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06:00<argoneus>good morning train friends
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07:32<Samu>my connection is failing lately
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08:06<Samu>querying tile info on a buoy placed on a canal, gets the wrong owner of the buoy
08:06<Samu>bug present in 1.6.1
08:21<Samu>okay, not really a bug, but a workaround due to a limitation
08:21<Samu>but now it can be changed
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08:55<Samu>what is use of undefined type
08:55<Samu>MakeStation(t, Station::Get(sid)->owner, sid, STATION_BUOY, 0, wc);
08:55<Samu>undefined type 'station
08:55<V453000>Lejving: nice factorio mods :P
08:56<V453000>next stop openttd newgrfs? :P
08:56<Lejving>one totally fucking op armor, one 4 lines mod, one terrible "epic electric mimning drill" :D
08:57<Lejving>no, next stop is to stop my game from crashing every 10min :D
08:57<V453000>yes XD
08:57<V453000>is it actually crashing?
08:59<Lejving>yeah every 10min
08:59<Lejving>sometimes it works a long time, but sometimes I crash every 10min
08:59<V453000>did you bug report it?
08:59<Lejving>no not yet =/
08:59<V453000>please do, I am sure guys will get on it quickly
09:00<V453000>they are currently trying to fix all the bugs before work on 0.15 fully starts
09:00<Lejving>not factorio
09:00<Lejving>factorio is fine :D
09:00<V453000>openttd crashes? :d
09:00<V453000>that's also wtf :)
09:00<Lejving>it's an access violation
09:01<V453000>ah recompiling newgrfs makes it crash?
09:01<Lejving>no just regular playing
09:02<Lejving>look my lastest pic of crash
09:02<Lejving>sorry game for trying to place rail!
09:02<V453000>that's pretty weird shit
09:03<Lejving>in crash.log it says exception: c00000005 or what ever which is access violation afaik
09:04<V453000>then don't violate it XD
09:04<Lejving>openttd: LEJVING JUST VIOLATED ME
09:05<V453000>pretty much
09:05<V453000>poor thing
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09:09<Lejving>newgrfs are mostly graphics though V453000 isn't it
09:09<Lejving>and I'm not much of a graphics guy =/
09:09<V453000>eh not really
09:10<V453000>there is a fuckload of possibilities to do
09:10<Lejving>there is?
09:10<V453000>but yeah graphics are vital, but you can borrow them from other open source projects :P
09:10<Lejving>is the ui modular?
09:10<V453000>I mean possibilities to do with code only
09:10<V453000>don't think newgrfs or game scripts can touch UI
09:13<Lejving>well I had this one idea that every player should start with one railyard
09:13<Lejving>or trainyard rather*
09:13<Lejving>and they have to build out of that and spawn trains only there
09:13<Lejving>to force one big rail network instead of many isolated ones
09:14<Lejving>that should be possible I guess
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09:15<V453000>I wonder how, no clue :)
09:15<Lejving>I'll have to dig into it later, first figure out how to not make the game crash all the time :
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10:42<Samu>buoys can have OWNER_WATER at the moment
10:43<Samu>complicated case this is, with the buoy
10:44<Samu>when doing savegame conversion, buoys cannot have OWNER_WATER at canals, i'm chaning their owner to OWNER_NONE
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10:44<Samu>canals on the other hand, cannot have OWNER_WATER
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10:59<Samu_>i got a small problem with buoy
10:59<Samu_>on the minimap, owner of buoy will be none now
10:59<Samu_>previously it was the owner of the water at the tile
11:00<Samu_>if it was a canal, the buoy on minimal would show up with the company
11:00<Samu_>on minimap*
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11:01<Samu_>buoy owner now takes precedence no matter who's the owner of the canal
11:01<Samu_>it won't show on minimap
11:01<Samu_>owner is none
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11:19<Samu>darn internet issues
11:20<Samu>what's a better owner for buoys?
11:20<Samu>water or none?
11:21<Samu>station stores OWNER_NONE, tile stores OWNER_WATER
11:21<Samu>who's right?
11:22<Samu>i'm inclined to make the tile store the same as the station
11:24<Samu> if (IsBuoyTile(t) && GetWaterClass(t) != WATER_CLASS_CANAL && GetTileOwner(t) == OWNER_WATER) { SetTileOwner(t, OWNER_NONE); }
11:26<@Alberth>who can remove a buoy?
11:26<Samu>everyone, as long as no ship uses it
11:27<Samu>let me check remove buoy code
11:28<Samu> /* XXX: strange stuff, allow clearing as invalid company when clearing landscape */
11:29<Samu>if (!Company::IsValidID(_current_company) && !(flags & DC_BANKRUPT)) return_cmd_error(INVALID_STRING_ID);
11:29<@peter1138>Buoys don't have owners
11:31<Samu>technically, they have
11:31<NGC3982>What kind of language is that?
