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04:33<TrueBrain_>:o Where is DorpsGek_II hiding! He is such a meany ...
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04:33<TrueBrain>seems he cannot recover from a netsplit :D
04:34<LordAro>not uncommon
04:34<TrueBrain>the problem is, it is because I forgot to add code for it! :( I FEEL SO SAD
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04:42<TrueBrain>hi Wolf01
04:42<TrueBrain>hmm, so I see everyone in here is as sleepy as I am :) Little actively lately ;)
04:43<Wolf01>What do you expect from saturday morning?
04:43<TrueBrain>I meant an august week :P
04:45<TrueBrain>well, at least DorpsGek_ii should reappear when needed :)
04:46<Wolf01>I'm always here, only I don't have anything to say :P
04:46<TrueBrain>you talk a lot for someone that has nothing to say :D
04:46<Wolf01>I think that the real problem is that I'm literally always here
04:47<TrueBrain>a problem for who? :D
04:47<Wolf01>My health
04:47<TrueBrain>yes; don't do IRC over sports :)
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04:48<TrueBrain>talking about addictions, hi andythenorth :D
04:49<Wolf01>Another one which is always here also when on vacation
04:49<TrueBrain>is it me, or is the Minecraft modding scene dying ...
04:50<Wolf01>Maybe, but when I have worldedit, dynmap, and treecapitator/treeassist I'm fine
04:53<TrueBrain>Pfft, OpenTTD is the worst! Even Factorio has copy/pasting!
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04:54<TrueBrain>I made andy quit :(
04:55<Wolf01>We tried to bring copy/paste come to OTTD but it wasn't well accepted
04:55<TrueBrain>it ruins the game a bit :D
04:55<Wolf01>Yeah, but sometimes takes out the boring parts
04:55<TrueBrain>right, time to make myself useful this saturday; bb!
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04:58<andythenorth>important FIRS developments
04:58<Wolf01>But still, you aren't enjoying it :P
05:00<andythenorth>I would be if my phone would hold an irc connection :p
05:01<Wolf01>You shouldn't be allowed to have internet :D
05:02<andythenorth>then I really would be bored
05:03<andythenorth>I used to self-imposed ban internet on holiday
05:03<andythenorth>but life is too short for that crap
05:03<Wolf01>12 days without internet access were the best days of my life :)
05:04<andythenorth>ho ho
05:04<andythenorth>I could do a smelting economy
05:05<andythenorth>call it Mine Craft
05:05<andythenorth>then people can repeatedly tell me it’s Minecraft
05:06<andythenorth>is pizza a valid town cargo?
05:06<Wolf01>Why not?
05:06<andythenorth>do you order a trainload of pizza?
05:07<andythenorth>rebalance all grfs?
05:07<andythenorth>scooters instead of trucks
05:07<Wolf01>Just make a set with pizza delivery scooters
05:08<andythenorth>I miss the days when making grfs was only fun :)
05:08<andythenorth>just draw any old crap and put it in for lolz
05:08<andythenorth>like all of HEQS
05:08<andythenorth>I blame V453000
05:09<andythenorth>for making grfs serious business
05:09<Wolf01>He made it a job :P
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05:16<andythenorth>Wolf01: eurobricks technic forum is having some kind of MOC meltdown drama :p
05:16<Wolf01>Must see
05:17<andythenorth>I don’t have my login here so I can’t post :p
05:18<Wolf01>This one? "Difference Between Criticisms"?
05:19<andythenorth>escalates from nothing
05:19<andythenorth>to stupidity
05:20<Wolf01>We'll see if leads to a new ban wave
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05:22<Wolf01>BTW I wanted to make a mod to the Claas Xerion back when I purchased it, some guys told me that it won't be anymore a Claas because real ones don't have the mods I wanted to add and I should have changed name and colours
05:22<Wolf01>My reply was "WTF?" and gave up
05:23<andythenorth>fortunately, I was into model trains when I was a kid
05:23<andythenorth>in a club with adult train fans
05:24<andythenorth>so I quickly learnt all variants of the bullshit
05:25<andythenorth>from “it must be super real” to “omg why have you even taken it out of the box, now you have devalued it as a collectable toy”
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05:36<Wolf01>BTW, you look a bit like Sariel :P
05:37<Wolf01>Same talking on different forums
05:37<andythenorth>maybe I am Sari
05:37<andythenorth>Sariel *
05:38<andythenorth>ios disconnects network connections after 3 minutes, as policy
05:38<andythenorth>so does coop still run a bouncer service?
05:39<Wolf01>I think yes, I've seen some bouncers from cooplately
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05:51<Samu_>oh, look who's here :)
05:52<Samu_>i peaked at your wormai code, and wow it's so professional looking
05:52<Samu_>makes my own look like puke
05:53<@Alberth>being aware of a problem is the first step :)
05:54<Wormnest>Well I feel honored ;)
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05:57<+michi_cc>andythenorth: Try Colloquy, IIRC it manages up to 10 minutes in background (which is a hard iOS limit).
