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04:34<argoneus>good morning train friends
04:55<Wolf01>hmm, I would like to figure out how to start pickup of items when a belt is almost full
04:57<Wolf01>also hysteresis made simple...
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05:27<Samu>bah, GS script parameters are bugged
05:27<Samu>why do i suck :(
05:28<Wolf01>those 2 assertions don't match
05:30<Samu>it's also bugged in 1.6.0, but differently bugged
05:30<Samu>my bug is worse
05:31<Samu>bug in 1.6.0
05:32<Samu>configure GS Village is Villages in main menu
05:32<Samu>change maximum size of largest non-city
05:32<Samu>change from default to any other value you want
05:32<Samu>now start a new game
05:33<Samu>open AI/Debug
05:33<Samu>change settings for GS script, click reset
05:33<Samu>bug: the locked value goes back to default
05:34<Samu>and my bug is worse
05:35<Samu>it does that and more, you can even click disabled buttons
05:35<Samu>this doens't happen in 1.6.0
05:58<Wolf01>so, it looks you are a good bug catcher, why don't you try to fix them instead of trying to do some strange patch?
06:01<Samu>my patches are never good
06:03<Samu>brb, submiting bug report
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09:06<Samu>4 & 4 = 1?
09:07<Samu>4 & 4 ==1 ?
09:07<V453000>666 = 1
09:07<Samu>(config_item.flags & SCRIPTCONFIG_INGAME) == 0)
09:08<Samu>config_item.flags is 4
09:08<Eddi|zuHause>error: 666 is not an lvalue
09:08<Samu>4 & 4 == 1?
09:10<Samu>i dont understand what the & calculates
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09:14<Samu>what I know is that it's different than 0, i guess that suffices
09:20<Samu>ah, it's 4
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10:11<Samu>Exception thrown: read access violation.
10:12<Samu>i hate game scripts
10:13<Samu>errors with exception
10:13<Samu>maybe because the map is still being generated
10:13<Samu>there is no game instance yet
10:15<Samu>I need a GetIfNotNULLGameInstance
10:15<Samu>or a IsValidGS
10:16<Samu>hmm :( gonna try
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10:33<Samu>nevermind, i'm an idiot
10:34<Wolf01>bbl, again
10:34<Wolf01>o/ Alberth
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10:35<@Alberth>bye wolf
10:37<Samu>i edited a script to crash itself, but apparently it crashed openttd with it
10:39<@Alberth>well, it did die :p
10:49<Samu>the code is wrong when it asks if _game_mode != GM_MENU
10:49<Samu>it should ask _game_mode == GM_NORMAL
10:50<Samu>there's the editor
10:50<Samu>can configure ai stuff in the scenario editor
10:50<Samu>treat editor like main menu
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12:16<Samu>this is what I'm currently up to
12:17<Samu>;a=blob;f=src/ai/ai_gui.cpp;h=8944e8bc4f33f8187a50d9773078e21495e6bf6f;hb=HEAD#l378 line 378
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12:26<Samu>weird stuff
12:26<Samu>i can access the parameters of the (none) GS
12:29<Samu>in 1.6.0 too
12:31<Samu>in 1.6.0
12:31<Samu>report bug?
12:31<Samu>well not assertion, just memory violation thing
12:33<Samu>vector iterator not incrementable
12:33<Samu>i was scrolling down the paramenters from the list of (none) GS
12:34<Samu>which in itself shouldn't be possible
12:35<Samu>brb, creating report
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12:59<Samu>hmm there are more bugs related to this scrolling stuff, for Random AI
12:59<Samu>i see in the list a mix of parameters from several AIs
13:00<Samu>chopper with Admiral
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13:03<Samu> AdmiralAI with Chopper when listing RandomAI parameters
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13:25<Ethereal_Whisper>Wow. Left my game running on fast forward on accident and went to a friend's house overnight
13:25<Ethereal_Whisper>It's now 2508 and everything's still up and running
13:27<Ethereal_Whisper>I also have $43 billion
13:32<@Alberth>too bad it's not real money :p
13:38<Samu>i got to change the rules for GS, else this is all too confusing for me
13:39<Samu>the idea of flags is interesting, but I don't know how to use this
13:39<Samu>how to code with flags
13:40<Samu>or something
13:41<Samu>why can't game scripts restart?
13:42<Samu>what would happen if they were restarted?
13:42<Samu>they can't be randomly chosen on game start either
13:45<@DorpsGek>Commit by translators :: r27550 trunk/src/lang/unfinished/frisian.txt (2016-04-25 19:45:36 +0200 )
13:45<@DorpsGek>-Update from Eints:
13:45<@DorpsGek>frisian: 7 changes by BAJansen
13:47<Ethereal_Whisper>Need a random mountain name
13:48<Ethereal_Whisper>Found one :)
13:48<@Alberth>The Bump
13:52<Samu>gosh, im horrible at this t.t
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15:16<Samu>i've been all day fixing this bool :( i'm horribly slow
15:17<Wolf01>pfff, a week for a file name
15:20<Samu>it does not crash anymore
15:20<Samu>that means... i failed at trying to make that line shorter
15:21<Samu>there must be a way
15:22<Samu>going to dissect it again
15:23<Wolf01>Samu, a single boolean variable is not the way, doing 4235043645757 tests in one line is entirely wrong
15:24<Samu>it's giant, but it works :( i also tried to make it shorter
15:24<Samu>i failed when trying to make it shorter
15:24<Wolf01>a comprehensible code is what it does make a patch a good patch, not less lines
15:24<Wolf01>you don't need to make it shorter, you must split it
15:25<Wolf01>use variables with a meaningful name, doesn't matter if you use 5 booleans which mean different things
15:26<Wolf01>it's always better to check 5 booleans instead of 12 nested tests
15:27<Wolf01>and I won't help you more than this, because it seem like you don't even want to listen what me, Alberth and others are telling you
15:31<Samu>I want to make it readable
15:32<Samu>I'm trying
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15:39<Ethereal_Whisper>Indeed not
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16:11*Wolf01 is bored
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18:54<Samu>i did it guyz:o
18:54<Samu>it shorter 7 characters
18:54<Samu>but still barely readabl
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18:58<Samu>the problem is that I have to deal with all cases
18:59<Samu>line 2 is the same as line 5 and the same as lines 8-14
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19:00<Samu>spend the entire day just for this line, and still I know it's not readable
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19:03<Samu>i don't know how to split this and still make sense of it
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23:26<supermop>yo Supercheese
23:36<supermop>whats up out west?
23:49<Supercheese>some Factorio modding, re-watching some Star Trek
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