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02:19<DorpsGek_II>[OpenTTD/OpenTTD] jmakovicka opened pull request #6911: Codechange: Improve (un)zoom performance
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10:06<Samu>hey nielsm, will u put AI in the framerate one day?
10:06<Samu>AI or GS
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10:10<nielsm>it's been requested before :)
10:10<Samu>i would like to also know if its possible to see how much memory the ai is using
10:11<nielsm>hm I wonder if it's possible to query a squirrel vm for that
10:11<Samu>i think there's some AIs that need more than 4GB of ram
10:12<Samu>makes openttd crash, even if openttd is 64-bit, dunno why
10:12<Samu>but that's me talking, with no proof if it's actually that the caus
10:15<Samu>you can try NoCAB v499 in a 4096x4096 map. it keeps increasing memory allocation for his doings at the start of the game, until it hits some barrier and causes openttd to poof/crash
10:16<Samu>it may take years for it to happen, he's a slow starter
10:16<Samu>but it happens
10:18<nielsm>hmm... no doesn't seem like there is a good way to track how much memory a squirrel vm is using
10:19<nielsm>it'd require some patching to first keep track of which vm is currently active and then patch the malloc/free functions to keep a total
10:34<nielsm>though just making a total allocations by all squirrel vms in the process is pretty simple
10:38<nielsm>Samu: if you want a simple total, just open sqmem.cpp and modify the functions there to update a global variable with allocated total on malloc/realloc/free
10:52<Samu>thx, I'm taking a look
10:58<Samu>@calc 0xffffffffffffffffui64
10:58<@DorpsGek>Samu: Error: invalid syntax (<string>, line 1)
10:58<Samu>@calc 0xffffffffffffffff
10:58<@DorpsGek>Samu: 18446744073709551616
10:58<Samu>how much memory is that
10:59<@peter1138>Why do you always fuck about with 4096x4096? It was never meant to be a sensible usable size.
11:00<Samu>because it exists in the game :|
11:03<Samu>@calc 0xffffffffffffffff / (1024 * 1024 * 1024)
11:03<@DorpsGek>Samu: 17179869184
11:04<Samu>that's a lot of gigabytes
11:04<LordAro>Samu: yes, because people kept insisting it got added
11:04<LordAro>doesn't mean it's a good gameplay feature
11:04<LordAro>it's terrible to play on
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12:00<FLHerne>It's great if you want a multiplayer server where no-one has to interact with each other :P
12:01<FLHerne>(this seems to be a common model, but I'm not really sure why)
12:02<Samu>i'm also testing if my ai behaves well in such map size
12:04<Samu>1024x1024 is "too small", well not really, but so far I have yet to see it build 5k road vehicles
12:04<Samu>i'm a bit disappointed by that fact alone, lol
12:06<Samu>1024x2048 would probably be enough
12:06<Samu>i get 3100 road vyhicles in 1024x1024
12:07<Samu>could also be caused by the relatively slow management speed
12:09<@peter1138>FLHerne, apparently players own industries and their outputs, according to most server rules :S
12:23<FLHerne>peter1138: I don't remember seeing any where players own primary outputs
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12:26<Samu>im a terrible coder, damn it lol
12:26<Samu>i always break something when fixing something
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12:31<Eddi|zuHause>i never quite understood half of these multiplayer rules
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13:03<@peter1138>FLHerne, primary less so, even then people seem to think they are "claimed"
13:03<@peter1138>How dare anyone compete!
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13:29<Samu>problem is, cargo only goes to 2 stations
13:29<Samu>the most rated
13:29<Samu>make it go to all stations, problem solved
13:30<Samu>i made a patch for this reason
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13:33<Samu>everybody gets water!
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13:43<Samu>simultaneous AIs pathfinding nearly the same path
13:43<Samu>can interrupt one another
13:44<Samu>like, one builds ahead of the other
13:44<Samu>the other can't then build in some situations
13:44<Samu>ERR_LAND_SLOPED_WRONG seems to be one of that situations
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13:47<Samu>wondering if it is better to repathfind from the tile it failed, or from the start
13:48<Samu>instead of giving up
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14:41<Samu>hi Wormnest
14:41<Samu>how did you deal with concurrent building?
14:42<Samu>multiple copies of the same AI building the exact same route
14:43<LordAro>Samu: have you considered reading the source yourself?
