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06:10<Wolf01>11 704 years of combined playtime played on steam. AHAHAHHA great
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06:18<Wolf01>When you want to scare a cat, just meow back at it
06:45<Wolf01>I need a different way to load wagons for the outposts, or fix the inserters... I'm able to only load 12 kinds of entities or inserters will get stuck
06:47<Eddi|zuHause>doesn't work with my cat
06:48<V453000>it's probably possible to do some smart stuff and let them fill stuff precisely Wolf01
06:49<Wolf01>Yes, like reading hand content and do some math, then the station will look like a motherboard of comparators, combinators and cables
06:50<V453000>well, is that a bad thing if it does what you need? :P
06:50<Wolf01>The problem is to figure out how to do it
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06:51<V453000>well that is the fun part, no? :P
06:51<Wolf01>I think I'll go for bob's inserters again: "long filter stack inserter"
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06:53<Wolf01>And the recycler stuff... I forgot to set the chest limit and produced 1k of active provider chests I don't even use... usually I produce just 50 of them
06:54*RafiX played OpenTTD on WIi
06:54<RafiX>it's.. weird
06:55<V453000>Wolf01 likes to solve his problems by lazy features :P
06:56<LordAro>"Improved Factorio link time in Visual studio. This was done by Rseding91, who provided the visual studio guys with Factorio sources and kept bothering them until they tested that and improved C++ link time in the 15.5 Visual studio release. The final release of Factorio with all optimisations and link time code generation took 45 minutes to compile and link, and now it takes 3.5 minutes. This sped up
06:56<LordAro>our release time quite a bit."
06:57<Wolf01>I have already enough work to create the perfect blueprints for modular building
06:57<Wolf01>Wow, 45 > 3.5 minutes
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07:33<Borg>where is damn SH-40 ;) its needed
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07:42<Wolf01>Mmmh strange, requester chest not requesting
07:44<Wolf01>Removing the requested item and setting it again fixed the problem
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07:52<Borg>shiiit.. overload at factory
07:52<Borg>I should add more trains earlier ;)
07:53*RafiX need to check something now
07:54<RafiX>Borg: can you check for me if there's any OpenTTD 1.3.2 server online?
07:55<Borg>1.3.2 ? :) didnt saw any
07:55<Borg>why so old version?
07:55<RafiX>it's on Wii
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07:56<Borg>there is 1.3.0 server
07:56<amaury>Hi everybody
07:57<RafiX>damn it
07:57<RafiX>so I'll need to host one
07:57<Borg>more 1.3.0 servers
07:57<amaury>could you tell me how to run 2 different version of ottd ?
07:57<Borg>amaury: OS?
07:57<amaury>looking for a tutorial for Windows
07:57<Borg>on Windows its easy
07:58<Borg>just download ZIP w/ windows binary and unpack it to.. like openttd-1.3.2 ;)
07:58<Borg>and also copy all files + .ini you need
07:58<RafiX>well on Windows it's easy, just download older version in zip and store them in separate folders
07:58<Borg>and vioala
07:58<Borg>RafiX: you have someone who will play w/ you ?
07:59<RafiX>Borg: well idk
07:59<RafiX>I'll need to ask my friends
07:59<amaury>so if i download this client
07:59<amaury>i just need to unzip and run ?
07:59<LordAro>amaury: yup
08:00<Borg>unzip... and copy necessary OpenTTD files (orginal TTD packs, or OpenGRF+ replacements)
08:00<Borg>just read readme...
08:00<LordAro>Borg: not necessarily
08:00<Borg>LordAro: really?
08:00<LordAro>if it's in the common directory
08:00<LordAro>read the readme ;)
08:01<Borg>well...I never use common directory ;)
08:02<_dp_>I recall it downloads opengfx automatically if there is no graphics yet
08:02<RafiX>no it doesn't
08:02<RafiX>at least for me
08:02<LordAro>it's supposed to
08:03<amaury>thank you =)
08:08<Borg>RafiX: whats Wii? anyway?
08:08<RafiX>Nintendo Wii
08:08<Borg>its not x86 based?
08:09<Borg>so no luck upgrading OpenTTD
08:09<RafiX>well yeah
08:09<RafiX>well maybe if I'll do it by myself :p
08:09<Borg>try it
08:09<Borg>I wonder what OS it runs..
08:10<Borg>will you get compiler toolchain for it?
08:10<RafiX>there is one
08:10<RafiX>on github
08:10<Borg>then go for it..
