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07:03<Samu_>I found a bug in WrightAI
07:03<Samu_>any chances it will be fixed?
07:04<LordAro>probably not
07:04<Samu_>the bug is at line 263 main.nut
07:05<Samu_>that i is expected to be a vehicleID
07:05<Samu_>but it's providing a stationID instead
07:06<Samu_>that will make wrightai unable to remove the airport, or even remove the wrong airport
07:10<Samu_>there is no vehicles at all at that point
07:10<Samu_>so, i'm not really sure how to handle this bug
07:11<Samu_>he found a station with no vehicles, and the only way to remove the airports is by providing a vehicleID
07:17<Samu_>this brings up the tileindex of the airport
07:18<Samu_>i is the vehicle ID
07:18<Samu_>what if I don't have the vehicleID
07:18<Samu_>how do I retrieve the tileindex from this.route_1?
07:19<Samu_>does that exist?
07:22<Samu_>RemoveValue (int64 value)
07:23<Samu_>this might be it
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07:26<Samu_>Wormnest: hi
07:26<Samu_>are you familiar with wrigthai?
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07:27<Wormnest>Hi Samu
07:27<Wormnest>Well a little bit but it´s a long time ago
07:27<Samu_>have u come with a bug where it is trying to remove empty airports but it's using the wrong ID?
07:29<Wormnest>No idea, as I said it´s a long time ago
07:35<Samu_>how do I get the location of an airport if the airport is joined with another station (bus stop in this case)?
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07:35<Samu_>when I get the location of the station, I get the bus stop tile
07:35<Samu_>if I remove that tile, the airport isn't removed :/
07:41<Samu_>gonna try to grab it by the hangar
07:43<Samu_>nah, I need to know the exact top corner of the airport location
07:43<Samu_>can't use hangar location :(
07:44<Wormnest>Have you looked in SuperLib for a useful function
07:47<Samu_>doesn't use superlib :(
07:48<Wormnest>Well you can copy the function from Superlib:
07:48<Wormnest>function _SuperLib_Airport::GetAirportTile(station_id)
07:48<Wormnest>As long as the licenses are compatible that is of course
07:51<Samu_>no idea if they are
07:51<Samu_>ludiai says gpl 2.0
07:53<Wormnest>SuperLib is the same so that´s fine
07:55<Samu_>I found it in superlib
07:55<Samu_>nice, it needs a tilelist just to grab the top corner
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08:20<Samu_>thx Wormnest, this fixed it!
08:21<Samu_>this.route_1.RemoveValue(airport_tiles.Begin()); I hope this is doing what I think it does
08:21<Samu_>this.route_2.RemoveValue(airport_tiles.Begin()); I hope this is doing what I think it does
08:21<Samu_>1 and 2
08:23<Samu_>removes all items, in this case, all vehicleids that have the airport top corner tile as the value
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08:34<Samu_>LuDiAI vs LuDiAI AfterFix, that's how I called it
08:34<Samu_>let's see who wins
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08:41<Samu_>strange, LuDiAI is still doing better
08:44<Samu_>I see why
08:45<Samu_>LuDiAI stops at 500 road vehicles, doesn't have to manage that many road vehicles
08:46<Samu_>more time for handling aircraft
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09:23<Samu_>overtook it for the first time
09:27<Samu_>it's unfair, LuDiAI builds airports that doesn't use them
09:28<Samu_>there's less room for airports for the fixed version
09:28<Samu_>interesting paradigm
09:29<LordAro>well of course if you run them both at the same time it's not a fair test
09:29<LordAro>they're competing for the same resources
09:31<Samu_>maybe the map needs to be really big
09:31<Samu_>gonna try 2k map
09:31<LordAro>why would that help?
09:31<LordAro>they use the same logic for deciding where to build
09:31<Samu_>because LuDiAI leaves airports behind, unused, so i need more towns
09:32<Samu_>not sure if this would fix anything, but...
09:32<LordAro>well why are you trying it then?
09:32<LordAro>the new version will try to build airports at exactly the same town
09:38<Samu_>something else I find it weird
09:38<Samu_>LuDiAI uses big planes on small airports, causing many crashes
09:38<Samu_>my fixed version only uses small planes on small airports, with much much less crashes
09:39<Samu_>and still... by brute force, the big planes win
09:40<Samu_>LuDiAI doesn't sell / renew old planes
09:40<Eddi|zuHause>that's how evil corporations work. lost profits not outweighing the cost of crashes?
