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13:53<Samu>where is alberth? :(
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14:00<andythenorth>@seen alberth
14:00<@DorpsGek>andythenorth: alberth was last seen in #openttd 1 day, 3 hours, 27 minutes, and 41 seconds ago: <Alberth> o/
14:01<supermop_work>hi andy
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14:03<andythenorth>lo mop
14:03<Samu>gonna start dissecting the "large airplane on short runway" patch into smaller patch pieces for commit or whatever
14:03<Samu>for alberth, if he's still interested
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14:14<supermop_work>i think i need to get rid of road trains
14:18<supermop_work>also steeltown makes me want better foundry transports, and trams with ladles for slag and metal
14:20<andythenorth>going to do that in Road Hog...eventually
14:20<andythenorth>need an NRT conclusion first
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14:38<supermop_work>i end up using my little industrial trams as belts
14:38<supermop_work>to abuse station ratings
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14:56<supermop_work>with only the open wagons they feel a bit silly for some uses, but i already have such an explosion of vehicles
14:57<Samu>i don't know how to make a patch-chain
14:57<Samu>i can't tell tortoisesvn to create a patch against trunk, but to create it against my work, how do i do this
15:00<Samu>who's familiar with tortoise?
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15:04<john-aj>perhaps you could use a separate tool? like `diff'
15:05<Samu>diff? hmm ok
15:05<Samu>let me try
15:05<LordAro>Samu: svn isn't good at patch queues
15:05<john-aj>are you on windows? i don't know what tools there are there
15:05<LordAro>you'll likely want something like hg or git
15:06<john-aj>yeah, i'd recommend that too :-)
15:07<LordAro>(helpfully for you, tortoisehg & tortoisegit also exist)
15:08<Samu>i'm so screwed
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15:16<andythenorth>I am bored of tanks
15:18<supermop_work>world of trams
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16:22<Samu>LordAro: hi again, which one is easier for a noob like me? tortoisehg or tortoisegit?
16:24<LordAro>that is a very good question
16:24<LordAro>for ottd, it's almost entirely subjective
16:24<LordAro>mercurial is probably on the easier side
16:25<LordAro>you'll really want to do some reading first
16:25<LordAro>as much as i know you're resistant to doing so
16:25<Samu>oh Hg from chemistry
16:26<Samu>yeah, reading kinda sucks, unless it goes straight to the point
16:26<Samu>alright, installing tortoisehg, brb
16:29<LordAro>turns out that learning involves knowing more than just very specific things
16:29<Samu>do i need tortoisesvn installed prior? or it's standalone?
16:29<Samu>whatever, i'm installing it
16:30<Samu>if shit happens i can always restore
16:30<LordAro>you don't even know what hg is, do you?
16:31<Samu>something that let's me patch stuff better, i guess
16:31<LordAro>seriously, just a cursory glance at some documentation would make things orders of magnitude easier for you
16:31<supermop_work>this is taking me back to 2010 when i accidentally somehow fucked my registry by blindly installing tortoise stuff
16:31<supermop_work>with no understanding
16:31<LordAro>that does sound rather strange
16:32<supermop_work>as the computer was 5 years old i eventually just bought a new computer, and last i checked, that laptop is still kind of fucked
16:32<Samu>must restart windows, k brb
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16:32<LordAro>this is not going to go well for him
16:32<LordAro>a guarantee it
16:32<LordAro>ah well
16:33<ST2>well, soon to expect an explosion of questions about hg xD
16:34<supermop_work>well probably he wont go as far as needing to buy a new computer at least
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16:36<john-aj>mercurial is good, but for someone who doesn't seem to know what a version control system even is, i'd suppose that git is a better option, just because it's more popular
16:37<john-aj>probably more documentation that's easier to grasp
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16:39<LordAro>yeah, could've gone either way really
16:41<Samu>erm, apparently i need to clone something
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16:42<Samu>alright, time to go read wtf tortoise hg is for
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16:50<Samu>that's it, i have no idea what I just installed lol
16:50<Samu>looks like i still need tortoise svn to download a repository? that I can clone with tortoise hg?
16:50<Samu>am i saying something stupid?
16:50<LordAro>not entirely
16:50<LordAro> try this instead
16:51<Samu>how do i download that into my computer?
16:52<Samu>ok gonna try
16:52<LordAro>broadly similarly to how you "downloaded" the svn checkout onto your computer
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16:53<LordAro> read this
16:54<LordAro> then this
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16:59<Samu>alright, seems more complicated than i thought
17:01<Samu>damn brazillian portuguese GARBAGE...
