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08:51<andythenorth>automating cargo sprites is a bit of a pisser :P
08:59<andythenorth>vehicles have different lengths
09:00<andythenorth>so the cargo sprites have to have different lenghts
09:00<andythenorth>bit shit
09:00<V453000>gg python :P
09:01<andythenorth>silly vehicles
09:01<andythenorth>silly cargos
09:01*andythenorth considers making all vehicles same length
09:02<V453000>XD finally?
09:03<andythenorth>or 4px cargos
09:03<andythenorth>and just repeat them
09:03<V453000>bigger looks better
09:03<andythenorth>is the truth :|
09:03<andythenorth>I probably have to draw different lengths
09:20<Samu>2018, 2048, 2039
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09:37<@Alberth>hi hi
09:41<andythenorth>lo Alberth
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11:37<Samu>2019, 2049, 2040
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11:40<Leanden>Andythenorth: do you have a template for create_effect of trains
11:40<Leanden>either electric, diesel or steam etc.
11:40<andythenorth>errr probably
11:41<Leanden>I went to go code it but realised its reeeeeaaalllly long to code
11:41<Leanden>so if theres already a template in place that adjusts the amount of smoke etc for speed/acceleration then thatd likely be easier :)
11:42<andythenorth>I just use the default generators
11:42<andythenorth>there is code for effects in Iron Horse, but it doesn’t affect the generation
11:42<andythenorth>just position
11:42<andythenorth>and it detects railtype I think
11:42<andythenorth>for electro-diesels and such
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11:46<Leanden>what are the defaults?
11:47<Leanden>because i just used SPAWN_EFFECT_DIESEL and there are no effects at all
11:48<@Alberth>there is a setting to disable smoke
11:49<Leanden>i disabled breakdown smoke
11:49<Leanden>would that have done it?
11:49<@Alberth>never heard of that setting
11:50<@Alberth>I only know smoke setting in general, with accelaration etc
11:50<@Alberth>so yeah, that might be the one
11:51<Leanden>hmm actually i dont have that flag enabled
11:52<@Alberth>to check you could use a different newgrf, eg iron horse
11:53<Leanden>i just compiled it again
11:53<Leanden>and the diesel smoke has reappered
11:53<andythenorth>diesel only triggers when accelerating hard
11:54<Leanden>ah no wait
11:54<andythenorth>the defaults have some dubious design choices imho
11:54<Leanden>that with the VISUAL_EFFECT flag
11:54<andythenorth>I sometimes set vehicles to use the steam effect generator
11:54<Leanden>the EFFECT_SPAWN is still not producing any smoke
11:54<andythenorth>Leanden: can you compile any of my grfs? I don’t have time right now to paste the right nml
11:55<andythenorth>Squid, Road Hog, Iron Horse all have vehicle effects ;)
11:55<Leanden>which grf?
11:55<Leanden>which one is trains?
11:55<andythenorth>Iron Horse
11:55<andythenorth>you’d want the nml
11:55<andythenorth>rather than the python
11:55*andythenorth bbl
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11:56<@Alberth>ah, right, python magic :)
11:58<@Alberth>need a hand with that?
12:00<Leanden>I have the source code for Iron Horse
12:01<Leanden>but i have no idea how to turn it into an NML file i can actually look at :)
12:01<@Alberth>"make" mostly, with installing a few dependencies :p
12:01<Leanden>ye tried make
12:01<Leanden>"/bin/sh: /c/Program: No such file or directory /bin/sh: /c/Program: No such file or directory /bin/sh: /c/Program: No such file or directory /bin/sh: /c/Program: No such file or directory"
12:02<Leanden>tells me im missing something somewhere
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12:03<Leanden>any idea what dependancies im missing?
12:04<@Alberth>hmm, that would start with /bin/sh probably
12:04<@Alberth>random guess (not a windows user) mingw, python2, chameleon
12:04<@Alberth>but working on getting a build for you
12:04<Leanden>cheers :)
12:04<Leanden>i have MinGW
12:05<@Alberth>unfortunately reinstalled the system, so lost all the usual dependencies
12:05<Leanden>i have python3 i believe
12:05<Leanden>ye i had to reinstall recently so lost all mine as well
12:05<Leanden>chameleon ive never heard of
12:05<@Alberth>python templating system
12:06<@Alberth>if you have mingw, then it probably argues with the space character in "c:Program <whatever>"
12:06<Leanden>ye i was just wondering that
12:06<Leanden>should i try and run "make" from gitbash?
12:07<Leanden>nvm got the same error :D
12:09<@Alberth>bash is horrible with paths with spaces in it
12:10<Leanden>its a system critical folder, so not like i can take the space out either
12:11<Leanden>oh thanks :D
12:12<Samu>160 hours cpu time and still in 2019
12:13<Leanden>the whole code uses visual_effect_and_powered :D
12:13<Leanden>not the effect_spawn_model_and_powered + callback create_effect: im trying to learn :D
12:15<@Alberth>fish and nml have "effect_spawn" in my collection of grf sources
12:16<@Alberth> 230KB
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12:49<Leanden>thanks alberth
12:49<Leanden>thats done the trick
12:55<Leanden>yay :D
12:56<Leanden>now just to get sounds a'la UKRS
13:01<@Alberth>always nice when all the puzzle pieces fit, and it all magically comes to life :)
13:04<Leanden>is the sound effect thing like UKRS possible in NML yet?
