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04:12<stefino>hi, problem about socket what I had yesterday was due my internet connection. I sent files to my friend and upload was succesfuly done :) so thanks again for help with writing .ini etc :)
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04:17<stefino>and one graphics question now. My friend try to code bridges and we dont know if it is possible to make own graphics for road and train bridge. Because in basic ottd or in Total Bridge Replacement, bridges has the same front bridges sprites and only background was changed (sprites with road/rails/..). But we want to make two different graphics for road/train bridge
04:21<stefino>NFO manual said "Property 0D sets the sprite layout for bridges. Each part of a bridge has eight sprites for each of the four types (rail, road, monorail, maglev), making 32 sprites in total. Each bridge has 7 parts, though not all of them have different graphics." First part said that it is possible or not? And the same foregrounds for road/train bridges in current GRFs are only due simplification?
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05:29<Samu>i fail at these constructors
05:32<Samu>what do I need to save and what do I need to load?... in a first look, nothing
05:32<Samu>but apparently I need to keep track of goal_ids
05:32<Samu>only need to know if the goal was already assigned
05:33<Samu>I can reconstruct the goal at any time
05:36<Samu>I don't need to monitorize cargoes, busybeee code here is confusing me, i need help
05:36<Samu>st2 halp
05:49<Samu>who's online now?
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06:52<Samu>i need to understand constructors and i just can't visualize it in my mind
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09:13<Samu>i found a bug in busybee
09:14<Samu>it collects 16 companies, while there's only 15
09:16<Samu> for (local comp_id = GSCompany.COMPANY_FIRST; comp_id <= GSCompany.COMPANY_LAST; comp_id++) {
09:16<Samu>line 113
09:17<Samu><= should be <
09:18<Samu>also in line 426
09:20<Samu>ST2: can u report this for me?
09:20<Samu>i dont have openttdcoop acount
09:20<ST2>me neither
09:20<Samu>someone else then?
09:20<ST2>try BB thread at tt-forums
09:21<Samu>oh right, i forgot it has a topic
09:23<Samu>copy pasted
09:24<Samu>too lazy atm
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10:57<Samu>Alberth: hi
11:01<Samu>i'm studying busy bee code and trying to adapt it to deal with company value :(
11:02<Samu>first thing I wanted to do is remove all that cargo from the code, and I can't manage to separate things
11:03<Samu>I'm stuck in here function CompanyGoal::AddMonitorElement(mon)
11:04<Samu>i don't have a cargo table
11:04<Samu>I don't think i need to monitorize anything of that kind either, town or industry
11:06<Samu>what I need to monitorize is the current company value and the target goal value
11:07<Samu>target goal value can change at any time, it is a user defined value that can be configured at will
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11:32<@Alberth>you're correct wrt cargo stuff
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11:33<@Alberth>most likely you can remove most of the bee, as it's completely aimed at cargo
11:33<@Alberth>as for companies, no idea, I have no interest in them, so I never studied their properties
11:34<Samu>i think i better start this from fresh again
11:35<@Alberth>bee won't give you much I think, except some ideas about global structure perhaps
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12:40<Samu>ok i gave up on bee
12:46<@Alberth>seems ok, as it doesn't seem to fit your goals anyway
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12:54<Samu>speaking of goals
12:54<Samu>how do i save a goal!
12:54<Samu>gonna try with the global goal first
12:55<Samu>GSGoal.New(GSCompany.COMPANY_INVALID, GSText(GSText.STR_GOAL_CV, GSController.GetSetting("value")), GSGoal.GT_NONE, 0)
12:56<Samu>this.global_goal = that?
12:56<@Alberth>seems long enough for you :)
12:56<Samu>what is that 0 as destination for
12:57<Samu>is it goal_id?
12:57<@Alberth>have a look at GSGoal.New
12:57<@Alberth>in the GS api docs
12:57<Samu>yes i have it here
12:59<Samu>The destination of the type type.
12:59<@Alberth>if the destination is an industry, the index number of the industry
13:00<@Alberth>if the destination is a town, the index number of the town
13:00<Samu>it is a GT_NONE
13:00<@Alberth>no goal thus, any number will do
13:01<Samu>i see
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13:03<Samu>i still dont know what's a constructor supposed to do
13:03<Samu>the examples i've seen aren't clear enough
13:04<LordAro>Samu: have you considered searching the internet?
