggons and find a path to the other side
04:57<_johannes>(unless you have trains on both ends)
04:58<_johannes>but even if you have trains on both ends, openttd animates that the waggon order is reversed... imo it would look nice if the waggon order was not reversed in that case
04:58<_johannes>so, a train with locomotive+passenger+mail+locomotive should return as locomotive+mail+passenger+locomotive
05:02<andythenorth>it is big
05:04<andythenorth>does it dig?
05:04<Wolf01> here's the topic
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05:09<andythenorth>so just “Iron Llama”
05:09<andythenorth>no further description in parameter dropdown?
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05:13<andythenorth>tbh, probably most people are never going to see these words
05:13<andythenorth>who clicks ‘set parameters’?
05:14<Wolf01>what are you talking about, does ottd have that feature? :D :D
05:25<Flygon>Oh man
05:25<Flygon>Shunting locos, esp steam locos
05:26<Flygon>With that sort of direction swapping
05:26<Flygon>Would be an incredible pain :D
05:26<Wolf01>I tried shunting, it's boring :P
05:26<Flygon>Esp for bigger terminuses
05:26<Flygon>Either you need to route the loco in such a way that it never terminates somewhere with multiple platforms
05:27<Flygon>Or have incredibly huge shunting yards, due to how OTTD logistics work
05:29<Wolf01>because normal shunting yards aren't huge?
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05:38<Wolf01>also you might need to build wyes or balloon loops almost everywhere, according to your play style
05:42<Flygon>Wolf01: It's more the congestion related problems, esp. trying to build a traditional-like setup
05:42<Flygon>And the additional problems with Tender vs Tank locos
05:42<Flygon>And, MOST importantly
05:42<Flygon>The inability to build points and signallings INSIDE railway platforms with the OTTD engine
05:43<Flygon>Which means the only real alternatives for anything remotely realistic is reversing the entire train out into a congested set of points into a triangle or balloon loop
05:44<Flygon>Which, predictably
05:44<Flygon>Adds even MORE congestion
05:44<Flygon>I might be the idiot that invented the non-weaving cloverleaf
05:44<Flygon>But I still know some basics
05:45<Wolf01>since I started to play trainz I feel that the TT concept of stations is really limited, or you really have to build weird non-uniform super stations with switches, signals and waypoints in the middle
05:45<Wolf01>but I don't know if ottd can handle that
05:47<Flygon>It can
05:47<Flygon>With incredible abuse of waypoints
05:47<Flygon>But it's a pure raw pain to program the points and trains
05:48<Wolf01>I would try to build a simple timesaver and simulate some shunting
05:48*andythenorth would do that with actual model trains :P
05:49<andythenorth>maybe I should do that now :P
05:51<Wolf01>I have a diorama, I don't remember the exact scale (TT or HO) and it's really cool, too bad I don't have any space to build it
05:58<Flygon>There are a lot of minor ways, on the surface, that OTTDs track management can be improved
05:58<Flygon>ie. subterranian and viaduct-like functions like Cities: Skylines has
05:58<Flygon>But the reality of nightmare coding is maksed
05:59<Flygon> masked, rather
06:01<andythenorth>it’s not coding
06:01<andythenorth>it’s game design
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06:16<Flygon>Oh O_o
06:16<Flygon>I just assumed it was a huge pita to program the pathfinder and other game mechanics to work with a fully functional Z axis
06:16<Wolf01>ok, found the boxes, it's TT scale but I can't find it on google in any way
06:16<Flygon>Instead of abusing the eff out of wormholes
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06:26<@Alberth>if you want realistic train movements, build a train simulator
06:33<^Spike^>Alberth quick question about eints: how will it survive a restart of pgsql? :)
06:33<^Spike^>need to do some updates :)
06:33<@Alberth>no idea, tbh
06:34<^Spike^>ok will bug frosch when he's around :)
06:34<Flygon>Alberth: Shunting is more of a 'cool feature' thing
06:34<^Spike^>prob also need the eints container to be updated aswell
06:34<Flygon>But rails in a fully 3D space would be amazing for network flexibility
06:35<@Alberth>a dev spends a few years building shunting, everybody tries it for 5 minutes and then turns it off, yay
06:35<Flygon>Yeah, pretty much
06:37<@Alberth>pretty expensive 5 minutes
06:37<Flygon>Not sure why I'm being grilled
06:37<andythenorth>right place, right time
06:37<Wolf01>-> [11:26:29] <Wolf01> I tried shunting, it's boring :P
06:38<Flygon>I'm... not sure I understand
06:40<Wolf01>uh, nice, did you try SCARM? looks really good for building model layouts
06:40<V453000>I believe that the systematic way of how tracks are laid on a grid is one of the big reasons why TT/TTD/OpenTTD are so popular in compare to other transport/simulation/train games
06:40<@Alberth>sorry, just got too tired of hearing this realism shit
06:41<V453000>it has limitations? Yes, but they are also benefits
06:41<V453000>+1 Alberth
06:43*andythenorth makes some realisms trains
06:45<Wolf01>but a few more features won't be so bad, specially the one to enable train to travel on reverse
06:47<@Alberth>to make cargo arrive in the proper order at the destination or so?
06:47<V453000>you have the reverse train button?
