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04:11<Wolf01>I just purchased 2 claas and a volvo wheeled excavator
04:11<Wolf01>Big discount on
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04:23<andythenorth_>2 Claas :o
04:23<andythenorth_>For tyres?
04:24<Wolf01>One original and one heavily modded ;)
04:30<Wolf01>And now the challenge:
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05:51<V453000>frosch123: ?
05:51<frosch123>i was looking for some test sprites :p
05:53<frosch123>any idea how to combine a 8bpp image with the alpha channel from some other image?
05:54<frosch123>hmm, actually... i guess nml already does that for me
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06:23<Flygon>I'm an idiot
06:23<Flygon>Was it 2CC 2.0 alpha1 or 2.0.0 beta 5 that was most recent?
06:24<Flygon>right, alpha1
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07:22<Wolf01> ha!
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07:51<Samu>I just "Build/Run Code Analysis on Solution" on Visual Studio and it came up with 120 warnings
07:51<Samu>are they of any importance?
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08:36<Samu>damn it
08:37<Samu>now that i want aiai to crash, it isn't crashing
08:37<Samu>or teshinet
08:42<Samu>interesting, there aren't many ais that crash, after all these tests
08:44<Samu>crashing ais over the last 2 months tests: AIAI, BorkAI, rocketAI, TeshiNet, TracAI
08:44<Samu>only 5
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08:45<Samu>oh, i forgot to count the autosaving crashers
08:46<Samu>NoCAB, SimpleAI, Trans
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08:47<Samu>8 crashing ais
08:48<Samu>heh, never thought I'd be actually needing them for this test
08:53<@Alberth>you never get what you need :p
08:58<Samu>well, if i don't notice them crashing, then I suppose I did a good job, too
08:59<@Alberth>true :)
08:59<@Alberth>they got so scared, that they resist crashing :)
08:59<Samu>i know that rocketai gets to a point when it crashes immediately upon several restarts
08:59<Samu>but i wanted to know about the other ais
09:00<@Alberth>you can try to use an older version
09:01<@Alberth>but my guess is that is one of the two likely outcomes. Either it crashes immediately, or it restarts and runs normally again
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09:43<Samu>tracai crashed and restarted, hmm I'd like to have a way to know if an AI had crashed
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09:44<Samu>it's nice in a way that it is behaving as transparent as possible, but still, I don't quite like that it's not possible to know which ones have crashed
09:45<Samu>and when
09:45<Samu>hmm, i'd like to have it print a message on the console perhaps
09:45<Samu>how do i do it
09:50<Samu>debuglevel 9 isn't working?
09:54<@Alberth>debuglevel will throw pages and pages of output
09:54<@Alberth>*debuglevel 9
09:54<@Alberth>maybe your windows doesn't know what a console is?
09:55<Samu>a dos window?
09:55<Samu>i thought about the in-game console
09:55<Samu>gui console
09:55<@Alberth>nope, OS console
09:56<Samu>ok, let me try
09:58<Samu>D:\OpenTTD\Build\openttd.exe -d script=9
09:59<@Alberth>isn't that game script? (don't know mostly just guessing)
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10:03<Samu>it's script
10:03<Samu>hmm level 9 really prints everything
10:03<Samu>gah, trying 0
10:03<@Alberth>yes, 3-4 is much saner :)
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10:04<Wolf01>Mmmh, T4 is a bit over my possibilities, but I'm getting excellence levels really fast, and I need to change the entire equip because I have many pieces <70
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10:18<Samu>waiting for a crash
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11:10<Samu>root_company and company, what is the difference?
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11:11<Samu> CompanyID root_company; ///< The root company, the company that the script really belongs to. CompanyID company; ///< The current company.
11:11<Samu>uh, how can they belong to different companies anyway?
11:11<Samu>which one do I use?
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11:27<@Alberth>I have as much idea as you
11:27<@Alberth>ie none at all
11:41<Samu>how do i convert a company byte to char
11:42<Samu>char cid = (int)_current_company; ?
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11:47<Samu>Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State Error (active) no suitable conversion function from "CompanyByte" to "const char *" exists openttd d:\OpenTTD\trunk\src\script\script_instance.cpp 155 :(
11:47<Samu>how to convert companybyte to char thing?
