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#xbox-linux IRC Logs for 2003-11-18

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00:00* kvandivo throws back his head and cackles with insane glee.
00:01<@mikegrb>sighup: karma kvandivo
00:01<@sighup>kvandivo has karma of 4
00:01<@mikegrb>sighup: rr
00:01<@sighup>Nyet, no can you take two turns! Is not fair!
00:02<@mikegrb>sighup: 8ball should sighup ignore SilentDragz, seeing as how his nick says Silent?
00:02* sighup shakes the psychic black sphere...
00:02<@sighup>It says 'Cannot Predict Now,' mikegrb
00:02<@mikegrb>sighup: 8ball should sighup ignore SilentDragz, seeing as how his nick says Silent?
00:02* sighup shakes the psychic purple sphere...
00:02<@sighup>It says 'NOT,' mikegrb
00:02<@mikegrb>sighup: 8ball should sighup ignore SilentDragz, seeing as how his nick says Silent?
00:02* sighup shakes the psychic black sphere...
00:02<@sighup>It says 'My Reply Is No,' mikegrb
00:02<@mikegrb>sighup: 8ball should sighup ignore SilentDragz, seeing as how his nick says Silent?
00:02* sighup shakes the psychic purple sphere...
00:02<@sighup>It says 'Who cares,' mikegrb
00:02<@mikegrb>I'll take that as yess
00:02<SilentDragz>I need him for my g7
00:02<SilentDragz>sighup g7 SilentDragz
00:02<@sighup>#G7 stats for SilentDragz, the n00b -- Current Level: 16 | Time to next level: 0 days, 00:09:51 | Status: online | Item Total: 102 | Total Time Idled: 0 days, 11:13:35
00:03<SilentDragz>heh, look how my name lines up
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00:03<@mikegrb>try again?
00:03<SilentDragz>heh, look how my name lines up
00:03<SilentDragz>sighup g7 SilentDragz
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00:03* kvandivo nods at sighup's obvious wisdom.
00:04<@mikegrb>SilentDragz: you forgot, he is ignoring you ;)
00:04<@mikegrb>you can check the website
00:04<SilentDragz>and I get penalised loads on g7 for changing nicks :P
00:04<kvandivo>ah, the tangled web we weave...
00:04<@mikegrb>try it
00:05<@mikegrb>I wouldn't call it loads
00:05<roh>sighup g7 roh
00:05<@sighup>#G7 stats for roh, the framebuffer lover -- Current Level: 9 | Time to next level: 0 days, 00:24:16 | Status: online | Item Total: 45 | Total Time Idled: 0 days, 03:09:15
00:07<@mikegrb>SilentDragz: give it a go, see how much it is
00:07<@stealth>sighup g7 stealth
00:07<@sighup>#G7 stats for stealth, the mythtv lover -- Current Level: 20 | Time to next level: 0 days, 00:03:01 | Status: online | Item Total: 138 | Total Time Idled: 0 days, 22:49:30
00:07<kvandivo>my guess would be 4 minutes and 4 seconds
00:08<kvandivo>but that's just a random guess
00:09<@mikegrb>okay SilentDragz you have a choice
00:09<SilentDragz>that's about right
00:09<@mikegrb>change nick or suffer the consequences :p
00:09<roh>does this stuff on work?
00:09<@mikegrb>roh: yes
00:09<@mikegrb>that is what I used initially
00:09<SilentDragz>mikegrb - I'm not changing my nicks
00:10<roh>i have to patch it to make it work here i think (no fatx left over here).. but i think i will try it sometimes
00:10<@mikegrb>you still sure?
00:10<roh>is there anything to make it choosable from chromwell which system is booted?
00:11<@mikegrb>roh: not currently
00:11<roh>so i can use 2 different linux distros on 1 box
00:11<SilentDragz>you do anything to affect my time to level and I'm leaving and not coming back
00:11<roh>mikegrb is it planned?
00:11<@mikegrb>supposedly that is something in franz's private tream
00:11<@mikegrb>SilentDragz: change your nick ;)
00:11<@mikegrb>I've been waiting to add the time back
00:11<@mikegrb>um reverse the penalty as it were
00:11<SilentDragz>I'm fine as I am thanks
00:11<@mikegrb>okie doke
00:12<SilentDragz>wow mike
00:12<SilentDragz>you'd suck as a GM
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00:14<@mikegrb>long time no see
00:15<@mikegrb>Sh8d0w: check the topic in there
00:15<@mikegrb>go to that url
00:15<@mikegrb>pretty spiffy
00:15<Sh8d0w>who was it that said the xbox was selling worst than the Gamecube?
00:15<Sh8d0w>"GameCube has fallen behind Microsoft's XBox and Sony's PS2 in sales in key markets"
00:16<@mikegrb>I said that
00:16<@mikegrb>The register said that
00:17<Sh8d0w>but Nintendo is supposedly working on some new system...
00:20<SilentDragz>ok that was not funny
00:20<SilentDragz>I didn't even do the weather thing
00:20<@mikegrb>it wasn't supposed to be
00:20<SilentDragz>38 fucking minutes
00:20<@mikegrb>I already told you to be nice to sighup
00:20<SilentDragz>I didn't touch him
00:20<SilentDragz>I msged warewolf with a suggestion
00:20<SilentDragz>warewolf did the spamming
00:21<SilentDragz>I didn't even know sighup could do the weather O.o
00:21<@mikegrb>you suggested it, he did it without thinking it through, once he thought it through he decided it was bad idea
00:21<@mikegrb>yes he can
00:21<@mikegrb>but that wasn't sighup in there
00:21<@mikegrb>that was sigsegv
00:22<@mikegrb>sighup: weather kchs
00:22<@sighup>Charleston, Charleston Air Force Base, SC, United States ; (KCHS) 32-53-56N 080-02-26W 13M; last updated: Nov 17, 2003 11:56 PM EST; Dew Point: 57.0 F (13.9 C); Pressure (altimeter): 30.18 in. Hg (1022 hPa); Relative Humidity: 93%; Sky conditions: clear; Temperature: 59.0 F (15.0 C); Visibility: 9 mile(s); Wind: Calm
00:22<SilentDragz>so it's my fault that warewolf didn't think before spamming?
00:22<@mikegrb>no, you shouldn't have suggested it
00:22<@mikegrb>I'll take half away
00:23<SilentDragz>it was a notice
00:23<SilentDragz>it was a private message
00:23<SilentDragz>if it had been in the channel then fine
00:23<@mikegrb>sighup: 38/2
00:23<SilentDragz>but it was a private message to warewolf
00:23<@mikegrb>it was still from you
00:23<@mikegrb>I will take away 19 mins
00:23<@mikegrb>is that acceptable to you?
00:23<SilentDragz>forget it
00:24<@mikegrb>okie doke
00:24<Sh8d0w>can't u peeps take this PM?
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00:24<@mikegrb>sorry Sh8d0w
00:24<@mikegrb>what have you been up to lately?
00:24<SilentDragz>I don't play games with corrupt leaders, sorry
00:25<Sh8d0w>still trying to unlock my HDD =)
00:25<@mikegrb>if that is your opinion, fine, no loss
00:25<@mikegrb>Sh8d0w: you were the one that tried xbox+tool, right?
00:26<@mikegrb>no luck yet... hmmm
00:26<@mikegrb>the best bet is most likely one of the dos tools
00:27<@mikegrb>and pop the drive in a pc
00:27<Sh8d0w>sigh... yeah... but I have to do the IDE swap thing...
00:27<Sh8d0w>and I didn't have a floppy drive in that PC before... had to take one form another PC
00:28<@mikegrb>well, you don't actually have to swap if you get the pass
00:28<@mikegrb>ah yha
00:28<Sh8d0w>it's weird, the code for unlocking is made available by teamassembly...
00:28<@mikegrb>have you tried looking for specs
00:29<Sh8d0w>last time I tried my PC didn't recognize the drive
00:29<SilentDragz>Sh8d0w - just take the hdd round a friend's house who doesn't care about legality and get him to use something to unlock the hdd for u
00:30<Sh8d0w>yes teamassembly has the source code up on thier site, just that it's all in C without a binary and no make file... so I have no idea how to compile it
00:30<@mikegrb>oh, url?
00:30<@mikegrb>I can prob help you out with that then
00:31<Sh8d0w>apparently they got some of the code from u guys
00:31<@mikegrb>generally speaking though, you do 'gcc -o unlock unlock.c'
00:31<Sh8d0w>well, they made their code modular
00:32<@mikegrb>registered users only :/
00:32<Sh8d0w>so I would need to compile several files... and not exactly sure if it was written for linux
00:33<@mikegrb>I'm going to bed soon but if you can email me an archive of the files I'll have a look at it
00:34<Sh8d0w>can u get my dcc send?
00:35<@xbox-logger>Tue Nov 18 05:35:20 UTC 2003
00:35<@mikegrb>oh sorry
00:35<@mikegrb>lemme switch clients
00:36<@mikegrb>can you try again?
00:36<@mikegrb>00:36 [oftc] DCC SEND from Sh8d0w [ port 1024]:
00:37<@mikegrb>your client is sending wrong ip ;)
00:37<kvandivo>been there, done that..
00:37<@mikegrb>heh yup
00:37<@mikegrb>xchat has an option for get ip from server
00:37<@mikegrb>I'm sure irssi has a similiar option
00:38<@mikegrb>haven't needed it so haven't looked
00:38<kvandivo>but that requires you to have ports open on your firewall that point to the machine running irssi
00:38<Sh8d0w>I'll give u a url
00:38<@mikegrb>kvandivo: heh or be running irssi on a colo ;)
00:38<kvandivo>back to the $20 again?! i thought i had gotten rid of that!
00:40<Sh8d0w>mikegrb: got it?
00:40<@stealth>what's the best tool to view and edit ogg tags?
00:41<@mikegrb>it is c++
00:41<@mikegrb>it looks like it should be okay, looks pretty platform independant
00:42<@mikegrb>Sh8d0w: what I will prob do is grab code back out of there stuff and plug that back into xbox_tool since there stuff all has gpl headers
00:42<@mikegrb>maybe not tommorow night but the following evening I'll toss a patch for xbox_tool to you
00:42<@mikegrb>if it works ok for you then I'll commit it to cvs
00:42<Sh8d0w>I wanted to try to do it, but not knowing C well makes it hard =)
00:42<@mikegrb>that code path can finally actually be used ;)
00:43<@mikegrb>I'm headed to bead, have a good night
00:44<SilentDragz>me too, it's:
00:44<@xbox-logger>Tue Nov 18 05:44:44 UTC 2003
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00:51<roh>ok so...
00:51<roh>goin to school now :/
00:52<paulproteus>sighup: g7 topten
00:52<@sighup>Sorry, I don't know anything about a topten
00:52<paulproteus>sighup: topten
00:52<@sighup>Top 10 are: 1. shahriyar (1578), 2. artifex (1553), 3. drake (1008), 4. adamg (728), 5. dave|home (558), 6. jimhill (528), 7. robm (526), 8. lonelybob (408), 9. roh (354), 10. gimli (338)
00:52<paulproteus>Oh, this is karma.
00:52<paulproteus>sighup: g7
00:52<@sighup>paulproteus: what?
00:53<paulproteus>sighup: g7 stats
00:53<@sighup>Sorry, I don't know anything about a stats
00:53<paulproteus>sighup: g7 ranking
00:53<@sighup>Sorry, I don't know anything about a ranking
00:53<paulproteus>sighup: g7 paulproteus
00:53<@sighup>#G7 stats for paulproteus, the wikimaster -- Current Level: 23 | Time to next level: 0 days, 03:03:00 | Status: online | Item Total: 161 | Total Time Idled: 1 days, 08:40:40
00:53<paulproteus>How do I get rankings....
00:53<roh>sighup g7 roh
00:53<@sighup>#G7 stats for roh, the framebuffer lover -- Current Level: 10 | Time to next level: 0 days, 00:24:06 | Status: online | Item Total: 45 | Total Time Idled: 0 days, 03:53:35
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01:43<@Artifex>anyone around?
01:43* Artifex has a general linux question...
01:43<@Artifex>gimli, hi
01:44<@gimli>howdi Artifex
01:44<@Artifex>is there any way to "transfer" the x display that an app is running with?
01:44<@Artifex>meaning, if i currently have it going to HostA:1 and want it to instead go to HostB:4 but without killing and restarting the application...
01:48<@Artifex>bah, all well
01:48* Artifex off to sleep
01:48* Artifex is away: sleep
01:49<@gimli>night Artifex
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02:26<gol>how long does it take to compile the kernel on the xbox?