06:47<V453000>also, I believe newgrfs can kind of define flipped sprites when reversing, like UKRS
06:48<V453000>which I believe is utter horseshit and looks likea huge bug instead of a feature, but to each their own
06:48<Wolf01>it switches the train and the position of all the cars
06:48<V453000>yes huge problem
06:48<Wolf01>I would like to have the engine in the same position as before
06:49<Wolf01>and maybe grfs could limit the reverse speed or disable the reverse travel completely if you don't have a caboose or a driving car at the other end
06:49<Wolf01>(no limitation on base game)
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06:49<V453000>I leave as well
06:49<Wolf01>he died
06:49*andythenorth needs a naming convention
06:49<V453000>sorry, pointless
06:52<andythenorth>savanna or savannah?
06:52<andythenorth>nice, I will use that for something
06:52<andythenorth>but not this train
06:53<andythenorth>Iron Horse trains are named: for designer; for place built; by real life nickname; by made up stuff
06:54<Wolf01> finally uploaded the box picture of my diorama
06:54<Flygon>Scuse the delay
06:54<V453000>I name trains by song names
06:54<andythenorth>that also
06:54<V453000>rather random, relatively unique, sometimes even fitting
06:54<Flygon>V453000: I was suggesting being able to lay in a 3D grid fully. Not actually ditching the grid
06:55<Flygon>ie. instead of having a 2D playspace with bridges and tunnels
06:55<V453000>sure Flygon just go code such a game and fuck off with it already :)
06:55<Wolf01>Flygon, like locomotion?
06:55<Flygon>You can actually lay tracks below tracks :B
06:55<Flygon>Like I said way earlier, I never said anyone's got the hutzpah to go ahead with such a large task xP
06:55<Flygon>Wolf01: pmuch
06:57*andythenorth would suggest using the same time to make nml go 10% faster :P
06:57<V453000>I guess I can't make webchat ignore certain users?
06:57<andythenorth>bit harsh
06:57<andythenorth>everyone is grumpy today?
06:58<V453000>just honest question about functionality of a software :P
06:59<Wolf01>I think so, maybe they didn't eat... I didn't too but I'm just talking and not ragequitting for being ignored or if somebody attacks me
07:01<andythenorth>all my trains will now be called ‘Mu mu'
07:01<andythenorth>after the KLF
07:03<Wolf01>meh, 67MB to download at 7KBps
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07:08<Wolf01>funny... I'm more stupid of what I thought
07:10<Wolf01>AH! weird bug in 1.5.3
07:10<Wolf01>all the scenarios listed twice
07:11<Wolf01>andy, I can't even listen to that music, sorry :P
07:12<andythenorth>it’s ok
07:12<andythenorth>I’ll listen for you
07:12<andythenorth>all day long ;)
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07:21<Wolf01>can trains reverse at waypoints?
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07:33<andythenorth>can anyone here decode NARS 2 with grfcodec?
07:33<andythenorth>"Cannot write to sprites/silence.wav: No such file or directory”
07:34<andythenorth>worked on second attempt
07:40<Wolf01>andy, do you know a grf with buffer stops as objects instead of stations?
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07:45<andythenorth>no :)
07:45<Wolf01>make one?
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07:48<argoneus>good morning train friends
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08:28<Wolf01>mmmh, it seems I'm not able to convert track types anymore... I'm using NuTracks 2 and Useless Tracks
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08:38<_dp_>ha, looks like I wasn't the first one to come up with separating economy settings:
08:41<_dp_>btw, is it currently possible to define production callbacks in newgrf without defining industries?
08:43<frosch123>you can define new industries which look the same as the original ones
08:43<frosch123>for example "manual industries" does that
08:45<_dp_>can you do that for industries defined in other newgrfs?
08:46<frosch123>then you need to fork the newgrf
08:46<frosch123>like firs -> manpower industries for example
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08:47<frosch123>but firs already has no randomness :op
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08:49<_dp_>yeah, and eventually you'll end up with mega-grf that does everything just to configure server :p
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08:57<Wolf01>mmmh I think something fucked up upgrading newgrfs, nutracks2 doesn't seem to work well
08:57<FLHerne>drac_boy: Afternoon
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08:58<drac_boy>wolf01 not to sound silly but think its actually the track grf itself or actually just another grf thats causing it to act weird?
08:58<drac_boy>morning flherne ;)
08:59<_dp_>how smooth economy was introduced, is there some discussion left from that time?
08:59<Wolf01>no, I think it messed up the parameters
08:59<Wolf01>I think it should be avoided to upgrade from 1.x to 2.x specially if the parameters were changed
08:59<FLHerne>Wolf01: Um, you upgraded from Nutracks v1 to v2 in a running game?
08:59<_dp_>it's nice we have it, but it complicates things so much now :(
08:59<Wolf01>I upgraded the grfs and made a new game
08:59<drac_boy>ah ok, didn't know much about nutrack so wasn't sure what to really say
09:00<FLHerne>Ah, good, that would _definitely_ have beena bad idea
09:02<Wolf01>eh, it messed up with parameters really bad
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09:05<drac_boy>I've only used the cz rails for quite a long time atm
09:07<frosch123>_dp_: it orginates from before there was newgrf support
09:08<frosch123>it would not have been added, if there was newgrf support
09:09<frosch123>since it just does not make sense to add something as disputeable to the game
09:09<frosch123>addons are way better for people with different opinions and interests
09:10<drac_boy>I think I recall I first loved it because it could have or not have the goddamn useless rail fences showing anytime I wanted to at whim :)
09:11<drac_boy>but as its been quite a while I guess the parameter probably is also now popular in other grfs too?