09:41<Samu_>my fixed version sells old vehicles, doesn't exactly renew though
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09:41<Eddi|zuHause>just use autorenew
09:41<Samu_>if it sold the last vehicle on that route, it also sells the airports
09:42<Samu_>i'm unsure i can use autorenew, because the road part of the code is already renewing manually
09:43<Samu_>it's handling road vehicles pretty different than air vehicles
09:44<Samu_>LuDiAI crashed, the index len does not exist?
09:45<Samu_>must investigate
09:46<Samu_> for(local i = 0; i < m_townRouteArray.len(); ++i) {
09:56<Samu_>what is len supposed to be?
09:57<LordAro>something for determining the length of an array, i imagine
09:57<Samu_>isn't that Count()?
09:59<Samu_> constructor() { m_townRouteArray = [];
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10:04<Samu_>i'm unsure how to fix this, will need help
10:04<Samu_>the crash happened at line 65
10:05<LordAro>oh ok, it's not an AIList, so it is supposed to be using len()
10:09<Samu_>i'm looking at line 22, return null, and I'm wondering if it should be return 0?
10:09<LordAro>it is a bit unusual to return 2 different types
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10:10<LordAro>but i don't know what value it should actually return
10:10<Samu_> if (routeResult) {
10:11<Samu_>essentially if (1) {
10:11<Samu_>or if (null) {
10:11<LordAro>null is usually falsy, 1 is usually truthy
10:13<Samu_>darn, i should have used restart command
10:13<Samu_>now i dunno if i'm able to replicate the crash
10:15<Wormnest>If it crashed at line 65 then m_townRouteArray must have been null I think
10:16<Samu_>ah, i got a crash report posted about this same problem
10:16<Samu_>nice of me
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10:35<Samu_>can't reproduce the darn crash :(
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10:57<Samu_>ok, i think i know where the crash originates
10:58<Samu_>when ludiai gets 501 road vehicles, which is over his max of 500
10:59<Samu_> if(MAX_TOWN_VEHICLES == routeManager.getRoadVehicleCount() - 1) { routeManager.m_townRouteArray[i].sendLowProfitVehiclesToDepot(); }
10:59<Samu_>MAX_TOWN_VEHICLES is 500
10:59<Samu_>if (500 == 501 - 1)
10:59<Samu_>he wants to maintain is max of 500 vehicles
11:00<Samu_>and not exceed it
11:01<Samu_>this crash is probably unable to happen on my version because I raised MAX_TOWN_VEHICLES to 5000
11:01<Samu_>as long as openttd max road vehicles is 5000, the ai would never get 5001 road vehicles
11:03<Samu_>but i'd still like to know how to fix it
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11:05<LordAro>i imagine it wants a >= somewhere
11:09<Samu_> (AIVehicle.GetProfitLastYear(vehicle) < (highestProfitLastYear() / 6))) {
11:09<Samu_>problem seems to be highestProfitLastYear()
11:10<Samu_>it should be m_townRouteArray[i].highestProfitLastYear()
11:10<Samu_>if I'm reading this correctly
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11:12<Samu_>or maybe not :(
11:12<LordAro>what is the error message?
11:13<LordAro>the error message should be pointing you at where the problem is
11:13<Samu_>routeManager.highestProfitLastYear() perhaps
11:14<Samu_>the error is
11:15<LordAro>right, so it's very clear what the error message is
11:15<LordAro>well, not very clear
11:15<LordAro>but clear enough
11:15<LordAro>i.e. the object that calls 'len' does not have that method attached to it
11:16<LordAro>since we've already determined that len must exist on a list object, it can't actually be a list object
11:16<LordAro>why that is is what you've got to work out
11:17<Samu_>replace highestProfitLastYear() with routeManager.highestProfitLastYear()
11:17<Samu_>is that it?
11:17<Samu_>(AIVehicle.GetProfitLastYear(vehicle) < (highestProfitLastYear() / 6))) {
11:17<Samu_>at here
11:17<LordAro>i feel like you didn't read a single word of what i just said
11:17<LordAro>try again
11:17<Samu_>eh ok let me try
11:22<Samu_>the object that calls len
11:23<Samu_>highestProfitLastYear() is the object?
11:23<Samu_>or is it m_townRouteArray
11:23<Eddi|zuHause>that's why i have an ignore list, to protect my sanity
11:23<LordAro>the latter
11:24<LordAro>highestProfitLastYear is a function
11:24<LordAro>(or a function call, depending on context)
11:24<Samu_>doesn't have that method attached to
11:25<Samu_>must attach a method?
11:26<LordAro>that's a bit of a bad explanation, i'll give you that one
11:26<Samu_>routeManager.highestProfitLastyear() - there I attached it :o
11:27<LordAro>right, so highestProfitLastYear is a function method "attached" to routeManager
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11:27<LordAro>so what is len?