02:27<gol>with the loopback filesystem i should add
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02:44<@Dave>hey wap
02:46<Perseus>hey guys !
02:46<Perseus>i have a question
02:46<@Dave>!tell #xbox-linux rules
02:46<@xbox-logger>rules: Please don't ask if you can ask questions; just ask them. | Do not flood. | Do not discuss piracy, i.e. Illegal XDK-built software or obtaining said software or illegal BIOSes. | De populis nihil nisi bonum. -- tj|work (tjfontain@ Sent to you by Dave
02:47<Perseus>well i am sorry
02:47<@Dave>for what?
02:47<Perseus>i bought an xbox yesterday in order to run linux on it
02:48<Perseus>by mistake my brother downloaded the latest dashboard version
02:48<Perseus>so the MechInstaller doesn't work anymore
02:48<@Dave>are you intending on using your xbox for just linux? or games aswell?
02:49<Perseus>well i would like games to work
02:49<Perseus>but i might turn it in linux server only soon. i don't know
02:50<Perseus>it will depend if i can run linux on it
02:50<@Dave>well if you wernt bothered with games, you could flash your tsop, and it wouldnt matter about the dash version, but as you want it for games, your pretty screwed with the whole mech installer route atm
02:51<Perseus>is there a way to get a backup of an old dashboard and copy it on the drive
02:51<Perseus>It is still possible because the Emergency linux still work
02:51<@Dave>the only methods of obtaining an old dashboard are illegal
02:51<Perseus>ok i see
02:51<@Dave>but if you do, then yeah, you can just copy the files onto your c drive
02:52<wap>Perseus: Email Mircrosoft (just kidding)
02:52<wap>Microsoft even
02:52<Perseus>well i can always destroy it and return it
02:52<@Dave>unless you made your own backup, thats quite legal
02:52<Perseus>that would be a nice return from what Microsoft did to me
02:54<Perseus>unfortunately i don't have my own backup :/
02:54<Perseus>Thanks a lot anyway !
02:56<gol>anyone know how long the kernel takes to compile on the xbox? it is taking me forever just to make modules
02:56<@Dave>it takes a while
02:58<Perseus>Celeron 733, it is not so bad, i had to compile kernels on much worse ;)
02:59<gol>it is using a loopback filesystem as well though
03:00<Perseus>oh yeahh
03:00<Perseus>you are right
03:00<@Dave>jesus its cold :/
03:01<Perseus>where are you ?
03:01<gol>can i compile this on my dl380 ?
03:01<@Dave>me? uk, my heading is broke though and the landlord is taking his time fixing it
03:01<Perseus>gol: yes i think you can compile your kernel on any machine
03:02<Perseus>i am in San Francisco
03:02<gol>Perseus: me too
03:02<Perseus>it is cold but it is still ok
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03:02<gol>i work in sf
03:03-!-mode/#xbox-linux [-v hubb] by ChanServ
03:03<Perseus>i live on Portrero Hill
03:04<gol>i work near mission and 2nd
03:04<Perseus>ok i c
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03:13<hubb>gimli: nice :)
03:13<@gimli>howdi hubb
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03:14<hubb>gimli: morning. i see you're having fun with forcedeth ;)
03:14<@gimli>hubb: yes, i do tests with it
03:15<@gimli>hubb: any idea how we can test the driver for stability?
03:17<@Dave>try and send dodgy packets at it
03:17<@Dave>and lots of data
03:17<dmp>gimli: I noticed one thing with the driver. It doesn't seem to respond to broadcast pings
03:18<dmp>ie gets no reply here
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03:33<@gimli>i know its not much. transfered 500MB and the data is ok
03:38<@Dave>just set it up transfering
03:38<@Dave>just set it up transfering arbitry data all day or summat
03:38<@Dave>both sending and recieving
03:39<@Dave>what would be best is 2 xbox's running the same driver and get them to send crap back and forth :)
03:52<hubb>basically what Dave said; on one machine (eg., do `nc -l -p 1234 >/dev/null' and on another, `dd if=/dev/zero bs=1M | nc -v 1234'
03:52<hubb>you can then `watch -n1 /sbin/ifconfig eth0' or use `iptraf' to measure throughput
04:10<@Dave>wouldnt if=/dev/random be better?
04:19<hubb>urandom, probably.
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04:45<hubb>"2) *piiiiiu* sound" - nice description :P
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05:00<KingLife2>i'm trying to connect my box to a windows printer using lpadmin, and i'm getting a connection refused error...any suggestions?
05:01<KingLife2>anyone there this morning?
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05:28-!-_linux-junkie is now known as linux-junkie
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06:54<chris>where can i get a un-rar prog for mandrake?
06:54<SilentDragz>this is #XBOX-linux
06:55<chris>yeah, i am trying to un-rar a xbox linux distro
06:55<SilentDragz>they're in a tar.gz
06:55<chris>ok, how do i un-pack them
06:55<SilentDragz>and tar comes with all linux distros
06:55<wap>chris: you should be fine with one of these: bzip2, zip, unzip
06:56<chris>i have tried to use bzip2 and it comes up with an error
06:56<wap>actually unzip would do it I think
06:56<SilentDragz>he's running a linux distro as a main OS on his PC and he doesn't know how to extract archives?
06:57<chris>linux noob
06:57<SilentDragz>damn he must have struggled
06:57<chris>i did
06:57<chris>i got xp as well
06:57<SilentDragz>type: man unzip
06:57<SilentDragz>or man bzip2
06:58<wap>SilentDragz: De populis nihil nisi bonum
06:58<wap>SilentDragz: that used to be in the chan topic... go back to your Latin :p
06:58<SilentDragz>I never did latin
06:59<wap>basically means: be nice with people ;)
06:59<chris>na, i am a noob - abuse and take the piss out of me
06:59<SilentDragz>oh, ok
07:00<wap>chris: you shouldn't insist :p
07:00<SilentDragz>now that's out of my system
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07:00* wap is away: going to the doctor
07:00<chris>do u need a keyboard to install xebian
07:00<SilentDragz>I just remembered an argument I had with one of my friends
07:01<wap>chris: SilentDragz is right... RTFM *sighs* I'm going _now_
07:01<SilentDragz>I used petulant in a sentence and she was like "what the hell does that mean?" and I provided the link straight away lol
07:01<SilentDragz>and she's like "ha! you must be stupid if you needed to look up words to use!"
07:01<SilentDragz>and I'm like "actually, I looked it up in advance"
07:02<SilentDragz>and she's like "are you calling me stupid?" and I'm like "no shit"
07:03<chris>Ah what do i need to type in to unzip it?
07:03<SilentDragz>type man unzip
07:03<SilentDragz>and it'll give you the syntax
07:04<SilentDragz>I would give you it, but I can't be bothered to boot xebian to find out
07:04<SilentDragz>or unzip --help
07:06<mcreel>Hi, I'm using freevo on Xebian. Can the DVD remote be made to send an "Esc" ?
07:08<chris>bzip2: Xebian.tar.bz2 is not a bzip2 file ?
07:09<SilentDragz>I think ur d/l might be corrupted chris
07:09<chris>my xbox is going to be kicked out the window soon
07:09<SilentDragz>or u could use WinXP to try and extract it with 7-Zip
07:09<mcreel>It should be. do tar xfj Xeb<tab> to uncompress it
07:09<chris>it says the same thing
07:10<chris>d/l corrupted - i think u are right
07:10<SilentDragz>try 7-Zip 1sr
07:10<chris>why elese can i download it form except linux project
07:10<SilentDragz>when I was extracting mine, 7-Zip is the only thing that would extract it
07:11<chris>ok, see ya soon- thanks for da help
07:11<SilentDragz>the downloads aren't corrupted, you may have just got a bad connection
07:11<SilentDragz>but make sure u try 7-Zip
07:12<chris>ok, i have downloaded it twice of different pcs - i will try 7zip
07:12<chris>see ya
07:12-!-chris [~chris@] has left #xbox-linux []
07:15-!-BOV [~bov@] has quit [Quit: leaving]
07:17-!-Commando [~Chris@] has joined #xbox-linux
07:17<Commando>hi silent, its chris
07:17<Commando>i think 7-zip is working
07:19<SilentDragz>once it's extracted, burn it as is
07:19<SilentDragz>don't convert it to an xbox iso
07:20<SilentDragz>heh, full-screen porn on my tv :P
07:22<Commando>can u copy games onto the xbox?
07:28<Commando>right - here goes
07:30<Commando>xbox - cant recognise this disk!!!
07:30<Commando>my CD-rw does work with the xbox
07:32<SilentDragz>what version xbox u got?
07:33<SilentDragz>cos u probli have the Thompson DVD Drive
07:33<SilentDragz>u'll have to hook up ur PC's DVD drive
07:34<SilentDragz>there's a guide on how to do that on
07:35<Commando>na, the cd does work with the xbox dvd drive.
07:35<Commando>do i need to make a boot cd to install it
07:35<SilentDragz>it should boot from that CD
07:36<SilentDragz>with ur mod chip on of course
07:36<SilentDragz>or your TSOP flashed with cromwell
07:36<Commando>i aint got a chip
07:36* paulproteus chuckles
07:36<paulproteus>Now, now, we were all n00bs once, Commando.
07:36<SilentDragz>you NEED a chip, or you need to flash ur TSOP with cromwell
07:37<SilentDragz>but if you flash your TSOP you can't play xbox games anymore, it becomes a pure linux box
07:37<Commando>i can flash it, i have got the two connections souldered
07:37<Commando>y does it say that u can have linux on ur xbox with out opening it? on lixux project
07:38<SilentDragz>cos u can, on older boxes
07:38<SilentDragz>with mechinstaller
07:38<Commando>ive done that
07:39<Commando>i got the basic version of linux running- linux installer
07:39<SilentDragz>I don't know how to install it with mechinstaller, I've never used it
07:39<SilentDragz>my box is chipped
07:43<mcreel>(Commando) Boot the xbox without the install cd, to get to the dashboard. Then put the CD in and select linux from the dash. IIRC, it will find the full version on the CD and boot that.
07:47-!-Commando [~Chris@] has quit [Ping timeout: 493 seconds]
07:48-!-Commando [~Chris@] has joined #xbox-linux
07:48<Commando>it was me being a noob again
07:48<Commando>think i got it working now
08:05-!-BOV [~BOV@] has joined #xbox-linux
08:08-!-atari [~atari@] has quit [Ping timeout: 483 seconds]
08:08<+tytyty>sighup g7 grumpy
08:08<@sighup>#G7 stats for grumpy, the pumpkin -- Current Level: 27 | Time to next level: 0 days, 01:24:35 | Status: online | Item Total: 201 | Total Time Idled: 2 days, 16:11:15
08:10<@mikegrb>morning tytyty
08:12<BOV>where in the cromwell source is it telling the bootloader to load the kernel off of the harddisk?
08:18<@mikegrb>BOV: have you tried grep?
08:18<BOV>mikegrb, I found it
08:20<BOV>does cromwell only support fatx or ext2 fs?
08:20<@mikegrb>supposed to do reiser also
08:29<SilentDragz>mikegrb - did u change my g7 pass?
08:31<@mikegrb>is login not working? I can reset it for you
08:31-!-ShALLaX [] has joined #xbox-linux
08:31-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+v ShALLaX] by ChanServ
08:31-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+o ShALLaX] by ChanServ
08:31<SilentDragz>I tried every pass I use to no avail
08:32<@mikegrb>msg me what you want your pass to be
08:32<@mikegrb>oh heh
08:32-!-CarlosP_Uk [] has joined #xbox-linux
08:33<@mikegrb>maybe it didn't work because you weren't in there?
08:33<SilentDragz>I was in there
08:33<SilentDragz>it was last nite I was trying
08:35-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 67] by ChanServ
08:36<CarlosP_Uk>sighup rr
08:36<@sighup>CarlosP_Uk spins the chamber, pulls the trigger, and lives to hand you the gun.
08:36<SilentDragz>sighup rr
08:36<CarlosP_Uk>mike i'm still plugging away trying to build myself a focus kernel! Did u mention where the current good .config is?
08:37<@mikegrb>should be someone in xebian under /boot/
08:38<CarlosP_Uk>thx. should i change screen resolution in 'console input' section of menuconfig to 640x480 ?
08:38<@mikegrb>I'm not sure
08:38<@mikegrb>maybe so
08:38<CarlosP_Uk>as it says in topic that FOCUS support is only 640x480
08:39<@mikegrb>I vaguely remember hereing that
08:39<CarlosP_Uk>what's the linux command to compare two files?
