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06:51<argoneus>good morning train friends~
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08:27*andythenorth_ ponders size of mail ships
08:27<andythenorth_>Probably directly relates to speed
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08:30<andythenorth_>Trucks at 50 bags / 70mph works, ships are 50% of speed so twice capacity
08:30<andythenorth_>So about 100 bags
08:31*Durian75 slaps debdog around a bit with a large fishbot
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13:23<Wolf03>Some server problems today?
13:25<^Spike^>define server problem :)
13:25<Alkel_U3>looks like netsplit, pretty common with IRC
13:25<^Spike^>irc server problems? yes :)
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13:25<^Spike^>oftc is having networking issues
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13:30<Alkel_U3>what, factorio .14
13:33<Alkel_U3>oh, it's just 'minor major upgrade' :-)
13:34<Alkel_U3>equipment in vehicles, sweet!
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13:35<Wolf01>Oh, now it makes sense, a tank full of lazurz
13:36<Alkel_U3>or shields, or... exoskeletons!!! :-)
13:37<Alkel_U3>but mainly you can really have a battle train for defense
13:40<Wolf01>Tank with legs:
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13:47<Alkel_U3>oh shit, I forgot I should have had a visit in Animal Crossing. I'm a disappointment :(
13:47<Alkel_U3>also, yes
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15:22<Lejving>is it possible to transfer oil to trains from water oilfields?
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15:35<Wolf03>Build a station near the oil rig
15:36<Wolf03>Might need to terraform a bit
15:38<Lejving>is it possible to go boat oil pickup -> drop at dock -> train pick up at dock somehow -> train goes to drop off somewhere?
15:38<Wolf03>Transfer orders
15:38<Alkel_U3>or build a dock joined with a train station. Give a transfer order on the transfer station in the orders of the ship
15:39<Lejving>cool I'll try it thanks =)
15:39<Alkel_U3>you trat the ship as if the transfer station is a refinery, only change the order to transfer
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15:41<Alkel_U3>or you turn cargodist for freight on in which case you don't ever use transfer order and just let it find its path automagically
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15:59<Lejving>oh cool it wasn't harder than just joining a dock and a trainstation together
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16:19<Lejving>uhm stupid question maybe but is it possible to not "lose" the track on corners when draging signals?
16:20<Alkel_U3>sounds like you want to ctrl+drag on a piece of track with signal already built (to indicate direction)
16:20<Alkel_U3>ctrl+drag with the rail signal tool active
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16:22<Lejving>ooooooooh that's how it works, cool thanks a lot Alkel_U3
16:23<Lejving>finally I don't have to place down all these signals by hand :P
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16:50<Lejving>any imminent disasters of building roundabouts for every junction?
16:52<supermop>for trains?
16:53<supermop>they will get jammed
16:53<Lejving>trains yes
16:53<Lejving>and crap
16:54<Lejving>will it deadlock though?
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16:57<supermop>very likely, unless there are no signals in the circle
16:57<supermop>and then there is no need for a roundabout
16:58<supermop>are you seeking to make 4-way junctions?
17:03<Lejving>well if it's possible to make them as small as the roundabouts
17:04<Lejving>max turn is 4 track lenghts for me
17:09<Lejving>oh looks like you can upgrade them pretty easy
17:10<Lejving>so until I get a deadlock I'll just leave it =)
17:18<supermop>i usually just try to keep track jucntion to simple smooth branchings
17:18<supermop>flat at first, and with flying junction if traffic is heavy
17:21<Lejving>thanks I'll do that too then :)
17:21<Lejving>any tips supermop ?
17:21<Lejving>I wanted a small and easy map for to be able to tap all of it for the first "real" play hehe
17:22<supermop>i rarely find i need a 'grand union' where any train can go in any directions - so i keep it simple based on expected flow
17:23<supermop>at lila hostsund docks - what happens there?
17:23<supermop>train picks up oil?
17:24<Lejving> there we go...
17:24<Lejving>supermop, yea
17:24<supermop>if it is just taking oil to refinery, it doesn't really need to have such a major connection to the regional network
17:25<supermop>pm me a save on the forums if this is from 1.6.1
17:26<Lejving>yeah it's 1.6.1
17:29<Lejving>sent supermop :)
17:40<supermop>downloading grfs 1 sec
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17:56<_dp_>@calc 103 / 2**6 / 16 * 10
17:56<@DorpsGek>_dp_: 1.005859375
17:56<_dp_>and wiki says it's 1.00584 :/
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18:08<Lejving>supermop, looks like I can't solve these deadlocks without making really fuckin slow roundabouts
18:08<Lejving>maybe it's time to whip out some of dat 4 way
18:10<supermop>you are using a lot of diesel trains on electric rail
18:11<supermop>are breakdowns on?
18:12<Lejving>I liked the double ones, that's why I picked them lol
18:13<supermop>the 'sh 125' is a great passenger train locomotive, but on a 4 tile freight train you lose a large share of cargo to the extra tile of locomotive
18:14<_dp_>sh125 is op
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18:47<Lejving> anyone know what's up with this tunnel glitches?! they come every time I make a tunnel :S
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19:01<+glx>not default tunnel it seems
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19:27<Lejving>jesus christ SORRY local authorities that I'm trying to provide a bus service for your citizens
19:31<_dp_>they don't care, all they want is moar trees :p
19:32<Lejving>I should dump some oil on the mayors yard, show him who's boss
19:32<+glx>just plant trees :)
19:37<Lejving>is it possible to make the game spawn more mines? I know you can fund industry but doesn't look like you can on mines
19:37<Lejving>without cheating that is :)
19:38<_dp_>there is setting to allow funding mines
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19:41<_dp_>game itself only spawns industries to keep initial amounts after some were closed
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20:00<supermop>i crashed one of your trains
20:00<Lejving>oh noes =/
20:01<ST2>by default you need 2 trains to make a crash so, supermop, tell him that you crashed 2 ^^
20:04<Lejving>man buses are imba for town growth and local authority likeness
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21:28<Lejving>is it possible to migrate electric to monorail trains? I just care about the orders
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21:38<Lejving>looks like a big job, I'll wait until maglev...
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