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07:23<Wolf01>What the actual fuck... return value; "Can't implicitly convert X to T"... Ok, let's cast it... return (T)value; "Cast is redundant"
07:32<Wolf01>I feel useless
07:38<Wolf01> Anyone knows how do I get "Double" from this? Or even "Thickness"
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07:43<Eddi|zuHause>i didn't understand a single word from that page
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07:44<Eddi|zuHause>but that was always a problem for me understanding libraries like that, they always assume some underlying philosophy knowledge that is never summed up anywhere
07:48<Wolf01>The cool thing is that I can define any type of resource to use in XAML, because XAML needs typed resources, but when I need to retrieve them in code I only get a "ResourceCandidate" which can only be converted to string.
07:51<Eddi|zuHause>that's already where it starts... what's a "resource"? where does it come from? what is it meant to do?
07:51<Wolf01>For example, Thickness, is defined as "10,5,10,0" (box model, like css), but the type constructor needs 4 double arguments... I can't code a parser for every type
07:52<Wolf01>Maybe a var t = Thickness.FromString(value); but there isn't anything like that
07:53<Samu>let's build a ship depot!
07:54<Wolf01>Also, the resource is defined with a strong type <Thickness x:key="my_element_thickness">10,5,10,0</Thickness>
07:54<Wolf01>But the "Resources" can't tell what type is it
07:54<Wolf01>All this is nonsense.
07:55<Samu>refresh page -
07:55<Samu>i did it :p
07:56<Samu>i see the signal coordinates aren't adjusted
07:56<Samu>dunno if they have to
07:57<Samu>i guess they don't
08:03<Samu>there's more slopes combinations to work with :(
08:03<Samu>steep slopes give me most trouble
08:04<Samu>also inclined slopes give me trouble
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08:14<Eddi|zuHause>that sounds like the typical internet-y botch job... "we define a type, then we throw it away, and have to infer it from the content"
08:17<berndj>can i change the maximum length of station i can build? i set my max train length to 14, but the "build station" window still only offers 7 tile stations
08:21<Eddi|zuHause>just build two stations of length 7 next to each other
08:29<berndj>ok, and i suppose there's no difference between a station built like that "in parts" (3+4) and one built in one big go (7)? so the build window is just for convenience then?
08:30<Eddi|zuHause>it may look different, but it behaves the same
08:31<Eddi|zuHause>as long as it's on continuous block of station tiles
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09:42<Samu>int z_lower_corner_s = TileHeight(TileAddByDiagDir(tile2 + (axis == AXIS_X ? TileDiffXY(1, 0) : TileDiffXY(0, 1)), AxisToDiagDir(axis == AXIS_X ? AXIS_Y : AXIS_X)));
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09:54<Samu>i just worked on tile 16383 on a 256x256 map, scary
09:55<Samu>erm 128x128
09:57<Samu>@calc 16254 + 128 + 1
09:57<@DorpsGek>Samu: 16383
09:57<Samu>@calc 128*128
09:57<@DorpsGek>Samu: 16384
10:06<supermop>good morning
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11:22<@Alberth>hi hi
11:23<berndj>oh, now i made two stations where i want only one; can i just remove the mistake-station and let the passengers become zombies?
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11:25<berndj>nvm, i'll just walk it to somewhere nearby where i do want a station
11:28<@Alberth>sure, just dynamite the station :)
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11:29<Eddi|zuHause>learn the "ctrl+click" feature to attach new station parts
11:38<Samu>if ((IsInclinedSlope(slope1) && DiagDirToAxis(GetInclinedSlopeDirection(slope1)) || IsInclinedSlope(slope2) && DiagDirToAxis(GetInclinedSlopeDirection(slope2))) == axis == AXIS_X ? AXIS_Y: AXIS_X) {
11:38<Samu>my coding skills ...
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11:51<Samu>if (IsInclinedSlope(slope1) && DiagDirToAxis(GetInclinedSlopeDirection(slope1)) == axis == AXIS_X ? AXIS_Y : AXIS_X || IsInclinedSlope(slope2) && DiagDirToAxis(GetInclinedSlopeDirection(slope2)) == axis == AXIS_X ? AXIS_Y: AXIS_X) {
11:54<Samu>why is this failing
11:54<Samu>IsInclinedSlope(slope1) && DiagDirToAxis(GetInclinedSlopeDirection(slope1)) == axis == AXIS_X ? AXIS_Y : AXIS_X
11:54<Samu>slope1 is inclined
11:54<@Alberth>two equalities?