11:28<LordAro>(i want you to answer this, so show that you're actually learning something)
11:28<LordAro>to show*
11:28<Gustavo6056>Hey, bros! Who remember me?
11:30<Samu_>len, i'm not sure, it keeps track of the built routes .
11:30<Samu_> function buildRoute(buildManager, cityFrom, cityTo, cargoClass)
11:30<Samu_>local route = buildManager.buildRoute(cityFrom, cityTo, cargoClass);
11:30<LordAro>stop pasting code and think about it
11:30<Samu_>is the number of routes it has appended?
11:31<LordAro>i was speaking in a more general sense, but close enough!"
11:31<Samu_>if you say it's using null
11:31<Samu_>it would mean m_townRouteArray = null;
11:31<Samu_>it can't be null
11:31<Samu_>they exist already
11:32<LordAro>are you sure about that?
11:32<Samu_>or no?
11:32<LordAro>what happens if highestProfitLastYear is called before the constructor?
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11:34<Samu_>m_town_RouteArray = null?
11:34<Samu_>m_townRouteArray = null
11:34<Samu_>there is no len?
11:36<Samu_>but they exist already, ludiai is now trying to remove the least profit vehicles from his routes
11:36<LordAro>if i'm remembering my squirrel correctly, you can call methods with and without the class instance
11:36<LordAro>which is rather confusing
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11:43<Samu_>here's the other function
11:43<Samu_>line 23
11:44<LordAro>not sure i can help you significantly further, play around, add some debug print statements, see what you find
11:44<Samu_>it's a function on Route.nut calling another from RouteManager.nut
11:45<Samu_>im trying now to replicate the crash, but not sure how to make it trigger
11:46<Samu_>just know that it got to get 501 vehicles
11:46<Samu_>and be running that part of the code in that exact moment
11:49<Samu_>the sum of the cargo waiting must also be more than 150
11:51<Samu_>the vehicle must also be older than 2 years
11:53<Samu_>very hard conditions to get it to trigger
11:53<Samu_>must have not sold a vehicle in the last 2 months
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11:58<Samu_>the array exists!
12:00<Samu_>gonna try increase the chances by creating BIIIG CITIES on start up
12:02<Samu_>oh crap, the cpu usage deal
12:07<Samu_>reduced the max vehicles to 150, let's see if i can make it happen
12:08<Wormnest>I would add a check for m_townRouteArray == null and if it is write a debug msg
12:09<Samu_>aha, got a crash!
12:10<Samu_>mister white got 151 vehicles and crashed
12:10<Samu_>meanwhile I found some other with 152 and didn't crash, then again the function requires an exact match of 151
12:10<Samu_>this seems more buggy than I first thought
12:14<Samu_>(AIVehicle.GetProfitLastYear(vehicle) < (routeManager.highestProfitLastYear() / 6))) {
12:14<Samu_>restesting with this change
12:18<Samu_>the index routeManager does not exist :(
12:18<Samu_>became worse
12:22<Samu_>i have to pass the darn routeManager around
12:22<Samu_>just dunnot how, yet
12:25<Samu_> routeManager = RouteManager();
12:25<Samu_>so I see
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12:27<Samu_>sorry :( doesnt work
12:28<Samu_>I'll never learn
12:31<LordAro>not if you refuse to learn the basics
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12:40<Samu_>trying something else
12:40<Samu_> for(local i = 0; i < routeManager.m_townRouteArray.len(); ++i) {
12:44<Samu_>the index routeManager doesn't exist :(
12:45<Samu_>fake news
12:45<Samu_>it exists :(
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12:45<LordAro>routeManager is not the same as RouteManager
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12:48<Samu_>there is a constructor in main.nut with routeManager = RouteManager();
12:48<Samu_>I want to get it
12:49<Samu_>there can be only 1
12:50<Samu_>all route operations are being done into 'routeManager'
12:50<Samu_>so it's on this one i got to get the array from
12:50<Samu_>but I can't seem to reach it
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13:47<Samu_>i managed to do it
13:48<Samu_>not with the best approach though, but will suffice for now
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14:17<Samu_> (AIVehicle.GetProfitLastYear(vehicle) < (highestProfitLastYear(routeManager) / 6))) {
14:18<Samu_> for(local i = 0; i < routeManager.m_townRouteArray.len(); ++i) {
14:18<Samu_>and thus, the routeManager was passed around
14:19<Samu_>because I don't know how to do it the right way
14:21<@peter1138>ew at "for("
14:23<Samu_>I would prefer to access it directly
14:24<Samu_>but nevermind. it works, it's what matters for now
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