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02:25<MonkeyDrone>Morning folks
02:26<V453000>new YETI mf
02:32<MonkeyDrone>tits of gtfo!
02:32<V453000>yeti is tits
02:33<MonkeyDrone>slenderman yeti! ideas!
02:33<MonkeyDrone>it sure is
02:33<MonkeyDrone>how you doing today man?
02:33<V453000>fixing bridges
02:34<MonkeyDrone>sweeet, at home?
02:34<V453000>yeah sure
02:34<V453000>not doing openttd stuff at work
02:34<MonkeyDrone>hehe, i figured factorio on downtime on art work
02:35<V453000>eh, browsing irc, writing trello, painting tests in photoshop maybe, but nothing major
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02:35<V453000>also, BRIX requires different software than what we use at work, and it uses 13GB of memory when open, 22GB when rendering...
02:36<V453000>it's not exactly "a small project for downtimes" :D
02:37<V453000>and in downtimes I usually do "secondary tasks for factorio" so yeah :)
02:38<MonkeyDrone>damn, that's a lot of RAM usage
02:38<MonkeyDrone>how much do you have installed in your system?
02:38<V453000>24 XD
02:40<V453000>if things go to shit I can always render from smaller separate scenes
02:44<V453000>rendering from one is just convenient so that's what I do so far
02:44<V453000>since everything in openttd is retardedly linked
02:44<V453000>terrain is in tunnels, rails are in bridges, roads are on bridges and road crossings, ...
02:45<MonkeyDrone>heh, what's next upgrade looking like for your system? 64GB?
02:46<V453000>had 32GB before, but CPU burned out 1 slot XD
02:46<MonkeyDrone>since you were going for the 1080 i believve
02:46<V453000>well it's not like I am upgrading now
02:46<MonkeyDrone>that is some intense heat
02:46<V453000>if something like 1080Ti comes out then hell yeah
02:46<MonkeyDrone>what cooling was the cpu on?
02:46<MonkeyDrone>it'll come out, just a matter of time
02:46<V453000>it had some shitty passive cooler and fans around it but in a really poor way
02:48<MonkeyDrone>aah, no aftermarket cooling solutions on the cpu....
02:48<MonkeyDrone>and you abused it like a little bitch
02:49<Eddi|zuHause>i had some passive cooling for my RAM once, not sure where it ended up
02:50<Flygon>1080Ti to run 32768*32768 OpenTTD maps
02:50<Flygon>You'll need the processing power :B
02:50<V453000>yeah since that's the only thing I do on my pc flygon, and like gpu matters for openttd
02:50<Flygon>(though, more likely, I can see such a ludicrously large map needing a map table bigger than 16GB :U)
02:50<Flygon>V453000: I was joking :P
02:50<MonkeyDrone>when i made my system, the first thing i did was snap an aftermarket cooler on the cpu. the stock coolers are a fucking joke
02:51<Flygon>I didn't get a GTX 960 for OpenTTD, afterall
02:51<MonkeyDrone>sure you didn't Flygon :P the human eye can't see over 60 fps anyway :P
02:51<V453000>I'll probably go for water cooled system next time
02:51<V453000>with lengthy renderings it might be worth it
02:51<Flygon>My Graphics Tablet doesn't go over 60fps anyway :U
02:51<MonkeyDrone>V453000, for the burning, definitely do recommend water cooling, 5C cooler than air cooling
02:52<Flygon>(limited deskspace = Graphics tablet does both the art and the games >_>)
02:52<Eddi|zuHause>Flygon: openttd uses 10 bytes per tile
02:52<MonkeyDrone>Flygon, awwww, you should install speedboost apps on it :P
02:52<Flygon>(So, yeah. Whee, colour corrected games :P)
02:52<V453000>well the burning was cause it was poorly built, air cooling can work if done properly, but yeah water better
02:52<Flygon>Eddi: I actually never knew that O_o
02:53<Eddi|zuHause>used to be 9 before the more height levels
02:53<Flygon>A 32768*32768 map would require at least 10.7GB of RAM just for the map data alone :I
02:53<Eddi|zuHause>but then you still have no industries, vehicles, cargo packets, etc.