11:32<Samu> wp->owner = OWNER_NONE;
11:32<@Alberth>techie talk :)
11:32<Samu>wp is waypoint station
11:33<@Alberth>but that explains why the minimap shows the canal owner
11:34<@Alberth>at least in trunk
11:34<Samu>MakeStation(t, GetTileOwner(t),, sid, STATION_BUOY, 0, wc);
11:34<Samu>let me check
11:36<Samu>minimap needs to change a little bit
11:36<Samu>minimap code
11:36<Samu>won't have it use GetTileOwner on buoys
11:36<Samu>but GetCanalOwner
11:37<Samu>is this possible? where is minimap code
11:43<Samu>GetSmallMapOwnerPixels ?
11:43<Samu>there is a FIXME notice here
11:46<@Alberth>we have 12 such lines
11:49<Sacro>Anyone here play BRSet, I'm only getting 4 electric sets, nothing else
11:49<Sacro>*Brtrains even
11:54<Samu>Run-Time Check Failure #3 - The variable 'o' is being used without being initialized.
11:58<Samu>ah, i think i understand
12:28<Samu>buoy is done, gonna check oilrig station
12:30<Samu>hmm to change oilrig station, i got to change industry tile type first
12:30<Samu>touching industry tiles is scary
12:47<Wolf01>Mmmmh, a good busy pattern for the airport state machine:
12:47<Samu>_m[t].m1 &= 1 << 7; - does this do what I think it does?
12:49<Samu>7654 3210 - i want bit 7 to remain untouched, and all the others to be zero'ed
12:51<Samu>bit 7 is to be inherited
12:51<Samu>it's the canal on river flag thingy
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13:15<Samu>industry tiles now have canal owners
13:15<Samu>i wonder if this is gonna break newgrf stuff
13:16<@Alberth>making a canal of an industry-tile?
13:16<Samu>build oil rig on canal tiles
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13:17<Samu>it stores the owner of the canal now
13:17<@Alberth>nobody is stupid enough to build a canal and then build an oil rig :p
13:17<@Alberth>it's much cheaper to have a land-based oil well :)
13:17<Samu>it also stores the canal on river flag
13:18<Samu>tile type industry has no more bits free
13:18<Samu>once this is done
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13:19<supermop>Lejving: maybe a GS could do it
13:19<supermop>still might need patching
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13:26<Samu>how does an industry die?
13:26<Samu>must edit it
13:30<Samu>Industry::~Industry() is this where an industry is removed from the world?
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13:37<Samu>nice, it works
13:37<Samu>but needs savegame conversion stuff
13:38<Samu>else old canals would become part of company 1
13:54<andythenorth>is tramz
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14:10<Samu>ah, industry description
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14:19<Samu>ChangeTileOwner_Industry i'm surprised this function already exists
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14:29<Samu>incomplete type is not allowed
14:29<Samu>what does this mean?
14:31<Samu>problem with Company::Get - it says incomplete type is not allowed, what can I do?
14:32<Samu>line 9 and 10
14:36<@Alberth>define Company, probably by adding an include file
14:37<@Alberth>ie it knows there is a thing called "Company", but you need to also give its members, so it can check the "get" exists
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14:50<Samu>can't do it :(
14:50<Samu>industy tiles have no company owners
14:51<Samu>or something like that
14:52<Samu>Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State Error C2027 use of undefined type 'Company' openttd D:\OpenTTD\trunk\src\industry_cmd.cpp 922
14:57<Samu>ah, think i got it, but... i'm uncertain
14:57<Samu>#include "company_base.h"
14:58<Samu>yes, it compiles
14:58<Samu>ty Alberth
15:24<Samu>looks strange, canal owner when querying industries
15:24<Samu>the canal can't be removed unless the industry closes
15:26<Samu>company 1 is the owner of the canal of an oil rig, but the oil rig owner is n/a
15:27<Samu>working as intended, though it's quite strange
15:31<Samu>i need an oil rig to close itself, without magic bulldozer
15:31<Samu>what's the best way to trigger it?
15:32<@Alberth>not, mostly
15:33<@Alberth>don't think oilrigs ever close
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15:34<Samu>they close, of that I'm sure
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18:01<Samu>counting canal tiles under industry tiles is a little bit complicated
18:01<Samu>when an industry is placed, the code clears whatever it is in the tile, including canals
18:02<Samu>when a canal is cleared, infrastructure.water is decreased
18:02<Samu>so the not-so-elegant solution i found was
18:03<Samu>after MakeIndustry, increase infrastructure.water again
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18:16<Samu>there are no owners on industry tiles
18:16<Samu>grr this is doable, but quite delicate
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20:10<Samu>i got trouble with removing unused buoys
20:14<Samu>buoys now got owners
20:14<Samu>owners none
20:15<Samu>when a company bankrupts, i can't remove buoys by the owner of the tile under the buoy
20:15<Samu>the feature was nice
20:15<Samu>but now... i need a workaround
20:16<Samu>what gets removed first? vehicles or stations?
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20:34<Samu>vehicles get removed first t.t
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21:57<Lejving>holy shit V453000 I just found the openttdcoop wiki, your junctions and stations are just so fucking insane
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