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05:18<Samu>what song is this?
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05:47<Mazur>Anyone know how to find and remove newgrf's with incompatible newgrf versions?
05:48<V453000>hi :P
05:48<Mazur>Long Vehicle Linstroduction Dates is version 1, therefoer incompatible, might as well get rid of it.
05:50<Mazur>trunk won't start, so I'm eliminating possible causes.
05:50<V453000>your openttd won't even start because of some newgrfs? :0
05:51<Mazur>It hangs in checking newgrf's online.
05:51<Mazur>1.7.2 starts fine.
05:51<Mazur>trunk hangs.
05:51<V453000>:0 haven't seen that before
05:52<Mazur>Updated the newgrfs in 1.7.2, lets see if that appeases trunk.
05:53<Mazur>Up to a opint, it now hangs on 100%, instead fo 81 or 88%.
05:55<Mazur>81% again. Aviator's Aircraft (av8) v1.81
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06:24<Mazur>Ok, ottdc_newgrf pack cannot be the problem, as that's not changed.
06:49<Samu>uninstall all newgrfs
06:50<Samu>try a clean openttd install
06:50<Samu>then add one by one?
07:05<Samu>is it possible to make AIs not bankrupt?
07:06<Samu>even if they have no money
07:06<Samu>nah... forget it, not a fair test
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07:47<dihedral>Samu: open the savegame in a hex editor :-P
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07:59<Samu>damn it, AIs are not considered clients
08:00<Samu>set min_active_clients 1
08:00<Samu>has no effect on them
08:01<Samu>how will i pause the game when a company bankrupts? :(
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08:07<@planetmaker>via a suitable game script possibly
08:07<@planetmaker>or via admin port, logging and reacting to the appropriate event (not sure that works, but probably should)
08:28<dihedral>via the admin port you could at least monitor potential bankrupcy and then pause
08:29<dihedral>or create savegames regularly
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08:42<Samu>hmm a game script, seems like a good idea
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09:15<Samu>function Bankrupt::Start() { while(true) { while (GSEventController.IsEventWaiting()) { local e = GSEventController.GetNextEvent(); if (e.GetEventType() == GSEvent.ET_COMPANY_BANKRUPT) { GSGame.Pause(); } } this.Sleep(1); } }
09:15<Samu>it works
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09:28<Samu>while I'm at it
09:28<dihedral>cool! did not know you hook in before bankrupcy is processed
09:29<Samu>i also want to pause the game on 1st jan 2051
09:30<Samu>that way, I can finally test AIs with fastforward without having to watch out when the game ends
09:31<Samu>date in game is encoded in a weird format... grr
09:41<Samu>749112, do u know what date it is? It's 2050-12-31
09:43<LordAro>i'd imagine it makes perfect sense at the bit level
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09:56<Samu>hmm, how to unpause from a game paused by a game script?
09:57<Samu>imagine i savegame, someone else loads the game but the GS isn't available, game is still paused
09:57<Samu>it's forever paused?
09:59<Samu>looks like the pause GS is a bad idea
10:14<LordAro>pausing the game also pauses the GS :p
10:16<supermop_work>what is the point of testing old AIs
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10:47<Samu>woah, i saw an youtube ad on youtube... what's the point
10:57<supermop_work>tv networks run promotions for themselves
10:58<supermop_work>to get you to watch more, or to feel better about the watching you were going to do anyway
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12:51<Mazur>This seems to eb a new problemL: if i start openttd with -n it hangs in/after newgrf.
