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00:41<felipe>hello greetings, i ve built my uml kernel with networking support, and all virtual networking devices
00:41<felipe>but i under uml i cant do ifconfig eth0 or ifconfig uml0
00:41<felipe>i got..
00:42<felipe>device not found
00:43<felipe>im using 2.6.10
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03:00<graball>UML is starting to be more annoying than not :-(
03:00<graball>Not a single soul online?
03:03<graball>I've got loooads of errors
03:04<graball>fsck 1.27 (8-Mar-2002)
03:04<graball>fsck.ext2: No such file or directory while trying to open /dev/ubd0
03:04<graball>First try
03:04<graball>Could it be fstab/mtab error related?
03:05<graball>I've been doing this for 10 hours, only thing I've gotten successfully running without errors is RH7.2
03:05<graball>which is too outdated
03:05<Shaun>whats your start line look like?
03:05<graball>./vps1 mem=256M ubd0=Debian-3.0r2.ext2 ubd1=swap eth0=daemon root=/dev/ubd/0
03:06<Shaun>sounds like your fstab has /dev/ubd0 rather than /dev/ubd/0
03:06<graball>Should I mount and change, or just change the var ?`
03:06<Shaun>ummm, not sure what var your refering too, but yes mount and change...
03:08<graball>Ok, going forward
03:08<graball>Let's see if this actually boots
03:09<graball>INIT: Entering runlevel: 2
03:09<graball>2? o.O
03:09<graball>Looks like it stops on "Starting periodic command scheduler: cron."
03:11<Shaun>i have to go, a bit of advice...
03:11<Shaun>dont use devfs... meaning you need to pass devfs=nomount
03:12<graball>Thanks alot so-far :)
03:12<Shaun>mount the image, cd /dev
03:12<Shaun>run this..
03:12<Shaun>that will create /dev/udba /dev/udbb etc
03:12<graball>Should I chroot first maybe ?
03:12<Shaun>edit your fstab to use /dev/ubda /dev/ubdb, etc
03:12<Shaun>remember ubda is the same as ubd0
03:13<Shaun>an ubdb is ubd1
03:13<graball>ahh, cool
03:13<Shaun>edit /etc/securetty and add tty0 and vc0 and console
03:13<Shaun>edit /etc/inittab comment out all the 1:2345:respawn:/sbin/mingetty tty1's
03:14<Shaun>and put in just one that looks like this... 1:2345:respawn:/sbin/mingetty tty0
03:14<Shaun>basically just copy the first one and change tty1 to 0
03:14<graball>*notes down*
03:14<Shaun>i think thats about it.
03:15<graball>oh? :o)
03:15<Shaun>you'll also want to add con=null con0=fd:0,fd:1
03:15<Shaun>to your start line.
03:15<Shaun>so you'll be adding devfs=nomount con=null con0=fd:0,fd:1
03:15<graball>Which purpose would that have ?
03:15<Shaun>unless you want to use xterm or somthing else.
03:15<graball>Nah, I SSH to the server
03:15<Shaun>it tells the guest to send con0 to stdout
03:16<graball>Let's hope this works out tight
03:16<Shaun>i think thats it...
03:16<graball>Been poking for 10 hours straight now
03:16<graball>Thanks for all your help :)
03:16<graball>Really appreciate it.
03:16<Shaun>np, also, your better off asking for help during the day/evening :)
03:17<graball>it's morning here in Norway
03:17<Shaun>1 AM here :)
03:17<graball>figures :o)
03:17<graball>Hey, how come there is so little new distros for UML?
03:18<graball>(if you've got time to answer)
03:19<Shaun>probably because the distro's are large, so nobody has the space or bw to post them
03:19<Shaun>most people just create them
03:20<graball>So it ain't too much of a hazzle?
03:20<Shaun>thats what i do, i have the latest for centos, fedora, gentoo, mandrake, slackware, etc.
03:20<Shaun>ehh, it's alittle tedious
03:21<Shaun>what i do is install the os on a machine with 4gb partition and then like another 20gb partition.
03:21[~]graball drools
03:21<Shaun>i then boot into rescue mode or off a linux on a disk and mount both partitions.