13:06<@Alberth>I don't know
13:06<@Alberth>I never even played UKRS :)
13:15<Leanden>shame on you sir!
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13:16<@Alberth>nah, just a strong preference for non-realism :)
13:21<Leanden>ahh :)
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13:52<Samu>2050, last year at last
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14:12<@Alberth>slowly but surely getting there :)
14:12<@Alberth>wb andy
14:13<andythenorth>I guess I have to store the length of each vehicle’s cargo deck / body
14:13<andythenorth>I _could_ encode it in the sprites directly :P
14:14<andythenorth>by drawing a line in a certain colour, and measuring the length with PIL :P
14:14<@Alberth>or make an AI that eye-balls it :)
14:15<@Alberth>can't just find the cargo deck?
14:15<andythenorth>not trivially
14:15<andythenorth>Leanden: afaik, sound is possible in nml
14:15<andythenorth>and related props
14:17<andythenorth>working out the length from pixels is probably quite slow
14:17<andythenorth>relative to just having it stored already in a prop
14:17*andythenorth thinking aloud
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14:53<Leanden>ye i saw the sound events thing
14:53<Leanden>would need to have a bit of a poke and test5
14:53<Leanden>i think adding lots of wav files to a newgrf would rapidly make it huge
14:54<Supercheese>it's not so bad
14:54<Supercheese>you compress/recode them a bit
15:00<@Alberth>just don't use 32bpp :p
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15:07<Leanden>oh i have no plans to
15:08<@Alberth>V is near the 1GB size :p
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15:17<Leanden>is pikka still around
15:17<Leanden>id like to see what wav files he used for UKRS
15:17<andythenorth>you can decompile it with grfcodec
15:18<andythenorth>there are 45 different wavs
15:21<Supercheese>^ that
15:21<Supercheese>small filesizes too
15:24<Leanden>hmmm grfcodec
15:26<andythenorth>I think there’s a windows binary?
15:26<Samu>last month, finally!
15:27<Samu>2020, 2050, 2043
15:33<Leanden>ye i got it
15:33<Leanden>got the wav files too
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15:41<Samu>2051! :)
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15:42<frosch123>Leanden: avoid looping sounds, they do not really work
15:42<Samu>2 more servers to go
15:43<frosch123>only start sounds / random sounds
15:43<Samu>163 hours cpu time
15:43<Samu>ships + nocab is a really bad combo
15:44<Leanden>oh :(
15:44<Leanden>i was thinking to have running sounds
15:44<Leanden>idling sounds :(
15:45<Leanden>anyone know the format for calling sound effects
15:45<Leanden>the wiki isnt clear
15:45<frosch123>well, try ukrs, and listen
15:46<Leanden>i like ukrs running sounds
15:54<andythenorth>perhaps I only need 3/8 and 4/8 cargo sprites
15:54<andythenorth>that would not be so bad
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15:58<Leanden>unknown property name: sound_effect
15:58<Leanden>when i compile with sound_effect in the properties
16:01<Leanden>sound_effect: sound("sfx/dmu_run.wav");
16:01<andythenorth>Leanden: try ‘sound’ and the wav name?
16:01<andythenorth>oh no
16:01*andythenorth reading the spec wrong
16:02<Leanden>thats the line of code from my nml
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16:02<Leanden>which matches the spec as far as i can tell
16:02<andythenorth>what if you put it in the callbacks block?
16:04<Leanden>oo it compiled
16:04<andythenorth>nml bug :)
16:04<andythenorth>‘sound_effect’ is missing for trains
16:04<andythenorth>only provided for ships, rvs, planes
16:05<frosch123>it never existed for trains
16:05<frosch123>because steam/diesel/electric
16:05<andythenorth>this is why I shouldn’t have commit rights, ever :P
16:05<frosch123>hmm, no, no idea what is the reason
16:06<frosch123>but it's not supported by grf
16:06<frosch123>some cs thing
16:06<andythenorth>engine_class eh
16:07<andythenorth>nvm, callback has same effect
16:15<Leanden>so it wont work?
16:18<Samu>2020, 2043
16:28<frosch123>haha, I love how the F feature video highlights that wagons do not open when in corners, when V said the other day that the train uses so many spries
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16:34<andythenorth>Leanden: cb should work I think
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18:38<Samu>2021, 2045
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21:24<AdmiralKew>I should probably update OTTD and my newGRFs
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22:12<Eddi|zuHause>and now i'm mad. game crashed and last save was like half an hour ago...
22:12<Eddi|zuHause>and in that half an hour i had like 3 instances of "i should save and quit"
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