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07:19<argoneus>good morning train friends
07:21<MonkeyDrone>good morning argoneus
07:21<argoneus>you too
07:22<MonkeyDrone>ayeee, :D wish i oculd say that xD
07:23<MonkeyDrone>48C today :D getting rekt out here
07:24<MonkeyDrone>damn no homosapien is running plvling in D3 right now
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07:40<MonkeyDrone>lvl 50, aww yiis
07:54<Wolf01>Don't wait for me
07:57<V453000>looks like no man's nigger is a big fail :D
07:58<Wolf01>I was hoping on it :(
07:59<Wolf01>Is it like Spore Galactic Adventures?
07:59<V453000>idk but apparently the generation is WAY worse than advertized
08:00<V453000>like basically no animals anywhere, when any, then they look and behave retarded
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08:01<Wolf01>Just like Spore
08:02<Wolf01>I should go back and try to learn how to play X
08:02<Wolf01>X3: Albion prelude maybe
08:06<MonkeyDrone>V453000: i tried th game for 2 hours
08:06<MonkeyDrone>V453000: that's all the time that game deserved
08:07<V453000>Spore was at least somewhat fun until you started "socializing" the monsters
08:07<MonkeyDrone>never played spores, i missed that train
08:08<V453000>not much to miss tbh
08:08<MonkeyDrone>well i'm sure that game was also a thing at the time of it's release
08:09<MonkeyDrone>as for NMS, the lack of meat on that game is miserable
08:09<Samu>wow legion lore: killing main characters, blizzard following game of thrones, i see
08:09<MonkeyDrone>it's like you order a steak and all you get is salad for dinner
08:09<Samu>varian wrynn... dead
08:09<Samu>vol'jin... dead
08:10<MonkeyDrone>Samu: i guess i should start reading on what's happening with legion then :P
08:10<Samu>the new rulers
08:10<Samu>sylvanas for the horde, anduin for the alliance
08:11<MonkeyDrone>sylvanas made a big promotion there
08:11<Samu>and it's pretty much obvious by now the boss is gul'dan
08:11<Samu>and demon hunters are key to defeat them
08:13<Samu>never heard of anduin, must investigate
08:13<MonkeyDrone>aye, i'm not up in the Alliance side either , been Hordin all my life
08:16<Samu>oh, anduin wrynn-.. it's the son
08:18<MonkeyDrone>Samu: maaaaaaan, i don't want to buy legion right now >.<
08:19<Samu>illidan to the rescue!
08:20<MonkeyDrone>poor illidan, most depressing life story ever x.x
08:20<Samu>from the videos i've seen.... gul'dan wants to have illidan under his control
08:20<MonkeyDrone>hah, there's no controlling Illidan
08:21<Samu>maiev already knows illidan is key to defeat gul'dan
08:21<MonkeyDrone>Illidan Stormrage <The Betrayer>
08:21<Samu>so we have maiev on a quest to free illidan... which is ... something she should be against
08:21<MonkeyDrone>Betrayer... In truth, it was I who was betrayed. Still, I am hunted. Still, I am hated. Now, my blind eyes see what others cannot: that sometimes the hand of fate must be forced! Now go forth... unleash the tides of Doom... Upon all those...who would oppose us.
08:21<MonkeyDrone>- Illidan Stormrage
08:21<Samu>good lore there blizzard
08:21<MonkeyDrone>fucking brutal <3
08:22<MonkeyDrone>basically illidan - "oh you say i'm evil and shit, FINE, i'll make your dreams come true!" xD
08:23<Samu>illidan is the good guy now...