09:11<frosch123>_dp_: added in openttd 0.3.3
09:11<frosch123>2004-07-14, four months after the initial release
09:11<frosch123>newgrf stuff was added in 2008
09:12<Wolf01>I think I'll start to do grfs, no sets, every little thing has its own grf one engine per grf
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09:13<Wolf01>also no graphics, only boxes of different colour
09:13<frosch123>too bad, the boxes in cets only have one colour
09:14<drac_boy>wolf01 have fun trying to organize 200+ grfs in one single grf manager window then? :)
09:14<frosch123>Wolf01: <- but we have that
09:14<Wolf01>yes, something like that
09:15<_dp_>I hate how this game is completely broken without newgrfs
09:15<drac_boy>what you mean dp?
09:15<_dp_>I get why it was so in original ttd, it's a sp game and they needed some twist to it
09:15<frosch123>drac_boy: dp is one of those who think there is only one way to play the game. he hates everything that is not like he wants it to be, and he is annoyed that he has to use addons to make stuff like he wants them to
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09:16<Wolf01>but I'll think I'll do then in 2CC, I should be able to draw stripes on boxes
09:16<_dp_>drac_boy, lots of bs mechanics, crazy imbalanced economy, blocking stuff like authority and so it
09:16<_dp_>with no freaking way to turn them off
09:17<drac_boy>dp you've got a lot of things wrong
09:17<Wolf01>that's how the game was meant
09:17<drac_boy>the mayor never blocks you unless you're being a stupid twat with landscape :)
09:17<drac_boy>and as for imbalanced...maybe you should play with original-capacity wagons and you'll see that the big coal mine suddenly doesn't seem so big either?
09:17<frosch123>and even then, it is very easy to calm then down
09:17<frosch123>only noobs fail with town authorities
09:18<drac_boy>frosch heh, the only time I have problem is when its unusually heavily treed around the town and I need to level things a bit to be able to finally place the station platform itself :)
09:18<_dp_>I don't think there is only way to play, there are plenty and all of them require tons of work to get at least something set up
09:18<Milek7>oh, so i am not only one who want to disable local authorities :D
09:18<drac_boy>(aka lower elevation towns in some arctic maps)
09:19<drac_boy>at least for temperate maps its easy to run bus service for a while first to get high mayor rating before finally tnt-ing the station platform into place
09:20-!-_johannes [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:20<_dp_>I'm not saying authorities are hard, they are just greenpeace in disguise which is bs imo
09:20<drac_boy>wolf01 the only one thing I could hate giving up would be the 'only accept cargo when train shows up' feature in ttdxp when compared to how ttdx dumps all cargos at any touching station even if you did not want that on purpose
09:20<frosch123>realism is bs
09:21<drac_boy>dp you saying that its somehow greenpeace's fault if you want to evict a tower full of office workers? :)
09:21<_dp_>also if you like authorities it's fine with me, but why not ad setting for disabling it?
09:22<frosch123>it's fine if it coded correctly
09:22<drac_boy>better answer: maybe stop messing trees too much in first place?
09:22<frosch123>it's not fine if it is just dumped with i don't know what it causes and what else happens to it
09:22<drac_boy>dunno tbh
09:22-!-Progman [] has joined #openttd
09:22<frosch123>i am fine with adding it, but i am not fine with having to do the work
09:23-!-tokai [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:23<frosch123>like more height levels was dumped onto ottd, and now a whole year after, the map generators are still completely broken
09:23<frosch123>and you have to use 1.4.x to generate a good desert map
09:24<Milek7>ignoring opinion when building is the best solution
09:24<drac_boy>btw frosch whats this 'cets' you mentioned earlier on?
09:24<Milek7>completly disabling calculation can broke gamescript reling on GSTown.GetRating
09:25<V453000>Eddi's glorious train set which will never get sprites drawn drac_boy , so it uses just boxes for now
09:25<_dp_>well, I brought up authorities just for example
09:26<drac_boy>ohh trainset...I think I vaguely recall seeing that forum topic ... it was some kind of european-biased version of 2cc?
09:26<V453000>yes just yet another shitload of engines train set without a real gameplay impact
09:26<drac_boy>well I would have liked the idea if it was around tbh... I quitted with 2cc a long time ago because of the simple problem: too many repeating locomotives and sometimes even weird price differences
09:27<drac_boy>but I dunno tbh, I'm already contend enough with dbset and other older sets
09:27<frosch123>i think cets was headnig for 500+ engines or so :p
09:27<V453000>well mainly from the point of view of a newgrf author, it is just retarded to draw 600 trains if the player ever uses 10
09:27<V453000>same with 2cc
09:27<V453000>throughout the game it has only like 10 strong trains at their period
09:27<V453000>rest is just purchase menu clutter
09:28<_dp_>btm, I'm even fine with authorities in most cases, so not even looking for complete disabling
09:28<V453000>and to top it all off, each cets sprite has like 32 views instead of 8 to make it even worse
09:28<drac_boy>500 would be a bit hard unless you tried to use a wide range of 1800-2100 locomotives from even the tiny countries such as cyprus
09:28<_dp_>so I'm more looking for SetRating function to selectively avoid it
09:29<V453000>well hard, define hard. taking a random wiki page with list of trains -> realistic as fuck
09:29<drac_boy>at least if cets was ottd-only it could even have a few gauges in mind too :)
09:29<V453000>I can say though, that NUTS has like 40 types of trains where each of them remains having some sort of utility
09:29<V453000>can't imagine a realistic train set utilize more than 5 at the same time
09:30<drac_boy>2ft, 3ft, 4ft, and 5ft ... the last one would mainly be spain/russia I believe
09:30<V453000>gauges just make the player confused what train is on which track, but they give no gameplay effect at all
09:30<_dp_>though I didn't rething authorities yes after I figured how to selectively enable magic bulldozer
09:30<drac_boy>not true
09:30<+michi_cc>V453000: CETS has a more - dare I say it - historical realism context. I'm fully aware that this equals a load of horse manure to you, but luckily there are different kinds of humans are the universe would be a pretty boring place.