08:40<@mikegrb>diff -u is popular
08:40<@mikegrb>CarlosP_Uk: #g7!
08:40<@mikegrb>also check out the new webpage
08:42<Commando>i just loaded linux 4 the first time on my box! yeah
08:43<CarlosP_Uk>Well done Commando. I wish I could SEE linux on my xbox! :P
08:43<CarlosP_Uk>no FOCUS
08:43<Commando>thanks for the help Dragz
08:43<Commando>now i need to find a use for it
08:43<SilentDragz>the help I gave you was given to me a few days ago in this very channel :P
08:43<CarlosP_Uk>mikegrb is a kernel.config file the same as a .config file - do you just load it into menuconfig
08:44<@mikegrb>right.... cp it over and change the name to .config
08:44<@mikegrb>or yes, just load it in menuconfig
08:44<CarlosP_Uk>thx I WILL crack this i swear
08:45-!-artifex [~artifex@] has joined #xbox-linux
08:45-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+o artifex] by ChanServ
08:45<SilentDragz>lo artifex
08:45<CarlosP_Uk>last question for now is there a flag for cp to stop it asking for overwrite confirmation -f doesn't work
08:45<CarlosP_Uk>hey artifex
08:45<@mikegrb>well, you can do 'yes | cp ......'
08:45<@mikegrb>morning arti
08:46<@stealth>sighup g7 stealth
08:46<@sighup>#G7 stats for stealth, the mythtv lover -- Current Level: 22 | Time to next level: 0 days, 00:09:01 | Status: online | Item Total: 183 | Total Time Idled: 1 days, 06:51:10
08:46<@artifex>sighup g7 Artifex
08:46<@sighup>#G7 stats for Artifex, the Extreme Software Engineer -- Current Level: 24 | Time to next level: 0 days, 01:35:19 | Status: online | Item Total: 151 | Total Time Idled: 1 days, 15:37:55
08:46<CarlosP_Uk>or cp < lots_of_yesses.txt presumably ?
08:46-!-artifex is now known as Artifex
08:46<@stealth>arti your item totals suck :P
08:47<@Artifex>stealth: yeah? Well i could kick your ASS in PQ
08:47<@Artifex>mikegrb: no, send me the url.
08:47-!-Artifex is now known as Guest31
08:47<@stealth>sighup pq?
08:47<@sighup>i don't know, stealth
08:47<@stealth>Police Quest?
08:47-!-Guest31 is now known as Arifex
08:48* mikegrb got 30 min for that mistake
08:48<SilentDragz>Police Quest?
08:48<SilentDragz>or PlanetQuake
08:49-!-Arifex is now known as Artifex
08:49<@Artifex>Progress Quest
08:49<@mikegrb>sighup: g7 Artifex
08:49<@sighup>#G7 stats for Artifex, the Extreme Software Engineer -- Current Level: 24 | Time to next level: 0 days, 02:18:28 | Status: online | Item Total: 151 | Total Time Idled: 1 days, 15:41:10
08:49<@Artifex>I havnt played in awhile. :-(
08:50<CarlosP_Uk>stupid question but can i pls double-check that when compiling an xbox kernel you do it for an i386
08:50<@Artifex>I should start up another char
08:50<@Artifex>and 0wn again
08:50<@mikegrb>CarlosP_Uk: that will work
08:51<@Artifex>that was my last char
08:51<@Artifex>i didnt have him levelled up as high as my earlier ones
08:51<@stealth>heh.. this cd is pretty effed up
08:51<@stealth>nice guild
08:51<@stealth>EAC has been trying to rip the cd for 8 hours so far
08:51<@stealth>it's half way done :P
08:52-!-gimli [~ed@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
08:52-!-gimli [] has joined #xbox-linux
08:54* mikegrb really wants to see that
08:54-!-linux-junkie is now known as lj|afk
08:54<SilentDragz>they only did those frames
08:55<@mikegrb>it was a whole video clip
08:55<SilentDragz>this game plays itself
08:55<@mikegrb>not just frames
08:55<SilentDragz>"exeucting a sprite" *gets sprite can* lmao
08:57-!-NoBrain [] has joined #xbox-linux
08:58<@Artifex>SilentDragz: yes. Very good stuff.
08:58<@Artifex>SilentDragz: I'm ridiculously good at it.
08:58<SilentDragz>very boring stuff lol
08:58* Artifex does lots of windows installs.
08:58<SilentDragz>all u do is sit here :P
08:58<@Artifex>yes, exactly.
08:59<@Artifex>i dont have time for those "interactive" videogames
08:59<@Artifex>too busy with that whole "world domination" thing, y'know?
08:59* Artifex heads off to the dayjob
09:00-!-NoBrain [] has quit [Client Quit]
09:00<SilentDragz>fancy a game artifex?
09:00<SilentDragz>any1 want a game of PQ?
09:01-!-alitniL [] has left #xbox-linux []
09:05-!-cortex_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:05-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 66] by ChanServ
09:11<CarlosP_Uk>mikegrb the new focus kernel from CVS does not seem to work I still get garbled output
09:11<CarlosP_Uk>can you help, or point me to someone ?
09:11<@mikegrb>gimli: you around?
09:11<@mikegrb>CarlosP_Uk: you have xboxfb enabled?
09:12<SilentDragz>doubt he's here
09:12<CarlosP_Uk>mike hang on will just check i'm pretty sure i do
09:12<gimli>mikegrb: yes
09:12<CarlosP_Uk>mike Can you confirm I was right to DEselect riva in menuconfig and select xbox (in frame drivers)
09:12<SilentDragz>any ideas how I can get the display to shrink so it doesn't go off the edge of my screen?
09:12<@mikegrb>CarlosP_Uk: yes
09:12<@mikegrb>gimli: do you have a moment to help with a focus issue?
09:13<@mikegrb>SilentDragz: 'xbv'
09:13<gimli>mikegrb: yes
09:13* mikegrb points at CarlosP_Uk
09:13<SilentDragz>cool, thx
09:13<@mikegrb>SilentDragz: no prob
09:13<CarlosP_Uk>Hiya gimli, I built a new kernel from the CVS but still get garbled output on xbox. Do you have a .config or a built kernel I could steal
09:13<CarlosP_Uk>It was really disappointing :/
09:14<gimli>CarlosP_Uk: what is the content of you linuxboot.cfg ? and did you enabled xboxfb ?
09:14<CarlosP_Uk>gimli. Yes, this is the content:
09:14<CarlosP_Uk>kernel /boot/vmlinuz
09:14<CarlosP_Uk>append root=/dev/ide..........................
09:14<CarlosP_Uk>xboxfb y
09:15<CarlosP_Uk>I used the .config from the CVS, but changed vertical resolution from 576 to 480 was that right?
09:15<gimli>where did you changed this?
09:16<CarlosP_Uk>in make menuconfig
09:16<SilentDragz>iopl: Operation not permitted
09:16<SilentDragz>I did:
09:16<CarlosP_Uk>gimli "Make Menuconfig" -> "Input Core Support"
09:16<SilentDragz>xbv -PAL60 -f
09:17<@mikegrb>SilentDragz: try something like 'xbv -PAL60 AUTO 800 600 10 10'
09:17<@mikegrb>it might be -AUTO
09:17<@mikegrb>the 10 and 10 at end are horizontal and vertical overscan
09:17<@mikegrb>higher number = smaller picture
09:18<CarlosP_Uk>gimli - any ideas? or do you have a built FOCUS kernel?
09:18<SilentDragz>oh wait
09:18<SilentDragz>should I be root? :)
09:18<@mikegrb>heh yes
09:18<gimli>CarlosP_Uk: yes i have, but it's an 2.4.23-rc1
09:19<CarlosP_Uk>Would it work on mine? My xbox kernel is 5101.01 my dasboard is 4920.01
09:20<gimli>it would, you would also have to install the alsa-drivers
09:20<CarlosP_Uk>gimli where are the alsa drivers; in the CVSroot/kernel ?
09:21<SilentDragz>how do I undo the changes?
09:21<gimli>CarlosP_Uk: where should i upload the kernel and alsa package
09:21<@mikegrb>SilentDragz: eaisiest way is reboot
09:22<SilentDragz>fixed it
09:22<CarlosP_Uk>gimli - sending you details on PM
09:22<gimli>CarlosP_Uk: ok
09:26<CarlosP_Uk>gimli - how do I install the alsa package, and do I install it BEFORE the kernel ?
09:27<SilentDragz>is a segmentation fault bad?
09:28<@mikegrb>depends on what caused it ;)
09:28<mcreel>if you're a tapeworm, yes
09:28<SilentDragz>xbv caused it
09:28* mikegrb thinks mcreel is good at idle'ing and should join #g7
09:29<SilentDragz>Computed vertical scaling coeff=2785
09:29<SilentDragz>pll clock frequency=24.937 MHz
09:29<SilentDragz>Segmentation fault
09:29<SilentDragz>if I do -auto 1024 768 it works, but if I put like -auto 1024 768 10 10 it goes all garbled
09:29<CarlosP_Uk>poss maths overflow or division by zero
09:30<@mikegrb>mcreel: check the url in the topic ;_
09:30<@mikegrb>er ;)
09:30-!-ShALLaX|Laptop [] has quit [Ping timeout: 483 seconds]
09:30-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 65] by ChanServ
09:31<SilentDragz>any ideas how to get it to shrink the screen? O.o
09:32<@mikegrb>seems odd perhaps it is a problem with using xbv and that resolution
09:32<@mikegrb>also the xboxfb supports overscan compensation as a kernel argument
09:32<SilentDragz>kernel argument? O.o
09:32<@mikegrb>in the linuxboot.cfg it can be specified
09:33<SilentDragz>it's a lot clearer now, but even more off the screen :P
09:34<@mikegrb>I don't remember the format, check the devel mailing list archives for a post by this brilliant man named oliver with a subject along the lines of new xboxfb driver
09:34<SilentDragz>I can do 800x600 on 1 1
09:34<SilentDragz>but anything else goes garbled
09:34<@mikegrb>are you in x?
09:34<SilentDragz>I can do 640x480 fine O.o
09:35<@mikegrb>yes, so x is prob set at a res of 800x600
09:35<SilentDragz>how do I get it to apply these settings on boot?
09:35<SilentDragz>and can the picture be shifted to the left a bit?
09:35<CarlosP_Uk>edit your linuxboot.cfg
09:36<@mikegrb>well once you figure out the values you need set them in the append line in linuxboot.cfg
09:36<@mikegrb>what dist are you using?
09:36<CarlosP_Uk>SilentDragz - then please tell me what line you added to make it work so I can do the same! :p
09:36<SilentDragz>Carlos - it's probably different for ur tv
09:36<SilentDragz>but I did:
09:37<SilentDragz>xbv -PALBDGHI -m 0 -auto 640 480 13 13
09:37<CarlosP_Uk>Yes, but what do you put on the last line of the linuxboot.cfg, where it currently says "xboxfb y" ?
09:37<SilentDragz>no idea
09:38<SilentDragz>mike, what do I put in there?
09:38<@mikegrb>that line is right
09:38<@mikegrb>you change one of the settings on the append line
09:38<SilentDragz>then just add my xbv line underneath?
09:38<@mikegrb>can you paste your current append line?
09:39<@mikegrb>either of yours is fine
09:39<SilentDragz>append root=/dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part2 devfs=mount kbd-reset xbox=hdd
09:39<@mikegrb>CarlosP_Uk: what is yours?
09:40<CarlosP_Uk>xebian too
09:40<SilentDragz>no, ur append line
09:40<CarlosP_Uk>as i suspected gimli has the biggest kernel in the whole world lol
09:40<CarlosP_Uk>hang on for that append line...
09:40-!-bj9421 [] has joined #xbox-linux
09:41<CarlosP_Uk>append root=/dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part2 devfs=mount kds-reset xbox=hdd
09:41<@mikegrb>you want to add an argument like that to it
09:41<CarlosP_Uk>mikegrb, ah so for a limited focus driver as mentioned in /top, it would be something like
09:41<@mikegrb>change hoc and voc appropriatley
09:41<@mikegrb>also change res
09:42<@mikegrb>though this line isn't necessary at all if you don't want to change stuff from default
09:42<CarlosP_Uk>depends whether default is above 640x480 which apparently focus will have probs with
09:42<@mikegrb>just add that to your append line
09:43<@mikegrb>CarlosP_Uk: I /think/ the default is what you chose in the kernel config, no clue though
09:43<SilentDragz>pasted it, rebooting
09:43<CarlosP_Uk>mikegrb thx for all this btw
09:44<@mikegrb>it is what I'm here for
09:44<SilentDragz>I wish if you hit reboot in linux it would reboot into linux instead of into my certain-replacement-dashboard-which-I-must-not-name
09:45<CarlosP_Uk>silentdragz you know that replacement you can't name, can you get it without opening the box
09:45<SilentDragz>you need a modchip
09:45<@mikegrb>CarlosP_Uk: did that work for you?
