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05:22<Samu>i got a difficult bug to reproduce, I think it's NoAI related, it only happens on dedicated server, and not on single player or multiplayer
05:23<Samu>how do I report such a bug like this?
05:25<Samu>RoadRunner is the AI I used
05:26<Samu>Your script made an error: the index 'GetCompanyValue' does not exist
05:26<Samu>this error only seem to happen on dedicated server, though
05:27<Samu>*FUNCTION [Start()] roadrunner-9\main.nut line [150]
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05:32<Samu>who's George Weller?
05:57<Samu>what is "Api compatibility script not found"?
05:59<Samu>nevermind, i figured out, not a bug, just my stupidity
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06:11<Samu>darn, some of the AI crashes i've been logging were because of missing compat .nut files, t.t I'm so stupid, got to start this all over
06:11<Samu>oh well, at least now I got the files in place
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07:07<andythenorth>player is down >––>o
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07:53<Wolf01>"insert coin"
07:56<Wolf01>mmmh I'm looking for a way to use styles on UWP like I do with CSS classes, for now I understood how to use them only with element, but I have different elements (with the same properties) :|
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08:31<Eddi|zuHause>"insert coin" always reminds me of this:
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08:48<Wolf01>whoa, that's a lot of work
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09:58<supermop>good morning
10:03<andythenorth>lo supermop
10:03<andythenorth>will read the tracking table later ;)
10:03<supermop>tracking table?
10:06<supermop>tracking table implies someone is actually working off it!
10:07<andythenorth>yes well no
10:07<andythenorth>is the Japan set GPL? :P
10:10<supermop>i think it is
10:10<supermop>but its not exactly in foster/IH style
10:11<supermop>everything but the monorails could find a prototype in there though
10:11<supermop>and the monorails can be just EMUs with side skirts
10:12<andythenorth>re: inspiration, it often pays off to look for prototypes, or theoretical locos
10:12<andythenorth>it breaks the link with ‘but must be realism'
10:12<andythenorth>makes it easier to dibble stats to suit gameplay
10:14<andythenorth>10 out of 18 engines in Iron Pony are based on either one-off prototypes, or just drawings
10:14<andythenorth>and we composite things together
10:15<supermop>i was trying to avoid basing too much on real locos
10:15<andythenorth>supermop: e.g. the Vulcan is mashed with
10:15<supermop>but yeah
10:15<andythenorth>‘real enough’
10:16<supermop>JNR electrics are a bunch of carbody boxes with very similar styling and dozens of models from 50s-60s
10:16<supermop>and only a few since
10:17<supermop>andythenorth should make a BR livery simulator
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10:59<supermop>hi planetmaker
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13:12<frosch123>heffer: blathijs: release btw :p
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13:19<blathijs>frosch123: Tnx
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14:55<Wolf01>does somebody know a good c# irc channel?
14:56<@Alberth>channel list doesn't have one?
14:57<Wolf01>yes but some are empty, others just one person or doesn't seem to talk about the right things reading the topics
14:58<Wolf01>I'm trying on freenode now
14:59<Wolf01>or they talk brazilian or dutch
15:00<Wolf01>or 515 people not talking
15:01<@planetmaker>145 people not talking here ;)
15:01<@Alberth>better than 500 people that do talk :p
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15:02<@Alberth>could also try mono, I guess
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15:02<Wolf01>nah, I'm more targeted to UWP
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15:05<Wolf01>ok, they are throwing shit to UWP, I think that's the right channel :)
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15:32<andythenorth>I should finish Squid
15:33<andythenorth>don’t like it though
15:34<Wolf01>why not?
15:34<@Alberth>try to improve it so you hate it less?
15:34<andythenorth>because ships :)
15:34<andythenorth>ships are just daft eh?
15:35<Wolf01>it's an interesting idea, it reminds me about these
15:35<@Alberth>getting a decent waterway is complicated
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15:35*andythenorth considers again refittable ship capacities
15:35<andythenorth>or a % loaded order type
15:36<@Alberth>usually the map generator makes one big land area
15:36<Wolf01>mmmh woode vehicles grf set
15:36<andythenorth>ship set needs such a wide range of sizes; trains, RVs, airplanes, not
15:37<andythenorth>Wolf01: toyland replacement :)
15:37<andythenorth>probably too cute to be interesting
15:37<@Alberth>make a smallships newgrf :p
15:38<Wolf01>yeah, a fleet of motorboats
15:38<Wolf01>150 motorboats in place of one container ship
15:39<@Alberth>how to kill CPU time efficiently :p
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16:04<Samu>is the main menu background game loaded as single player? there seems to be a human player in it. no matter how I edit the ai_gui.cpp file, all points to a human player being in there
16:08<Samu>how do I move this company away?