09:30<drac_boy>I've used ng a lot for obvious reasons (as HEQS isn't perfect because it can't share the same signal infrastruces anyway)
09:30<V453000>yeah horse stuff :P
09:31<V453000>still, 600*32 is just huge amount of effort, not considering wagons and liveries
09:31<drac_boy>used to love the serbia grf for that reason (till I rather found other trains more interesting in temperate climate but thats another story)
09:31<drac_boy>I think the arthour is still around but can't recall
09:32<V453000>my main point is, what benefit do you get from drawing that insane list of trains
09:32<V453000>for 99% players only mess and clutter, for 1% train ultra nerds from germany, some joy
09:33<Milek7>hm, submitting whatever to bugtracker is wasting time
09:35<drac_boy>ah was easy to find still .. its from a wile e. coyote (heh?) and he's still active
09:35<_dp_>Milek7, that's not quite true
09:36<_dp_>Milek7, honestly you patches look kinda weird to me even though we're probably facing the same problem
09:36<V453000>well OpenTTD is pretty dead so you could consider anythign a waste of time ;P
09:37<V453000>most of the new features are so pain in the ass / problematic to get done that they will never be / will not be attempted for compatibility/whatever reasons, newgrf development has split into two halves of 8bpp and 32bpp and both halves almost died, ...
09:38<drac_boy>oh before I forget one reason I came here, any of you know if you only can code wagons to show up either behind or in middle of locomotive or could you maybe technically code it that it would accept up to 2 intermediate wagons than put the rest behind?
09:38-!-sim-al2 [] has joined #openttd
09:38<drac_boy>if not its ok, just had to ask what the limit in coding could be
09:39<Wolf01>in the middle of a locomotive?
09:39<_dp_>Milek7, well, hard to tell exactly without spending some time digging into a problem
09:39<V453000>I guess it should, yes, just put a switch with position in consist there drac_boy ?
09:39<drac_boy>wolf01 sorry I shoudl rephase a multi-units locomotive
09:39<_dp_>Milek7, one thing for sure, "easier to add" isn't a very convincing reason :p
09:40<Milek7>less code to change = less bugs
09:41<Wolf01>drac_boy, so you want something like [LOCO][CAR1][CAR2][LOCO][CAR3][CAR4]...?
09:42<Wolf01>with the 2 locos being a single one multi headed?
09:42<_dp_>Milek7, for a single patch mb, but cumbersome logic is harder to support later
09:42<drac_boy>yeah..also trying find a photo now just to make it less confusing to understand perhaps
09:42<drac_boy>give me a minute :)
09:45<Milek7>_dp_: while disabling rating calculation, what value use in GSTown.GetRating?
09:45-!-Lokimaros [] has joined #openttd
09:45<Milek7>ignoring don't breaks anything, disabling can broke something relying on that
09:46<Milek7>and it even shouldn't be disabled, because gamescript using town rating to calculate growth is very good
09:47<Milek7>but this patch is for that local authority can't block building/destroying
09:47<Milek7>not disabling rating completly
09:48<Wolf01>drac_boy ok, I think I understood the result you want, I've seen some examples in different places, as for now you can only append a new engine after the second head of a multi headed engine, and then you can more wagons
09:48<drac_boy>wolf01 here we go.. this is the standalone set .. occasional livery-matched intermediate coach .. hauling a standard steam train coach
09:48<_dp_>Milek7, using rating for cb is very stupid imo, but I think I got your point
09:49<drac_boy>but for a grf I'm not too nitpicky I can just choose to only add wagons to the tail alone :)
09:51<drac_boy>at least with modern diesel/electric sets its too easy anyway
09:56<Wolf01>oh, I thought you was trying to do something like the cow-calf set
09:57<_dp_>Milek7, so leave rating as it is but remove it's blocking capabilities, yeah, sounds logical
09:57<_dp_>Milek7, but remebrer that in vanila game rating is only used for blocking so it's exactly the same as disabling calculation unless some external gs is involved
09:59<drac_boy>either way more basic question: I'm not sure if I'm the first one to wonder about this but if you wanted a single vehicle that could accept either pax&mail or only pax at refit option you could just use a dummy cargo id for the second cargo slot in the latter case?
10:06<_dp_>Milek7, as for town authority it has nothing to do with town zones, it's a completely independent zone that is related to that authority blocking and station naming
10:06<_dp_>Milek7, it existence in game mb questionable, but it's definitely not a gs issue
10:10<_dp_>meh, "existence" is probably not a right word to use here but don't know a better one anyway :p
10:19<drac_boy>v453000 I know what you mentioned about tons of locomotives but even then you think that for some grfs theres still a place for having a few garratts and conventional locomotives introduced together since its more of an cosmetic look-at-train than a performance thing? (after all I'm sure that in TE a 0-4-0+0-4-0 and 0-6-0 or 0-8-0 are probably quite similar)
10:23<V453000>I think visual variety is awesome in any case, but best done by random sprites
10:23<V453000>with one functional vehicle
10:24<V453000>it doesn't have to introduce a new vehicle model, many things can be done with graphics switches and even performance switches
10:27<drac_boy>hmm you know what I didn't think of that before.. livery refit couldn't be too hard as the articulated parts could be conveyed by an invisible sprite for the non-articulated version
10:27<drac_boy>sounds like a better idea already thank you :p
10:27*drac_boy goes back to more scribbling
10:33<V453000>cargo subrefit is great but I would use that as little as possible too
10:33<V453000>for example, nuts passenger trains are recolourable to various colours. But default when you build it is company colour. And then if the player wants further control, they can manually refit to whatever colour then want / random colour.
