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05:17<argoneus>good morning train friends
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05:36<V453000>go train yourself
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06:33<MonkeyDrone>choo choo mutha fuckas! *shoots V in the balls*
06:33<MonkeyDrone>hello argoneus, good afternoon
06:57<V453000>BALLS OF STEEL
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08:57<Samu>2031, 2016
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10:04<Samu>god i hope blizzard nerf artanis, that hero just doesn't fucking die
10:04<Samu>stupid hero with just 1 pixel width life and keeps activating shield...
10:08<Samu>i hope someone murders dustin browder. that idiot was the worst dev to ever come to blizzard
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10:24<supermop__>sounds like you are a trump voter
10:26<Samu>jesus, raynor basic attack damage is so overpowered
10:26<Samu>kills illidan in like 5 shots
10:26<Samu>this game is not about balance, it's about wasting time
10:27<Samu>not the blizzard i used to know
10:27<Samu>2036, 2017
10:28<Samu>he was the guy who invented units that attack while moving
10:28<Samu>worst invention ever to come to any rts
10:29<Samu>i just dont get ra2 fanbase
10:29<Samu>that game was totally stupid
11:11<supermop__>whats wrong with units attacking while moving?
11:11<supermop__>i think most airplanes work that way
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11:26<MonkeyDrone>Samu, dammit, why you go hate on ra2 fanbase?
11:26<MonkeyDrone>what's wrong with RA2?
11:27<MonkeyDrone>and raynor is indeed OP
11:27<MonkeyDrone>and Illidan got nerfed to shit ages ago, it was so sad
11:28<MonkeyDrone>and Artanis, lol, bastard might as well be a god late game
11:29<MonkeyDrone>130 paragon levels in D3, finally have only 2 set pieces for my leap build for barbarian. farming it has been not easy x.x but sooooon
11:34<Samu>how can blizz expect us to beat a siege tank, artanis, jaina, lt. morales
11:34<Samu>stupid match making system
11:35<MonkeyDrone>lol, you can't
11:35<MonkeyDrone>unless it's both same heros on both sides
11:35<MonkeyDrone>then it's just a matter of skills
11:35<Samu>and i forgot what the other hero was
11:35<Samu>think it was gul'dan
11:35<MonkeyDrone>with Morales healing
11:36<Samu>more like morales healing siege tank
11:36<Samu>artanis just doesn't die on his own
11:36<MonkeyDrone>true that
11:36<MonkeyDrone>lol, siege tank dmg is so OP as well
11:37<MonkeyDrone>Sgt Hammer was the name right
11:37<Samu>red alert 2 was a stupid game
11:37<Samu>kill const yard, gg
11:37<MonkeyDrone>RA2 was a briliant game, i grew up on it :P
11:37<Samu>games last 5 minutes if that
11:37<MonkeyDrone>well that doesn't happen much often now online
11:37<MonkeyDrone>because usually team games, it's a brave new world now
11:38<Samu>those prism tanks also great design by dustin browder
11:38<MonkeyDrone>he designed those, nice
11:38<Samu>the more u have, the better they are... thx dustin
11:38<MonkeyDrone>so fucking OP, its retarded xD
11:38<MonkeyDrone>even mammoth tanks don't stand a chance against those, lol
11:38<MonkeyDrone>and best AI, bring mirage tanks
11:38<MonkeyDrone>nothing will attack them xD
11:38<Samu>at least starcraft was good
11:39<MonkeyDrone>unless you ctrl+click on the ground where mirage tanks are standing, there is no way to attack the
11:39<Samu>but i had stupid friends at the time that only wanted to play ra2
11:39<MonkeyDrone>lol, i like your friends
11:39<MonkeyDrone>i had wires going all over my neighborhood just so we could play RA2 together
11:39<MonkeyDrone>can you imagine network cables going across buildings xD
11:39<Samu>i had 2 comps, i had cables accross the house
11:39<Samu>well, still have
11:40<MonkeyDrone>had to get a neighbor to hook up a second router in the middle to get more coverage
11:40<Samu>but no more friends
11:40<MonkeyDrone>they all moved on with life i bet
11:40<MonkeyDrone>but well, my friends are still here and we still play RA2.....
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11:40<MonkeyDrone>once every 2 weeks if lucky otherwise once every 3 weeks
11:41<MonkeyDrone>i know those homos since 1992
11:42<MonkeyDrone>find x
11:42<MonkeyDrone>you can do it Samu
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11:58<Samu>2040, 2018
11:58<Samu>11 years for nocab
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12:14<Samu>rofl illidan cant kill diablo 1 on 1... why
12:15<Samu>i just learned it the worst way... ffs wtf is illidan good for
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12:34<supermop_>yo Alberth
12:34<@Alberth>hi hi
12:37<Samu>rofl li li kills diablo...