09:45<SilentDragz>it's using the default
09:46<CarlosP_Uk>mikegrb - I have to install the new kernel first then i'll let u know
09:46<SilentDragz>heh, my PQ is still going
09:46<@mikegrb>SilentDragz: append init=/linuxrc root=/dev/ram0 pci=biosirq video=xbox:1024x760,nohwcursor,hoc=6,voc=6 kbd-reset xbox=rw_fatx_e ramdisk_blocksize=4096
09:46<CarlosP_Uk>Gimli - THANKS for the kernel. Do I install the alsa FIRST ? Do i reboot between installs ?
09:47<@mikegrb>this is my whole line though it shouldn't matter where in the line you put it
09:47<SilentDragz>my root is different to it
09:47<@mikegrb>well right
09:47<@mikegrb>but the video bit
09:48* mikegrb has an odd custom setup
09:48<SilentDragz>append root=/dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part2 devfs=mount kbd-reset xbox=hdd video=xbox:640x480,nohwcursor,hoc=13,voc=13
09:48<SilentDragz>that is how I have mine now
09:48<@mikegrb>SilentDragz: just to double check try 'cat /proc/cmdline' to see if it is there
09:48<SilentDragz>and how come u have 1024x760 instead of 1024x768
09:49<SilentDragz> Version : Xebian 0.5.1
09:49<SilentDragz> Hostname :
09:49<SilentDragz> Linux Ver. : 2.4.22
09:49<SilentDragz>Last login: Tue Nov 18 14:14:43 2003 from
09:49<SilentDragz>root@LinuXbox:~# cat /proc/cmdline
09:49<SilentDragz>init=/linuxrc root=/dev/ram0 kbd-reset xbox=fatx_e:/debian ramdisk_blocksize=4096 video=xbox:640x480,nohwcursor
09:49<@mikegrb>umm, that bit isn't actually what I'm using... I got the line from the post
09:50<SilentDragz>it didn't keep my hoc and voc
09:50<@mikegrb>I used it for a bit though
09:50<gimli>CarlosP_Uk: kernel, alsa
09:51<@mikegrb>gimli: do you know why the hoc and voc settings might not show up in /proc/cmdline
09:52<gimli>mikegrb: how do you start linux? xbe, cromwell, which kernel
09:52<@mikegrb>well, it is SilentDragz with the problem
09:52<SilentDragz>it's me that has the problem
09:52<SilentDragz>xbe, 2.4.22
09:53<SilentDragz>Version : Xebian 0.5.1
09:53<SilentDragz>Linux Ver. : 2.4.22
09:55<SilentDragz>brb, gonna get some food
09:57<CarlosP_Uk>Gimli where does your .deb package put the new kernel file when installed ?!
09:58<@mikegrb>the moon?
09:58<CarlosP_Uk>:) can't find it anywhere!
09:58<SilentDragz>on gimli's box, along with ur IP and root p/w :P
09:59<CarlosP_Uk>lol um. yeah. but... where is it?
09:59<SilentDragz>whois carlosp_uk
10:00<gimli>CarlosP_Uk: /boot/vmlinuz-2.4.23
10:02<CarlosP_Uk>mike/gimli/silentDragz - box going down for reboot here goes big moment... ;)
10:03-!-bendy24 [] has joined #xbox-linux
10:03-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+o bendy24] by ChanServ
10:03<nick>sighup: politeness?
10:03<@sighup>bugger all, i dunno, nick
10:04<nick>well the hell with you
10:04<CarlosP_Uk>:-( :-( :-(
10:04<CarlosP_Uk>okay, output still garbled
10:04<CarlosP_Uk>gimli - I think the alsa
10:05<gimli>CarlosP_Uk: from where do you boot linux?
10:05<CarlosP_Uk>gimli - I think the alsa installation failed, it said "it looks like you have the installation files for alsa 0.9"
10:05<gimli>CarlosP_Uk: from where do you boot linux?
10:05<CarlosP_Uk>Gimli - via MS dashboard hack "linux" on dashboard
10:05<gimli>CarlosP_Uk: did you copied the kernel to e:\debian ?
10:06<CarlosP_Uk>No, I left it in /boot
10:06<gimli>you have to copy it
10:06<gimli>otherwise it will boot the old kernel
10:06<CarlosP_Uk>so I have to mount E:
10:06<CarlosP_Uk>with something like mount /... ??
10:06<gimli>mount /dev/hda50 /mnt
10:07<gimli>cp /boot/vmlinuz-2.4.23 /mnt/debian/vmlinuz
10:07<gimli>umount /mnt
10:07<SilentDragz>I just got a hand of god
10:07<CarlosP_Uk>gimli - THX rebooting
10:08<SilentDragz>heidi is a bloke
10:11<@mikegrb>heidi is a bloke?
10:11<@mikegrb>Dave: heh I had that one open
10:11<@mikegrb>just haven't read it yet
10:11<CarlosP_Uk>Gimli - BIG problems. Output is now OK, but the box dumps out with errors during bootup so now I'm locked out
10:12<SilentDragz>heidi is
10:12<@mikegrb>heidi is my wife
10:12<gimli>CarlosP_Uk: chat errors do you get?
10:12<gimli>CarlosP_Uk: sorry
10:12<SilentDragz>explains the michael
10:12<gimli>CarlosP_Uk: i'll put another file on your server you need
10:13<SilentDragz>can I get a vhost like dave's? :)
10:13<SilentDragz>obviously not a sf one
10:13<@mikegrb>dave is special
10:13<SilentDragz>I want my domain in there :(
10:13<@mikegrb>so is bendy
10:13<@mikegrb>and tj
10:14<@mikegrb>well and me
10:15<SilentDragz>:'( I want a vhost
10:16<CarlosP_Uk>Gimli here are the errors...
10:16<CarlosP_Uk> /sbin/init 2
10:17* mikegrb is afk
10:17<CarlosP_Uk>cannot open dev/console : No such file or directory
10:17<CarlosP_Uk>panic : Attempted to kill init!
10:17<CarlosP_Uk>HOW DO I GET BACK INTO MY BOX can i use linux live from 007
10:18-!-bj9421 [] has quit []
10:18<SilentDragz>u can boot from a CD
10:18<gimli>CarlosP_Uk: PM
10:19<CarlosP_Uk>phew thx
10:22<wap>sighup: g7 wap
10:22<@sighup>#G7 stats for Lunatic, the mad shrink -- Current Level: 25 | Time to next level: 0 days, 06:53:30 | Status: online | Item Total: 210 | Total Time Idled: 1 days, 18:10:05
10:26<roh>sighup g7 roh
10:26<@sighup>#G7 stats for roh, the framebuffer lover -- Current Level: 17 | Time to next level: 0 days, 01:34:43 | Status: online | Item Total: 94 | Total Time Idled: 0 days, 12:45:40
10:27<CarlosP_Uk>gimli - thx lots for all your help
10:27<CarlosP_Uk>sorry dont kick me
10:27<CarlosP_Uk>I've been trying for 5 days to get focus video and now I have it
10:27<CarlosP_Uk>Thanks to all you guys
10:27<SilentDragz>congratulations carlos
10:28<nick>jesus christ
10:28-!-nick [nick@] has quit [Quit: fucking choke and die]
10:31<SilentDragz>sighup g7 SilentDragz
10:31<SilentDragz>someone do g7 for me pls
10:32<wap>CarlosP_Uk: avoid flooding
10:33<CarlosP_Uk>sorry wont do it again!
10:33<gimli>CarlosP_Uk: nice that it helped
10:34<SilentDragz>gimli - what u working on at the moment with xebian?
10:36-!-Proxi [] has joined #xbox-linux
10:42<CarlosP_Uk>sighup g7 CarlosP_Uk
10:42<@sighup>#G7 stats for CarlosP_Uk, the Official Cheesemonger -- Current Level: 0 | Time to next level: 0 days, 00:17:35 | Status: offline | Item Total: 0 | Total Time Idled: 0 days, 00:00:55
10:43<SilentDragz>u need to join #g7
10:43<SilentDragz>and do /msg b0t CarlosP_Uk password
10:43<CarlosP_Uk>silentdragz - I'm already joined just forgot to login
10:44<SilentDragz><@b0t> bendy [3/8] has challenged Dave [22/263] in combat and lost! 0 days, 00:01:05 is added to bendy's clock.
10:46<mcreel>ciao mein
10:46-!-mcreel [~mcreel@] has quit [Quit: Client exiting]
10:47<CarlosP_Uk>SilentDragz you were doing this yesterday - can I have pointer to get started with windows samba shares
10:47<SilentDragz>ok, u asked for it
10:47* CarlosP_Uk is scared
10:48<SilentDragz>make sure u have a folder in /mnt for the mount point
10:48<SilentDragz>like mine is /mnt/smb
10:48<SilentDragz>once u have, type:
10:48<SilentDragz>mount -t smb -o username=Username //server/share /mnt/point
10:49<SilentDragz>for example, mine is:
10:49<SilentDragz>mount -t smb -o username=Administrator //server1/music /mnt/smb
10:49<SilentDragz>then it'll ask u for the password for ur username, put it in and hit enter
10:49<CarlosP_Uk>wow it worked!
10:50<SilentDragz>DAMN I'm good :P
10:50<wap>SilentDragz: if you're familiar with Samba, it would be _great_ to write a detailed tutorial for the website. Questions about Samba are asked here about everyday...
10:50<SilentDragz>that's all I know how to do
10:50<CarlosP_Uk>wap - I know for a fact that he only learnt that yesterday here! ;-)
10:50-!-Agntneo [] has joined #xbox-linux
10:50<CarlosP_Uk>but thx SilentDragz that was ace!
10:50<SilentDragz>but I could write a !samba script for my IRC client
10:50<SilentDragz>that tells them that when sum1 types !samba username
10:51<SilentDragz>np carlos
10:51<wap>SilentDragz: keep that in mind. Maybe you can ask some more about Samba here and motivate someone to write a tuto with you.
10:51-!-Oz_ShAdOw [] has quit [Ping timeout: 483 seconds]
10:51<SilentDragz>and I know how to get them to mount on boot too
10:51<SilentDragz>oh no
10:51<SilentDragz>that's fatx
10:52<wap>Thing is, there are a lot of competent people here... But many are lazy when it comes to write doc ;) I'm just trying to motivate people a bit in that direction ;)
10:53-!-Oz_ShAdOw [shdw@] has joined #xbox-linux
10:53<CarlosP_Uk>wap I totally agree. Now I've learnt how to install and various, i'll certainly be writing some docs
10:53<wap>CarlosP_Uk: cool :)
10:53<SilentDragz>u could write one about how to get focus to work
10:53<CarlosP_Uk>I could now!!
10:53<SilentDragz>go on then
10:54<SilentDragz>do it :P
10:54<wap>The great thing is that even if you're not a hardcore coder, you can actually be of much help to the project by writing docs, doing translation work etc. :)
10:55<SilentDragz>I wanna learn C
10:55<SilentDragz>so I can create my own distro :)
10:55<SilentDragz>but that's yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs off
10:55<talonlzr>not neccesarily.
10:55<talonlzr>you can do lots with python, tweaking already coded source and mini-dist.
10:55<Agntneo>You could build off someone else's distro.
10:56<CarlosP_Uk>I managed to build my own kernel and I knew virtually nothing last week
10:56<SilentDragz>was planning on building off Xebian
10:56<@Artifex>[2003-10-09] We all know that Vim is a good text editor. But for desktop applications you would expect browsers and word processors to be most often used. Surprisingly Vim pops up in a list of favorite desktop apps on NewsForge. Not surprising is that more people use Vi/Vim than Emacs/XEmacs. (Bram Moolenaar)
10:56* Artifex goes back afk
10:56<Agntneo>yeah vim , nano and emacs are great
10:56<Agntneo>expecially emacs
10:56<SilentDragz>heh, nano always makes me think of mork and mindy
10:56<SilentDragz>nanu nanu!
10:57<talonlzr>(for i=1; i>0; i++) { ultraedit-- }
10:57<talonlzr>(for i=1; i>0; i++) { ultraedit--; }
10:57<@Artifex>wish i could get teh syntax highlighting in nano working
10:57<Agntneo>lol,I dunno how I do that
10:57<@Artifex>talolzr: but, thats NOT an infinite loop ;-)
10:57<@Artifex>and, your syntax is horrid
10:57<Agntneo>Anyone know how to do a integrity check on iso's with windows xp?
