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00:18mithro yay!
00:45Newsome mithro: fix your mysql problem?
00:47mithro yeah
00:47mithro damn tls
00:48Newsome yeah
00:48Newsome mv /lib/tls /lib/tls.broken
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06:47hdkiller hello
06:48hdkiller I went into trouble setting up the network between the host and the uml. If i try to get the interface up, that's works, but when i try to ping the host, it's hangs up
06:49hdkiller i tring whit a tuntap device btw
06:49hdkiller but if i do it whit uml_switch it's also hangs
06:49hdkiller uml_switch for unix socket of cors..
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06:59hdkiller ifconfig lo helped..
06:59hdkiller now works :|
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09:11hdkiller sh-2.05a# ping -c 1
09:11hdkiller PING ( 56 data bytes
09:11hdkiller Child 6164 exited with signal 11
09:11hdkiller ????
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09:20bodo hi all
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09:21hdkiller hi bodo
09:22hdkiller do u familiar whit uml's networking? i got this when i try to ping my host os
09:22hdkiller sh-2.05a# ifconfig eth0
09:22hdkiller sh-2.05a# ping -c 1
09:22hdkiller PING ( 56 data bytes
09:22hdkiller Child 6420 exited with signal 11
09:29bodo hdkiller: sorry, I'm not the one to ask about networking
09:34hdkiller i think actualy i have something different problem..
09:34hdkiller Why this: Child 6420 exited with signal 11
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11:28jdike hi guys
11:29bodo Hi jdike
11:30gmcfadde Hi All.
11:30gmcfadde I am having a prolem with the config system.
11:31jdike Hi bodo
11:31jdike bodo: how's 390 coming along?
11:31gmcfadde I get the error message "CONFIG_X86_L1_CACHE_SHIFT undeclared here"
11:31gmcfadde I have used the ARCH=um for everything.
11:31gmcfadde I am using the the kernel from
11:32gmcfadde but I get the same error with a slightly different kernel and uml patch
11:32gmcfadde Is there a good way of solving this? (Dis some searching on deja and did not find this issue too often)
11:33jdike gmcfadde: you copied arch/um/defconfig to .config before doing anything?
11:33bodo jdike: have been busy on other projects yesterday, so I'm still trying to catch the tt-problem
11:34gmcfadde jdike: no. Is that the problem?
11:34bodo jdike: I'm wondering, why there is no answer to my "change-request" for s390-mainline.
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11:58gmcfadde jdike: no joy. Still same problem
11:59* jdike finishes filling in tax forms
11:59jdike gmcfadde: after doing an mrproper?
11:59gmcfadde jdike: No. I did a clean, make menuconfig ARCH=um and then make linux ARCH=um
12:00gmcfadde I will try a mrprpoer
12:03jdike bodo: I've been cleaning up the patches
12:03jdike bodo: especially the skas stuff, for merging into mainline
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12:12bodo jdike: skas0?
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12:13* gmcfadde successfully compiled. Thanks jdike
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12:16jdike bodo: yeah, skas0
12:17bodo jdike: neat!
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12:35bodo jdike: now I have a stacktrace of the process, that has gone but is scheduled again
12:36bodo jdike: there is absolutely nothing strange with it. it siply calls sys_exit_group
12:36jdike bodo: hmmm
12:36jdike bodo: but then it is somehow scheduled again?
12:37jdike bodo: strange
12:37bodo jdike: and one further process calls sys_exit_group before the problem occurs
12:37jdike bodo: what process is it? Is that consistent?