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12:09<@Alberth>not, mostly
12:10<@Alberth>const char * indicates a string of some kind, while CompanyByte is a number
12:12<Samu>DEBUG(script, 0, "[%s] The script died unexpectedly and was restarted.", ScriptObject::GetCompany()); - will it work?
12:12<Samu>Exception thrown: read access violation.
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13:01<Samu>how do i print to in-game console? :(
13:04<Samu>oh, the dummyai
13:04<Samu>i hope it's not restarting the dummyai, must test that
13:09<Samu>nice, it's not restarting DummyAI
13:10<Samu>but it isn't showing the error message as well
13:10<Samu>maybe it should?
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14:06<argoneus>good evening train friends
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14:40<Samu>while it's true that the dummyai doesn't restart, it outputs "The script died unexpectedly and was restarted." message
14:41<Samu>and was restarted isn't true, how do i detect the DummyAI?
14:41<Samu>I'm trying to get his name
14:41<Samu>but i fail
14:42<Samu> if ( && _current_company != OWNER_DEITY) { DEBUG(script, 0, "The script died unexpectedly and was restarted."); } else { DEBUG(script, 0, "The script died unexpectedly."); }
14:43<Samu>help me get the name for dummyai
14:46<Samu>or else i'll just leave it as DEBUG(script, 0, "The script died unexpectedly.");
14:46<Samu>it's not entirelly wrong, just less informative
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16:16<Samu>meanwhile, AdmiralAI aircraft testing still goes on
16:16<Samu>year 2044
16:17<Samu>needs 2 more days
16:17<Samu>to reach 2051
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16:27<andythenorth_>Ship capacities tax my brain :p
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18:08<Samu>AdmiralAI, 2045
18:09<Samu>takes 2 hours to advance a year? maybe 3?
18:09<Samu>needs about 15 more hours to reach 2051
18:10<Samu>i dont usually leave my system on for 15 hours a day, :/ this is taking so much time, but I think the results AdmiralAI is pulling will impress
18:13<Samu>still there?
18:13<Samu>i'm talking alone :(
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18:14<Wormnest>Samu: I´m here but going to bed soon :p
18:14<Samu>thx god for hibernation
18:14<Samu>it wouldn't be possible to see the end results without it
18:15<Wormnest>Well seeing how well ai´s handle loading savegames can be a point to test too
18:16<Samu>wormai aircraft testing will take first place on best aircraft income and average per aircraft. I'm so eager to post the results already :)
18:17<Wormnest>That´s good news to hear :)
18:17<Samu>he is beaten on the other metrics
18:18<Samu>on the topic of company value, Terron beats him
18:19<Samu>SimpleAI beats him
18:19<Samu>NoCAB and NoNoCAB too
18:20<Samu>SimpleAI as the name implies, is so wrong, it's quite a good performer on every transport kind
18:20<Wormnest>At least there´s something to improve then for WormAI
18:21<Wormnest>I agree it´s really a very good allround ai
18:22<Samu>terron usually shows a good average per aircraft
18:23<Samu>but with aircraft, it kinda failed at it
18:23<Samu>well, it's still good, but not 1st place, he's gonna take 4th place if AdmiralAI doesn't change that
18:24<Wormnest>It usually starts very well but when it reaches max it kinda slows down
18:25<Samu>erm i made a typo, terron usually shows a good average per *vehicle
18:25<Samu>that's what i meant to say
18:26<Samu>chopper script got stuck in the 1980s, didn't crash, however, i'm sure it would do much more if it hadn't happened
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18:27<Samu>there's wrightai and rythorn airline ai, they got similar behaviours
18:28<Wormnest>Well no surprise there since rythorn is wrightai with some enhancementsd
18:29<Samu>rythorn however didn't have a great start, only later in the game he was becoming strong, besting wrightai in yearly profits, but it wasn't enough to beat it in company value
18:29<Samu>oh, i see
18:30<Samu>I think only admiralai used the behemothically sized airports
18:30<Wormnest>Even WormAI is based on WrightAI but my changes go much deeper
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18:31<Wormnest>BIgger is not always better ;)
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18:32<Samu>wormai is interesting
18:32<Samu>he is the aircraft ai with the 2nd least number of aircraft
18:32<Samu>but what he have, really profits
18:32<Samu>leaves all others in the dust
18:33<Wormnest>oh so he didn´t reach the max limit of airplanes
18:33<Samu>yeah t.t
18:33<Samu>only NoCAB reached it
18:34<Samu>NoNoCAB didn't go past 1700
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18:34<Samu>NoCAB got to 5000 once, then backed down to 4991 as final result
18:34<Wormnest>well room for airports is limited maybe that´s the problem
18:35<Wormnest>especially since WormAI only does passenger air transport
18:35<Samu>351/ 352
18:35<Samu>for WormAI
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18:36<Samu>served airports are 97/102
18:37<Samu>it's a good ratio, but there are ais with 100%
18:37<Samu>dictatorai got 574/ 574 aircraft
18:37<Wormnest>That seems a pretty low amount of airplanes
18:37<Wormnest>and it should delete all unused airports
18:38<Samu>SynTrans got 347/ 347 served airports
18:38<Samu>bah, i'm gonna paste results
18:38<Samu>can't tease anymore
18:39<Samu>waiting only for AdmiralAI to reach 2051 to create a topic
18:43<Samu>so, what do you think? any surprises?