03:21<Shaun>create a disk with dd, mkfs it, then copy the data over
03:21<graball>I'm gonna hustle you for info when I'm fscking up, I guess? :o)
03:22<graball>This is jobrelated, I've been asked to do experimenting with UML
03:22<graball>Any info is good info
03:22<graball>Started off last night
03:23<graball>Been trough just about all the distros 'till now
03:25<Shaun>i started off building my own, mainly cuz if i couldnt get my own to work it was pointless for me to continue with it.
03:25<Shaun>anyway, i gotta go, good luck
03:25<graball>Yeah, have fun, and thanks yet again. :)
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05:06<commander>hi the_hydra
05:07<the_hydra>hello commander, btw, anyone has debian sarge rootfs?
05:07<the_hydra>preferably < 10M?
05:08<commander>the_hydra, you can build it on your own, whats your distro?
05:08<the_hydra>FC2 and rh 9 :)
05:08<commander>alright look for debootstrap pacakge
05:08<the_hydra>it is sad that UMLBuilder is now unmaintained....
05:09<commander>this tools fetches everything needed to build a debian base system
05:10<graball>I wish somebody wrote a good tutorial for building your own root systems
05:11<graball>(that I could find that is...)
05:11<the_hydra>graball: actually UMLBuilder is nice project...
05:12<commander>well its not hard to build a gentoo or debian based root system
05:12<commander>suse and fedora are a lot difficulter to install
05:13<the_hydra>commander: :)
05:14<commander>the_hydra, archlinux is also great to install inside uml hehe
05:14<the_hydra>:) by one :)
05:14<the_hydra>i only have two hands here :)
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06:31<felipe>hello to everyone
06:32<felipe>i ve built my uml kernel, with networking and virtual network device support, im using 2.6.10,
06:32<felipe>but when i try to do ifconfig eth0
06:33<felipe>i got this message
06:33<felipe>uml-client1:~# ifconfig eth0
06:33<felipe>SIOCSIFADDR: No such device
06:33<felipe>eth0: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device
06:37<graball>felipe: Did you start it with networking?
06:37<graball> explains a bit about networking
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06:38<felipe>yea uml-networking
06:39<graball>Did you enable eth0 in the command line of execution? :>
06:39<graball>Just start the UML with eth0=daemon
06:39<felipe>./linux ubd0=root_fs eth0=
06:40<felipe>but havent tried yet with eth0=daemon
06:40<felipe>i am going to try with my 2.6.10, because now im using 2.6.9-ac3
06:41<felipe>debootstrap is cool, in order to build root filesystems for uml
06:41<graball>I'm having issues getting systems to work correctly
06:41<graball>gonna build some myself today
06:42<felipe>are you working with a pre-built root fs?
06:42<commander>felipe, don't you need e.g tuntap specified in the comandline?
06:43<felipe>no, i just wanna eth0
06:43<felipe>no need for tuntap for the moment..
06:50<commander>to get eth0 you need tuntap or similiar
06:50<felipe>thanks for the tip, im gonna check my kernel .config
06:51<commander>you also need the uml helper tools (e.g uml_net)
06:51<felipe>i ve installed the uml-utilities debian package
06:52<commander>ah ok
06:52<felipe>debian rulez!
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09:10<chrisvv_>Newsome, having a tap0 on host and eth0 on uml ... in same subnet .... why dont they see each other ?
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09:38<chrisvv_>after i have enable tap on host and eth0 on same subnet .... what should i do to make them see each other ?
09:38<chrisvv_>do i need to tell eth0 on uml that its a PPP conection ?
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09:53<chrisvv_>do i need to tell eth0 on uml that it is a PPP copnection to tap on host ?
10:16<rebel>hmm no
10:16<rebel>it should work seemlessly
10:16<rebel>if you did eth0=tuntap,,,
10:16<rebel>when starting the uml
10:16<rebel>you only need to do ifconfig eth0
10:16<rebel>route add default gw
10:17<rebel>to get access to 192.168.0.*
10:17<rebel>type those commands in the uml-machine and then try pinging between them
10:17<rebel>should work
10:44<chrisvv_>rebel, eth0=tuntap..... it an ip address cprresponding to waht ?
10:45<chrisvv_>what ?