12:38bodo jdike: I don't know, what process it is, here is the end of the trace:
12:38bodo 13533 1113586368.453342 19647: stk=6099fd88, addr=60022dda (sig_handler_common_tt)
12:38bodo 13534 1113586368.453511 19647: stk=6099fe08, addr=60037aea (sig_handler)
12:38bodo 13535 1113586368.453557 19647: done
12:38bodo 13536 1113586368.839899 19651: stk=6099fa18, addr=60020b0c (exit_thread_tt)
12:38bodo 13537 1113586368.840093 19651: stk=6099fa90, addr=6001b226 (exit_thread)
12:38bodo 13538 1113586368.840155 19651: stk=6099faf8, addr=60047b58 (do_exit)
12:38bodo 13539 1113586368.840207 19651: stk=6099fb80, addr=60047e0e (do_group_exit)
12:38bodo 13540 1113586368.840259 19651: stk=6099fbf8, addr=60047ee6 (sys_exit_group)
12:38bodo 13541 1113586368.840310 19651: stk=6099fc58, addr=600217c0 (execute_syscall_tt)
12:38bodo 13542 1113586368.840360 19651: stk=6099fcc8, addr=60021848 (syscall_handler_tt)
12:38bodo 13543 1113586368.840416 19651: stk=6099fd28, addr=600394e0 (usr2_handler)
12:38bodo 13544 1113586368.840468 19651: stk=6099fd88, addr=60022dda (sig_handler_common_tt)
12:38bodo 13545 1113586368.840520 19651: stk=6099fe08, addr=60037aea (sig_handler)
12:38bodo 13546 1113586368.840564 19651: done
12:38bodo 13547 1113586368.868357 19517: stk=61e5fa18, addr=60020b0c (exit_thread_tt)
12:38bodo 13548 1113586368.868494 19517: stk=61e5fa90, addr=6001b226 (exit_thread)
12:38bodo 13549 1113586368.868555 19517: stk=61e5faf8, addr=60047b58 (do_exit)
12:38bodo 13550 1113586368.868613 19517: stk=61e5fb80, addr=60047e0e (do_group_exit)
12:38bodo 13551 1113586368.868671 19517: stk=61e5fbf8, addr=60047ee6 (sys_exit_group)
12:38bodo 13552 1113586368.868727 19517: stk=61e5fc58, addr=600217c0 (execute_syscall_tt)
12:38bodo 13553 1113586368.868782 19517: stk=61e5fcc8, addr=60021848 (syscall_handler_tt)
12:38bodo 13554 1113586368.868842 19517: stk=61e5fd28, addr=600394e0 (usr2_handler)
12:38bodo 13555 1113586368.868898 19517: stk=61e5fd88, addr=60022dda (sig_handler_common_tt)
12:38bodo 13556 1113586368.868954 19517: stk=61e5fe08, addr=60037aea (sig_handler)
12:39bodo 13557 1113586368.869004 19517: done
12:39bodo 13558 1113586368.972566 19515: stk=605aba18, addr=60020b0c (exit_thread_tt)
12:39bodo 13559 1113586368.972696 19515: stk=605aba90, addr=6001b226 (exit_thread)
12:39bodo 13560
12:39bodo jdike: sorry, it's trucated, but you can see the relevant info.
12:39bodo jdike: the problem happens with process 19517, which is the host-pid
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12:40bodo jdike: this is the message, that currently replaces the panic in my kernel:
12:40bodo trying to write already closed switch_pipe: from-pid=15761, to-pid=19517
12:41jdike bodo: that process should have dequeued from the scheduler when it exited
12:41jdike bodo: so that would be something to check
12:42jdike bodo: its state should be TASK_DEAD or TASK_ZOMBIE or something similar
12:42bodo jdike: check the run queue?
12:42jdike bodo: see if it's on a runqueue
12:42jdike bodo: p->run_list
12:43bodo jdike: the problem is, when I can see the problem, the task may be reused already ...
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12:43jdike bodo: that's what logging is for
12:44jdike bodo: you wait for the problem to happen, then mine the log
12:44jdike bodo: and the process being reused is an interesting possibility
12:45bodo jdike: I log in exit_thread_tt, that would be the right place?
12:45jdike bodo: maybe somehow, the new process didn't get initialized totally
12:45jdike bodo: for what?
12:45bodo jdike: for logging the additional info also
12:46jdike bodo: for checking its state, I think so
12:46jdike bodo: for checking for reuse, copy_thread_tt would be good
12:47bodo jdike: how check this?
12:47jdike bodo: exit_thread_tt is good for checking the run_list
12:47jdike bodo: just print the task_struct when you see the problem, and on each exit
12:48jdike bodo: and log it in copy_thread_tt
12:48jdike bodo: if there's consistently a reuse before the crash, that's a real big clue
12:48bodo jdike: if I print too much on exit, the problems seems to go away
12:48jdike bodo: when using log_info?