11:55<Samu>i'm trying to get the axis of slope1
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11:55<@Alberth>in particular while not comparing boolean values?
11:55<Samu>axis == AXIS_X ? AXIS_Y : AXIS_X
11:56<Samu>if axis is AXIS_X, I want AXIS_Y, like DiagDirToAxis(GetInclinedSlopeDirection(slope1)) == AXIS_Y
11:56<@Alberth>DiagDirToAxis(GetInclinedSlopeDirection(slope1)) == axis == AXIS_X <-- two "==" there
11:58<Samu>how would i make it work
11:58<Samu>IsInclinedSlope(slope1) && DiagDirToAxis(GetInclinedSlopeDirection(slope1)) == (axis == AXIS_X ? AXIS_Y : AXIS_X)
11:58<@Alberth>that would be correct at least in types
11:59<Eddi|zuHause>in python, that expression would work :p
11:59<@Alberth>it does?
12:00<@Alberth>I don't think it has the meaning as in the last paste :)
12:02<Samu>failed again
12:03<Samu>slope1 is inclined
12:03<Samu>it's AXIS_Y inclined
12:03<Samu>why is it not working :(
12:03<Samu>axis is AXIS_X
12:04<Samu>true && AXIS_Y == AXIS_Y - is failing
12:04<@Alberth>what is that double "))" doing before the first == ?
12:04<@Alberth>comparing a boolean with an axis, perhaps?
12:04<Samu>if (IsInclinedSlope(slope1) && DiagDirToAxis(GetInclinedSlopeDirection(slope1)) == (axis == AXIS_X ? AXIS_Y : AXIS_X) || IsInclinedSlope(slope2) && DiagDirToAxis(GetInclinedSlopeDirection(slope2)) == (axis == AXIS_X ? AXIS_Y: AXIS_X)) {
12:04<Samu>the whole line
12:05<Samu>does assert(true) crash openttd or fail?
12:05<@Alberth>oh, nested function call, should be ok
12:05<Samu>i got an assert right after
12:05<@Alberth>assert(true) just continues wit the next line
12:05<Samu>gonna try assert(false);
12:06<Samu>oh, i see, im noob
12:06<Samu>Assertion failed! expression: false
12:07<Samu>that means it passed the if test
12:07<Samu>trying without parenteses
12:08<Samu>nice, it reached the assert
12:09<Samu>gonna try some other way
12:13<Samu> if ((IsInclinedSlope(slope1) && DiagDirToAxis(GetInclinedSlopeDirection(slope1)) || IsInclinedSlope(slope2) && DiagDirToAxis(GetInclinedSlopeDirection(slope2))) == axis == AXIS_X ? AXIS_Y : AXIS_X) {
12:15<Samu>(true && AXIS_Y || false) == AXIS_Y
12:16<Samu>(false || true && AXIS_Y) == AXIS_Y
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12:17<Samu>there has to be a better way to do this, it's getting too complex
12:17<Samu>even for me
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12:27<Eddi|zuHause>Alberth: yes, python advertised this feature that comparison expressions like "a<b<c" work in the "mathematical" sense
12:30<@Alberth>yeah, but for == ?