02:53<Flygon>I have no idea how games like Minecraft store their map tables so efficiently
02:54<Eddi|zuHause>they unload areas that are not in range
02:54<V453000>unlike factorio which simulates everything XD
02:54<Flygon>I mean, even if getting rid of wormholes and allowing truly '3D' map space was a thing in OpenTTD, I can't see the map tables as becoming anything but ludicrously huge without changing how that works O_o
02:55<V453000>wouldn't you just change rendering without touching the map array Flygon ?
02:55<Eddi|zuHause>Flygon: in minecraft, if you go too far from your house, your crops stop growing, etc.
02:55<Flygon>Eddi: Right
02:55<Eddi|zuHause>openttd is not built like that
02:55<Flygon>V453000: So you can have multiple different signals on the same tile on different z axises?
02:56<V453000>does 3D mean you can build things on top of things? :D
02:56<Flygon>More than a rendering change!
02:56<Flygon>Well, like
02:56<Flygon>Tunnels with curve and height changes
02:56<Flygon>And stations inside of them :U
02:56<V453000>uh, no?
02:56<Flygon>And bridges that do the same
02:56<V453000>just the same features as openttd has now with rendered 3D
02:57<Eddi|zuHause>Flygon: factorio does not appear to have heightlevels at all
02:57<Flygon>O_o So it's theoretically possible to stack multiple platforms on top of eachother?
02:57<V453000> /me is back to bridges, this is not getting anywhere
02:58<Flygon>O_o I'm just saying, wouldn't that need changing the map array up?...
02:58<V453000>that w ould
02:58<V453000>but does anybody plan on doing anything related to that?
02:58<Flygon>Of course not :P
02:58<V453000>the only reasonable plan to me sounds like just making 3D rendering with the same map array
02:58<Flygon>As bloody awesome as it would be
02:58<MonkeyDrone>hmmm Flygon , brilliant idea, multiple level train stations!
02:59<Flygon>MonkeyDrone: The idea's been thrown around for 20 years. I'm hardly the first sob to suggest it.
02:59<MonkeyDrone>subway tracks! more trains per tile
02:59<Eddi|zuHause>i wonder how nobody ever came up with that idea before...
02:59<MonkeyDrone>Flygon, get to work then!
02:59<MonkeyDrone>who's rewriting the engine?
02:59<Flygon>I'm working on a different project, sorry
03:00<MonkeyDrone>does it involve adult entertainment?
03:01<Alkel_U3>MonkeyDrone: how's your first fortress? :-)
03:01<MonkeyDrone>Alkel_U3, hehe maaaaaaaan
03:01<MonkeyDrone>Alkel_U3, i can see why the game might be addictive :P
03:02<MonkeyDrone>these new dwarves came in and started eating all my food and beer
03:02<MonkeyDrone>and then my horses had a baby, but the adult horses died, i think sickness or hunger, don't know. their corpses were lying int he trash that's when if ound out
03:03<MonkeyDrone>got a lot of cats/dogs running around now, they keep having babies, i don't know what's going on with those , but overall, it's a mess but i have the hang of basic building
03:03<Alkel_U3>classic beginner problems :D
03:04<Alkel_U3>just be warned - catsplosion is a real thing :D
03:04<MonkeyDrone>well have not ben attacked yet, which is good
03:04<MonkeyDrone>i'll have them exterminated then xD
03:04<MonkeyDrone>apparently you can turn them into cake
03:04<MonkeyDrone>or biscuit, not sure
03:04<Alkel_U3>your first fortress will most probably succumb to something else, though
03:06<Flygon>MonkeyDrone: No :U
03:06<Alkel_U3>I won't spil it for you ;)
03:07<Alkel_U3>anyway, gotta go to work now
03:07<MonkeyDrone>Alkel_U3, laters mate
03:07<MonkeyDrone>Flygon, it's cool, i will survive :D
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03:51<MonkeyDrone>heh, laptop froze completely while generating new world for DF
04:01<MonkeyDrone>gg DF, started a new game , figured i start next to a river, make a farm. Turns out no fertile land near, cause all the mud is left by the river and it's not farmable...
