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02:51<qwebirc85697>In the cargo flow chart apparently some link can be overcrowded and become red. But even when lots of people waiting in stations those link never overcrowd and at most full. How is it possible to make a link overcrowd?
03:05<V453000>no clue, sorry, I find cargodist pointless :(
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03:12<qwebirc85697>*cargo flow legend
03:13<V453000>yes I understand what you mean
03:17<qwebirc85697>Is there any rules on the openttd forum that disallow me to ask in old post like
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05:20<qunow>About the cargodist thing i think i found out the reason why it doesn't show red/yellow. Seems like you need to let cargodist to help distrubute the cargo in order to have it display overlpad status
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05:59<V453000>miracle happened :D I wrote a .bat and it works
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07:26<andythenorth>getting much sleep V453000?
07:28<V453000>kind of alright
07:29<V453000>had a blender adventure morning though ... shit is solved now
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09:44<kubast2>Hey ,is it possible to move the mini map?
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09:48<andythenorth>on a mac, hold down the cmd key and drag, there will be a similar key on other OS
09:49<kubast2>andythenorth: I tried control ,alt ,super key and they don't work ,I have old version of openttd[from repo] ,so that might also be a reason why it doesn't work for me
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09:51<kubast2>ok I see there's a button that allows me to center the map[where my view is the center of the minimap]
09:51<@planetmaker>left-click + drag iirc
09:51<@planetmaker>the functionality of how map is moved didn't change in years
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10:02<kubast2>planetmaker: I didn't wanted to move a minimap window/move my view within minimap/enlarge the minimap window ,I wanted to move the minimap ,the center button seems to do the trick.
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12:51<andythenorth>@seen danmack
12:51<@DorpsGek>andythenorth: danmack was last seen in #openttd 23 hours, 45 minutes, and 38 seconds ago: <DanMacK> Hey hey
12:51<andythenorth>when I go, he will arrive
12:51*andythenorth biab
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12:53<V453000>hm considering to make all vehicles 8/8 instead of 4/8
12:53<V453000>4/8 just looks tiny
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12:55<@Alberth>use 4x zoom :p
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12:55<V453000>I have a shitload of details
12:55<V453000>they are totally lost even in x4
12:58<@Alberth>hmm, we need 8x? :O
12:58<V453000>and they are meant to look massive, the scale difference is just too big from the usual
12:59<@Alberth>yes, I find x4 too big, but maybe I need a higher resolution screen :)
13:15<V453000>and when something looks way too small in x4, you have a problem :D
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14:28<AssThunder>for 4/8 is heuge
14:28<AssThunder>for 8/8 is small
14:28<AssThunder>eh vice versa
14:28<AssThunder>you get the point
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14:29<andythenorth>V453000: eh?
14:29<V453000>I have rendered vehicles
14:29<V453000>if I make them 4/8 and downsize the sprites to fit, they are tiny
14:29<V453000>if I make them 8/8, they will glitch badly
14:30<andythenorth>4/8 is super-chibi
14:30<andythenorth>the IH roster I am working on, I was going to make all the NG trains 4/8
14:30<andythenorth>doesn’t work
14:30<V453000>ye and this is meant to be massive looking
14:30<andythenorth>had to use 6/8
14:30<V453000>so 4/8 is canceled :D
14:30<andythenorth>I cancelled 4/8
14:30<andythenorth>and christmas
14:31<andythenorth>6/8 makes a round number at 4 tile length
14:31<andythenorth>so everyone should just use 4 tile trains :P
14:32<andythenorth>actually the engine is 8/8 so my trains are ‘optimum’ at 5 tile
14:32<andythenorth>which everyone knows is the winningest length anyway
14:32<andythenorth>coop standard no?
14:32<V453000>coop doesn't have a standard length
14:32<V453000>but most common is 3
14:32*andythenorth remembers first coop game he played
14:32<andythenorth>I was building trains to look nice, and everyone was freaking out
14:32<andythenorth>‘andythenorth you are ruining our networks'
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14:36<V453000>hm fak I once again modeled before seeing the dimensions in game XD
14:37<andythenorth>eh, it’s all modelled, no?