10:57<@Artifex>dunno what language YOUR coding in
10:57<talonlzr>while(1) { ultraedit--; }
10:57<SilentDragz>Agntneo - burn it
10:57* Artifex goes back afk
10:57<SilentDragz>if it works, it's fine :P
10:58<SilentDragz>is it possible to get the shell to colour code syntax?
10:58<SilentDragz>like as ur typing it
10:58<SilentDragz>not very useful, but cool :P
10:58<talonlzr>Artifex - I'm totally wasted. After some minutes, I'd figure out it was time to sleep and try putting my parantheses on the right side of the keyword.
10:59<SilentDragz>ooh I'm lvl 5 on PQ
10:59-!-talonlzr is now known as tal|zzzZz
11:02* wap goes back to reading
11:03<CarlosP_Uk>where are the main startup / config files for xwindows (xebian)
11:03<SilentDragz>tjfontaine took over mikegrb in g7!
11:05<SilentDragz>type updatedb
11:05<SilentDragz>that'll take a while
11:05<SilentDragz>then type locate x.conf
11:06<SilentDragz>make sure u run updatedb as root
11:07<CarlosP_Uk>silentdragz not found
11:07<SilentDragz>oh well
11:07<SilentDragz>if u know what the file is called then u can search for it
11:09-!-StevenC [Steven@] has joined #xbox-linux
11:11-!-Sh8d0w [~DaPimpinM@] has joined #xbox-linux
11:12-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 68] by ChanServ
11:14<CarlosP_Uk>ANyone point me to some config files to change startup options etc. for xwindows on xebian
11:15<StevenC>no i cant cuz i dont have a clue
11:16<dmp>CarlosP_Uk: Got focus working?
11:17<StevenC>i have xbox live on my xbox. new deals out for \xA3139,99
11:17-!-sighup [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:17-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 67] by ChanServ
11:17<StevenC>so im gonna use my old one for liux if i can
11:17<StevenC>can i install it if i have my xbl account deleted
11:18-!-BOV [~BOV@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:18-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 66] by ChanServ
11:18<dmp>You can install it even without losing live
11:19-!-BOV [] has joined #xbox-linux
11:19<StevenC>permanently instll it?
11:19<dmp>StevenC: Yes
11:20<StevenC>but it says on the site u cant play live games
11:21<dmp>No it doesn't. It says "It replaces the Xbox Live" menu on the dash with the linux one
11:21<dmp>If you already set up live, you don't need that menu
11:22<StevenC>ok cheers.
11:22<CarlosP_Uk>dmp hello
11:22<StevenC>also is there anywhere i can download linux
11:22<dmp>StevenC: The sourceforge site.
11:22<dmp>CarlosP_Uk: Working OK?
11:23<CarlosP_Uk>dmp - YES! I build myself a kernel and it worked! But not before gimli had sent me his own as well and we'd established the reason I was having no luck was because I wasn't copying it from the root fs to the E: drive. Doh! lol
11:23<CarlosP_Uk>now I have the pleasure of setting up xwindows and i'm loving it
11:23<StevenC>thanks for the helpful info
11:23<dmp>CarlosP_Uk: So out of curiosity, did mine work? Or did you not test it?
11:23<dmp>I'm interested to know
11:23<CarlosP_Uk>lol i can test it for you later just so as we know! I want to know if mine worked too!
11:23<dmp>Heh :)
11:23<CarlosP_Uk>besides gimli (predictably) has the biggest kernel in the world at a whopping 9Mb
11:24-!-ShALLaXb1x [~ufifiytt@] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
11:24-!-ShALLaXbox [] has joined #xbox-linux
11:24-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+v ShALLaXbox] by ChanServ
11:25<dmp>CarlosP_Uk: :)
11:25<StevenC>which linux is best to download on the sourceforg site
11:25<dmp>StevenC: What distro do you want?
11:26<dmp>I would suggest Xebian as a beginner perhaps
11:26<SilentDragz>me too
11:26<StevenC>whats distro
11:27<CarlosP_Uk>distro = type of distribution
11:27<dmp>distribution. There are MANY flavours of linux
11:27<dmp>not just 'linux'
11:27<SilentDragz>get debian
11:27<dmp>sighup: karma dmp
11:27<Agntneo>sihup: karma Agntneo
11:27<Agntneo>sighup: karma Agntneo
11:27<CarlosP_Uk>sighup: g7 CarlosP_Uk
11:27<StevenC>will i be able to upgrade in the future
11:28<Agntneo>this sighup thing is crazy as hell lol
11:28<SilentDragz>soghup isn't in here
11:28<dmp>StevenC: A lot of these distros have no clear upgrade path from distro to distro
11:28<dmp>You can reinstall...
11:28<SilentDragz>* @sighup has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)
11:29<StevenC>yea well thats what i meant sorry
11:29<StevenC>is it hard to reinstall
11:29<dmp>as hard as a first time install is
11:29<StevenC>i only heard about this from a mate off live
11:29<StevenC>hes got it
11:30<SilentDragz>grrrrr my xbox is fux0red
11:30<StevenC>says it plays backups
11:30<dmp>StevenC: Linux doesn't
11:30<dmp>He's lying or a fool
11:30<SilentDragz>when I have my chip disabled
11:30<CarlosP_Uk>dmp - gimli gave me a new initrd to use, should I replace the old one for your kernel or not
11:30<dmp>vmlinuz == kernel
11:31<StevenC>he told me once you install linux you can play any games on it
11:31<dmp>initrd==kernel modules.
11:31<dmp>You need to keep the two in sync
11:31<dmp>StevenC: Another lie
11:31<SilentDragz>if I eject the disc in a game to reset the box and put another game in the screen goes back to normal tv and the eject light just flashes and it doesn't eject
11:31<StevenC>it can play pc games cant it
11:31<SilentDragz>and sometimes if I turn it on by the eject button it does the same
11:31<SilentDragz>StevenC - linux games
11:32<dmp>StevenC: Under linux, it has NO graphics acceleration at all (3dwise)
11:32<dmp>StevenC: I recommend the howto on
11:32<SilentDragz>dmp - is that being worked on?
11:33<CarlosP_Uk>Does anybody on this channel know which startup files Xebian uses for xwindows?
11:35<dmp>SilentDragz: It's reverse engineering the nvidia binary driver
11:35<dmp>If it makes you feel better, I have a similar problem on my desktop without the bin. driver
11:35<dmp>the driver doesn't work on xbox for some unknown reason
11:40<SilentDragz>I'm starting KOTOR again as an evil char :)
11:41-!-StevenC [Steven@] has left #xbox-linux []
11:41<CarlosP_Uk>Where can I download a copy of xbox media center ?
11:41<@stealth>carlos, it's not legally available
11:41<@stealth>and thus we cannot tell you
11:41<@stealth>you could probably ask people in #xbins on efnet and they would tell you
11:42-!-CarlosP_Uk [] has quit [Quit: HydraIRC -> <- :P]
11:42-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 65] by ChanServ
11:42<De_Mon>i just reimaged my system partition and now the xbox error 13's over the xboxdash.xbe
11:43<BOV>will cromwell boot a kernel from cdrom first if there is still a good kernel on the hd?
11:43<dmp>BOV: Yes, but it needs more than just a kernel
11:44<BOV>dmp, what is it looking for?
11:44<dmp>linuxboot.cfg vmlinuz initrd etc
11:45<BOV>does it need linuxboot.cfg?
11:45<De_Mon>each xbox's xboxdash is unique right? with different hd unlock keys?
11:45<dmp>De_Mon: No. but offtopic here
11:46<BOV>dmp, does it matter on the filesize of vmlinuz?
11:46<dmp>Think about what you said. If the HDD unlock key is on xboxdash.xbe, where does xboxdash.xbe live???
11:46<De_Mon>dmp i cant get xboxlinux back on here if the dash bails
11:46<dmp>BOV: No. If you want a boot cd, why not just grab the install CD
11:46<De_Mon>dmp good point
11:46<BOV>dmp, because Im not plaining on running linux
11:48<dmp>BOV: So? Just use an install cd. You need more than a kernel to boot usefully
11:49<BOV>what does linuxboot.cfg mean by vmlboot?
11:49<dmp>BOV: Don't understand that
11:49<BOV> cat linuxboot.cfg
11:49<BOV>kernel vmlboot
11:49<BOV>initrd vmlboot
11:49<BOV>rivafb y
11:50-!-CarlosP_Uk [~carlosp_u@] has joined #xbox-linux
11:50<dmp>BOV: It's the kernel itself
11:50<dmp>Anyway, save yourself this pain, and use an INSTALL CD
11:50<CarlosP_Uk>If I use the dashboard hack, is there a way I can also use xbox mediacenter ?
11:50<BOV>dmp, Im going to make my own cd and use it as a diskless workstation
11:51<dmp>BOV: The install cds are also 'live' cds. They are bootable and useful too. They don't have to install.
11:51<dmp>CarlosP_Uk: Linux has players too.. Anyway, yes, I am sure you could....
11:51<CarlosP_Uk>dmp - It's just, both of them start up with default.xbe files don't they?
11:51<CarlosP_Uk>dmp - So once i'd switched to XBMC how would I ever boot linux again
11:52<SilentDragz>u'll need a chipped box
11:53<SilentDragz>or u could burn xbmc to a cd
11:53-!-sighup [] has joined #xbox-linux
11:53-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+o sighup] by ChanServ
11:55<CarlosP_Uk>SilenDragz - what would I put on the boot cd?
11:55<SilentDragz>the contents of the archive u download
11:57<dmp>SilentDragz: If it's not chipped, how can he run the unsigned xbe anyway?
11:57<dmp>[16:56:30] <b0t> CarlosP_Uk [6/10] has challenged Elfindrol [52/195] in combat and lost! 0 days, 00:01:16 is added to CarlosP_Uk's clock.
11:58<dmp>CarlosP_Uk: So you can't, without a chip
11:59<CarlosP_Uk>dmp - so how does the linux bootdisk work - is the default.xbe file signed?
11:59<CarlosP_Uk>dmp - am confused!
11:59<dmp>the default.xbe on the linux boot disk is not signed by the normal key.
11:59<dmp>Mechassault patches the xbox kernel in memory to allow it to run ONLY that key
11:59<dmp>Anyway, put it like this: Mechassault lets you run ONLY the linux boot xbe, and nothing else
12:00<CarlosP_Uk>dmp - why can't we patch the key of XBMC's default.xbe or is that hideously mathematically impossible
12:01<dmp>CarlosP_Uk: It's patching the key of the Xbox Kernel, not the xbe. Anyway, the mechinstaller 'key' is kept secret to stop people using it for illegal purposes IE XBMC instead of linux
12:01<dmp>It's OT here, and we don't discuss it, I'm afraid. XBMC != legal
12:01<CarlosP_Uk>dmp - ah. thank you.
12:01<CarlosP_Uk>dmp - understood
12:01-!-CarlosP_Uk [~carlosp_u@] has quit [Quit: HydraIRC -> <- s0 d4Mn l33t |t'z 5c4rY!]
12:01<kvandivo>well, distribution of xbmc != legal
12:01<BOV>what kinda of ethernet card is in the xbox?
12:02<SilentDragz>nForce chipset isn't it?
12:02<dmp>kvandivo: And building of XBMC != legal unless you have a legit XDK (Yeah right)
12:02<BOV>Nvidia makes an ethernet card?
12:02<SilentDragz>it could have been done with the OpenXDK
12:02<SilentDragz>BOV - they make a chipset with onboard LAM
12:02<dmp>BOV: NVidia makes a chipset including ethernet called nForce
12:03<dmp>SilentDragz: Theoretically, but OpenXDK is not complete AFAIK
12:03<SilentDragz>I'm runnin nForce2 on this machine at the mo :)
12:03<dmp>forcedeth is nice but it logs all the packets to syslog!!
12:03<SilentDragz>what's so good about it?
12:03<BOV>what driver does the xbox-linux kernel use for it?
12:03<dmp>BOV: The binary nvnet one (Or forcedeth)
12:04<BOV>dmp, thank you
12:04<De_Mon>oh fuck. image was fuxx0red bigtime
12:04<SilentDragz>dmp - what's so good about forcedeth?
12:04<dmp>SilentDragz: It is free software - open source, not binary shite
12:04<De_Mon>file on partition e died
12:05<SilentDragz>any performance increases?
