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10:39<Samu>im computing trackdir wrong still... grrr
10:47<Samu>perhaps this is what I'm looking for
10:47<Samu>Trackdir trackdir = TrackExitdirToTrackdir(track, direction);
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10:50<Samu>maybe not
10:50<Samu>will try TrackDirectionToTrackdir(Track track, Direction dir)
10:52<Samu>i fail
10:54<@peter1138>Just make up stuff.
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11:00<Samu>Trackdir trackdir = TrackEnterdirToTrackdir(track, direction);
11:00<Samu>i think i got it
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11:02<@Alberth>hi hi
11:04<Samu>I did it!
11:04<Samu>they're both TRACK_X, just different directions
11:04<Samu>depth is increased
11:05<Samu>now, i wonder if this changes anything at all in the way it searches
11:09<Samu>lol what? :(
11:10<Samu>there's some differences in the chosen paths
11:11<Samu>i wonder how the random function works
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11:11<Samu> /* if we reach this position, there's two paths of equal value so far. * pick one randomly. */ uint r = GB(Random(), 0, 8);
11:11<Samu>Random is based on what?
11:13<Wolf01>On random
11:23<Samu>isn't random deterministic or
11:24<@Alberth>it usually is, except in a very complicated way
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11:35<Samu>comparing track vs trackdir, finally
11:36<Samu>if deterministic doesn't fail me
11:36<Samu>i expect some differences in the path chosen
11:38<Samu>yep, it's different yet again
11:38<Samu>different the same way as my previous comparison
11:40<Samu>the real question now is... does it make it smarter?
11:41<Samu>more efficient?
11:42<Samu>Alberth: do you understand opf pathfinder? what is the depth for
11:42<Samu>i have a vague idea, can't see the whole picture
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11:49<@Alberth>no pictures there either?
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12:11<Samu>it feels less dumb, but still dumb
12:13<@Alberth>I don't know how opf works
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12:17<Samu>testing fastforward on both
12:18<Samu>track vs trackdir
12:18<Samu>see who reaches 2051 with the least cpu time
12:22<Samu>interesting results so far, it's faster
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12:22<Samu>and it's earning more money too
12:26<@peter1138>mmm wasabi
12:26<Wolf01>Good onw, I'll get one of my wasabi kitkats
12:28<frosch123>i am not a fan of green tea kitkats
12:29<Wolf01>Not matcha, wasabi
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12:36<Samu>here's what i've done
12:36<Samu>instead of relying on track, it relies on trackdir
12:36<Samu>it's more accurate imo
12:37<Samu>but the pf is still dumb anyway
12:37<Samu>just feels a little less dumb
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13:12<@peter1138>off to london
13:14<Wolf01>Off to pizza
13:15<@peter1138>anyone fancy fixing helicopter shadows on towers and oilrigs? :p
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13:29<Eddi|zuHause>you mean like, adjust shadow height by bounding box height? or actual 3D shadows with bump mapping all sprites? :p
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13:36<andythenorth>what next?
13:40<@Alberth>magic, with sprinkles
13:41<frosch123>regular expressions?
13:42<andythenorth>there are parts of programming that andythenorth doesn't
13:42<andythenorth>I have about 5 parts of FIRS I have re-engineered
13:43<andythenorth>except for the edge cases :P
13:43<andythenorth>such bullet point notes I have :P
13:44<Samu>trackdir was faster, but i doubt the authtenticy of my tests
13:45<@DorpsGek>Commit by translators :: r27847 trunk/src/lang/german.txt (2017-04-04 19:45:36 +0200 )
13:45<@DorpsGek>-Update from Eints:
13:45<@DorpsGek>german: 19 changes by planetmaker
13:45<andythenorth>eh, could try the trunk -> NRT merge :P
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13:57<Samu>what changes :(
13:57<Samu>i wonder so much what this modification do
13:58<Samu>it's funny, i do stuff without knowing the results
13:59<Samu>problem: - I don't know what the pathfinder does with depth, but I still changed it, because seriously, i have no idea
13:59<Samu>explain me how this pathfinder works
14:08<andythenorth>it’s the day of unanswered questions
14:09<Eddi|zuHause>more than usual?
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14:27*andythenorth shaves more yaks
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14:33<Samu>who can take a look at opf with me ? :( i'm sad
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14:42<debdog>oy! IIRC there was some talk in here not that long ago about a patch or something which enables players to zoom out the main map further. so to have more oversight without the need to open the map window. is this a thing or just an idea or WPI? if working, where can I get it?
14:42<debdog>'ve searched newgrfs for map and zoom without result
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14:43<ST2>as you said, it's a patch - not a newgrf
14:43<ST2>try here
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14:47<debdog>Search found 383 matches
14:47<debdog>Search term used: map zoom patch ignored: map Search these results:
14:48<debdog>any hint please to what to look for
14:48<debdog>hehe, that yellow font on grey background really hurts my eyes
14:49<frosch123>it's part of jgrpp
14:49<frosch123>you can also find a link in the topic
14:49<frosch123>or a branch in jgr's git
14:49<ST2>frosch123 to the rescue ;)
14:50<debdog>oh, some neat patches there. thanks guys!