04:15<Alkel_U3>that's kinda weird
04:15<Alkel_U3>did you dam the river or just farm near?
04:16<Alkel_U3>also you don't have any above ground crop seeds at the start, you have just dwarven underground crops which need to grow indoors (incave)
04:22<MonkeyDrone>Alkel_U3, indeed, i was thinking just that plume something
04:22<MonkeyDrone>that's what i'm doing now, indoor farming
04:22<MonkeyDrone>hehe, but now i go to the swimming pool at my brother's place <3
04:23<MonkeyDrone>laters :D
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04:59<Alaskoud>6 am hits, Wolf in, and I'm out
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05:16<V453000>hm, making bridges properly is REALLY tough
05:17<Wolf01>Just make 2 ramps and let trains jump
05:29<V453000>I think I will have to redo ALL of the roads/rails in bridges
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06:03<Wolf01> better than the Nintendo one
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06:07<V453000>cars in openttd can't overtake on bridges, correct?
06:08<Wolf01>I still need to find an occasion which allows to overtake, but that only occour with vanilla game
06:09<V453000>well articulated cars can't overtake
06:09<V453000>so if your newgrf defines those, yea
06:10<Wolf01>The state machine really needs to be rewritten
06:10<Eddi|zuHause>V453000: if the overtaking process started before the bridge, it will continue on the bridge, but it cannot start (or end) on the bridge
06:11<Flygon>Wolf01: I am surprised they didn't go for the cart solution myself
06:12<Flygon>Hell, NES carts are still very easy to manufacture
06:12<Flygon>Hell, Mega Drive carts are STILL very easy to make a full package for
06:12<Flygon>The hardest bit is printing the right sort of label, and the instruction manual
06:13<V453000>right XD I thought I remembered something like that
06:13<V453000>thanks Eddi|zuHause
06:14<Eddi|zuHause>V453000: not sure why that matters though. it could change in the future. or maybe it did change already and i did not notice.
06:25<V453000>I was just considering having full road stripe on bridges
06:25<V453000>instead of dashed
06:25<V453000>just as a nice detail
06:28<Wolf01>bich day ;) bye
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06:47<Samu>1979, 2003, 2033, 1979, 1995
06:47<V453000>this is murican on so many levels
06:48<V453000>best part is that 3.5 million people are able to watch that regularly
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08:00<Eddi|zuHause>i totally get watching gamers on youtube. i don't get watching guys who scream into the camera on youtube...
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09:56<Samu>1992, 2005, 2034, 1990, 2007
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13:05<Samu>2005, 2006, 2034, 2000, 2019
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13:42<Wolf01>did you try to fix the repo andy?
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13:45<andythenorth>did I break it? :o
13:46<Wolf01>It seem to miss something, but I didn't figure out what
13:47<Wolf01>At least, it seem I can't run the game from the repo
13:49<skrzyp>Can I list settings invisible in the GUI but with impact on a dedicated server?
13:54<Eddi|zuHause>only from the console
13:54<andythenorth>Wolf01: I have to work, so can’t figure it out :)
13:54<andythenorth>I thought OpenTTD didn’t run from a fresh checkout without additional files?
13:54<Eddi|zuHause>the command is strangely named list_settings, not sure how anyone would guess that functionality...