16:12<Wolf01>make a new title screen game from a dedicated server using one ai player?
16:12<Wolf01>but I bet it doesn't work
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16:31<Wolf01>bah, enough of morons this evening, I'll go back to the old tutorial lessons on the web :|
16:32<Wolf01>I tried to be polite and nice, but when people are so fucking retarded that even Cortana is more smart it's a lost battle
16:34<Wolf01>tell me directly "I don't want to help you" not "go see a little detail in a shitload-of-code file and try to spot where it's used"
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17:43<Wolf01>is it me or the intellisense of vs2015 learns how do you program?
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18:59<Samu>i got some weird crash error, asking for an enemergy save
18:59<Wolf01>some more info about what your modification could have caused it?
19:00<Samu>sec, i'm checking logs.
19:01<Samu>got 8 servers running, while also 8 clients watching, 1 for each server
19:02<Samu>there's some mess happenning, gonna be hard to explain
19:02<Samu>one of the clients on server 8 got a desync error
19:02<Samu>client 1, watching server 1, got the emergency crash
19:03<Samu>but server 3 is the one that disappeared
19:03<Samu>client 3 is no longer watching server 3, it's back to main menu
19:03<Samu>network error
19:04<Samu>what I don't get it is how server 1 is still running
19:04<Wolf01>because the client had the error, not the server
19:05<Samu>I was supposed to be getting 8 servers running
19:05<Samu>server 3 is gone... without error
19:05<Wolf01>or it is stuck at saving?
19:05<Wolf01>I'm thinking about thread safety
19:06<Wolf01>you should ask somebody more wise about this error
19:06<Wolf01>I can only make assumptions
19:06<Samu>the explanation is misleading, let me try again
19:07<Samu>what i mean with client 1, is me with an openttd instance spectating the game hosted by server 1. I associated it as client 1 = server 1
19:07<Wolf01>ok, this was clear
19:08<+glx>there should be some details in the crash window
19:08<Samu>server 3 crashed without error > spectator 3 got the network error
19:09<Samu>server 1 did not crash > spectator 1 crashed with the emergency save
19:09<+glx>of course if the server is gone without notice the client get a network error
19:09<Samu>this happened shortly after server 8 client getting a desync error
19:09<Samu>oops, client 8 on server 8 getting a desync error
19:10<Samu>let me upload bug report
19:11<+glx>if you modified the code it's useless
19:12<Wolf01>are you using multiplayer safe AIs?
19:12<Samu>i ran the convert.exe utility
19:12<Wolf01>not what I asked
19:12<+glx>convert is ok
19:13<Wolf01>ah ok, was related to the modified code
19:13<Wolf01>I'm falling asleep
19:14<Samu>start /D "C:\Program Files\OpenTTD" openttd.exe -n :3979#255
19:14<Samu>the servers are not on C:
19:14<Samu>the client instances are not modified at all, not even converted
19:15<Wolf01>something in the running games? grfs? AIs?
19:15<Samu>yes, AI's on all of them
19:16<Wolf01>maybe one AI executed a command which caused the desync?
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19:21<Samu>there is a crash dump from server 3 as well
19:21<Samu>so, I got 2 crash dumps
19:26<Wolf01>btw... 'night
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19:55<Samu>the desync on server 8 was not recent after all
19:57<Samu>how often does the "advertising to master server" happen?
19:57<Samu>if i know that number, i can precise better when the desync happened
20:00<Samu>I count 36 messages of "advertising to master server" after the desync
20:01<Samu>right now
20:10<Samu>there it is
20:20<Samu>recv failed with error 10054
20:20<Samu>on server 8
20:20<Samu>what is this
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20:36<+glx>recv failed is a network error
21:03<Samu>server 1 is getting too slow
21:03<Samu>there's about 12000 total vehicles in it
21:04<Samu>roadrunner is bad at dealing with truck jams
21:05<Samu>it's commiting suicide, they will all bankrupt. the ais are trying to add more trucks because of waiting cargo in the stations, but this creates more jam
21:05<Samu>more jams, more waiting cargo, more trucks - repeat cycle, until bankrupt
21:09<Samu>keks -
21:09<Samu>can't even zoom out
21:10<Samu>performance goes to hell
21:16<Samu>cyas goognight
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