12:51<dihedral>#openttd used to thrive around this time ... according to my memories that is
12:52<Mazur>Both 1.7.2 and trunk 29751
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13:02<Samu>just started testing roadais
13:02<Samu>the missing AIs
13:02<Samu>to add to the competition table
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13:04<Samu>actually, i have to restart, forgot to update the AI folder
13:04<Samu>dumb me
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13:21<dihedral>hello Wolf01
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14:14<Samu>hi wormnest, i'm testing road vehicles ais once more
14:15<Wormnest>Cool Samu
14:15<Samu>testing the newer additions, like snakeai, ludiai, and some updated ais like clueless, simpleai
14:16<Samu>competition kind of test, 100 years
14:17<Samu>ludiai is an extreme cheater :(
14:17<Samu>station spreads
14:17<Samu>gets 3 times the income of other ais playing normal
14:18<Samu>but stops at 500 road vehicles for some reason
14:18<Samu>i limited to 5000
14:20<Wormnest>That´s allowed so I wouldn´t call it cheating
14:20<Samu>also testing nonocab v5
14:20<Samu>last test was with v3
14:22<V453000>evening gentlemen
14:32<Wolf01>o/ V
14:40<supermop_work>Samu: if you consider station spreading to be cheating, disable it?
14:40<dihedral>according to this is supposed to be the most active time...
14:40<Wolf01>Yes, it is
14:41<V453000>Wolf01: you compressed yet?
14:41<Wolf01>Compressed what?
14:41*dihedral imagines a compressed Wolf01
14:43<Samu>my nick is listed
14:44<andythenorth>why have I got 2x the number of lines of anyone else? :(
14:44<Wolf01>Because you loved to talk
14:44<andythenorth>but Eddi|zuHause has nearly as many words
14:45<V453000>I'm surprised I am in that list even
14:45<andythenorth>you are ass V453000
14:45<V453000>andythenorth: you just say random things
14:45<V453000>this is more worrying
14:45<andythenorth>lol :)
14:54<supermop_work>i need to figure out how i broke docklands
14:54<supermop_work>might actually be something in unspooled that's causing it
14:55<supermop_work>all i did to docklands, i think, was add no_houses and some haul compatibility
14:58<andythenorth>is it definitely the grf?
14:58<andythenorth>and not an NRT availability bug?
14:58<andythenorth>have you bisected with an older version? o_O
14:58<supermop_work>haven't tested much
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14:59<supermop_work>if load with a limited spool roster, get docklands tramways, no roads
14:59<supermop_work>if load with full spool, get invalid sprite error
14:59<Samu> Makeba!
15:00<andythenorth>V453000: so is pixels? o_O
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15:13<supermop_work>do i really need definitions for ROAD ELRD RAIL and ELRL in docklands?
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15:17<supermop_work>because both spool and docklands would try to define ROAD in that case
15:18<Wolf01>Yes, and the last one loaded should be the one which appears in the game
15:21<supermop_work>docklands only defines lable, powered_roadtype_list, and introduces_roadtype_list for ROAD
15:21<supermop_work>whereas unspooled gives graphics, costs, speedlimits, etc
15:22<supermop_work>not sure if that is pertinent information
15:23<V453000>andythenorth: isn't, I dump all of my time into factorio lately
15:23<andythenorth>I have so many tanks
15:23<andythenorth>2 days to earn each one
15:23<V453000>I'm completely consumed by playing it, writing some python scripts and making some game design things
15:23<andythenorth>but today, pixels
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15:24<V453000>I go try the new Age of Empires remastered version now ... game of my childhood :)
15:30<andythenorth>I want original Warcraft remastered :P
15:30<andythenorth>that I would play
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15:33<supermop_work>i want sim city 4 that actually runs
15:33<supermop_work>and maybe ascendancy
15:34<supermop_work>most games i loved in the early and mid 90s i don't care about, other than TT
15:35<supermop_work>and sc4 seemed to be everything i wanted as a kid in sc2000
15:37<supermop_work>oh they have ascendancy on ios
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16:22<supermop_work>Wolf01: are town roads in nml yet?
16:23<Wolf01>Dunno... andy?
16:28<andythenorth>no I haven't done the patch sorry
16:28<andythenorth>doing some work work :)
16:28<Wolf01>I'm going to do some sleep sleep
16:28<andythenorth>bye bye
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18:39<Samu>LuDiAI crashed :(
18:40<Samu>rip station spreader
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