14:37<andythenorth>easy to change o_O
14:37<V453000>it is but I have a very short-ish vehicle
14:38<andythenorth>copy-paste :P
14:38<andythenorth>‘select all’ -> transform -> y axis, 200%
14:38*andythenorth was an expert at 3D modelling
14:38<V453000>I might see a solution
14:38<V453000>but ye, hell
14:40<V453000>I was basically trying to put a mining truck on tracks
14:40<V453000>to compare it
14:40<V453000>big square-ish fat vehicle
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14:54<V453000>hm 75% kind of almost works
14:58<andythenorth>mining truck proportions not like trains :)
14:58<andythenorth>that’s the point eh?
15:00<V453000>well applying the 8/8 sprite to 4/8 vehicle wasn't helping with glitches either :D
15:00<V453000>75% is pretty flawless
15:01<V453000>seen that one
15:01<V453000>I got more like
15:04<V453000>but in train version :P
15:04<V453000>so chibby as fuck
15:08<V453000>I think 75-85% will do the trick
15:08<V453000>is pretty win
15:09<V453000>not much lost
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15:14<V453000>if I just replace tunnel entrances with something a little ridiculous, it won't even glitch XD
15:14<V453000>easy enough
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15:18<Thasan>how can I get write access to wiki? "Account creation from this IP address (Adrealoly) has been blocked by frosch."
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15:22<andythenorth>@seen frosch123
15:22<@DorpsGek>andythenorth: frosch123 was last seen in #openttd 2 days, 3 hours, 6 minutes, and 23 seconds ago: <frosch123> the build station gui will tell you
15:22<andythenorth>2 days :o
15:22<andythenorth>he must be away :)
15:22<andythenorth>or sick
15:22<V453000> /is sleeping
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15:27*andythenorth should make Iron Frog
15:46<FLHerne>Thasan: You could PM frosch on the forum, or just wait until he's on here
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16:44<drac_boy>goign make some supper now sorry :->
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18:45<Salamander>18:13:36 Salamander | Question about a station's coverage area: should the coverage area cover all tiles of an oil field for example, or is it enough that it covers one of them?
18:45<Salamander>18:14:09 Salamander | i.e. will there be a difference in available product at the station if it covers all of an oil plant's tiles vs just one of them?
18:45<Salamander>18:15:30 frosch123 | industry->station requires one tile, station->industry requires some specific tiles
18:45<Salamander>18:15:36 frosch123 | the build station gui will tell you
18:45<Salamander>unfortunately for me I'm not clear on the answer
18:46<Salamander>will this
18:46<Supercheese>so, if you want to pick up oil from oil wells, *any* tile within station catchment is fine
18:46<Supercheese>but if you want to drop off oil to a refinery, you need *certain* tiles of the refinery within catchment
18:46<Salamander>give as much oil as this?
18:46<Supercheese>yes, they will give the same oil
18:46<Salamander>thank you
18:46<Supercheese>no problem
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18:56<Salamander>been some 10 years since my last game
18:56<Salamander>i suppose i should RTFM
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18:57<Supercheese>to be fair, details like that are scattered and not necessarily easy to find
18:57<Supercheese>there's quite a bit of esoteric "veteran knowledge"
18:58<Salamander>how does truck filling frequency affect supply capacity?
18:58<Salamander>i.e. should i send 5 or 10 or 15 trucks to pick up oil?
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18:58<Supercheese>the rule for that is you should try to always have one vehicle loading, and right when it fills up and leaves, the next vehicle behind it just arrives and begins loading
18:58<Supercheese>but that's tricky to get juuuust right
18:59<Supercheese>so you can get away with having an extra vehicle or two to ensure one is always loading
18:59<Supercheese>you never want to have lots of cargo waiting
18:59<Salamander>what about the choice of vehicle - truck or train or boat
18:59<Salamander>is there a manual for that?