13:57<andythenorth>meh, openttd doesn’t compile for me
13:58*andythenorth has to look up the flags
14:08<skrzyp>Eddi|zuHause: you didn't understand, I'm looking for setting which can't be changed from UI
14:08<skrzyp>like autoclean companies
14:08<skrzyp>and so on
14:16<andythenorth>tough fly, took 7 hits to kill
14:16*andythenorth exciting news
14:19<Samu>hey Wormnest , im testing v3 nonocab
14:20<Samu>trains still get stuck for no reason
14:20<Wormnest>hi Samu
14:20<Wormnest>That´s too bad I thought I had that mostly fixed
14:21<Samu>at block signs
14:21<Samu>i think im using v3, let me confirm
14:22<Samu>let me screenshot
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14:23<Samu>i see imgur changed
14:26<Eddi|zuHause>skrzyp: yes, that was the question i answered.
14:29<Wormnest>looks like its crossing its own rails must be a new problem I introduced
14:29<Wormnest>But I currently have no time to look at it
14:29<skrzyp>Eddi|zuHause: okay, anyways…
14:30<skrzyp>Can I re-download NewGRFs from Content Download service using a dedicated server, when I've only copied the openttd.cfg file?
14:30<skrzyp>Without selecting them manually using rcon
14:36<Eddi|zuHause>you can download them if you have a specific savegame that uses them
14:36<Eddi|zuHause>or you can simply download all of them...
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14:54<Wolf01>But I must confirm that some train windows could not be closed
14:56<Eddi|zuHause>well, that'll sort itself out in 20 years or so, when the last trains with openable windows will be phased out
14:57<Eddi|zuHause>then you "just" have a problem with inoperational air-conditioning
14:57<Wolf01>Then we'll have trains with air conditioner in winter and heaters in summer... oh, my bad, they are already like this now
14:59<frosch123>yeah, but how does the train know whether it is summer or winter?
14:59<frosch123>(some jokes from my childhood just don't work anymore :p )
15:00<Eddi|zuHause>i tried to think of a witty comeback, but it just wasn't meant to be, i think...
15:00<Wolf01>I tried to write 3 different replies to that...
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16:03<V453000>lol I thought I had some weird issue when rendering bridge spritesheet
16:04<V453000>apparently it wasn't a freeze, it simply takes that long XD
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16:18<V453000>I have watched some dota2 casts today, I have to say that they are top class professional, awesomely done
16:18<V453000>I haven't seen that level even in starcraft 2
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16:28<Samu>i play heroes of the storm
16:29<Eddi|zuHause>i was never into either of those games
16:29<Samu>never tried dota2
16:29<V453000>omg, seeing the bridge alignment fixed brings a tear to my eyes, wanting to run around the room and be happy like an idiot
16:30<Samu>i tried dota on wc3, didn't like it, but for some reason i enjoy hots
16:30<V453000>Eddi|zuHause: it requires retarded amount of time investment to even start understanding it, and the community is so ultra toxic that I don't enjoy it either. However, the complexity of the game is amazing and makes for very interesting viewing experience for me.
16:30<Samu>seems easier
16:30<V453000>well hots is built around the idea to make dota but not so stressful
16:30<V453000>in which I think it succeeds big time
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18:53<Alaskoud>irssi or turbo irc?
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19:02<Alaskoud>well then no irc for me
19:04<Eddi|zuHause>everybody here will be devastated :(
19:07<Alaskoud>for serious now, top irc clients? at least 3, i dont want to pirate mirc
19:08<Eddi|zuHause>well, you could just use unpirated mirc, and ignore the "this trial has ended" popup
19:08<Sylf>irssi (proxy) + hexchat for me
19:08<Eddi|zuHause>otherwise, i have no clue about windows clients anymore
19:09<Alaskoud>oh, but what disadvantages about trial expiration
19:09<Eddi|zuHause>none, except for the popup at start
19:09<Alaskoud>great lol
19:10<Eddi|zuHause>well, at least that's how it worked 10 years ago
19:10<Eddi|zuHause>when i stopped using windows
19:10<Sylf>the popup is naggier now, I think
19:11<Sylf>if you want to you mirc and don't want to pirate it, you need to pay for it to keep your sanity
19:11<Sylf>otherwise, try clients like chatzilla or hexchat etc
19:27<Samu>too late
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