12:05<dmp>SilentDragz: Until it stops writing packets to syslog, I'd expect a HUGE performance decrease
12:06<wap>bendy24: you joined g7? :)
12:07<SilentDragz>if it's open source then u can stop it from logging the packets
12:07<SilentDragz>just tell it to log to /dev/null
12:07<dmp>SilentDragz: It's still in testing phase, which is why it's done
12:07<dmp>It's easier to stop it logging at all.
12:07<dmp>But it's an encouraging sign
12:08* hubb yawns
12:09-!-Peda [] has quit [Ping timeout: 483 seconds]
12:12-!-StevenC [] has joined #xbox-linux
12:13<StevenC>i ask for help again
12:13<dmp>StevenC: If you ask WHAT you want help on
12:13<StevenC>Warning:If you unplug the Xbox so that it loses the time, the Dasboard will always start when you turn on the Xbox, asking for the current date and time, ignoring a disc in the DVD drive. If this happens, and the Linux on your hard drive is broken (missing kernel or initrd, for example), there is currently no way to uninstall Linux without opening the Xbox, because you cannot run a one-time-Linux using the method described
12:13<De_Mon>whew, that was fun
12:13<StevenC>is there a solution now?
12:14<De_Mon>is that referring to linux on the MS Dash?
12:14<dmp>if you leave it alone, it eventually boots OK AFAIK
12:14<StevenC>oh so it fixes itslef?
12:14<De_Mon>it can
12:15<SilentDragz>I'm glad I have a chipped box and launch linux from my dashboard-that-must-not-be-named
12:15<StevenC>oh the forbinnen E
12:15<SilentDragz>es ist verboten :)
12:15<StevenC>dont like chipping
12:16<SilentDragz>you can play backups and copy games to the hdd with a chip and the forbidden E
12:16<StevenC>can f**k your xbox over big time
12:16<@stealth>chipping is very unlikely to ruin an xbox
12:16* dmp has a Linux-only XBOX and it's perfect
12:16<StevenC>there is a way to play back ups with linux
12:16<heidi>chiphead: I hope you are happy now
12:17* dmp has no modchip either
12:17<dmp>StevenC: I said there wasn't
12:17<dmp>StevenC: I recommend reading the howto before you make the decision
12:17<StevenC>i will
12:17<StevenC>but im gonna ask this person for help
12:17-!-Hagfish [] has joined #xbox-linux
12:17<StevenC>and another person i know
12:17<wap>Howdi Hagfish
12:17<dmp>StevenC: Most important is to decide WHY you want to do it :)
12:17<StevenC>if it plays backups and emulators ill tell you all
12:18<dmp>StevenC: I think *we* already know it DOESNT play backups. Don't patronise...
12:18<StevenC>WHY: my xbox wont play games prop anymore
12:18<StevenC>getting a new one
12:18<StevenC>old one might as well not be wasted
12:19<dmp>StevenC: Perfect idea. Gives you a chance to play with Linux
12:19<StevenC>yea maybe u got the forbinned E through the method
12:19<SilentDragz>does linux have a defragmenter?
12:19<dmp>SilentDragz: No need normally
12:19-!-Peda [~peda@] has joined #xbox-linux
12:19<StevenC>i meant he prob got E through 007
12:19<dmp>I got Linux through 007 initially
12:20<SilentDragz>I'm looking for something useful to leave my xbox doing while I go out :PP
12:20<dmp>SilentDragz: Seti
12:20<wap>dmp: You mean you know James Bond personnaly?
12:20<dmp>wap: Sshh
12:20<StevenC>can u use E and linux together thru 007
12:20-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 68] by ChanServ
12:20<SilentDragz>I stopped doing seti ages ago
12:20<dmp>StevenC: If you want Linux only on the old xbox, think about using Cromwell on TSOP
12:20<dmp>StevenC: It is a linux only bios
12:20<De_Mon>13:19:50.750236 arp who-has tell
12:20<De_Mon>13:19:50.750298 arp reply is-at 0:50:f2:32:7c:ac
12:20<De_Mon>13:19:50.758484 > icmp: echo request
12:20<De_Mon>13:19:50.758524 > icmp: echo request
12:21<StevenC>im gonna ask him how he did it later
12:21<De_Mon> is an OLD ppp0 inetaddr.. why is my computer still advertising itself as it?
12:21<De_Mon>instead of
12:21<StevenC>cuz hes just confused me saying linux on his xbox
12:22<dmp>StevenC: There are two ways without opening the box. 007 or mechassault
12:22<StevenC>in any way could you use E and have linux on your xbox
12:22<dmp>StevenC: Yes
12:22<StevenC>without modchip
12:22* wap goes back to reading
12:22<De_Mon>dmp writing to TSOP still requires opening the xbox doesnt it?
12:22<dmp>De_Mon: Yes.. Did I say it didn't?
12:23<De_Mon>3 lines above, it sounded like thats what you were still talking about
12:23<StevenC>dmp can E run with linux without a mod chip
12:23<dmp>StevenC: I don't know, I don't use the mysterious 'E'. In fact, I have never ever played a single xbox game. I just use 'em as cheap PC/servers
12:24<StevenC>lol so do you make money
12:24<dmp>StevenC: No, why?
12:24<StevenC>oh you shoud rent ur servers out for games for money
12:24<dmp>No games.. I said that. They cannot play games
12:24<StevenC>youd be rich and have goot servers
12:25<StevenC>im gonna go. thanks for more info.
12:26-!-StevenC [] has quit []
12:26-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 67] by ChanServ
12:31-!-Calculon [] has joined #xbox-linux
12:31-!-Calculon is now known as bioterror
12:31<bioterror>yes, hello! ;)
13:00-!-Howlett [~ufifiytt@] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
13:00-!-Howlett [~ufifiytt@] has joined #xbox-linux
13:03-!-jbratt [~jbratt@] has joined #xbox-linux
13:05-!-jbratt [~jbratt@] has quit [Client Quit]
13:10<hubb>"You are overly sensitive to any negative statement that contains the word cromwell." --Wayne Hogue
13:10* dmp has a wish for cromwell - until the ext2 OR reiserFS problem is fixed, could we have dual images? 2.27b-ext2 and 2.2.7b-reiser
13:11<dmp>hubb: You notice the new rash of reiserfs hdd corruption problems on the list?
13:12<Sh8d0w>Microsoft should just buy Nintendo rather than develop their own Xbox2
13:12<dmp>Sh8d0w: Don't forget the suckage of gamecube
13:29-!-Peda [~peda@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:33-!-Peda [~peda@] has joined #xbox-linux
13:33-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+v Peda] by ChanServ
13:38<BOV>is there something in the kernel that tells xbox-linux to use NTSC output for the terminal or is that done from cromwell?
13:46<De_Mon>no way
13:46<De_Mon>the nintendo lisenses though.. that would be cool
13:58<Sh8d0w>well, nintendo does make some very good games
13:58<Sh8d0w>add in MS's cash and they can defintely make a better system than if they went alone
13:59* kvandivo could really go for some level 33 leggings.
14:02-!-jbratt [~jbratt@] has joined #xbox-linux
14:05<@mikegrb>kvandivo: now aren't you glad I suggested you come over to this network?
14:06<kvandivo>we need cursed equipment that sticks at a certain level and can't be upgraded
14:06<kvandivo>well, no.. not really.. i'm spending too much time paying attention to this and not enough to RL
14:06<@mikegrb>kvandivo: much more stabile in terms of netsplits to
14:06<kvandivo>that's true
14:07<@mikegrb>mythtv/ivtv should move here :) thugh probably too many people, to much of a pain
14:08<kvandivo>huh? this channel gets 6 times the load that myth/ivtv gets
14:10<hubb>mikegrb: stabile?
14:11<@mikegrb>kvandivo: I meant people are used to being over there, getting it to move here would be a pain
14:12<kvandivo>ahh.. ya..
14:15-!-dimetos [] has joined #xbox-linux
14:15-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 70] by ChanServ
14:18<hubb>hello dimetos
14:18-!-ShALLaX [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:18-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 69] by ChanServ
14:19-!-maxx_22 [~maxx@] has joined #xbox-linux
14:19<dimetos>Hi all
14:23<roh>dmp any idea whats the beta part on actual cromwell?
14:24<maxx_22>i'm having trouble getting my remote going in the newest version of ed's debian. anyone here have any luck with that?
14:25<dimetos>maxx_22: Did you load the xbox-ir module?
14:25-!-sloshr [] has joined #xbox-linux
14:26<hubb>dimetos: afaict, CONFIG_FB_{RIVA,XBOX} can't (needn't) be built side by side?
14:26<maxx_22>yeah...the one that came with it didn't respond so i compiled one that i'd been using before that had keymappings for mythtv and it didn't respond either
14:26<dimetos>hubb: Right.
14:26<hubb>dimetos: and it also depends on $CONFIG_I2C_XBOX, correct?
14:26<dimetos>hubb: Yep.
14:27<maxx_22>dimetos: but yeah...usb-xboxir is loaded
14:27<dimetos>maxx_22: I tried the CVS version the other day, it worked fine with freevo.
14:28<dimetos>maxx_22: Not sure about the version in xebian atm.
14:28<maxx_22>dimentos: i'll give that a shot...
14:29<hubb>dimetos: may i suggest this patch, then:
14:29<hubb>- if [ "$CONFIG_XBOX" = "y" ]; then
14:29<hubb>- tristate ' Xbox (nVidia) support (EXPERIMENTAL)' CONFIG_FB_XBOX
14:29<hubb>+ if [ "$CONFIG_XBOX" = "y" -a "$CONFIG_FB_RIVA" = "n" ]; then
14:29<hubb>+ dep_tristate ' Xbox (nVidia) support (EXPERIMENTAL)' CONFIG_FB_XBOX $CONFIG_I2C_XBOX
14:30<dimetos>hubb: I'm not very familiar with those config-scripts, but from a first look it seems ok.
14:31<dimetos>hubb: Do you have CVS write access?
14:31<hubb>dimetos: yes
14:31-!-torx [] has joined #xbox-linux
14:32-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 72] by ChanServ
14:32<hubb>dimetos: people were having problems building xboxfb, mainly from improper configuration - leaving out CONFIG_I2C_XBOX, and the like.
14:32<hubb>dimetos: that change keeps CONFIG_FB_XBOX disabled until all prerequisites are met
14:33<dimetos>hubb: If it works for you I guess you should submit it.
14:33<hubb>dimetos: will do.
14:33<dimetos>hubb: Not sure about the help text for CONFIG_FB_XBOX, maybe it should mention the dependency on CONFIG_I2C_XBOX.
14:34<hubb>dimetos: there is no help text :)
14:37<maxx_22>dimetos: sorry for the newb question..but where can i find the usb-xboxir.o in cvs?
14:37<kvandivo>.o ?
14:38<maxx_22>or .h and .c and i can compile
14:38<dimetos>maxx_22: You'll only find the C source, in kernel/drivers/usb
14:38<maxx_22>i must be looking in the wrong cvs then...cuz the kernel version there is 2.4.20 and i'm running 2.4.22
14:39<dimetos>hubb: Does the default config file for xbox kernel contain CONFIG_FB_XBOX and CONFIG_I2C_XBOX?
14:40<hubb>dimetos: not CONFIG_FB_XBOX
14:40<dimetos>maxx_22: It's in the xbox-linux CVS on sourceforge. It will work with 2.4.22.
14:40<dimetos>hubb: That should be changed then, I guess.
14:41<hubb>dimetos: noted
14:46<SilentDragz>sighup g7 SilentDragz
14:46<hubb>gimli: poke
14:48<bioterror>hahaha, I'm streaming my B. Boehmei tarantella to my friends :D
14:53-!-Rasta_Masta [] has joined #xbox-linux
14:55<Rasta_Masta>can anybody help me please?
14:56<maxx_22>dimentos: must just be my cheap generic remote. xpad picks it up as "Chinese xx Xbox Controller" and if i take out xpad then dmesg gives that "USB not claimed by any active driver"
14:56<Rasta_Masta>Does dyne:bolic need a modded box to run?
14:58<maxx_22>dimentos: i had been running the precompiled myth which looks like it was built on ed's 0.4.1 and it worked fine there(as long as xpad was removed). i'll keep playing with it i guess unless anyone here has any other ideas
14:58-!-Netsplit <-> quits: hoggy, tal|zzzZz, BleedingE
14:58* kvandivo smirks.
14:59<Rasta_Masta>Does dyne:bolic need a modded box to run?
