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03:48<V453000>supermop_: ? :D
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06:01<V453000>fuck is that
06:01<V453000>just saw link from _dp_
06:25<argoneus>good morning train friends
06:26<argoneus>that voxel tycoon thing doesn't look that bad
06:26<argoneus>looks like a sandbox
06:36<@peter1138>3 minutes per km running seems either very fast or... done on a bike...
07:17<Eddi|zuHause>if walking is 6 minutes per km?
07:30<Wolf01> it's a zellepin, also it doesn't look so big
07:45<Eddi|zuHause>" There is no internal structure in the Airlander – it maintains its shape due to the pressure stabilisation of the helium inside the hull" that means it's not a zeppelin
07:45<Wolf01>So it's a balloon
07:46<Eddi|zuHause>basically, it's a blimp
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07:59<V453000>it's in the sky, it's aircraft
07:59<V453000>nuff sed :D
07:59<Eddi|zuHause>no, that makes it a skycraft
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08:08<Wolf01>What was the difference between aircraft and airship?
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08:27<Wolf01>Got to go, my people need me to run fast and break things
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08:53<argoneus>gotta go fast
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09:01<V453000>gotta go fat
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09:37<V453000>yo frog
09:51<V453000>yo supermop
09:51<V453000>wtf did you mean about them pantographz?
09:59<supermop>the metal strap /brush on the pole that brushes on the electrified mesh overhead
10:00<Samu> any good?
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10:16<NGC3982>Pop music has come so far.
10:19<V453000>Samu: xd
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10:41<Eddi|zuHause>youtube music still completely broken in germany.
10:45<V453000>? :D
10:45<V453000>not available in your country?
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12:53<Samu>li ming sucks so much after all
12:53<Samu>stun = dead
12:53<Samu>really useless
12:53<Samu>butcher makes her cry
12:55<Samu>can't do anything with her without being behind 5000 allies
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13:45<supermop>contractor building deck with only a loose inspiration from my drawings...
13:47<Samu>darn, i really thought li ming was much better, she freaking sucks vs minions
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14:42<supermop>apparently now my rhino license at work is invalid
14:43<supermop>i wonder if mcneel has a bounty i can collect for reporting my company
14:43<Samu>i don't get some heroes, i just don't understand how tyrande and uther can obliterate me in seconds
14:44<Samu>stun, stun, stun, dead
14:44<Samu>i suck at this game
14:44<Samu>whenever i use those heroes, they just suck
14:44<Samu>tyrande is totally crap for me, now i was owned by it
14:45<Samu>hmm... sorry, i don't know why i bring it up here
14:45<Eddi|zuHause>make sure you have sane whistleblower protection before doing that
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14:51<supermop>well seeing as i am the only person in the office of 5 who uses that software, they are going to know its me
14:52<supermop>mcneel is a smaller software publisher though, so maybe they can't offer much in the way of protection
14:52<Eddi|zuHause>well, whistleblower protection is supposed to help you keep your job even if they know it was you.
14:53<Eddi|zuHause>it's something the government would provide
14:54<supermop>technically we have robust protections in the us
14:55<supermop>in varies
14:57<supermop>the thing is my boss was willing to pay the $1000 for the softwre
14:57<supermop>but we have an outside IT consultant/vendor
14:58<supermop>so he was like "well i guess we should ask them if we can buy it through them to save us time" because we get out other software through them
14:59<supermop>and apparently the software the IT company installed is iffy
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15:08<Samu> rip intel
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15:16<Samu>faster than broadwell, but i'm pretty sure it's slower than skylake, and the coming kaby lake
15:16<Samu>great catch up, but still behind intel
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15:32<supermop>manhattan distance voronoi diagrams look like nice subway maps
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15:34<frosch123>i wouldn't recommend to run tranis on voronoi diagrams
15:34<frosch123>they wouild never reach a station
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15:40<supermop>i wonder how manhattan distance works here in manhattan - where avenues are more widely spaced than streets, broadway runs diagonally, and streets the Dutch laid out downtown 400 years ago are meandering
15:40<supermop>i mean i have an intuitive mental model of optimizing it from 10 years of walkimg it
15:42<supermop>but that also takes into account things like, you will wait longer to cross an avenue than a street, unless you cross it at a major street, and some streets are so packed with slow walking tourists that a detour is faster
15:43<supermop>frosch123: hopefully the cell borders represent fare zones, not the rail lines!
15:46<frosch123>i think at some hannover fair, they had some display (10x10 meters or so) on the floor, you could walk on
15:46<frosch123>at the ceiling was a camera which determined the position of people walking on the floor
15:46<frosch123>and then it displayed the voronoi diagram on the floor between the people
15:47<frosch123>hmm, probably was projected actually, can't quite remember
15:48<supermop>i've seen it used in architectural installations
15:48<supermop>say some LED light wall that responds to the positions of people walking in a plaza in front of it
15:52<V453000>was modelling in blender
15:52<V453000>importing to max
15:52<V453000>now max crashes when importing the fbx
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15:59<V453000>motherfucker max 2016 imports it :D
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17:57<sim-al2>For all those streamlined American locomotives, there were a few less so:
18:01<supermop>looks like chicago
18:01<sim-al2>It is
18:02<sim-al2>Lots of E-units lived out the end of their lives in Chicago commuter service
18:02<sim-al2>This weird unit was one of a format EMD built in a few variation that were meant to maintain the streamlined look of the locomotives while still having a cab
18:03<sim-al2>So that trains could be split at an intermediate point
18:04<sim-al2>Some had only one engine and a baggage compartment in the other end
18:05<Eddi|zuHause> <supermop> manhattan distance voronoi diagrams look like nice subway maps <-- there can't be a voronoi diagram with manhattan distance. for a (unique) voronoi diagram to exist the metric has to fulfill the parallelogram equation
18:05<sim-al2>Looks like this locomotive and its sister unit were ordered that way, but the second engine was later installed as train sizes increased
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18:32<Wolf01> and with this wtf I'll go to bed :D
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18:37<Samu>2023, 2031
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19:15<Eddi|zuHause>supermop: well, sure, you can draw pretty pictures, but it's not a voronoi diagram in the strict sense
19:15<supermop>Eddi|zuHause: preety pictures are all i want out of life
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