18:43<Samu>were those results expected?
18:43<Wormnest>Nice results though still a little disappointing that WormAI didn´t manage to get more airplanes
18:44<Samu>map size was 1024x1024, i made the terrain quite flat
18:44<Wormnest>Also depends a lot on settings probably
18:44<Samu>shouldn't be too hard to place airports
18:44<Samu>there wasn't much water
18:45<Wormnest>still you need a town of reasonable size if you only do passengers
18:46<Samu>what about nocab vs nonocab?
18:46<Samu>it kinda surprised me in a way
18:46<Wormnest>for the rest not too many surprises except maybe that tracai doesn´t have more airplanes
18:46<Samu>tracai got too many airports doing nothing
18:47<Wormnest>I think nonocab doesn´t send unlimited airplanes on a route if it knows it can´t handle more
18:47<Wormnest>nocab I think keeps adding planes
18:48<Wormnest>but maybe nonocabs limits of what can be handled need to be tweaked
18:48<Samu>nocab did end better
18:48<Samu>better company value, better year profit, usually important for a greedy ai
18:49<Samu>but maybe the settings were too easy
18:50<Wormnest>Would be nice too see what happened with a lower max limit of planes that most ai´s could reach
18:52<Wormnest>well probably more than that maybe 500
18:53<Wormnest>anyway going to bed goodnight
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19:33<drac_boy>anyone coding lately? :) heh
19:38<Samu>oh, pathzilla also taking too long to save crashes
19:38<Samu>must test!
19:38<Eddi|zuHause>coding is for nerds
19:39<drac_boy>so most in here are nerds by your definition then :P
19:40<Eddi|zuHause>what a brilliant observation of you. you must be a nerd.
19:40*drac_boy whacks eddi with a simple thing called a telescope? ;)
19:42<Samu>I coded this yesterday but i think nobody cares
19:43<drac_boy>even if I did, couldn't use it sorry. sounds like nice work tho :)
19:51<Samu>there's something that I wanted to do, about bankrupting
19:52<Samu>some ais work very intensively and even have huge profits, but they suffer from "bankrupt warning" system
19:53<Samu>i've seen ais with over 4000 vehicles bankrupting just because they work within the bank accounting limits
19:54<Samu>I'd like to change something about openttd and its bankrupt detection
19:54<Samu>but don't know exactly how i'm doing it
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20:12<Eddi|zuHause>i still haven't quite understood what the appeal of no mans sky is supposed to be. it's basically minecraft, but without the crafting. it's eve online, without any of the player interactions
20:12<Eddi|zuHause>so basically you fly from A to B and it looks pretty...
20:13<Eddi|zuHause>sprinkle in a bit of grinding to get a new ship
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22:41<alask0ud>No Man's Sky is pure exploration, nothing else. Enjoy the landscapes or leave. Everyone took it the wrong way, sadly, and it was devs' fault, every time they talked about the game. Now it has over 45% negative reviews on Steam :(
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