12:49bodo jdike: yes. I removed some prints, then it happened again. Maybe random, maybe not
12:49jdike bodo: hmmm
12:49jdike bodo: well, there's stuff there you don't need any more, like the stack stuff
12:49jdike bodo: so you should be able to get the info you need without increasing the loggin
12:50bodo jdike: I agree, we now know, there is no problem with the call-trace
13:00bodo jdike: exitin task is set to ZOMBIE and removed from runqueue *after* exit_thread
13:01bodo jdike: this is a piece of do_exit:
13:01bodo exit_namespace(tsk);
13:01bodo exit_thread();
13:01bodo exit_keys(tsk);
13:01bodo if (group_dead && tsk->signal->leader)
13:01bodo disassociate_ctty(1);
13:01bodo module_put(tsk->thread_info->exec_domain->module);
13:01bodo if (tsk->binfmt)
13:01bodo module_put(tsk->binfmt->module);
13:01bodo tsk->exit_code = code;
13:01bodo exit_notify(tsk);
13:01bodo #ifdef CONFIG_NUMA
13:01bodo mpol_free(tsk->mempolicy);
13:01bodo jdike: state change happens in exit_notify()
13:03jdike bodo: and exit_thead is where the pipes are closed?
13:03bodo jdike: yes.
13:04jdike bodo: that shouldn't be a problem - that code looks atomic wrt the scheduler
13:05bodo jdike: but there must be a problem, as exit_notify() *does* the changes
13:06bodo jdike: else, there might be erroneously 2 processes running at the same time
13:06jdike bodo: you think it's being scheduled in between?
13:06jdike bodo: between exit_thread and exit_notify?
13:07bodo jdike: I have no other idea, but I don't know, why this could happen.
13:07jdike bodo: if you have a theory, it's easy to check, just put logging in the right places
13:08jdike bodo: it's coming up with the theory that's hard
13:09bodo jdike: I'm writing a magic fo the pipe_fd in exit_thread_tt.
13:09bodo jdike: I could write another in exit_notify
13:09bodo jdike: if I see the exit_thread magic, it's interrupted anyhow
13:10bodo jdike: if I see exit_notify's magic, it's reused
13:10jdike bodo: yup
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13:50bodo jdike: the process logs in exit_thread_tt, but doesn't reach the end of exit_notify()
13:51bodo jdike: at the end of exit_thread, run_list still is valid, exit_code is set
13:51jdike bodo: then it must have scheduled
13:52jdike bodo: a stack from that would be very interesting
13:52bodo jdike: a stack from "to" in switch_to_tt?
13:53jdike bodo: a stack from "from" where "from" is between exit_thread and exit_notify
13:55bodo jdike: I know, which process has failed, when switch_to_tt is called with "to" being a pointer to it
13:56bodo jdike: so maybe I could take a stack from it at that moment
13:57jdike bodo: "from" is the one running, not "to"
13:57jdike bodo: so you can't use __builtin_return_value, if that's what you're doing now
13:58bodo jdike: yeah, you are right, and I can't use ptrace, since "from" already has killed itself
13:59bodo jdike: err: to is exiting and might have killed itself
14:01bodo jdike: I could add a "stack at switch_to" field to thread and write the stack pointer to it
14:01bodo jdike: if the task is "from" in switch_to
14:02jdike bodo: yeah
14:02bodo jdike: then, I can take the stack trace of the failing "to"
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14:08hdkiller (Hello, and sorry for asking, but why could be this "Child 19194 exited with signal 11" when a process try to reach the exteral network?)
14:09jdike hdkiller: old UML?
14:10hdkiller i used the patch for, but the debian package also did this..
14:10hdkiller i see it's sets up the tuns and the routing.. so i don't really get any error message
14:13hdkiller guest is an 2.6.11-rc4... and it's sets up tap devices..
14:13jdike hdkiller: OK, that's not very old
14:14hdkiller what should i do? :|
14:17jdike hdkiller: what exactly do you do?
14:19hdkiller linux eth0=tuntap,,, con0=fd:0,fd:1 con=pty root=/dev/root rootflags=/ rootfstype=hostfs ubd1=doo init=/usr/lib/rootstrap/builder devfs=mount rsworkdir=/home/uml
14:20hdkiller trying to install debian whit rootstrap
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14:20jdike hdkiller: is there a simple network thing you can do to make it happen?
14:21hdkiller ping also produces that
14:21jdike hdkiller: you run ping, and UML dies?
14:21hdkiller if i set up the loopback device for i can ping that, and it's works
14:21hdkiller if i start pinging the endpoint of the tun device in UML it's also works
14:22hdkiller but if i want to ping the other endpoint it's crash whit the message i mentoined above
14:27jdike hdkiller: every time?
