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09:55<madsara:#uml>Hey, I'm looking at playing back tty logs using (from the UML utilities...) For some reason, no matter what log I try to look at, I'm getting either an "Out of Memory" message, or more frequently a "Short file - expected 540700265 bytes, got 1384 at line 47." or similar warning.
09:55<madsara:#uml>Anyone familiar w/ this? the kernel is a 2.4.25, so it shouldn't have the issues pre 2.4.19 (Or I wouldn't think)
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10:25<jdike:#uml>Hi guys
10:26<madsara:#uml>Hey you.
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12:49<jdike:#uml>madsara, where are they coming from?
12:50<madsara:#uml>When using, the errors are apparently in
12:51<madsara:#uml>I get either the "Short file - expected..." message, or an Out of Memory message.
12:51<madsara:#uml>I'd read that there was a possible problem pre-2.4.19 (I'm using 2.4.25)
12:52<jdike:#uml>die "Short file - expected $len bytes, got $n";
12:52<jdike:#uml>that's a corrupt log by the looks of it
12:52<madsara:#uml>Yeah, that line. which seems to indicate record_len is wrong on line 65...
12:52<madsara:#uml>Yeah, unfortunately ALL the logs are that way.
12:53<madsara:#uml>Makes me think I need to repatch and re-compile my kernl
12:57<jdike:#uml>maybe an incompatibility snuck in somewhere
12:58<madsara:#uml>Another possibility is that I patched w/ an older patch, thus generating problems.. I'll start by recompiling and going from there.
13:00<jdike:#uml>none of this stuff has changed for ages
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13:01<madsara:#uml>Yeah, methinks it's on my end. On a similar subject, anyone ever get TTY_LOGGING to work on 2.6?
13:02<jdike:#uml>the patch exists, and works AFAIK, I just never merged it to mainline
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16:52<madsara:#uml>vim /who
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