10:34<V453000>nowadays I would just ditch the CC, use random as default, and allow the various colours by subrefit still.
10:34<drac_boy>yeah I'm not too grand on dual cargo but the problem is with that sometimes I do not want mail at a particular station .. thats the one major annoyance with ANY planes in the game atm :)
10:35<V453000>in my opinion, a newgrf should be "put it in game, it just works without other hassle". That extends to everything, from huge amount of parameters / bad specific defaults, through things like this. Having to refit your engine in order to look nice should only happen when you really want it for a very specific reason
10:36<V453000>it doesn't have to be dual cargo
10:36<V453000>all cargoes can have subrefit
10:36<V453000>ie passengers (blue)
10:36<V453000>coal (orange livery)
10:37<V453000>the list in the refit menu even is small, it only has the cargo names and to get the subrefit name to select it, you click the cargo first
10:37-!-ConductorCat [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:37<V453000>which is awesome, it doesn't clutter the list but gives control
10:38<V453000>also, if you select your trains to have yellow livery, and you autoreplace to trains which allow that subrefit, it even works with autoreplacing
10:38<V453000>same for random/whatever
10:38<V453000>where if you had, say, 10 different vehicle models just for various graphics, you would have to autorefit each of the 10 types individually ... extra clicks, but annoying clicks.
10:38<V453000>also purchase menu x10 is just ehh
10:39<V453000>nuts trains have 17 colour variants per vehicle, which would be even more :) though to make it nice you don't need as many
10:42<drac_boy>I was never too grand on player colours either, especially when its too inflexible like why is it coloring a locomotive brown when I specifically asked for yellow passenger wagon colors? :)
10:42<drac_boy>but not going to argue against it either tho
10:42<V453000>even graphically CC are shit when used too much
10:42<V453000>CC should be just stripes or details
10:42<V453000>especially some of them like white or orange are just pure bullshit to draw for
10:43<V453000>with 32bpp the issue is a bit different, doing more research on that soon
10:43<drac_boy>at least I know there are also some trainsets that disregards cc but still offer 2 or few different choices of livery in the refit menu
10:44<drac_boy>as for white and orange heh .. yeah can't argue, some colors just don't seem to be meant to be
10:45<V453000>I think a mixture is the best way to do it
10:45<drac_boy>whats worser is certain ottd player colors, when you're in a multiplayer map and wondering why you built that rail station there but get a "not owned by you" error dialog when you try bulldoze it and its only from there that you then realize its a very slight different shade of yellow than yours :-s
10:46<V453000>yes, variety/liveries, but keep at least a little stripe of CC
10:46<V453000>else company colours are confusing
10:46<V453000>also helps in multiplayer
10:46<V453000>then your screen has shitty callibration :P
10:46<V453000>on my screen openttd yellow and orange aren't that hard to tell apart
10:48<V453000>and I have a rather cheap monitor, nothing graphics oriented
10:50<drac_boy>well when you don't have the two next to others in same viewpoint its easy to see why someone could think it was theirs not his
10:50-!-AdmiralKew [~pcc31@] has joined #openttd
10:50<drac_boy>and also not as silly but the default gray is also probably the same shade as the not-player-owned station color too :)
10:50<V453000>idk, I got used to orange vs yellow very quickly
10:51<drac_boy>I've used it a few times and I think someone once asked me why I'm at all oil rigs ... I was like "umm huh?"
10:51<drac_boy>yep..funny question but I can see where it came from tho :)
10:53<drac_boy>anyway think will take a break from all the typing (not in that text file window!) for now, you have fun ok? :)
10:53<drac_boy>oh and someone give dp a key to the city hall's library maybe hehehe :)
10:54-!-drac_boy [] has left #openttd []
10:58-!-andythenorth [] has joined #openttd
11:12-!-Lokimaros [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:19-!-FLHerne [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:21-!-liq3 [] has quit []
11:24<V453000>heyo andy
11:30<andythenorth>lo V453000
11:31<andythenorth>how’s the entire V453000 collection of people and animals?
11:31<V453000>great actually
11:31<V453000>how is your zoo?
11:32<andythenorth>wees in its pants a lot
11:39-!-ckraniak [~ckraniak@2600:100c:b202:23a4:24eb:b10d:798d:2df5] has quit [Quit: Bye]
11:43<andythenorth>lo Supercheese
11:43<andythenorth>lo supermop_ also :P
11:43<andythenorth>silly old tab-complete
11:45-!-zeknurn [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:46-!-zeknurn [] has joined #openttd
11:52-!-glx [] has joined #openttd
11:52-!-mode/#openttd [+v glx] by ChanServ
11:59<Wolf01>blinking yellow and red, should I stop there for a while or at the next one?
12:01<Wolf01>ok, the next one
12:09<_dp_>I think I found why production fluctuates in firs, gui shows last month production and it may differ a little due to amount of production ticks in month not being constant.
12:10<supermop_>not sure what to work on today
12:10-!-_johanne1 [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
12:13<andythenorth>_dp_: some months there are 8 ticks, some months 9
12:19<_dp_>if there was a setting in game to disable random production changes, would firs define callbacks anyway? :)
12:21<_dp_>ehm, what do you mean?