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13:07<@Alberth>constructor seems like a bad word to search :)
13:12<+glx>oh there are way worse words to search
13:12<@Alberth>Samu: you understand that class and object are two different things?
13:14<Samu>i don't know
13:14<LordAro>glx: "go" is always fun
13:17<Wormnest>internet provider called ¨online¨ is really wonderful too
13:19<Samu>dbg: [script] [18] [S] Your script made an error: class instances do not support the new slot operator
13:19<Samu>i'm terrible
13:20<Samu>i get never seen before errors
13:20<@Alberth>false, I have had that one too :)
13:20<@Alberth>define all variables in the class
13:21<@Alberth>you can't make new variables in an object
13:21<Samu>the main class is
13:21<Samu>class CompanyValue extends GSController
13:21<Samu>{ companies = null global_goal = null loaded = false function Start() function Save() function Load(version, data); }
13:21<Samu>got these
13:21<Samu>not sure if i need more, or ...
13:22<@Alberth>needs some semicolons I assume
13:22<@Alberth>but "companies = null;" declares a varaible "companies" with initial value null
13:23<@Alberth>so you can just assign to it after making an object from the class
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13:23<@Alberth>rather than obj.companies <- ...
13:28<Samu>make an object from the class?
13:30<@Alberth>a class is like a template, a general shape
13:30<@Alberth>an object is a copy of it, and then further filled, eg values for all variables, etc
13:31<@Alberth>you can have several such objects, each with different values
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13:31<@Alberth>making a copy and further adding values is done by the constructor
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13:35<+glx>constructor constructs an object from the class
13:35<+glx>and usually inits the default values
13:36<Samu> // Construct empty companies. this.companies = {};
13:36<+glx>that's not a construction, it's an initialisation
13:37<+glx>to an empty array (or something similar, I don't remember the squirrel syntax)
13:39<Samu>trying to understand this this.companies[comp_id] <- null;
13:39<Samu>this.companies is the same as companies?
13:40<Samu>comp_id is a value from 0 to 14
13:40<Samu>then <- null which i dont get it
13:43<Samu>this.companies[0]m this.companies[1], this.companies[2]
13:43<Samu>all <- null
13:43<+glx>ah yes it's a table so it stores stuff using a key/value relation
13:45<+glx><- creates the slot for comp_id if it doesn't exist
13:46<Samu>seems that the <- is like a piece of a whole
13:46<+glx>else it just works like =
13:46<Samu>an arm, connected to a body
13:46<Samu>can't yet visualize how it works
13:46<+glx>it's all in the docs :)
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14:04<LordAro>Samu: just think of it as a weird "="
14:06<Samu>so it's not a connector
14:13<LordAro>...a connector?
14:17<Samu>i still don't know how to save and load a simple goal :(
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14:25<Samu>I have this code
14:25<Samu>how am I saving that goal and loading it back correctly as to not show as duplicated
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14:28<Samu>that's what I get after loading
14:29<Samu>changing the target value will change the value of the second goal now :( I wanted to re-link to the goal alredy there
14:31<@Alberth>you're not saving or loading anything
14:31<Samu>all my attempts to save have failed me
14:33<@Alberth>you noticed the GoalID coming out of the New call?
14:34<@Alberth>a goal that already exists doesn't need to be created again, I'd think
14:34<Samu>uh, yeah, i figured it had to keep track of something
14:34<Samu>but how do i ... keep it in hand
14:34<@Alberth>you have it in global_goal?
14:35<@Alberth>if you want it between load and save, you need to store it in the save data, and load it back on loading
14:36<Samu>ok, for saving, let me think
14:37<Samu>return {gg = this.global_goal}
14:38<Samu>hmm for loading...
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14:40<Samu>this.global_goal =; ?