10:45<rebel> is the ip the host would receive
10:45<rebel>the guest ip can be set to whatever you wish inside the uml
11:04<chrisvv_>rebel, is should be the same ip the tap device recieves
11:04<rebel>i mean yes
11:04<rebel>i.e the ip the host receives
11:07<chrisvv_>ifconfig tap0 netmask up
11:07<chrisvv_>linux ....... eth0=tuntap,,,,,
11:08<chrisvv_>(uml) ifconfig eth0 netmask up
11:08<chrisvv_>(uml) route add default gw
11:08<chrisvv_>and it shhould work ?
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12:43<skuzzle>is it possible that after applying skas patches to the host system buildin module paramets dont work anymore? eg. putting options for modules on the kernel command line ?
12:44<skuzzle>Kernel command line: auto BOOT_IMAGE=Slackware ro root=301 3c59x.options=0x200
12:44<skuzzle>Unknown boot option `3c59x.options=0x200': ignoring
12:44<skuzzle>didnt got that before applying the skas patches
13:00<skuzzle>anyone know of skas breaking support for kernel options for buildin modules?
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13:25<skuzzle>why is the uml site so outdated with so many deadl inks to docs that are all 404... nice to start with uml when there's no proper docs, no up-to-date patches, etc
13:25<skuzzle>guess i'll stick with bsd/jail
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15:33<diegogarcia>hi all - quick and (hopefully) simple question.. i've got a proprietary app that requires x86 architecture.. i'm trying to run it on an x86_64 host using a 32-bit UML (2.4.27-um1), but uname -m still says 'x86_64'. i assumed that running a 32 bit UML would give me the 'i686' arch i need. no?
15:33<diegogarcia>host is 2.6.11 stock kernel
15:35<diegogarcia>if anyone is replying i'm not seeing it - i'll be back in a min with a different client
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15:38<diegogarcia>anyone there?
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16:03<graball>I've got a wierd segfaulting problem with FC4
16:03<graball>Anyone who has a clue what could be causing it?
16:15<Newsome>graball: UML doesn't support TLS (Thread-Local Storage)
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16:17<graball>Newsome: Sooo, how can I remove it? :o)
16:18<graball>Like, from the distro that is
16:27<Newsome>graball: you could try moving the tls libraries out of the way, but I'm not sure how well it works with FC4.
16:28<Newsome>To move them out of the way, run this (inside the UML): mv /lib/tls /lib/tls.disabled
16:33<graball>Thanks, I'll try it :)
16:34<graball>I get segfaults, kernel panics and shit with everything I try
16:34<graball>Slackware stops on Updating shared library links: /sbin/ldconfig
16:34<graball>No error, just freeze
16:40<graball>Updating shared library links: /sbin/ldconfig
16:40<graball>INIT: Id "c0" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes
16:40<graball>why is that happening? :-)
16:40[~]graball trolls
16:45<Newsome>make sure that the right tty is set up in /etc/inittab.
16:45[~]graball mounts
16:47<graball>c0:1235:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty0 linux
16:47<graball>c1:1235:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty1 linux
16:47<graball>Shouldn't it be something else?
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17:08<felipe>hello to everyone
17:37|-|frog [] Wpierdolil sie na kanal #uml
17:37<frog>hi, you give a helped hand to noob's here?
17:39<frog>ok, somebody could have a look at this diagramm and tell me if its fsck'ed up or make sence, pls. and eventually gives some hints?
17:39<mikegrb>I think you may have the wrong uml
17:40<frog>mikegrb, you mean i should use uml2?
17:40<mikegrb>this channel is for user mode linux rather then universal modeling language
17:41<frog>ups, sry
17:41<mikegrb>hehe no problem
17:41<mikegrb>happens every now and then
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17:42<SupaZubon>Hi! I just came in to thank you all for the fantastic work you all do on the Uninteruptible Macro Language!
17:42<SupaZubon>I shall now go and write some asynchronous macros!!!!
17:43<mikegrb>SupaZubon: this channel is for the Uninterpretable Macro Language
17:43<mikegrb>SupaZubon: sorry
17:43<SupaZubon>That is so embarassing
17:43[~]SupaZubon hides
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18:05<fo0bar>mikegrb: will you help me fix my Universal Maritime Locator?
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20:36<graball>Anyone who has any confirmed stable kernel/rootfs' to recommend me? :-)
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