18:59<Supercheese>yeah there is some wiki info
19:00<Supercheese>et al.
19:00<Salamander>and how does distance affect profit?
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19:00<Supercheese>there's an in-game graph for that
19:00<Supercheese>Cargo Payment Rates
19:00<Salamander>i.e. what is the distance in tiles within which i shoud use trucks, trains or ships?
19:01<Supercheese>or hmm does that factor in distance...
19:01<Salamander>great, i'll read what i can first then
19:01<Supercheese>with default vehicles, trucks should only be used for short distances, they just don't have the capacity for long hauls
19:01<Supercheese>of course newgrf sets can change that
19:02<Salamander>and if i have an oil field and a oil refinery close to each other, and another set of oil refinery + oil well some 100 or 200 tiles away, should i send trucks between each which are close to each other, or should i send trains between those 100 or 200 tiles away?
19:03<Supercheese>if you want maximum profit, use trains and go long-distance
19:03<Supercheese>but profit is easily acquired, so you can really choose which you like better
19:03<Salamander>what about ships? i was never big on ships
19:03<Salamander>but now im older and i feel adventurous :)
19:03<Supercheese>many choices are "do whichever you like best"
19:04<Supercheese>because profit is so easily acquired, many people build for aesthetics and fun rather than efficiency
19:04<Supercheese>although those needn't be mutually exclusive either
19:04<Salamander>i am cursed, i derive fun from efficiency :(
19:04<Supercheese>Indeed, they can certainly go hand in hand
19:05<Salamander>is there a way to know how much maximum a source will produce if i keep sending vehicles to stock up, before i start doing that?
19:05<Salamander>e.g. how much oil i can pick up at an oil well, before i send in trucks or trains to pick it up?
19:08<Supercheese>for default oil wells, the industry window will show you the maximum production per month -- they will never exceed this, but may decrease below it
19:08<Supercheese>other industries can increase, but oil wells do not
19:08<Supercheese>an odd quirk of the game
19:08<Salamander>industry window you say
19:09<Supercheese>click the oil wells
19:09<Supercheese>it'll pop up
19:11<Salamander>ooh i was checking the wrong thing - the depot
19:11<Salamander>so the depot will never go below 40k liters in this case
19:12<Salamander>and one last question for the day
19:12<Salamander>if i created 5 vehicles, then set orders for the first one, can i somehow copy those orders to the others?
19:13<Salamander>i know i can do that before i buy them, but if i already bought them can i do it afterwards?
19:14<Supercheese>yes, open the orders menu for the other vehicle(s) then choose Go To and ctrl+click on the vehicle whose orders are already set
19:14<Supercheese>that will copy and share the orders between the two vehicles
19:14<Salamander>how neat
19:15<Salamander>i love this game
19:15<Salamander>ok i lied, there is actually one more question
19:15<Supercheese>the wiki has little tricks like that buried
19:16<Salamander>there are two new orientations now, at least for truck stations
19:16<Salamander>they look like some sort of pass-through stations
19:16<Salamander>what is the purpose of those?
19:16<Supercheese>these guys:
19:17<Supercheese>their primary purpose is to accomodate certain newgrf vehicles that cannot use the other types of road stops
19:17<Supercheese>they also enable building bus stops deep in towns without having to bulldoze
19:18<Supercheese>among other things
19:30<Salamander>thank you so much Supercheese
19:30<Supercheese>You're most welcome
19:31<Salamander>this game should be mandatory in contemporary schools :P
19:31<Salamander>need sleep now, good night
19:31<Supercheese>buenas noches
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20:25<drac_boy>little non-game topic: how often could a steam locomotive (sorry, we're going ignore the short 0-4-0 variety tho) that had a simple straight boiler aka no tapering or anything?
20:26<drac_boy>that had=had*
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21:45<Eddi|zuHause>did that sentence make any sense to anybody?
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