12:24<andythenorth>how much of the newgrf callbacks do you understand so far? :)
12:26-!-AdmiralKew [~pcc31@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:27<V453000>have a look at how yeti works XD
12:27-!-orudge [] has joined #openttd
12:28<_dp_>depends on what you call understanding xD
12:28<_dp_>I know some from code perspective but never tried to write a newgrf)
12:28<andythenorth>ok so FIRS is handling the random and monthly callbacks for multiple reasons....
12:28<_dp_>Tried to look how firs is made but that's way too cryptic %)
12:29<andythenorth>- to prevent closure
12:29<andythenorth>- to prevent OpenTTD changing production multiplier / production rate (can never remember which is which)
12:29<andythenorth>- to allow closure (for secondary industry, if the parameter is set for that)
12:30<andythenorth>I can’t remember if it does anything else with them, probably not
12:30<andythenorth>the rest will be on the production cb I think
12:30<V453000>just take it
12:30<V453000>is newgrf
12:30<V453000>= does weird shit
12:30<V453000>== much beyond a scope of a setting in compare to base game
12:31<V453000>especially visible with YETI or even ECS where the production mechanisms are completely different
12:31<V453000>idk how ECS does it but ye
12:33-!-AdmiralKew [~pcc31@] has joined #openttd
12:33-!-Snail [] has joined #openttd
12:39<andythenorth>it’s much better when people just send me sprites
12:39<andythenorth>I don’t like drawing my own trains :)
12:45<_dp_>well, there are three production change callbacks: initial, monthly and random
12:45<_dp_>it seems random callback is only handled to disable it
12:46<_dp_>and all production mechanics is handled my monthly
12:48<frosch123>monthly is used as monthly, it keeps track of cargo delivered over time
12:49<frosch123>firs does not do any production changes
12:49<_dp_>yeah, I'm thinking that if there was a setting in game grfs can stop handling random one and let player decide
12:49<frosch123>still firs has no production changes
12:49-!-monsted [] has joined #openttd
12:49<frosch123>your settings would do nothing in case of firs
12:50<frosch123>it's just completely independent mechanics
12:51<monsted>can you add more NewGRF mods to an existing save? i may just be blind here.
12:51<frosch123>it's hidden, because it breaks the save in various cases
12:52<_dp_>frosch123, if it really has no production changes then setting will work just fine
12:52<monsted>i started a FIRS world without FIRS compatible trains...
12:52<andythenorth>monsted: start a new one :)
12:52<frosch123>monsted: enable scenario developer tools, add the vehicle grf
12:52<_dp_>frosch123, but if it has some internal way to track/calculate production and changes it regularly in monthly callback then yeah it will break
12:52<frosch123>never remove a newgrf, never complain about something breaking :)
12:54<monsted>now that i'm here, maybe i should just build a good collection of grfs instead of guessing...
12:54<_dp_>frosch123, but as far as I can tell it doesn't, seems to return 0 in callback mostly
12:56<frosch123>as said, it only uses the monthly callback to track amounts of cargo delivered each month
12:59<andythenorth>monsted: any made by ‘andythenorth’, I’d avoid those :)
12:59<andythenorth>or use them
12:59<andythenorth>one or the other
13:07<_dp_>frosch123, well, then I don't see why it wouldn't work
13:09<_dp_>frosch123, whole scheme sounds pretty logical: newgrf can either define random callback and do whatever it wants, or skip it and let standard handler kick in which will honor players setting
13:10<_dp_>frosch123, and ofc right now it doesn't work that way, if grf doesn't define just random handler it will get original economy, not smooth one
13:13<frosch123>i don't get what you try to tell me
13:13<frosch123>did you ever play with firs?
13:13<frosch123>it does no have any production changes
13:13<frosch123>your settings will not break it, any they will not affect it
13:14<andythenorth>you are welcome to change economy as you see fit, it won’t affect newgrf
13:15<andythenorth>newgrfs insulate themselves from economy XOR let OpenTTD decide
13:15<_dp_>frosch123, I'm trying to propose scheme that will work with both standard industries and newgrfs if they want it
13:16<_dp_>it probably won't affect any existing industry set as I bet they all define random callback
13:16<_dp_>just to stop random changes xD
13:17<Wolf01>the problem is that when you load a grf which has its own callbacks, that setting should alert the user that any change does nothing
13:18<V453000>just move the setting to cfg only and make smooth economy default
13:18<_dp_>Wolf01, well, mb, but it's already ignored silently
13:18<V453000>I don't believe anybody uses any other setting voluntarily
13:19<_dp_>V453000, frosh does it seems :p
13:19<Wolf01>I know it's ignored silently... as I know how many times I changed it with industry grfs loaded and "well shit, I leave it so"
13:19<V453000>well, he can edit it through cfg? ;P
13:23<_dp_>V453000, I hope. But he also proposed doing some flexible "economy speed" setting instead of having preset economies
13:24<_dp_>V453000, so I was considering that too but can't see any way to replace both current economies with some settings like that %)
13:27<_dp_>V453000, also trying to think of something that is useful not only for standart industry set to counter "you can do it with newgrf" argument xD
13:28-!-AdmiralKewl [~pcc31@] has joined #openttd
13:31<_dp_>it's actually quite weird to see that currently if newgrf defines only initial production callback it's forced to use original economy
13:31<_dp_>wonder why it's done that way
13:32-!-AdmiralKew [~pcc31@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:35<V453000>the default industries are kind of ok
13:37<_dp_>V453000, yeah, I actually like them more than any other set
13:38<_dp_>looking forward to firs2 though
13:38<V453000>but yeah two or three simple settings like speed, max production and randomness would be nice
13:38<V453000>have you tried YETI?