17:02<Samu>i hate it when they default programs to my sys language
17:02<LordAro>i'd imagine it's a reasonable default
17:03<Samu>en is much more easier
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17:07<LordAro>Samu: well why not set it as your system language?
17:11<Samu>i prefer my OS in portuguese, and some programs too, but not all, I don't like automatic decisions
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17:21<Samu>i'm at 4.4 here and failing
17:21<Samu>what files? the directory is completely empty
17:22<LordAro>Samu: ah, i see
17:22<Samu>well i have 1 file only
17:23<LordAro>you've created a brand new repo
17:23<Samu>it's the only file i find
17:23<Samu>size: 0
17:23<LordAro>whereas you (probably) want to copy the existing openttd repo
17:24<LordAro>get rid of that folder, and skip ahead to 4.8
17:24<LordAro>(then go back to 4.4)
17:24<Samu>oh, so that's it, ok
17:25<Samu>i knew i shouldn't have uninstalled tortoise svn
17:25<Samu>I have no trunk
17:25<Samu>i thought this thing would fetch it on its own
17:26<LordAro>uninstalling tortoisesvn shouldn't have removed anything
17:26<LordAro>besides, it can fetch on its own
17:26<LordAro>the documentation is a little unclear there
17:26<LordAro>(just use the trunk.hg url above instead of a path)
17:26<Samu> ?
17:27<Samu>let's see
17:28<Samu>ah, nice nice
17:28<Samu>it's doing magic now
17:28<Samu>a Clone directly from
17:29<Samu>wowah, this looks good
17:31<Samu>what a welcoming message, a eints fix by me
17:32<Samu>this is what I see so far
17:32<Samu>now i go back to 4.4?
17:33<LordAro>assuming you want to know how to add new files to the repo
17:33<LordAro>i'd read the rest of the document before doing any more
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18:10<Samu>do i still need tortoise svn? i'm slightly confused yet
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18:11<Samu>i can't apply patches anymore. guess i need tortoise svn after all
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18:27<Mahjong>how curious, I had to close my server so I saved it, then reloaded, and all my Z1s had another two carriages duplicated onto the end of them
18:28<Eddi|zuHause>did you use autoreplace?
18:29<Mahjong>might have been that actually come to think of it yeah
18:30<Mahjong>I guess "wagon removal" needs to be on to keep it the same length
18:30<Mahjong>I didn't see that aoption
18:31<ST2>hooorray, Eddi|zuHause solved another case ;)
18:31-!-sim-al2 [~sim-al2@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:31<Samu>do you tortoise hg?
18:31<ST2>morning :)
18:32<ST2>nah, SVN
18:32<ST2>while it still works ^^
18:32<Samu>ok, i still dunno how to make this work
18:33<ST2>we have our own repo's on BTPro, and all are SVN based, for years
18:34<ST2>well, guess we took the "easy" way at the time xD
18:45-!-john-aj [] has quit [Quit: john-aj]
18:48<Samu>i fail at understanding the purpose of this program
18:49<Samu>how do i delete a revision?
18:49<Samu>i created a 22740 and a 22741, while openttd is still at 22739
18:49<Samu>i just dont get this program
18:58-!-Biolunar [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:58<LordAro>Samu: there are ways to delete revisions
18:58<LordAro>what you've done is make a local commit
18:58<LordAro>you can't make a remote commit, obviously, as you're not a dev
18:59<LordAro>Samu: i'll give you a hint: the first result for googling "hg delete commit"
19:00<LordAro>there's even a tortoisehg answer
19:01<LordAro>(also, just so you get the terminology right, "mercurial" is the name of the VCS ("svn" is a different VCS), "hg" is the command you use to operate on a repo controlled by mercurial, and "tortoisehg" is a gui frontend to "hg")
19:03-!-HerzogDeXtEr [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:04<Samu>hg delete commit
19:05<LordAro>irc is not google
19:20<Samu>i have a better way to deal with this
19:20<Samu>send to recycle bin, restart from 0
19:24-!-Supercheese [] has quit [Quit: Valete omnes]
19:26<LordAro>that's decidedly not a better solution
19:26<LordAro>but sure, whatever
19:27<Samu>yeah google results is use strip or whatever extension command line crap, while I installed a gui program... no thx
19:27<LordAro>try harder
19:27<LordAro>like, for more than 30s
19:28<Samu>brb 2 min
19:28<ST2>open a cmd, format C:, yes
19:28-!-Samu [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:28<ST2>always works on cleaning stuff ^^
19:28<LordAro>would be ultimately more productive
19:28<LordAro>anyway, bedtime
19:28<ST2>night :)
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