14:59-!-Netsplit over, joins: BleedingE, tal|zzzZz, hoggy
15:00<@mikegrb>kvandivo: you are not alowed to smirk!
15:01<kvandivo>great minds think alike, i guess
15:01<Rasta_Masta>does anybody know about this dyne:bolic?
15:02<kvandivo>google is a wonderful thing... or, the dyne:bolic readme
15:03<Rasta_Masta>i tried these, but i cannot find if it requires the xbox to be modded or not
15:03<kvandivo>ok.... to quote.. "Dyne:bolic runs on MODDED XBOX consoles, which means XBOX consoles
15:03<kvandivo> which have been modified to run softwares that are not signed by
15:03<kvandivo> micro$loth."
15:03<Rasta_Masta>i don't have a modded xbox, but i found out about this distro and on the uselinux it says "works on XBOX game consoles"
15:04<Rasta_Masta>ah well...
15:04<Rasta_Masta>thanks for your help...
15:04<kvandivo>yep.. modding isn't too tough, or, if you just want linux, there are easy ways to get that.. xbox-linux has details
15:05<Rasta_Masta>yeah, not waniting 2 mod the xbox though, as i want to be getting xbl some time soon
15:05-!-mmau [] has joined #xbox-linux
15:07<mmau>Hi. I'm trying to access my just formatted (and xhdprepa-ed) Xbox HD from XLinux running on PC. On boot I get: hdd unknown partition table. What's wrong?
15:08<kvandivo>you trying to boot _from_ it, or just with it in the machine?
15:09<mmau>kvandivo: sure... secondary slave on that PC...
15:09<mmau>kvandivo: sure... with it... I mean... It's empty... ;)
15:11<mmau>kvandivo: any hint?
15:11-!-KL2 [] has joined #xbox-linux
15:11-!-Rasta_Masta [] has quit []
15:11<hubb>kvandivo: was your kernel built with CONFIG_XBOX_PARTITION ('Xbox partition support')?
15:12<hubb>er, mmau
15:12<@mikegrb>hubb: no, mmau
15:12<KL2>help! i just reinstalled debian for the third time and my mouse won't work!
15:12* hubb falls over
15:12<mmau>hubb: I think so... It comes form #x*in$... it says fatx support...
15:13<mmau>hubb: I didn't compile kernel myself...
15:13<@mikegrb>KL2: usb?
15:13<@mikegrb>stupid question
15:13-!-lj|afk is now known as linux-junkie
15:13<KL2>yeah, wireless keyboard/mouse combo
15:13<@mikegrb>with it booted up try plugging/unplugging a few times
15:14<KL2>the keyboard works fine
15:14<@mikegrb>if that doesn't work check the xbox-linux-users mailing lists
15:14<hubb>mmau: you shouldn't be getting it from there in the first place.
15:14<@mikegrb>there are a /lot/ of posts related to this
15:14<mmau>hubb: when I try mount -t fatx .... I don't get "uknown file system"... so fatx should be supported...
15:14-!-KL2 [] has quit [Client Quit]
15:15<mmau>hubb: sure.... but there is where I found it first... ;)
15:15<hubb>mmau: what does `grep fatx /proc/filesytems' say?
15:15<mmau>hubb: hold on...
15:16<mmau>hubb: fatx
15:16<mmau>hubb: kernel should support it...
15:17<hubb>mmau: yes, i misread your previous post.
15:17<mmau>hubb: ok... ;)
15:18<@mikegrb>kvandivo: is your nick registered with nickserv on this network?
15:18<hubb>mmau: i suggest you compile a kernel with xbox partition support, then.
15:18* kvandivo looks around.
15:18<kvandivo>no, I don't think so
15:18<@mikegrb>do it!
15:19* kvandivo mutters to himself.
15:19<mmau>hubb: Why do you think fatx is not supported on my xlinux standalone cd?
15:19-!-El_Platto [~Dirk_Plat@] has joined #xbox-linux
15:20<hubb>mmau: like i said, i misread your post.
15:20<kvandivo>ok.. done
15:20<maxx_22>besides dmesg is there anyway to see how the xbox is receiving my remote key presses? i got the generic to be recognized by adding some stuff to usb-xboxir.c but i'm still getting no response in mythtv
15:21<mmau>hubb: mount -t fatx /dev/hdd /mnt/xbox --> "wrong fs type"
15:21<hubb>mmau: you don't mount a block device.
15:21<mmau>hubb: mount -t fa11tx /dev/hdd /mnt/xbox --> "fs type fa11tx not supported by kernel"
15:21<@mikegrb>kvandivo: come back
15:21<mmau>hubb: sure... /dev/hdd1
15:22-!-kvandivo was kicked from #xbox-linux by mikegrb [:)]
15:22-!-kvandivo [] has joined #xbox-linux
15:22-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+v kvandivo] by ChanServ
15:22* kvandivo struts proudly.
15:22-!-Irssi: #xbox-linux: Total of 69 nicks [12 ops, 0 halfops, 5 voices, 52 normal]
15:22* hubb squishes kvandivo
15:23-!-El__Platto [~Dirk_Plat@] has joined #xbox-linux
15:24<mmau>hubb: xlinux should create /dev/hdd50 51 52 53, right?
15:24-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 75] by ChanServ
15:25<hubb>mmau: only if the kernel shipped with it has CONFIG_XBOX_PARTITION built in.
15:25<hubb>you could manually create those nodes, though.
15:26-!-shahriyar [] has joined #xbox-linux
15:26<shahriyar>sup guys
15:26-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+v bendy24] by bendy24
15:26-!-mode/#xbox-linux [-o bendy24] by bendy24
15:26<mmau>hubb: how? mknod /dev/hdd50 b 22 50
15:26<mmau>hubb: ?
15:26<shahriyar>yeah that is right
15:26<shahriyar>maybe the b comes first
15:27<shahriyar>i think that is right
15:27-!-El_Platto [~Dirk_Plat@] has quit [Ping timeout: 483 seconds]
15:28-!-El__Platto is now known as El_Platto
15:28<mmau>shahriyar: what about MAJOR & MINOR (22 50) on hdd51 52... ???
15:30-!-voider [] has quit [Quit: Client exiting]
15:30-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 74] by ChanServ
15:30-!-voider [~voider@] has joined #xbox-linux
15:31<shahriyar>number changes as the hdc
15:31<shahriyar>so mknod /dev/hdd51 b 22 51
15:31<shahriyar>22 is the position it is connected to
15:31<shahriyar>so 22
15:31<shahriyar>is master of secondary ide
15:32<mmau>shahriyar: what about secondary slave?
15:33<hubb>for i in $(seq 2 5); do mknod /dev/hdd5$i b 22 5$i; done
15:34<mmau>hubb: MAJOR = 22 ? wasn't it secondary master?
15:35<mmau>hubb: mine is on secondary SLAVE...
15:35<shahriyar>i dont know the seconday slave
15:35<shahriyar>i know the secondary master is 22
15:36-!-voider [~voider@] has quit [Quit: Client exiting]
15:36<shahriyar>3 is like primary minor
15:36<shahriyar>i think
15:36-!-voider [~voider@] has joined #xbox-linux
15:37<mmau>shahriyar: ok... I'm asking google... ;)
15:38<shahriyar>google has the answer
15:38<mmau>shahriyar: hope it has...
15:39<shahriyar>it always does
15:39* Artifex just wanted to say....
15:39<@Artifex>i found an excellent utility for windows users today...
15:39<@mikegrb>you love me?
15:39<@Artifex>!google AnalogX MaxMem
15:39<@mikegrb>I used to use lots of stuff from there in my windows days
15:40<@mikegrb>he writes good stuff
15:40<shahriyar>Artifex++ for not coming out of the closet
15:40<@mikegrb>like a small fast proxy server
15:40-!-El_Platto [~Dirk_Plat@] has quit [Ping timeout: 483 seconds]
15:41<mmau>shahriyar: I'll try: (22 115) (22 116) (22 117) (22 118) (22 119)
15:44-!-Agntneo [] has quit []
15:44-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 73] by ChanServ
15:46<mmau>shahriyar: no way. I'm swithig hd to primary slave...
15:48* kvandivo smirks.
15:52-!-torx [] has quit []
15:52-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 72] by ChanServ
15:52<mmau>hubb: is there any official site I should have downloaded XLinux from?
15:54<mmau>hubb: I mean on I can only get ISO running on XBox, right?
15:55-!-Oz_ShAdOw [shdw@] has quit [Ping timeout: 493 seconds]
15:55-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 71] by ChanServ
15:55<shahriyar>mmau i dont think hubb is around
15:55<shahriyar>im out to
15:55<shahriyar>laters guys
15:55<shahriyar>sighup g7 shahriyar
15:55<@sighup>#G7 stats for shahriyar, the conqueror -- Current Level: 6 | Time to next level: 0 days, 00:20:26 | Status: online | Item Total: 24 | Total Time Idled: 0 days, 01:37:15
15:57<mmau>shahriyar: k thanks...
15:57<hubb>mmau: i don't know about xlinux. feel free to download any of the available distros from the homepage, though.
15:57-!-Oz_ShAdOw [~Oz_ShAdOw@] has joined #xbox-linux
15:57-!-shahriyar [] has quit []
15:58<mmau>hubb: you mean I can get any on those distros to work on my PC ????
15:59* hubb needs a cup of coffee
16:00<hubb>mmau: debian will. but like i suggested earlier, you're better off buillding a custom kernel.
16:01<mmau>hubb: I should format one of my pcs... (My linux pc is actually my server...)
16:01-!-SilentDragz [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:01-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 70] by ChanServ
16:01-!-Rob [~rob@] has joined #xbox-linux
16:01-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+v Rob] by ChanServ
16:01<wap>Evening Rob.
16:02<+Rob>hi wap
16:03<mmau>hubb: I'd prefer some ready to run distro...
16:04<mmau>hubb: I'll try debian
16:05<mmau>hubb: debian == Xebian, right?
16:05-!-abcd434 [] has joined #xbox-linux
16:05-!-abcd434 [] has left #xbox-linux []
16:06-!-CarlosP_Uk [~CarlosP_U@] has joined #xbox-linux
16:07<+Rob>anyone knows if the joystick interface of the xpad driver works ok?
16:08<+Rob>or someone knows how to program the joystick interface ie read the values from it?
16:12-!-Ge0rG_ [] has joined #xbox-linux
16:12-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 73] by ChanServ
16:12-!-Ge0rG [] has quit [Ping timeout: 483 seconds]
16:12-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 72] by ChanServ
16:13-!-Ge0rG_ is now known as Ge0rG
16:15<dimetos>Rob: GeOrG is your man.
16:15<+Rob>dimetos: for the xpad?
16:16-!-ShALLaX [~ufifiytt@] has joined #xbox-linux
16:16-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+v ShALLaX] by ChanServ
16:16-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+o ShALLaX] by ChanServ
16:16<dimetos>Rob: Yep.
16:16<dimetos>Rob: Rob: Anyway, to access the joystick interface load the "joydev" module and read the values from /dev/js0.
16:16<+Rob>Ge0rG: you know if the joystick interface of the xpad driver works ok?
16:16<+Rob>dimetos: know that,that works. numers scrolling over the screen
16:16<telepappi>is it possible to put more than 2 ide devices in the xbox or does it just support 2?
16:16<+Rob>but i cannot decipher them?
16:17<+Rob>telepappi: no
16:17<+Rob>ide = max 2 devices per port
16:17<+Rob>and since there is only one ide port...
16:17<dimetos>Rob: I think I got a simple test app once. Will search for it.
16:17<+Rob>dimetos: i used jstest. but that is unusable
16:17<+Rob>the 10 axis and buttons do not fit on one line, so it is irreadable
16:18<+Rob>and cut or awk don't work on its output
16:18<telepappi>Rob: put would it be possible to put 2 harddrives in it?
16:18<+Rob>telepappi: if you remove the dvd and use cromwell
16:18<dimetos>Rob: I think that was the one I used as well.
16:18<+Rob>or else use an external usb one... but that is slow :(
16:19* Rob pings Ge0rG
16:19<dmp>telepappi: Only one channel
16:19<+Rob>dimetos: :(
16:19<dmp>Rob: I use xoad as joystick
16:20<telepappi>does xbox have usb 1.1 or 2.0?
16:20<dmp>xoad = xpad
16:20<dimetos>Rob: There's another tool, jscalibrator. Haven't used it though.