13:39<_dp_>V453000, yeah, I tried, but it was a while ago
13:39<andythenorth>_dp_: not wanting to discourage you (patches are nice to see), but I can’t forsee anyone committing additional industry mechanics
13:39<andythenorth>industry code has enough spiders in it
13:39<andythenorth>and newgrf solves all problems :)
13:39<V453000>the way how yeti industries work is imo pretty great
13:40<andythenorth>you are objective also
13:40<andythenorth>so it must be true :)
13:41<frosch123>V453000: it it still the random example code i gave you somewhen? :p
13:41<_dp_>V453000, it takes few hours to bootstrap town in yeti, I usually don't play that long))
13:42<_dp_>V453000, and without that it's just "take yeti everywhere" which isn't that great
13:42<V453000>frosch123: not exactly, Sylf redid it entirely I believe
13:42<frosch123>ok, at least some effort went into it then :)
13:42<V453000>I mainly meant the operation of industries dp, processig 10% per -time-
13:42<V453000>for quick responsiveness
13:43<V453000>and take yeti everywhere indeed sounds basic but since each of the 3 chains does something different for you in return, it motivates the player to use everything eventually :) and you don't really need to worry about towns
13:44<_dp_>V453000, ah, well, dunno what to say about it, I mostly remember just general strategies
13:44<V453000>sure, in this context only the production callback is interesting
13:46<_dp_>V453000, though iirc that 10% is one of the reasons bootstraping towns take too long...
13:46-!-HerzogDeXtEr [] has joined #openttd
13:46<V453000>idk what do you mean by boostrapping but k
13:47<_dp_>V453000, delivering stuff to town to get more yetis from it, bring them back and to get even more stuff and so on
13:47<V453000>well connecting multiple yeti yard is kind of the key to victory there :P
13:48<_dp_>V453000, coz other stategy is to simply collect yetis from all over the map and some players can do that very fast
13:49<V453000>omg players can do it very fast = is bad feature? :D or what do you mean
13:49-!-Rejf [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
13:50<V453000>first people connect -some- workers, then they try to use all industry types, then the whole cycle grows in production until network breaks, player expands the network, stuff grows, repeat :)
13:50<_dp_>V453000, I mean I don't like that "build fast" is better strategy, kinda defies whole point of industry set imo
13:51<V453000>I do not see how build fast is related to yeti at all tbh
13:51<V453000>whether you build it quickly or slowly is completely irrelevant
13:51<V453000>it is like you said firs is bad because it has 104389 industry types
13:51-!-HerzogDeXtEr1 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:52<andythenorth>it is
13:52<frosch123>has anyone ever played the campaing in factorio?
13:52<_dp_>V453000, bootstrapping town takes time no matter how fast you build
13:52<_dp_>V453000, it takes about 3 hours of gameplay for it to become superior than collecting yetis)
13:52<V453000>about as much time as delivering supplies to firs industries
13:52<V453000>probably vastly less as you need less steps to get there
13:52<_dp_>V453000, and, yeah, I'm mostly talking about short goal games here as that's what I usually play))
13:53<V453000>depends on your settings, train set, speed, amount of worker yards, ...
13:53<frosch123>firs has harbors, you do not need to produce any suppleis yourself
13:53<andythenorth>frosch123: no, is campaign good?
13:53<V453000>well then there is no reason we should be talking any further as yeti is oriented to be on long term play for good players
13:53<frosch123>usually i ignore scenarios and campaings
13:53<frosch123>so, i wondered whether i missed anything
13:53<andythenorth>I quite like campaigns
13:53<frosch123>i will continue to assume "no" otherwise :)
13:54<V453000>I played it
13:54<V453000>it isn't very developed / focus of the game :P
13:55<frosch123>yeah, that's was i expect :)
13:55<_dp_>V453000, well, probably should've started with that then, didn't know it had specific orientation like that)
13:56<V453000>I would like to add more features but I can't code them and have other newgrf priorities rather than learning to code industries
13:56<V453000>but yeah, for competitive play yeti isn't all that great
13:56<frosch123>andythenorth: do you know how V and dp managed to shift the discussion to comparing primary industry mechanics (production changes) with seconary industry mechanics (processing 10% of cargo at a time)?
13:56*andythenorth making new
13:56<V453000>but then, which industry set is good for competitive play?
13:56<andythenorth>frosch123: no idea :)
13:56<andythenorth>today’s discussions are weird
13:56<frosch123>V453000: openttd is not good for competetive play :p
13:56<V453000>esp since openttd in general is probably the worst game for competing in general
13:56<andythenorth>I like talking about zebra’s more
13:56<andythenorth>zebras even
13:57<frosch123>V453000: we need "openttd standard" and "openttd wild" editions :p
13:57<_dp_>V453000, standard one? ;)
13:57<V453000>in what regard?
13:58<V453000>randomness = more "unfair" playing?
13:58<frosch123>andythenorth: oh, you also give animal names to all the engines now?
