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05:52<__ln__>moin customer of ISp that operates in more than one country
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06:15<Samu>ST2: hi
06:15<Samu>can I ask you a favour
06:16<ST2>you can ask, but can take some time to have time for it
06:17<Samu>I am experimenting something about goal update frequency, made it every tick, was wondering the impact it has on players
06:18<Samu>basically, was wondering if it's laggy
06:19<Samu>for me it's not laggy, but I'm local, need someone over the internet to test
06:19<Samu>plz join
06:32<Samu>who else can volunteer?
06:33<ST2>personally I think there's no need to update every tick - main reason ir that CV only gets updated quarterly
06:33<ST2>and can't test it now, @ work
06:37<Samu>i dont check the last quarter, i check the current quarter
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10:26<Samu>I'm reviewing this
10:27<Samu>instead of printing the name of the colour, what if it actually acted as a colour for the text to follow?
10:27<Wolf01>Or the company name in the company colour?
10:29<Samu>what is currently do is transform {COMPANY_COLOUR} into Red (writen as text)
10:29<Wolf01>Which is pretty useless as I may not know the meaning of the colour names
10:29<nielsm>the most useful IMO would be transforming it to the color code
10:30<Samu>yes, nielsm that's what I thought
10:30<Samu>wondering if I can do that
10:30<nielsm>so you could use it for colorizing anything like station names or whatever
10:31<Samu>didn't put much thought into it when I made that, :(
10:32<Samu>the colouring order that is used for companies/liveries doesn't match the order that is used for texts
10:33<Samu>gotta make it correspond in some way
10:35<nielsm>just make a simple lookup table
10:42<Wolf01> this reminds me of something
10:49<supermop_work>Samu: some company colors might not show up well as text in that window however
10:55<Samu>"simple" lookup table... don't know how to do that
10:57<Samu>TextColour and Colours are both in the same file
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11:04<Samu>gfx_type.h is used by 3 projects... scary
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11:28<supermop_work>hi frosch123
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11:46<Wolf01>o/ quak
11:49<Samu>so i dunno how to do this :o... typical me
11:51<Wolf01>There's only one solution to that, learn how to do that instead of begging crumbs of code
11:51<Wolf01>And start from the basis, because it seem you miss even those
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14:42<Samu>can't figure where to start
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14:47<Samu>FormatString is called first, transformations to the string text is done there
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14:48<Samu>GetLayouter comes later, and this is where the text color is assigned
14:49<nielsm>you shouldn't need to hook into GetLayouter at all
14:49<Samu>I need to have the special character symbol thing ready at some point during FormatString before GetLayouter calls Utf8Consume
14:50<nielsm>color codes entered in the normal way, directly in the string, are just special character values that the layouter interprets as color changes
14:50<nielsm>so if you just replace your COMPANY_COLOR formatting code with the color code value appropriate it should work
14:51<nielsm>exactly like the STRING1, STRING2 etc. "include" codes can insert color changes
14:56<Samu>i need to transform {COMPANY_COLOUR} into one of these {BLUE}, {RED}, etc...
14:57<Samu>hmm :(
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15:01<Samu>let me look at english.txt
15:03<Samu>yeah... this seems useful
15:04<Samu>here's only 3 colours
15:05<Samu>oh, black too, 4
15:05<nielsm>yeah but you don't need to use those
15:05<nielsm>I'm just using it as an example to point out that you don't need to change the layouting or rendering code, you just need to inject the color codes into the string
15:06<nielsm>which should be as simple as inserting the appropriate SCC_<colorname> value into the string
15:08<nielsm>and yes you just insert the codes as if they were any other character value
15:08<nielsm>SCC_CONTROL_START is defined as 0xE000 which is the first codepoint of the unicode basic multilingual plane private use area, meaning a program is explicitly allowed to define its own meaning for any code points after that
15:09<nielsm>so it can't conflict with text
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15:17<supermop_work>YO ANDY
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15:48<andythenorth>YO supermop_work
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16:01<supermop_work>other than fix rv costs, not sure what i need to do next before putting stuff on bananas
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16:37<andythenorth>wait for NRT to be in trunk I guess
16:45<Samu>gonna give up on this colour stufff
16:47<Samu>there's no corresponding text colour for every company colour
16:47<Samu>some are missing
16:52<Wolf01>That's because using text colours is a bad idea
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18:09<Samu>ST2: still busy?
18:14<Samu>which colours would go well into that global list?
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18:15<Samu>btw, an AI won the game
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18:30<ST2>sorry Samu, yes, kinda busy yet
18:30<ST2>with our #00
18:30<ST2>it's a nightmare :S
18:32<Samu>i feel like sending this to bananas, seems ready
18:32<Samu>besides, i'm not getting much feedback :(
18:32<ST2>now that you're making a CV GS, I'm making a sandbox server xD
18:33<ST2>with no goals
18:33<ST2>and no newgrf's, if that matter ^^
18:33<Samu>there is a goal mode that only ranks companies
18:33<Samu>no goal
18:33<Samu>only sorts them by value, with the most valuable always at 100%
18:34<ST2>most value (measure of CV and perf.)
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18:34<ST2>at least the one I'm working on
18:35<Samu>oh you're also working on one
18:35<Samu>will it be available on bananas?
18:35<ST2>doesn't use GS
18:36<ST2>it's pure xShunter
18:38<Samu>I'm thinking of changing the amount of debug messages my GS is showing
18:38<Samu>it's insane atm
18:38<ST2>add debug levels
18:39<Samu>every other tick, it shows about 2 pages full of text
18:39<Samu>yes, debug levels, good idea
18:41<Samu>it's been a long time I've uploaded anything to bananas, i forgot what to do
18:42<Samu> it needs 4 unique characters or something, but not sure where I read that
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19:57<Samu>where do i find older openttd versions? forgot
19:58<Samu>like 1.2.0
20:12<Samu>is this page supposed to be empty?
20:18<Samu>ah nice, thx
20:19<Samu>it only got 1.7.2?
20:31<ST2>Samu... sec
20:32<ST2>on the link to download Stable:
20:32<ST2>remove the unecessary things
20:33<ST2>tada xD
20:33<ST2>did it worked?
20:34<Samu>nice, it went to here
20:34<ST2>it can goes to several places
20:34<ST2>I only told you the way to get them ^^
20:39<Samu>ok, the minimum API version for my GS appears to be 1.4
20:39<Samu>OpenTTD 1.4.0
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20:40<ST2>that's why compat_#.#.nut files exist ^^
20:41<Samu>that's not how it works
20:42<Samu>openttd 1.4 added GSGoal::SetProgress
20:42<ST2>if you say so
20:42<Samu>can't set the GS to API 1.2
20:42<Samu>on openttd 1.2 the GS will crash
20:42<ST2>why you need that?
20:43<Samu>gotta go, take care
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20:44<ST2>a propper answer, thank you xD
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