08:23<Samu>because blizzard
08:23<MonkeyDrone>lol, because bigger evil is about to whack them:P
08:25<MonkeyDrone>ah well, i'm gonna go to bed before i end up buying legion now. It has to wait :P
08:25<MonkeyDrone>must wait for reviews xD
08:38<V453000>get rekt
08:40<Wolf01>Meh, Tharsis is the first game ever I tried and uninstalled
08:41<Wolf01>I can't even ask for a refund
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10:07<argoneus>V453000: no man's scam promised a lot and didn't deliver much
10:07<argoneus>the E3 presentation had a handcrafted world
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10:07<argoneus>the procedurally generated content all looks the same
10:08<V453000>well mainly the stunning amount of creatures on the E3 presentation is super misleading
10:12<V453000>yes exactly
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11:32<MonkeyDrone>an anime in the end credits said 'illegal downloaders are going to be cursed' :(
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12:00<Quatroking>hey are there any mods out there that allow you to allow competitors to use your railroad network in trade for money
12:02<@Alberth>infra structure sharing patch
12:02<@Alberth>there is a topic in the development forum about it
12:03<@Alberth>it's not a simple modification, it changes source code, so either you have to compile it yourself, or find a pe-compiled version, probably also in that topic
12:03<@Alberth>it's also probably quite out of date
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12:44<Samu>2004, 2038, 2012
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13:05<Samu>just played as li-ming, i dont quite get how this hero can be so offensive, it's just too weak on my hands
13:06<Samu>her missiles are slow, only when they hit they hurt, i see
13:07<Samu>hmm nevermind
13:14<MonkeyDrone>Samu: li-ming is very situational, and need to be really lucky too with her
13:19<MonkeyDrone>damn, how hard is it to find plvlers this season, used ot take less than 5 minutes a year ago
13:22<V453000>foqn tranez
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13:37<Samu>wrightai is actually good
13:37<Samu>can't wait to see the final score table
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13:38<Samu>this week, 2 of the most boring heroes are on the free rotation :(
13:39<Samu>li li and lt morales
13:43<MonkeyDrone>V453000: giving you a hard time?
13:43<V453000>just a lot of werk
13:43<MonkeyDrone>Samu: Morales is brilliant!
13:43<MonkeyDrone>V453000: damn son, pcp?
13:44<MonkeyDrone>i suggested if you want some drugs to help you out
13:44<MonkeyDrone>Samu: never hate on Morales, or i'll find you and exterminate!
13:45<MonkeyDrone>lili is great too, can be a real pain in the ass if you know how to play her
13:45<MonkeyDrone>but from what i can tell Samu, you don't like support :P
13:47<V453000>nah perhaps another time
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13:48<Wolf01>Is V drunk again?
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13:48<V453000>no, y u fynk so?
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13:48<V453000>u wot m8
13:49<Wolf01>Too many trains then
13:49<V453000>That certainly yes.
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13:59<Samu>li li at least can do some damage
13:59<Samu>and survive on her own
13:59<Samu>morales... bah, must chase allies to be of any use
14:02<Samu>playing as gul'dan for the first time
14:02<Samu>hmm let's see
14:02<Samu>so gul'dan is on the free rotation
14:07<MonkeyDrone>lvl 70 on D3, already T54 xD
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14:15<Wolf01>I'm 44 on D3, only 10 lvls today
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14:19<Samu>alarak coming to hots
14:19<Samu>that tal'darim protoss dude
14:19<Samu>zarya from overwatch
14:20<Samu>and then some useless skins for f2p like me
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14:37<Samu>5 years for wrightai to reach 2051
15:04<Samu>3 years
15:08<supermop>V453000: are you doing houses?
15:08<supermop>or no
15:08<V453000>not yet, why?
15:08<V453000>I will eventually, but not now
15:08<V453000>trains alone are so gigantic task that I don't think I can do anything else for first release
15:09<supermop>messing around with this back garden/deck/lanscape project - modelling a planter that we need to change
15:09<V453000>would love to add catenary, fences and stations though
15:09<frosch123>tell me in advance when you get to houses
15:09<supermop>making me think about cobbling house bits together
15:09<V453000>+ depots
15:09<frosch123>so that i can go on vacation
15:09<frosch123>and avoid all the WTF :)
15:09<V453000>houses = extreme mess?
15:09<frosch123>they are likely the worst of all
15:09<supermop>is brix a baseset?
15:10<frosch123>they are easy as newgrf, but hell as baseset
15:10<supermop>but you wanted to composite trains out of multiple sprites, right?
15:10<V453000>currently brix is a newgrf but it only uses replace and replacenew blocks
15:10<supermop>frosch123: why would a house be hellish in base set?