12:33<@Alberth>Samu: usual strategy is to make more small steps to do a computation, ie there is a reason why the bridge code is 500 or so lines :)
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12:33*andythenorth needs to rewire a model train
12:34<andythenorth>and I don’t want the magic smoke to escape from a chip
12:34<andythenorth>can’t find any model train irc channels :P
12:38<Eddi|zuHause>Alberth: i don't see how == would be any different than <
12:39<Eddi|zuHause>>>> 2==2==2
12:40<@Alberth>yeah, nice, just tried it :)
12:41<andythenorth>I don’t need the chip really
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12:54*andythenorth must to soldering iron
12:54<andythenorth>sometimes I wish programming was more like fixing real things :P
12:55<@Alberth>it is, for a particular style of programming :)
12:55<andythenorth>in a flow state where the entire problem can be held in mind, working with code is close to working with real materials
12:56<andythenorth>but a lot of the time it’s like trying to fix a partly obscured machine with partly broken tools
12:56*andythenorth should add NotRoadTypes to nml, as a case in point :P
12:56<@Alberth>yeah, we're always trying to stack too many abstractions on top of stuff :)
12:57<andythenorth>writing code in a pure environment like flash is (surprisingly) simple and fun
12:58<andythenorth>no real dependencies, no cross-platform concerns
12:58<andythenorth>it’s less fun once you add network calls, or other interaction outside the runtime :P
12:58<@Alberth>yeah, messing around with dispatching and callbacks :)
12:59<andythenorth>browser specific issues
12:59<andythenorth>all the usual crap
13:03<Wolf01>Samu, please, learn how to make helper functions for long ifs
13:03<andythenorth>ok, if I get brain tonight, I’ll try to patch nml
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13:12<Samu>ret = DoCommand(IsInclinedSlope(slope1) ? tile : tile2, IsSlopeWithThreeCornersRaised(IsInclinedSlope(slope1) ? slope2 : slope1), IsSlopeWithThreeCornersRaised(IsInclinedSlope(slope1) ? slope2 : slope1) ? 1 : 0, flags | DC_NO_WATER, CMD_TERRAFORM_LAND); t.t
13:13<Wolf01>Samu, don't... it's unreadable :(
13:13<Wolf01>Also, what are the commas?
13:14<@Alberth>like the dots, but extended with a small line :p
13:14<Wolf01>Thank you captain :D
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13:30<Samu>it's not working, i'm about to stop, i can't go anywhere with this mess
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13:45<@Alberth>don't merge everything in one big line that becomes too difficult to understand
13:45<@Alberth>also, it becomes impossible to check parts of it
13:51<Samu>ret = DoCommand(terraform_inclined, IsSlopeWithThreeCornersRaised(terraform_slope2) ? ComplementSlope(terraform_slope1) : terraform_slope1, IsSlopeWithThreeCornersRaised(terraform_slope2) ? 1 : 0, flags | DC_NO_WATER, CMD_TERRAFORM_LAND);
13:51<Samu>better, but still big
13:53<Wolf01>A good patch is not a 3 lines of code patch, but a patch which touches few features, but you can write 50 lines just to do a better check
13:57<@Alberth>ha, most of my patches never add or remove features :)
13:58<Wolf01>Yep, you can do refactoring and fixes
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14:13<Samu>i'm getting a weird assert
14:14<Samu>assert(res.GetCost() == res2.GetCost() && res.Failed() == res2.Failed()); // sanity check
14:14<Samu>costs are different
14:14<Wolf01>That's a problem
14:14<Samu>11480 vs 11440, why's that?
14:14<Wolf01>Maybe one of the 2 doesn't do the right actions
14:16<Samu>okay, let me find out why :(
14:16<Samu>seems like the first had cleared desert land, the second didn't clear that
14:16<Samu>or maybe it was already cleared?
14:20<Wolf01>Anyone which could give me a little help with my patch? I made the terraform paintbrush but I have problems painting upwards, because when I get the north corner height it's always lower than the terrain below and so it lowers all again
14:24<Wolf01>!AgUFeOGLNNfVhb9ZJPHngM3G3LY0Lg the patch so far, there are other little problems but I want to address the biggest one
14:32<Wolf01>Mmhm, today's fff remember me the talk we had for saving trees
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14:34<tarpl>i need administrator
14:34<tarpl>are you hear
14:35<Eddi|zuHause>i don't think you're asking the right question
14:35<tarpl>sorry for my english
14:36<tarpl>you are admin?
14:37<tarpl>yesterday admin was unban me but i dont have game
14:37<tarpl>help me please
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14:38<tarpl>where are i must wright about my problem
14:39<Wolf01>tarpl, I think on the same link ST2 gave you yesterday
14:40<tarpl>what is "same link st2"
14:40<tarpl>i dont understand
14:40<Samu>@calc 20+20+20+20+20+20+250+250+700+5000+5000
14:40<@DorpsGek>Samu: 11320
14:41<Wolf01>tarpl, do you have the link you used yesterday?
14:41<tarpl>maybe you have?
