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21:40<stmartin:#uml>Hmmm, I have install rng-tools is a fairly minimal Ubuntu 8.04 guest, and although udevd is running I don't have a /dev/hwrng (or similar) device. CONFIG_UML_RANDOM=y and CONFIG_HW_RANDOM is not set, according to the guest's /proc/config.gz
21:40<stmartin:#uml>Also, I can't get memory hotplugging to work.
22:16<stmartin:#uml>I got rng-tools working by disabling udev (I don't know much about udev, but I don't think I require it for my environment.
22:17<stmartin:#uml>and as for memory hotplugging, I do get a message ( by the way, with SKAS4 patch) that MADV_REMOVE support is OK
22:19<stmartin:#uml>If I do 'config mem' followed by 'config mem=+32m' followed by 'config mem' I see no change (this was before I removed udev, in case your wondering)
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