15:11<V453000>I wanted to composite trains of multiple sprites but that isn't doable yet :P
15:11<supermop>seems like in base set each house is one sprite only, as opposed to all sorts of weird tricks that newgrf houses use
15:11<frosch123>because it arbitrarly composes houses of arbirtrary sprites with arbitrary size/offset dependencies, and various recolourings which do not match any other
15:11<supermop>V453000: but it probably is doable for houses maybe?
15:11<V453000>sprite size dependencies again?
15:11<V453000>jesus fuck
15:12<V453000>industries can definitely do it supermop
15:12<V453000>idk about houses
15:12<V453000>ask frosch123 :P
15:12<frosch123>[21:11] <V453000> I wanted to composite trains of multiple sprites but that isn't doable yet :P <- i committed like 40% yesterday
15:12<V453000>nice =D
15:12<V453000>that would be SO amazing
15:12<supermop>seems like you could then have a handful of roof bits, and arrange them in different ways for each house without needing 100s of different roofs
15:13<V453000>would allow me to make PART in full force one day
15:13<V453000>after BRIX :)
15:13<frosch123>supermop: doing houses as newgrf is very different from doing them as baseset
15:14<frosch123>i guess i should just tell V to use the outline of the original houses, and just recolor them :p
15:15<V453000>it wouldn't be horribly hard if I know such shit in advance tbh
15:15<V453000>but ofc I do want to go as creative as the shit allows me
15:15<frosch123>well, the recoloring is also arbitrary
15:15<frosch123>no idea whether a 32bpp set would just ignore the recoloring
15:15<frosch123>like there are 3 different colors for churches
15:16<frosch123>but 2 of them you can only distingiush when putting them next to each other :p
15:16<V453000>well I guess it only applies if I actually provide a non-empty 8bpp recolour mask
15:16<V453000>might as well easily just keep it empty if shit gets too hardcore
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15:19<V453000>the precise alpha and sprite sizes and such stuff is much bigger problem for me
15:20<frosch123>well yeah, there is one house with an elevator on the outside
15:20<frosch123>you can make it a santa at a rope, but the position is fixed
15:20<V453000>consider it done
15:22<V453000>size isn't fixed though?
15:22<frosch123>still, lots of those houses have very unique thing, you cannot just make 12 houses and put them into random spots. you have to check their specialities first
15:23<V453000>well, that stuff is far for now :)
15:25<V453000>I'll probably focus on RVs for version 0.0.2 and other smaller features
15:25<V453000>towns and industries later
15:26<frosch123>hmm, actually looks like the lift is the only insane thing
15:26<frosch123> <- for the rest you can here find whcih sprites and recolorings the buldnigs use
15:27<frosch123>some building use a ground sprite, some ground sprite+building sprite, some use recoloring
15:27<V453000>the ground I already noticed
15:27<V453000>when replacing the tile below the statue :D
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15:37<V453000>hm I went a bit overboard with details for brix trains :(
15:38<V453000>I'll need to figure out some balance
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15:58<V453000>should probably caricature it a lot more, like the coupling part
16:02<supermop>make the cars all knuckle coupler
16:02<V453000>it's already done, just not re-rendered
16:04<V453000>I kind of hate the pantograph
16:04<V453000>on one hand I enjoyed making it, on another hand it needs to be way more chibby
16:05<V453000>functional, but chibby
16:12<Samu>2 ais remain
16:12<Samu>nocab, admiralai
16:12<Samu>2017, 2014
16:13<Samu>admiralai, the first to start, the last to finish, something's wrong with it
16:13<Samu>the log doesn't show anything strange
16:13<Samu>i don't know what's happening
16:14<ST2>probably took some freetime for a couple beers xD
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16:40<Samu>it will need 3 or 4 more days to finish
16:41<Samu>nocab will finish tomorrow
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16:58<supermop_>chibi panto huh
16:59<supermop_>how about trolley pole instead of panto? with big trolley wheel
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17:38<Eddi|zuHause>oh, falsches fenster
17:38<Eddi|zuHause>err, i mean wrong window
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17:39<supermop>ok i am leaving work early then because Eddi|zuHause told me to
17:39<Eddi|zuHause>it's almost midnight
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21:44<+glx> <-- it's fun when people clearly don't know how things work
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22:02<Eddi|zuHause>"copy and paste treaty_of_westphalia.txt into a comment," that can't possibly be longer than the average EU regulation
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