14:41<Samu>i'm getting 11340 for some reason :(
14:42<Wolf01>tarpl, save it in your bookmarks
14:43<tarpl>big thanks
14:43<Samu>price of clearing the initial tile is being added twice
14:43<Samu>doesn't the terraform clear it?
14:44<Wolf01>No, the terraform terraforms
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14:49<Samu>do i have to previously clear the tile before the terraform?
14:49<Samu>why did it work the other times...
14:49<Wolf01>Try it, and if the cost matches then yes
14:51<Wolf01>But I think it will lead to many problems, like being able to build over your own infrastructure
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15:14<Samu>gonna do this by repeating code
15:14<Samu>hopefully it won't fail
15:19<Samu>if it does not crash now, then copy paste forever!
15:19<Samu>awww it crashed, i clearly don't understand what's going on then
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15:47<andythenorth>no magic smoke escaped
15:47<andythenorth>I bypassed the chip
15:47<andythenorth>now my mouth tastes of tin :P
15:48<@Alberth>you ate it? :p
15:48<andythenorth>melting solder
15:48<andythenorth>enclosed space
15:48<@Alberth>ah, right :)
15:48<@Alberth>cup of tea to fix that :)
15:49<@Alberth>better, at this time of day / weekend
15:54<Wolf01>I'm tired, also rimmed, I just need some air
15:56<supermop>Wolf01: thats a bit much personal information
15:57<supermop>but i can see why you'd need the air
15:59<Wolf01>Btw, a bit of headache, maybe I didn't eat enough sugars today
16:01<andythenorth>have some coca cola
16:02*Wolf01 is not a great fan of that stuff
16:08*andythenorth reads forum
16:11<Wolf01>I tried to make a logo for my app today... I don't have the right tools to do it :(
16:11<andythenorth>pixels or vectors or 3d?
16:12<Wolf01>I tried vectors, but I ended up having a pixelated aliased image and I used that for now
16:14<supermop>andythenorth: whats on fora?
16:15<@Alberth>aka random talk
16:15<andythenorth>people talking about the game
16:15<andythenorth>things that they can never change
16:15<andythenorth>or gameplay stuff that is old and known
16:20<supermop>cars cars?
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16:23<Samu>how does TileArea(tile, 1, 1); works?
16:23<Samu>what is width?
16:23<Samu>is that x?
16:23<Samu> * @param w the width * @param h the height
16:26-!-andythenorth [] has quit [Quit: andythenorth]
16:27<@Alberth>width is always x, afaik
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16:41<supermop>ok i've finally read up to the 1000th page of british station thread
16:41<supermop>which brings me up to 4 years ago abouts
16:42<andythenorth>I think I’ll avoid that
16:42<andythenorth>for more than one reason
16:43<supermop>british station game or cars cars?
16:47<supermop>i am liking this 1000 building thing, at least i like the drawings
16:48<supermop>i kind of want to run some version of the game that just pseudo organically builds little urbanist cities
16:48<supermop>of the kind architects in the 60s and 70s would draw up in sprawling axonometric drawings
16:49<supermop>like a fungal colony of nakagin capsule towers
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16:57<supermop>then just let that run on a large screen in the background of some room
17:00<Samu>looks like i got this problem
17:00<Samu>ClearedObjectArea was the issue
17:01<Samu>ship depot is 1x2 or 2x1
17:01<Samu>i was never caring about it
17:02-!-andythenorth [] has left #openttd []
17:02<Samu>coa->area = TileArea(tile, axis == AXIS_X ? 2 : 1, axis == AXIS_Y ? 2: 1);
17:15<Samu>i finally inderstand what this "ClearedObjectArea" is for
17:16<Samu>lol i got a lot to fix
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17:55<Samu>ugly :( if (((IsSlopeWithOneCornerRaised(slope2) || IsSlopeWithThreeCornersRaised(slope2)) && IsInclinedSlope(slope1) && DiagDirToAxis(GetInclinedSlopeDirection(slope1)) || (IsSlopeWithOneCornerRaised(slope2) || IsSlopeWithThreeCornersRaised(slope2)) && IsInclinedSlope(slope2) && DiagDirToAxis(GetInclinedSlopeDirection(slope2))) == axis == AXIS_X ? AXIS_X : AXIS_Y) return_cmd_error(STR_ERROR_SITE_UNSUITABLE);
17:55<Samu>oh some typos
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