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15:02<andythenorth>such compiling
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15:19<Wolf01>Such pizza
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15:24<andythenorth>such new bugs in FIRS
15:24<Wolf01>Much dessert
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15:28<Samu>how do i extract the direction out of a trackdir?
15:30<Samu>Trackdir to Direction
15:31<Samu>there are 6 trackdirs, there are 8 directions
15:31<Samu>actually, no, there are 12 trackdirs
15:32<Wolf01>Maybe ignore crossings
15:32<Samu>there's more actually, but i'm only interested in 12
15:32<Wolf01>Or NS+WE
15:33<Samu>say, I got a TRACKDIR_X_NE, i wanna get DIR_NE
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15:42<andythenorth>ach, debugging by reading the nml :|
15:42<andythenorth>always a sign of losing
15:52<Samu>Trackdir to Direction, how to convert?
15:52<Samu>or is it extract?
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15:56<@Rubidium>why do you want direction?
15:57<@Rubidium>what does the direction tell you that you need to know?
16:05<supermop>i have been listening to ennio morricone music for several hours now
16:06<supermop>i don't know if i need any more direction than that, but i feel like living in some 19th C silver mining town in nevada now
16:06<supermop>and/or studio backlot in 60s Italy
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16:10<Wolf01>Yep seen, yesterday I asked if that was you :P
16:10<@planetmaker>__ln__, my guess was actually on you being on vacation in London ;)
16:13<Eddi|zuHause>except it says bristol, and that it's been going on for 13 years?
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16:13<Wolf01>ln easier to spot than bansky XD
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16:24<@planetmaker>nighty nigh, a lberth :)
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16:29<__ln__>i've only corrected grammar on some signs inside elevators.
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17:13<SpComb> is better
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17:31<Samu>i still don't understand what depth does
17:39<Samu>hmm, opf is depth-first search?
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17:45<supermop>but i assume the word 'depth' in terms of path-finding would be used in the same context
18:01<Samu>i really don't understand how opf works :( i thought i was doing something to help it, it became much slower now
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18:23<Wolf01>Shit, drawing a cube is difficult :(
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18:24<Wolf01>I'll retry tomorrow
18:27<ST2>Wolf01: you can always ask Samu - he'll make sure you use 90º corners on it :)
18:31<Wolf01>I think they have a thing with that º...
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19:49<ST2>90 what?
19:50<ST2>I walways ask... just incase is a promotion xD
19:52<@peter1138>As in, degree symbol °, not spanish ordinal o º
19:52<ST2>well, it all depends on what IRC client and server allows to go
19:53<ST2>´because I typed, on the 1st time, 90 (degrees)
19:53<ST2>if anyone else didn't get it... I guess it's not my fault, right?
19:54<@peter1138>Not your fault you used the wrong symbol? Ok :)
19:54<ST2>what was the wrong symbol?
19:54<ST2>the º
19:54<ST2>it wasn't the wrong symbol
19:55<ST2>thank you
19:55<@peter1138>you are spanish and were talking about the 90th corner
19:55<@peter1138>easy mistake
19:56<ST2>I'm not spanish and I was talking about a corner with 90 degrees... not the 90th corner
19:56<@peter1138>Oh so you did mean 90° rather than 90º
19:57<ST2>if that floats your boat
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20:01<ST2>well, to be honest I'll make a 360 (degrees) turn
20:02<ST2>just to make sure
20:04<ST2>was that a real 90º or a radius 90º?
20:06<@peter1138>I recommend a 90°
20:07<ST2>take it twice then ^^
20:07<@peter1138>(I guess you have a silly font that renders º the same as °)
20:07<ST2>same as when I type ª and ª
20:08<ST2>or º and º
20:09<ST2>because I dnt think you get the numbers I typed above
20:10<ST2>is there a neutral IRC application to clear this out?
20:11<ST2>oh wait, peter1138: what irc client you use?
20:12<@peter1138>which doesn't care
20:12<ST2>well, if you asked mine I would sent a link for download, as a cortesy
20:12<@peter1138>but all my terminals are utf8 as normal
20:13<ST2>same as this bouncer
20:13<ST2>and the client I use to connect to it
20:14<@peter1138>ok so what unicode code point did you use
20:14<ST2>dnt go there
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20:24<ST2>now I can ask the real questions: the Split on road_gui.cpp between road and tram stations, does it have any intentions or was only a GUI thing? (not seeing notroadtypes)
20:24<ST2>or probably trams couldn't make 90º's?
20:27<ST2>only wanted to see logs, if those º and º of yours had differences
20:27<ST2>just to take notes
20:28<+glx>I see only question marks in black squares
20:28<ST2>glx, better tell that to peter1138 ^^
20:29<+glx>but peter1138's ° are clear for me :)
20:29<ST2>aren't here: °
20:30<+glx>unknown character
20:30<+glx>or invalid utf8
20:31<ST2>was only a copy paste from what you typed ^^
20:31<+glx>seems you're not sending utf8 then
20:32<ST2>or, example: ã. ë, ç
20:32<ST2>what appears to you?