14:40<Samu>gonna try
14:41<Samu>still getting 2 goals :(
14:42<@Alberth>a New always makes a new goal
14:42<@Alberth>so don't do that if you already have enough goals
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14:45<+glx>in Start() don't create a new goal if one has been loaded
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14:45<+glx>that's all
14:45<@Alberth>bee has two paths, one is for a new game, where you don't load anything, and one is for startup after loading from a savegame
14:46<@Alberth>so before you make a new goal, check if something got loaded
14:46<+glx>because Load() is called before Start()
14:47<+glx>with an has_goal value defaulting to false it should be easy
14:48<+glx>if (!has_goal) { create goal, set has_goal to true}
14:48<+glx>and you save and load both
14:48<+glx>goal and bool
14:50<+glx>it's also doable without an extra variable, just checking if goal is null before creating it
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15:16<stefino>hello guys...I asked at morning but no answer here si I'll try it agains
15:17<stefino>My friend try to code bridges and we dont know if it is possible to make own graphics for road and train bridge. Because in basic ottd or in Total Bridge Replacement, bridges has the same front bridges sprites and only background was changed (sprites with road/rails/..). But we want to make two different graphics for road/train bridge
15:17<stefino>NFO manual said "Property 0D sets the sprite layout for bridges. Each part of a bridge has eight sprites for each of the four types (rail, road, monorail, maglev), making 32 sprites in total. Each bridge has 7 parts, though not all of them have different graphics." First part said that it is possible or not? And the same foregrounds for road/train bridges in current GRFs are only due simplification?
15:18<stefino>Thanks :)
15:20<Samu>if (this.global_goal == null)
15:20<Samu>why the heck does this work now, when I tried, it failed :(
15:21<Samu>well, thx
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15:24<frosch123>road and rail are different
15:25<frosch123>bridge replacement is mostly replacing original graphics
15:25<frosch123>so everything that looked different in original graphics, can look different
15:25<frosch123>and original graphics contain the track graphics
15:26<stefino>I looked that basic bridges and for example Total replacement bridges hase the same foreground so we were not sure if is only simplification or any rule :)
15:26<frosch123>use the sprite alignment tool to check whether they are the same sprite number
15:29<stefino>I thik so because there is one foreground sprite and 4 background(road/track include)
15:30<frosch123>anyway, the bridge layouts are separate for the transport types
15:31<frosch123>the bridge layout specifies 7*4*2*4 sprites
15:31<frosch123>7 positions along the bridge, 4 transport types (rail, road, mono, magl), 2 orientations, 4 layers (back, front, pillar, unused)
15:32<frosch123>ok, "unused" is not really a sprite, so 7*4*2*3 sprites
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15:32<stefino>ok ok :) this is what I need to know :) thanks :)
15:33<frosch123>stefino: anyway, essentially it means you can provide different graphics for transport types, but it also means that you must provide graphics for them. you cannot just replace road sprites
15:34<frosch123>you cannot have separate grfs providing rail and road bridges, they replace each other
15:34<stefino>and about my problem from yestarday - socket was somethink about my internet connection. I sent all program to my friend and he open it and load it succesfully.
15:34<frosch123>nice, so at least we know that the server worked :)
15:34<stefino>yes yes...we will make our new NFO code for bridges...not only replace :)
15:35<stefino>but we didn't know if it is possible to do :)
15:35<frosch123>well, don't get too excited :p there are only 7 bridge pieces
15:35<frosch123>you cannot make arbitrary looking bridges
15:35<frosch123>they have very specific patterns
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15:37<Samu>wow, holy molly, it works, wow! omg thx
15:37<Samu> for (local cid = GSCompany.COMPANY_FIRST; cid != GSCompany.COMPANY_LAST; cid++) { if (this.companies[cid] == null) this.companies[cid] = GSGoal.New(cid, GSText(GSText.STR_GOAL_CV, GSController.GetSetting("value")), GSGoal.GT_COMPANY, cid) }
15:39<stefino>yes yes...we only want to make simple bridges for road and rails. because roads has for example sidewalks, bridges for trains are narrower etc :)
15:44<andythenorth>I thought bridges is bridges?
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17:48<Samu>st2 u there
17:48<ST2>yes, but busy! short questions are fine ^^
17:49<Samu>would you like to be the first beta tester :p
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17:50<ST2>I'm on the middle of setting a CB server with YETI, NUTS and some other crazy things I remembered xD
17:50<ST2>(thx to newgrf makers :)
18:02<ST2>it gets something like this:
18:02<ST2>note (modified Storybook, as we already spoke)
18:02<ST2>�sing Aphid's CB gamescript
18:11<Samu>i think i finished, at least for now
18:11<Samu>doesn't have a story goal, doesn't have a ranking, but that's stuff I'd like to implement next
18:11<Samu>for now, I wanted it to actually work
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18:14<Samu>ST2: join
18:14<Samu>take a look
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