08:10<Borg>instead of trying to find players for 1.3.2 ;)
08:10<RafiX>well idk if my skills are good enough
08:10<RafiX>but I'll try
08:12<Borg>oh.. Bi-Endianess...
08:14<RafiX>also I have a PS3 but it's not that one that can run Linux :c
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08:32<Wolf01>And here I am, with a ginger ale in my hand :P
08:33<Wolf01>V, I think there is something weird with the logistic network, flying fucks are sleeping while stuff is requested and available
08:33<Wolf01>Also they don't take away my trash until I get in the area of another roboport
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09:17<Samu>i feel like seting up my AI servers again
09:17<Samu>do a new competition
09:18*RafiX will maybe host a 1.3.2 server :p
09:19<Samu>this time I'm thinking of doing something different
09:19<Samu>the starting year will be 2051, and i intend to run for 100 years
09:20<Samu>maybe not 100 years, cus it takes so much time
09:20<Samu>ST2, could u tell me what's your average server length?
09:22<Samu>looks like he's sleeping
09:22<Samu>well, any suggestions? what would you like to see tested in an AI competition?
09:23<RafiX>never tried AI much
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09:34<stefino>hi. Is in OTTD any better offset tool than basic tool in the game? This original tool is good but it will be better when I can write numers instead of click on the arrows. It is really poisonous when I need to move on 50/100 pixels...Thanks
09:36<V453000>no you just have to click a lot :)
09:37<LordAro>stefino: if you need to move that much, maybe you need to adjust the grf
09:38<stefino>mm, okay :D thx :)
09:40<@Rubidium>doesn't shift or ctrl help?
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09:43<Borg>founding new commercial buildings in town.. should have higher chance to actually found Warehouse ;)
09:43<V453000>oh yeah that
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09:50<Borg>btw, I have idea about cargo flow tool
09:51<Borg>not sure if its easy to do.. but it should draw line only in right direction..
09:51<Borg>if I move coal A -> B and not B -> A
09:51<Borg>no need to draw both lines?
09:52<Borg>would make it more usefull actually....
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09:53<stefino>Rubidium: oh thanks :) ctrl helped
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10:03<+michi_cc>So, when was the last time someone tried to make a screenshot using the menu item or the console command (but not Ctrl-S) when using a video driver with threaded drawing?
10:08<+michi_cc>It does a screen refresh at the same time the draw thread is running, which is... unfortunate when you actually want to do stuff with the video buffer in there :)
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10:20<LordAro>michi_cc: lol.
10:21<LordAro>michi_cc: i'm more curious why Ctrl+S presumably does something different
10:21<+michi_cc>LordAro: Menu/command handling is done inside the GameLoop (which is the threaded part), keyboard input is done outside of it.
10:22<LordAro>i see
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10:36<Samu>something i've never tried was infrastructure maintenance, gonna test tyhis
10:36<Samu>will also test cargodist
10:37<Samu>I wonder which AI will fare
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10:46<Samu>symmetric or asymetric ?
10:46<Samu>passengers , mail, armoured, other
10:48<Samu>anyone familiar with cargodist? what seems to result best?
10:49<Samu>everything symmetric? everything asymmetric?
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10:58<@Alberth>what do you define as "best result" ?
10:59<V453000>I can confirm that people build best networks with cargodist off :P
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11:00<@Alberth>and no breakdowns either, I guess?
11:00<@Alberth>then it's trivial to build a network :p
11:02<Samu>gonna try everything symmetric
11:02<Samu>oh, assymmetric for other cargoes
11:02<Samu>there's only two choices
11:03<Samu>damn :(
11:03<Wormnest>Note that most ai´s tend to build point to point connections without cross connections to other destinations
11:04<@Alberth>symmetric means that you need mostly the same amount of cargo in both directions to work
11:04<Samu>another thing i'm testing is the # opcodes
11:04<@Alberth>so pax from big city to small village won't work very well
11:04<Samu>i used to test with 250k ops
11:05<Samu>now i'm doing the opposite, test with 5k ops, minimum value possible
11:05<stefino> - my first multi-part bus
11:05<Samu>see who gets more things done with less operations
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11:27<Samu>right_mouse_wnd_close = false
11:27<Samu>is this a real new setting or was it from some random patch?
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11:51<@Alberth>Samu r27825
11:55<Samu>oh, nice, it's real
12:01<LordAro>did you not expect it to be real?
12:02<@Alberth>just try it :)
12:04<Samu>the first 8 AIs i'm gonna test
12:06<Samu>will test those which got recent updates
12:08<Samu>too many GS topics...