14:29hdkiller yeah
14:29hdkiller i think i have some trouble whit the guest os
14:30jdike hdkiller: If it's dying like that, I'd say that's trouble
14:31hdkiller sh-2.05a# ifconfig eth0
14:31hdkiller tuntap_open_tramp : didn't receive a message
14:31hdkiller Too few arguments to tuntap_up
14:31hdkiller tuntap_open_tramp failed - err = 22
14:31hdkiller SIOCSIFFLAGS: Invalid argument
14:31hdkiller sh-2.05a# ifconfig eth0
14:31hdkiller eth0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr FE:FD:C0:A8:64:01
14:31hdkiller inet addr: Bcast: Mask:
14:31hdkiller BROADCAST MULTICAST MTU:1500 Metric:1
14:31hdkiller i never got a message like that before, but i see i had tap devices from 0 to 6
14:32jdike hdkiller: you could update your uml_utilities
14:32hdkiller tunctl -d tap5
14:32hdkiller TUNSETIFF: Device or resource busy
14:33hdkiller that's strange.. no uml running
14:33hdkiller btw, i upgraded when i switched to ..
14:34hdkiller and strange becouse i don't get this message if i restart uml anymore, but i get
14:34hdkiller sh-2.05a# ifconfig eth0
14:34hdkiller eth0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:00:00:00:00:00
14:34hdkiller and the wraper don't try to set up a new tun device..
14:35hdkiller but why this TUNSETIFF: Device or resource busy messages, while nothing on the tap devices?
14:43bodo jdike: kernel still is compiling, as I'm using a quite old and slow mainframe currently
14:43bodo jdike: but maybe, this piece of code is the reason for the problems:
14:43bodo tsk->it_virt_value = cputime_zero;
14:43bodo tsk->it_prof_value = cputime_zero;
14:43bodo write_unlock_irq(&tasklist_lock);
14:43bodo list_for_each_safe(_p, _n, &ptrace_dead) {
14:43bodo list_del_init(_p);
14:43bodo t = list_entry(_p,struct task_struct,ptrace_list);
14:43bodo release_task(t);
14:43bodo }
14:44bodo /* If the process is dead, release it - nobody will wait for it */
14:44bodo if (state == EXIT_DEAD)
14:44bodo release_task(tsk);
14:44bodo /* PF_DEAD causes final put_task_struct after we schedule. */
14:44bodo preempt_disable();
14:44bodo tsk->flags |= PF_DEAD;
14:44bodo }
14:44bodo jdike: it's the end of exit_notify()
14:48jdike bodo: is there a schedule() in there anywhere?
14:49bodo jdike: no, but interrupts might come in
14:50bodo jdike: I didn't check release_task exactly
14:52jdike bodo: I was thinking about that, but that can schedule only if it thinks userspace was interrupted
14:56bodo jdike: yeah, UML isn't preemptive in kernel
14:58jdike bodo: right
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15:15hdkiller ( lsmod => tun 9984 9 ... tunctl -d tap1 => TUNSETIFF: Device or resource busy ... lsof /dev/net/tun | wc -l => 0 :| )
15:15jdike hdkiller: what's the host?
15:16hdkiller pure 2.6.11-rc4
15:16bodo jdike: now the kernel is ready, but the problem no longer happens
15:17bodo jdike: sometimes it needs some patience
15:18jdike hdkiller: that looks like a tun bug
15:19hdkiller i think so.. :|
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16:28bodo jdike: currently I can't reproduce the problem.
16:28jdike bodo: hmmph
16:28bodo jdike: it's very late now. I'll continue on Monday
16:28jdike bodo: what did you do to change it?
16:29bodo jdike: I inserted unsigned long switch_stack into tt-regs
16:29jdike bodo: that's it
16:29jdike ?
16:30bodo jdike: then, I stored from's stack-pointer in switch_to_tt into switch_stack
16:30bodo jdike: if the problem occurs, I would try to dump to's stack
16:30jdike bodo: yeah
16:31jdike bodo: oh well, go home :-)
16:31bodo jdike: my changes altered the position of the code in memory, as I shifted my stack-dump
16:32bodo jdike: to the beginning of arch/um/kernel/tt/process_kern.c, for use in switch_to_tt
16:32bodo jdike: maybe, that changes the timing?
16:33jdike bodo: I have a hard time believing that
16:33jdike bodo: but who knows?
16:33bodo jdike: we'll see on Monday. Bye :-)
16:33jdike bye
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17:37Darky_ shubidu ;)
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