13:58<V453000>sounds perfectly competitive to me :D
13:58<_dp_>and yeah, trying my best to make it as competitive as possible xD
13:58<andythenorth>frosch123: well that railcar is called a Doodlebug in the US
13:58<V453000>well, good luck with that :D
13:58<andythenorth>and an African ‘doodlebug’ is an ‘antlion'
13:58<andythenorth>so eh
13:58<andythenorth>seemed to fit
13:58<V453000> /me goes make the best train set ever meanwhile :P
13:59<frosch123>andythenorth: yeah, i see that after looking up doodlebug in a dictionary :p
14:00<frosch123>when do you need animal vocabulary? :p
14:00*andythenorth thought he could use NARS sprites for this
14:00<V453000>and you thought nuts was too animalistic
14:00<andythenorth>but they are 1px or 2px too small depending on angle
14:00<_dp_>V453000, well, it's quite competitive already if you ask me, especially on fixed-game-length type of servers (not fixed goal)
14:01<frosch123>V453000: "educated horse" is way easier than "doodlebug"
14:01<andythenorth>ha ha
14:01<V453000>me wins points over andythenorth
14:01<_dp_>V453000, some randomness is fine, if it's not in very crucial place
14:01<andythenorth>V453000: it’s not competitive
14:01*andythenorth had better go repaint another NARS sprite
14:02<frosch123>competitive grf creation?
14:02<frosch123>competitive bug fixing?
14:02<V453000>we compete with andythenorth who can waste more time without a release
14:03<andythenorth>I can’t release FIRS because I can’t play test it
14:03<frosch123>V453000: mb won that for life
14:03<V453000>well I havent released anything in a year or so either
14:04<V453000>rawr 0.0.2 was so shit that I got bored
14:04<frosch123>you posted some teaser screenshots
14:04<V453000>DOOM was just a bad idea
14:04<frosch123>so you are on the correct road :p
14:04<V453000>CATS has coder gone
14:04<Eddi|zuHause>well, 15.15.15 might still be happening :p
14:04<V453000>yeah BRIX is on the right path but I am making trains instead now
14:05<V453000>teaser pictures ain't enough, see bad brett :P
14:06<frosch123>andythenorth: when i google for doodlebug, i get a lot of tractors
14:07<frosch123>hm, but yeah, also some trains which look similar
14:07-!-roidal [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 1.4]
14:07<frosch123>would it be too silly to name trains and rvs the same? :p
14:07<V453000>doodlebug was in US set or somewhere
14:07<V453000>so I hereby declare realism
14:07<andythenorth>too silly :)
14:15<_dp_>is there an easy way to see what callbacks grf handles?
14:19-!-Rejf [] has joined #openttd
14:20<andythenorth>read the code
14:20<andythenorth>you can inspect industries also in game
14:22<_dp_>don't have code for all grfs I'm interested in
14:25<_dp_>also it's already clear that firs, ecs and yeti define all callbacks :)
14:26-!-Ketsuban [~ketsuban@2a02:c7d:a33e:4100:8daf:7144:c039:cf45] has joined #openttd
14:31<_dp_>... or not
14:31*_dp_ printed firs callbacks mask
14:43<Wolf01>read ballsacks
14:49<_dp_>sweet, firs doesn't define production change callbacks for hotel because it's life type is set to BLACK_HOLE...
15:08-!-ckraniak [~ckraniak@2600:100c:b221:7ee1:8983:9be8:46c:b60f] has joined #openttd
15:10<andythenorth>symmetrical trains ftw
15:10<andythenorth>only 4 sprites to draw
15:18<Eddi|zuHause>doesn't matter asymptotically
15:32-!-Wormnest [] has joined #openttd
15:55<supermop_>andythenorth: banh mi horse?
16:32-!-Xal [] has joined #openttd
16:35-!-Biolunar [] has joined #openttd
16:35<_dp_>frosch123, is it safe to rename setting?
16:36<frosch123>it will throw an error on startup that the cfg is invalid, but that is gone once you change some setting and it is safed again
16:38-!-gelignite [] has quit [Quit:]
16:38<_dp_>frosch123, and what if I deprecate old one (do _old thingie) and add new, is it better?
16:38<frosch123>the error message is about some unknown name in openttd.cfg
16:39<frosch123>anyway, we removed settings before
16:39<frosch123>it's no big deal
16:39<_dp_>frosch123, well, I just wondering which way is better
16:39<frosch123>you need the _old one to convert savegames
16:40<frosch123>unless you can load it into the same var and then convert
16:40<_dp_>frosch123, shouldn't be any problems with converting it
16:55-!-Xal [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 1.4]
16:55-!-Xal [] has joined #openttd
16:56<_dp_>frosch123, and if I change type from bool to uint8 is it safe to assume that true will become 1 (and false 0)?
16:56<_dp_>frosch123, I know it sounds a bit weird, but with c++ it never hurts to doublecheck xD
16:56<frosch123>i would think so
16:57-!-liq3 [] has joined #openttd
17:01-!-andythenorth [] has left #openttd []
17:14-!-andythenorth [] has joined #openttd
17:14*andythenorth extending train height
17:14<andythenorth>will I have tunnel problems?
17:16*andythenorth experiments
17:17<andythenorth>pikka has some double-level pax things
17:18<monsted>the rest of andythenorth's day:
17:18<andythenorth>they work ok
17:21<andythenorth>rental trucks
17:21*andythenorth -> sleep
17:21-!-andythenorth [] has left #openttd []
17:23-!-FLHerne [] has joined #openttd
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18:05<_dp_>the more I think about economy setting, the more I want to change %)
18:07-!-frosch123 [] has quit [Quit: be yourself, except: if you have the opportunity to be a unicorn, then be a unicorn]
18:08<_dp_>oopsie, spooked frosch xD
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