12:11<Samu>shall i test them solo, or against each other?
12:11<Samu>i'm about to begin
12:12<Samu>just needs to setup them on each server
12:12<Samu>gonna test solo, i guess
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12:22<Samu>started 8 AIs
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12:32<Samu>best start goes to MpAI
12:32<Samu>worst start goes to HeliFerry
12:33<Samu>in fact, it just bankrupted, rip
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12:55<Samu>ShipAI crashed
12:56<Samu>cpu evaluator
12:56<Samu>NoNoCAB hasn't done anything yet
12:57<Samu>it's been 2 years
13:02<Samu>choochoo picked the old rail to begin with :(
13:03<Samu>i'm starting in 2051, there's maglev already
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13:04<Samu>NoNoCAB has finally started, with 4 ships, no less
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13:30<Samu>WormAI is pathfinding for 4 years already
13:31<Samu>ChooChoo is pathfinding for 5
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13:43<Borg>Samu: infastructure maintenance is nothing big. just extra costs...
13:44<Borg>for all tiles.. + semaphores
13:44<Borg>I play with it
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13:47<Samu>some ai's arent aware of it being enabled
13:48<Samu>this will be interesting
13:51<Samu>Wormnest: WormAI started pathfinding in 2052, failed in 2057, why did it took so long :(
13:52<Samu>seems that 5k ops is a problem
13:53<Wormnest>Samu: That´s difficult to say, depends on a lot of factors
13:54<Borg>I got bite off by script...
13:54<Samu>let me check some autosave, see what was it
13:57<Samu>ah i see
13:57<Samu>it was trying to pathfind over water
13:58<Samu>there was a big sea between the 2 stations, it would require a reallly long bridge
14:01<Borg>well.. writing AI aint simple ;P
14:01<Samu>wanted to connect by rail
14:02<Samu>took 5 years to bail out
14:04<Wormnest>I thought I had a shorter timeout in place but maybe that´s in NoNoCab
14:05<Samu>is 5k ops affecting it?
14:05<Samu>i've also set ai speed to very slow
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14:05<Samu>script_max_opcode_till_suspend = 5000
14:06<Samu>competitor_speed = 0
14:07<Wormnest>Well slow ai speed means it will take longer pauses in between doing certain things
14:08<Wormnest>Max opcodes will influence how much it can do each time so yes that´s making it worse but not the only cause
14:09<Samu>for this competition i was checking who could do more with less
14:11<Samu>ChooChoo is doing worse
14:13<RafiX>I played with CPU so I don't needed to make roads between cities
14:13<Samu>NoNoCAB is building airports outside catcment area
14:13<Samu>wants to pick up fruits
14:13<Samu>fruits don't reach the airport
14:14<Samu>this is gonna be too harmful with infrastructure maintenance
14:14<Samu>expecting it to RIP soon
14:18<Samu>do you need savegame?=
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14:38<Wormnest>Hmm I thought I fixed that in the last version
14:39<Wormnest>Yeah maybe a savegame might help
14:40<Samu>ok, brb
14:47<Wormnest>Thanks, I´ll have a look later
14:53<Borg>guys.. bug?
14:53<Borg>Signs are not synced properly?
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16:43<Samu>choochoo took 10 years to give up pathfinding
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18:19<Samu>Wormnest: still there?
18:19<Wormnest>yeah but leaving soon
18:19<Samu> WormAI builds those bridges, but why?
18:20<Samu>train speed goes at 600 km/h but is slowed down to 250 on those bridges
18:23<Wormnest>Not sure maybe I´ll take a look tomorrow if I´m in the mood
18:31<Samu>weird, is cargodist bugged?
18:31<Samu>a train is trying to full load oil
18:32<Samu>who's a cargodist expert?
18:33<Samu>why isn't that train loading?
18:33<Wormnest>not me
18:33<Samu>this is on choochoo server
18:35<Wormnest>The cargo wants to go directly to its destination but the train has the depot destination in between
18:36<Samu>why would that be a problem? :(
18:37<Samu>could it be the implicit order?
18:38<Wormnest>It sees that as a different destination, the first via station that´s what it wants
18:39<Wormnest>Not sure if the implicit order matters I would not think so
18:39<Wormnest>But I´m not a cargodist expert at all
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20:12<ww>why lot of company end at the time 20171230 in reddit server 1 game
20:13<ST2>maybe you can ask on their channel, type /join #/r/openttd
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