20:32<+glx>still black squared question marks
20:33<+glx>I see the same things in the logs
20:35<ST2>ok, let me grab my Linux box, just to test:
20:36<JusT>same guy here: 90º, ã, ç, ä
20:36<+glx>now it's perfect
20:36<ST2>good :)
20:37<+glx>oh even ç was wrong
20:37<ST2>so, I own an appoligies to all of you: sorry :)
20:37<@peter1138>Although it was still the wrong character for ° :p
20:38<ST2>on the other machine and client, all shows correct
20:38<ST2>peter1138: sorry man :)
20:40<ST2>dnt start now how I assumed your gender - 1st word was the matter :)
20:40<+glx>anyway there's no girls on internet ;)
20:41<ST2>there are, but are FBI one... known xD
20:41<ST2>there's many girls playing OpenTTD
20:42<ST2>and I mean real ones
20:42<ST2>but probably I spend more time on my community that on code things ^^
20:43<ST2>there's even a woman that's admin on a community
20:44<@peter1138>gosh! women exist! shocking!
20:45<ST2>peter1138: more that you know
20:45<@peter1138>and i know plenty
20:45<ST2>note: still using old client, I'll try not to use symbols that confuse people :)
20:46<ST2>peter1138: example?!
20:46<@peter1138>ST2, doesn't actually confuse anyway
20:46<@peter1138>ST2, just the pedants among us (all of us) will just keep correcting and annoying you :p
20:46<@peter1138>well, my wife, for instance. she's a woman.
20:46<+glx>as long as it's in ASCII range it will display fine
20:47<ST2>peter1138: your wife, what's her nickname on OpenTTD games?
20:47<@peter1138>oh she doesn't play ottd
20:47<ST2>oh crap :S
20:48<ST2>so, do you know any actual woman that play OpenTTD?
20:48<@peter1138>i know woman who have played it, yes
20:49<ST2>that wasn.t my question ^^
20:50<@peter1138>as for people who play ottd, i don't know any one
20:50<@peter1138>it's like minecraft
20:50<@peter1138>everyone *used* to play it
20:50<@peter1138>they are not people i know though
20:51<ST2>if a tournament won by a team, one was a woman
20:52<@peter1138>my comment of "gosh! women exist! shocking!" was more aimed at you writing "even a woman"
20:52<ST2>yeah, I know, Communities are the Public Affairs for the game :)
20:53<ST2>"was more aimed at you writing "even a woman"" - yeah, because Fathers Day Tourny was won... by a woman xD
20:54<ST2>isn't that ironic?
20:54<@peter1138>is it?
20:54<@peter1138>do women not have fathers?
20:55<ST2>as we say, on slang: woman knowns for sure - the man gueeses
20:55<ST2>but it's slang
20:56<ST2>just to ask: when I type here: it's
20:57<ST2>appears any weird character?
20:58<supermop_home>is there no Wikipedia in india?
20:59<ST2>or maybe in Europe: (thanks to our CM friends)
21:00<supermop_home>I feel like 90% of what I read on quora is trivia, minutia, etc asked by young indian students about indian day-to-day affairs
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21:01<supermop_home>and I generally find quora worthless, but this window into what some random 15 year old is wondering about municipal issues in Delhi is sort of the only redeeming part of it
21:01<ST2>no worries supermop: hopefully you, at home, your wife dnt read we're talking about women
21:02<supermop_home>I am sure she would not give a shit
21:02<supermop_home>rather she would roll her eyes
21:02<ST2>I.sure she would xD
21:04<ST2>because if she dn.t care... it's because she dnt read this xD
21:04<ST2>and there... safe xD
21:05<supermop_home>I mean, I haven't said anything I'd want to hide from her, neither here nor elsewhere
21:05<ST2>neither I said so ^^
21:07<supermop_home>she did really give me a hard time for the indenting on nml blocks I wrote in unspooled though
21:07<ST2>last 2 lines have less "neithers" that a 5 second talk to a wife xD
21:07<supermop_home>so generally i'd prefer she didn't look and code I struggle to write
21:07<supermop_home>as it would be too embarassing
21:08<ST2>I know the struggle ^^
21:11<ST2>what I was trying to say: here among some devs, probably not notice the "work" some peasants have on keeping game alive
21:14<ST2> -
21:14<ST2>what pages you use to keep a track on it?
21:16<ST2>peter1138: any idea?
21:16<supermop_home>to keep a track on servers? I don't keep track of them
21:17<ST2>supermop: maybe you don't have a server running and don't care
21:18<supermop_home>probably accurate, unless there is one in this apartment I am unaware of
21:18<ST2>but, OpenTTD image outside it's there
21:19<ST2>because I think this is not a game to look into your belly
21:21<supermop_home>I have my insurance pay a gastroenterologist to do that if need be
21:21<ST2>we're talking about OpenTTD, I think ^^
21:31<supermop_home>well I forgot kettle was on the stove and boiled off half the water I was making for tea
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