14:45<Wormnest>That´s always the best suggestion: check out what other ai´s do :)
14:46<Wormnest>I haven´t looked at the code in a year so I hardly remember any details
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14:52<LordAro>Wormnest: i haven't looked at my ai code in 6 years, what do i win? :p
14:56<Wormnest>LordAro: I guess that should be enough reason for eternal fame ;)
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15:27<Samu>im bored, listening to this
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17:09<@peter1138>Yeah, that's a pretty boring video.
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17:23<Samu>it's one of those trance classics
17:23<Samu>but wtv
17:23<Samu>vocal trance*
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17:40<Samu>trying to recycle lists the right way
17:42<Samu>there are 3 lists
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17:46<Samu>system crash :(
17:47<ST2>oh, W10 crashed?
17:47<Samu>no, my gpu crashed the system
17:47<Samu>the wires are faulty
17:47<ST2>bad bad gpu :(
17:47<Samu>no money for a psu replacement
17:48<ST2>how many watts you need?
17:48<Samu>it's not that
17:48<Samu>it's the wires themselves
17:48<ST2>I have a couple for sale: 750 and 600
17:48<Samu>they're lousy or whatever
17:48<Samu>the pci 6-pin + 8-pin connectors
17:49<Samu>tiny vibrations causes the card to get unpowered, boom system crash
17:49<ST2>I've mine for sale because didn't supported 2 CPU's - rest is equal :P
17:50<Samu>for this gpu, i rather go with a 750
17:50<Samu>gpu and cpu
17:50<ST2>only 1 CPU?
17:50<Samu>both highly inefficient amd turds back in the time
17:51<Samu>with water cooler
17:51<ST2>if that... a 600W do the job - the gpu, depends
17:51<Samu>and r9 390
17:53<Samu>the psu i got here is 620w, but is a quality one
17:53<ST2>btw, this save is from last tourny: 2048x1024:
17:53<Samu>i mean... quaility in their capacitors etc
17:53<Samu>the wires apparently... fail now
17:53<ST2>make it live and see how connections hold
17:54<ST2>put ai's there - no need to test 4K maps
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17:54<Samu>arg, post again, sorry
17:55<ST2>btw, this save is from last tourny: 2048x1024:
17:55<ST2>put ai's there - no need to test 4K maps
17:55<ST2>make it live and see how connections hold
17:56<Samu>bah missing newgrfs :o
17:57<ST2>listed here:
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17:59<ST2>Samu: I understand your need on testing stuff on 4K maps - but remember that won't last on MP games (even with best server side and best computer as client)
17:59<Samu>i hosted the game, still preparing the ai scripts
18:00<Samu>hopefully the system doesn't crash
18:00<ST2>how many clients (outsiders)
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18:02<ST2>that reminds me that I probably need to restart one of our servers, been up for 540 days
18:02<Samu>can you join it?;o
18:03<Samu>let's see what the ais do
18:03<ST2>aren't they playing already?
18:04<Samu>i thought you wanted to see them
18:04<Samu>so i hosted online
18:04<ST2>when I want to see what AI's do, I play offline
18:05<ST2>online games with AI's isn't the goal of MP games, imo
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18:06<Samu><ST2> make it live and see how connections hold
18:06<Samu>meh forget it
18:07<ST2>"how connections hold" to external players - leave it running, goto a cyber coffee and join it
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18:11<Samu>where was I
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18:15<Samu>hmm articulated buses
18:18<Samu>Prime Firewood Coach, was what the AI has chosen
18:18<Samu>that's not articulated, grr
18:21<Samu>heh, the AI likes towns, and the towns of this savegame are really tiny
18:36<Samu>back to recycling lists
18:38<Samu>i have 3 lists. town_list, towns_used and triedTowns
18:38<Samu>towns_used lists only towns that are already with an airport service
18:40<Samu>town_list lists towns that have no airport services
18:41<Samu>triedTowns is a temporary list, that i'm trying to used as recycling town_list
18:41<Samu>trying to use*
18:42<Samu>the ai tries to build an airport on every town from town_list
18:42<Samu>and for every town that it fails, it is added to triedTowns
18:44<Samu>the second time the ai tries to build an airport, it will remove triedTowns from the town_list
18:44<Samu>so far everything is correct
18:46<Samu>but i have a problem
18:48<Samu>on finding the first airport, perhaps triedTowns should be removed, so that when it goes to find the second airport, it can look at every available town
18:48<Samu>or else, i risk removing potential destinations
18:50<Samu>what if the ai fails to find a suitable second town
18:50<Samu>and what if it finds
18:51<Samu>i have a feeling I will need a 4th list
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