05:57<andythenorth>I’ll try it
05:57<andythenorth>I use colloquy desktop
05:59<Samu>sorry, my connection dropped
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06:46<Samu>what's the difference between AIVehicleList_Station and AIStationList_Vehicle
06:48<Samu>only now I noticed they were 2
07:08<@Alberth>Documentation says "Creates a list of vehicles that have orders to a given station" resp "Creates a list of stations which the vehicle has in its orders"
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07:16<Samu>i wand to create a list of vehicles that have orders to a station
07:16<Samu>that would be AIVehicleList_Station, right?
07:17<Samu>i think i figured it out, i had a problem with counting the number of vehicles, it was because I was giving a tile id and not a station id
07:18<Samu>just testing for confirmation
07:18<Samu>yep, it was it
07:22<Samu>no wonder my min_air_distance was broken
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08:23<Samu>how do I get the monthly supply of a station?
08:23<Samu>i can only check cargo waiting :(
08:24<Samu>cargo planned, cargo from by via... bla bla which doesn't interest me
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09:50<Wolf01>BTW, andythenorth, almost all [MOC] of real vehicle has "it does not resembles the original vehicle" posts
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09:59<Samu>i've got a strange helicopter that isn't being sold
09:59<Samu>it's past his max age, and i got code that always sends old vehicles to depots
09:59<Samu>but this helicopter is still flying
09:59<Samu>the code doesn't detect it
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10:02<andythenorth>Wolf01: if only real vehicles were made of ABS beams and panels :p
10:02<Samu>this is the code
10:03<andythenorth>so I am designing NARS Horse
10:03<andythenorth>on paper at least
10:04<Wolf01>The only thing I didn't like about Sariel's reply it was some arrogance on showing what is a real liebherr moc, he could have taken an example of the 1060 and compared to the guy's moc like another one really did
10:05<andythenorth>it’s also a really limited definition
10:05<andythenorth> but eh
10:05<andythenorth>ceci n’est pas un pipe
10:06<andythenorth>such old news
10:07<Samu>is it because of aircraft crashes?
10:07<Samu>i can't keep track of all crashes
10:07<Samu>some of them have already expired
10:08<Samu>can't get the vehicle id if it expired
10:08<Samu>can only think of a new vehicle getting the id of the old vehicle that crashed while it was being sent to a depot
10:10<andythenorth>NARS nerfs wagon capacity to encourage long trains
10:10<andythenorth>I’m tempted instead to buff capacity to make use of relatively higher HP of NA locomotives
10:11<andythenorth>so TL5 train is 30% heavier than UK Horse train at TL5
10:11<andythenorth>that assumes there is 30% more cargo to move :l
10:13<Samu>i think i know how to solve this...
10:13<andythenorth>also NA Horse is relatively slower
10:14<andythenorth>so capacity-per-tile-per-minute is lower
10:14<Samu>on vehicle purchase, reset sendings to depot stuff
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10:47<Wolf01>Samu, I don't think that's the problem, maybe the problem is on how those vehicles are replaced, try without replacing crashed vehicles and see if the problem persists
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11:09<Samu>might be an idea
11:09<Samu>but if the vehicle crashes after i've given the order
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12:12<Samu>wow, i got an unexpected assert which was actually helpful
12:17<Samu>it's strange, the adjacentstation code is still failing me
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12:52<andythenorth_> well
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12:55<Samu>is there an abs in squirrel?
12:55<andythenorth_>irl maximum power of US diesel trains has decreases
12:55<Samu>if x1 - x2 is negative, how do i turn it possitive?
12:56<andythenorth_>this is a problem for progression :p
12:56<andythenorth_>lower power = more reliable, more flexible
12:58<andythenorth_>irl is bad for game design :/
12:59<andythenorth_>ideally technology would evolve every 30 years, with all stats evolving by linear fraction
13:05<andythenorth_>Horse overlaps steam & electric xor diesel & electric
13:06<andythenorth_>but for NARS horse there is also gas turbine for 1 generation :p
13:06<andythenorth_>is that bad?
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14:22<@peter1138>odd, irssi's tab-completion isn't working.
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14:26<@peter1138>Hmm, no, turns out my tab key isn't working. Odd.
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14:32<Samu>i'm so bad at this I get an error when trying to display an error message
14:37<Samu>my poor coding skills
14:37<Samu>that adjacentstation code is always the culprit
14:37<Samu>most of the time
14:38<Samu>assert(AIError.GetLastError() != AIError.ERR_STATION_TOO_SPREAD_OUT);
14:38<Samu>that will help me
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15:34<Eddi|zuHause>broken keyboard, or terminal eating the keypress somewhere inbetween?
15:44<Wolf01>Broken keyboard
15:46<@peter1138>Not working in firefox either. But alt-tab works.
15:46<Wolf01>FBI redirecting your tab key
15:46<@peter1138>Ah, FSCloud!
15:48<@peter1138>Hmm, I rebound it but now it doesn't work with FSCloud closed :S
15:48<@peter1138>Ah, now it's working.
15:48<@peter1138>So apparently one program can stop a keypress reaching everything else :p
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18:17<Samu>once again i'm editing the stationadjacent code... this is so hard
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21:21<Eddi|zuHause>so, some program was setting Tab as a "global" hotkey?
21:21<Eddi|zuHause>as in, one programmer somewhere sat down and was thinking "oh, Tab isn't really used by anyone, i can safely grab that and reserve that for me"?
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