12:37<Samu>this game sucks
12:37<Samu>why do i play it
12:37<Samu>zero logic game....
12:38<@Alberth>it eats time? that's the usual reason
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12:41<MonkeyDrone>ofc lili kills diablo
12:41<MonkeyDrone>diablo is tank, not dps
12:42<MonkeyDrone>and li li is a healer, she can heal herself while doing dmg
12:42<MonkeyDrone>simple logic
12:42<Samu>illidan dies to diablo
12:42<Samu>li li kills diablo
12:42<MonkeyDrone>illidan is shit xD
12:42<MonkeyDrone>yes, pros and cons
12:42<MonkeyDrone>different heros for different shit
12:45<Samu>2042, 2019
12:46<@Alberth>watching years pass by is more exciting?
12:49<Samu>illidan kills li li, i just dont get the logic of this game
12:52<@Alberth>likely there is no super hero that wins from all other heroes
12:54<@Alberth>and the game needs from you to learn when to use which hero
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13:15<V453000>MonkeyDrone: can you re-spec your character at any point in the game in Grim Dawn?
13:15<V453000>or do I have to start a new character whenever I want to try a different build?
13:15<MonkeyDrone>there are file modifiers i believe, 3rd party to respec
13:15<V453000>that's kind of lame
13:15<MonkeyDrone>i don't remember , i don't think you can sepc ingame thoug, just do a uqick google
13:16<MonkeyDrone>ah i remember
13:16<MonkeyDrone>you can respec 'skill points' but those same points, you have to use some of them in 'mastery' which you can't respec
13:16<MonkeyDrone>so its kinda pointless..
13:16<V453000>I was just wondering if there is something like in D3
13:17<V453000>which is probably one of my fav features
13:18<V453000>I'll probably try it at some point regardless :P
13:18<MonkeyDrone>also inventory, you will run out of it eventually even if you have quiet a decent size ingame inventory
13:19<MonkeyDrone>so there are software to help you get more space :P
13:19<MonkeyDrone>by saving all your items in a db file outside the game
13:22<@Alberth>the game seems to extend to finding all kinds of useful software utils :p
13:22<V453000>I usually just sell all the shit because I cba browsing through the inventory later
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13:36<Samu>GlobalFoundries to Skip 10 nm and Jump Straight to 7 nm
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13:36<Samu>rip intel
13:39<_dp_>sad day
13:40<_dp_>I added benchmark to my town growth emulator, now I see exactly how random it is...
13:55<_dp_>+-2k for no reason on 30k town
13:56<_dp_>or +-5k in rare cases
14:02<Samu>2046, 2019
14:03<Samu>this time nocab isn't getting 5000 aircraft t.t
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14:08<Eddi|zuHause>usally dropping in town population is due to a house being replaced, and the population of the new house not counting while it is under construction
14:09<frosch123>"but they look more realistic now." <- does that mean "look worse"?
14:10<V453000>exactly what I thought frosch123
14:10<frosch123>i think the coupling is too big
14:10<frosch123>both vertically and horizontally
14:11<V453000>it is, and that's good
14:11<frosch123>and i don't like the grey :p
14:12<_dp_>Eddi|zuHause, emulator insta-builds houses so there is no construction delay here
14:12<_dp_>Eddi|zuHause, just growing bunch of towns with same layout and giving pop distribution
14:14<V453000>frosch123: yeah, well :P
14:14<frosch123>audio douchbags use golden plugs for better sound transmission
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14:19<V453000>don't all solid headphones have gold covered jacks?
14:19<V453000>idk MonkeyDrone, it's probably a nice game but I am not hooked :D
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14:41<Samu>2048, 2020
15:00<@Alberth>gold couplings? :p
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15:08<supermop__>3.5mm trs plugs as couplers>
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15:10<frosch123>i know where this discussion ends:
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15:14<Wolf01>Beach day, I'm Zoidberg
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15:29<Samu>omg i forgot to save nocab again
15:29<Samu>is there a way to automate a save
15:29<Samu>2nd time
15:29<Samu>it happened
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17:30<Samu>i rather play transport tycoon
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17:46<_dp_>yeah, so far I don't understand the point of that game
17:46<_dp_>looks like they combined 3 awesome games in hopes that something good will come from it %)
17:47<_dp_>nope, doesn't work that way :p
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19:05<Eddi|zuHause>_dp_: so they made a factorio clone that looks like a minecraft clone? what's the third game?
19:25<Samu>my team 3, enemy team 37, great matchmaking system blizzard
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23:20<supermop>V453000: bumper car poles for pantos
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