16:21* dmp wonders whether building an LPC mass storage device is possible
16:21-!-SilentDragz [SilentDrag@] has joined #xbox-linux
16:22-!-nick [nick@] has joined #xbox-linux
16:22-!-nick [nick@] has left #xbox-linux []
16:22<+Rob>dmp: guess not
16:22<dmp>I don't know how fast LPC is either
16:22<dmp>Not that fast I guess
16:23<+Rob>you might use a raid controller
16:23<+Rob>which connects to the ide channel
16:23<+Rob>and allows 2 hdds to emulate as one
16:23<dmp>Rob: Do they exist? I've never seen one
16:23<+Rob>saw franz swearing about that on th ml
16:23* dmp is buying a 5400RPM 300GB hdd for his xbox
16:23<di0zepart>300gb ?
16:23* Rob would never buy 5400RPM
16:24<dmp>5400rpm should be fine
16:24<dmp>Rob: 7200 get too hot by a long way
16:24<SilentDragz>5400 is slow
16:24<di0zepart>5400 is piss slow
16:24<dmp>ata33 is slow too, which is all xbox has
16:24<+Rob>dmp: what elde do you want to connect then?
16:24<dmp>So no matter
16:24<SilentDragz>I'm running a 7200 in now
16:24-!-CarlosP_Uk [~CarlosP_U@] has quit [Quit: HydraIRC -> <- The dawn of a new age]
16:24<+Rob>dmp: i guess ata33 is faster then 5400 rpm
16:24<dmp>Rob: I doubt that myself...
16:25<dimetos>Rob: Something completely different: I read in the meeting log you are going to build mplayer with directfb support. Have you run freevo without directfb until now?
16:25<+Rob>w/o direct fb it works fine for me
16:25<SilentDragz>I'm running mplayer now without direct fb
16:25<SilentDragz>watching finding nemo :)
16:25<+Rob>bet maybe higher bit rate movies could not be played
16:26<+Rob>SilentDragz: already saw that one on the xbox
16:26<+Rob>as Ice age and shreck
16:26<dimetos>Well, certainly DVD playback will is choppy without directfb.
16:26<SilentDragz>I tried watchin it on my PC
16:26<SilentDragz>it blue screened twice
16:26<+Rob>dimetos: ok
16:26<dimetos>Anyway, it works fine here with directfb in freevo.
16:27<+Rob>dimetos: you know abt freevo 1.4?
16:27<telepappi>dmp: what's the spped of the orginal xbox drives?
16:27<dmp>telepappi: No idea
16:27<dmp>Rob: The 5400RPM drive is 44MBps, so faster than ata33
16:27<dimetos>Rob: I saw you mentioned it, but I haven't tried anything yet.
16:27<+Rob>telepappi: it is very quiet
16:27<dmp>Rob: Mine bloody isn't....
16:27<+Rob>so probable 5400
16:28<dmp>Rob: Do you reckon xbox has ata66 if you use narrow cable?
16:28<+Rob>hmmm... ata33 =33 MHz or 33 MB/s
16:28<dmp>Rob: Yup
16:28<+Rob>because 33 MHz = 66 MB/s
16:28<+Rob>dmp: what yup
16:29<dmp>[21:28:28] <Rob> hmmm... ata33 =33 MHz or 33 MB/s
16:29<dmp>[21:28:36] <dmp> Rob: Yup
16:29<+Rob>you want read or blue? yes
16:29<dmp>I think 33Mbytes/sec, not mhz
16:29<+Rob>but then, in the centre the hdd is slower than on the outside
16:29<Ge0rG>Rob: I used the xpad as joystick half a year ago for the last time
16:30<dmp>meh, it's fast enough for me. It's going over a 100MBit network anyways as a file server!
16:30<+Rob>Ge0rG: what application?
16:30<Ge0rG>Rob: scummvm
16:30-!-bendy24 [] has left #xbox-linux []
16:30<telepappi>is it easy to get the xbox powerled work as hdd led?
16:30<dimetos>For anything not involving huge continuous file access transfer rate will be a lot lower anyway.
16:30<dmp>telepappi: Soldering can do it :)
16:30<+Rob>telepappi: hardware or software?
16:31<Ge0rG>telepappi: you'd have to patch the ide driver to emit the right i2c commands
16:31<dmp>telepappi: Too slow to respond really
16:31<+Rob>Ge0rG: you know about programming the joystick, ie reading its data?
16:31<dmp>You can only set a sequence via i2c, not set a single flash
16:31<telepappi>dmp: is it easy then to lead a separate led to work as hdd led?
16:31<+Rob>dmp: reprogram the PIC
16:32<dmp>telepappi: Yes
16:32<dmp>Rob: Uh... yes ;)
16:32<+Rob>telepappi: one of the ide pins is for led
16:32<+Rob>lemme see
16:32<dmp>The pic does other things too, and I'm sure it's protected
16:32<Ge0rG>hm... we need a hardware mod with making a hole in the xbox case and putting al ed through
16:33<telepappi>Rob: and where do i take the power?
16:33<dmp>Ge0rG: xbox scene has some
16:33<dmp>telepappi: From that ide pin
16:33-!-Lupines [~lupines@] has joined #xbox-linux
16:34<+Rob>dmp: probably the PIC is OTP one time programmable
16:35<+Rob>telepappi: i think the led can be wired between a ide pin and +5v with a resistor
16:35<dmp>Rob: True
16:35<telepappi>Rob: it shouldnt be to hard
16:35<dmp>Rob: Doesn't the led go from ide pin to GND? I don't know, I always assumed that tho?
16:36<+Rob>dmp: i think it is open drain
16:36<dmp>Ah, ok
16:36<+Rob>which would mean the hdd pulls the cable to ground
16:36<dimetos>Rob: For the joystick, take a look at
16:37<+Rob>telepappi: pin 39 is the one you are looking for
16:38-!-Netsplit <-> quits: hoggy, tal|zzzZz, BleedingE
16:38-!-SilentDragz [SilentDrag@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:38-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 69] by ChanServ
16:39-!-ServerMode/#xbox-linux [+l 72] by
16:39-!-Netsplit over, joins: BleedingE, tal|zzzZz, hoggy
16:39<wap>Good night everyone.
16:39<+Rob>bye wap
16:39-!-LonelyBob [~lonelybob@] has quit [Ping timeout: 493 seconds]
16:39-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 71] by ChanServ
16:41-!-Zachary [zachary@] has joined #xbox-linux
16:42<Zachary>hi everyone
16:43<+Rob>hi z
16:43<Zachary>so what is everyone up to
16:44<+kvandivo>about 6 foot
16:44<Zachary>what is going on, then
16:46<@Artifex>"you can patch your useless/old openbsd systems by visiting; "
16:48* dmp shudders
16:50-!-Netsplit <-> quits: hoggy, tal|zzzZz, BleedingE
16:51-!-Netsplit over, joins: BleedingE, tal|zzzZz, hoggy
16:52-!-shahriyar [] has joined #xbox-linux
16:53<shahriyar>anyone know the equation of the reaction between MgO and HCl?
16:53<shahriyar>MgO + 2HCl -> MgCl2 + H20 ?
16:54<+Rob>sounds goot to me
16:54<shahriyar>the problems is
16:54<+Rob>although chemistry is 2.5 year ago
16:54<shahriyar>i need O2 in there
16:54<shahriyar>2MgO + 4HCl -> 2MgCl2 + 2H2 + O2
16:54<shahriyar>i wonder if that is the one
16:54<+Rob>indeed there is no H20
16:54<shahriyar>you sure?
16:55<+Rob>yes quite
16:55<shahriyar>thanks for the help
16:55<+Rob>it is a redox reaction
16:55<shahriyar>i should get back to my lab now
16:55<+Rob>watch out
16:55<+Rob>quite explosive
16:55<shahriyar>for what?
16:55<shahriyar>what is?
16:55<shahriyar>im done with the lab at school
16:55<+Rob>H2 and O2
16:55<shahriyar>im writting up the stuff
16:56<shahriyar>see ya and tnx for the help
16:56-!-shahriyar [] has quit [Client Quit]
17:01<+Rob>ok i got jstest compiled lets chech that out
17:01-!-Oz_ShAdOw [~Oz_ShAdOw@] has quit [Write error: connection closed]
17:03<+kvandivo>how _does_ the g7 thing calculate time? Note the following:
17:03<+kvandivo>15:42 <sighup> #G7 stats for kvandivo, the Yuppy -- Current Level: 21 | Time to next level: 0
17:03<+kvandivo> days, 00:28:59 | Status: online | Item Total: 160 | Total Time Idled: 1 days,
17:03<+kvandivo> 02:13:05
17:03<+kvandivo>16:02 <sighup> #G7 stats for kvandivo, the Yuppy -- Current Level: 21 | Time to next level: 0
17:03<+kvandivo> days, 00:16:19 | Status: online | Item Total: 160 | Total Time Idled: 1 days,
17:03<+kvandivo> 02:25:45
17:03<+kvandivo>15:42 to 16:02 is 20 minutes... but total time idled only went up by 12
17:03<+kvandivo>and ttl only dropped by 12
17:04<+kvandivo>(no penalties in there, either)
17:06-!-SilentDragz [] has joined #xbox-linux
17:06<SilentDragz>lmao I love the seagulls in this film
17:07-!-BabyEatinDingo [~DaDingo@] has quit [Ping timeout: 493 seconds]
17:09<@mikegrb>kvandivo: there is a problem with sigalarm under uml still
17:09<@mikegrb>kvandivo: rest assured though that everyone is affected evenly
17:09<+kvandivo>ahh.. interesting.. i assumed the 'equality' thing..
17:09<+kvandivo>that's an interesting source of error, though.. didn't expect it to be that low level..
17:10<SilentDragz>sighup g7 SilentDragz
17:10* kvandivo winks at sighup.
17:12<Lupines>Is there such a thing as an xbox emulator?
17:14-!-dimetos [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:15<SilentDragz>u can get one for \xA3100 at the nearest GAME
17:15-!-sighup [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:15-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 69] by ChanServ
17:15<SilentDragz>it's called an "Xbox"
17:15<sloshr>I think they make them so you can hook them up to your TV, right out of the box...
17:15<SilentDragz>they make them a lil big tho
17:16<SilentDragz>and they have the xbox controller support built in too
17:17<maxx_22>anyone have any luck with the generic xbox ir remote working under 2.4.22?
17:18-!-dmonkey [~dmonkey@] has joined #xbox-linux
17:18-!-Zachary [zachary@] has quit [Quit: Windows has found the DLL windows.dll, so Windows has deleted it.]
17:18<maxx_22>kvandivo: you use the generic ir remote?
17:19<+kvandivo>you just mean the plain dvd remote?
17:19<SilentDragz>that's generally what generic means
17:19<maxx_22>not microsofts remote...the other one
17:19-!-dmonkey [~dmonkey@] has quit [Client Quit]
17:19-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 68] by ChanServ
17:19<+kvandivo>nope, then i don't use that one.
17:20<SilentDragz>is there MS remote support in xebian?
17:20-!-dmonkey [~dmonkey@] has joined #xbox-linux
17:21<SilentDragz>what can u do with it?
17:21<maxx_22>kvandive: so the ms remote works fine? what app do you use it with?
17:21<+kvandivo>ms works great
17:21<maxx_22>SilentDragz: mythtv is my goal
17:21-!-DoubleHeliX [] has joined #xbox-linux
17:21<+kvandivo>mythtv is what i use it with
17:21<DoubleHeliX>hi all !
17:21<SilentDragz>what's mythtv?
17:21<+kvandivo>you _do_ have to patch usb-xboxir so that it doesn't repeat with a hair trigger
17:22<maxx_22>i had it working okay under 2.4.21 or whatever 0.4.1 came with...nothing after upgrading
17:22-!-Oz_ShAdOw [shdw@] has joined #xbox-linux
17:22<SilentDragz>there's no tv input on an xbox
17:22<+kvandivo>good point.. we must be lying, then. ;)
17:22<maxx_22>you setup a backend server that records shows and then use xbox as the frontend for playing
17:23<SilentDragz>why not just watch the shows on the server?
17:23<maxx_22>multiple heads
17:23<maxx_22>$200 a pop
17:23<maxx_22>all you have to do is run network cable
17:23<+kvandivo>hmm.. level 9 to level 28 boots.. not as nice as level 33 leggings, but I'll take what I can get
17:24-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 71] by ChanServ
17:24<DoubleHeliX>i have an xbox with 160 GB HDD. now i want to install it like following: hda1 = 32 MB -> bootM; hda2 = 256 MB -> swap; hda3 = 3000 MB -> root; hda4=the rest -> DATA is this possible ? i only know the XBOXLinuxInstall (there it is impossible) right ??
17:24<maxx_22>kvandivo: so did you modify the usb-xboxir at all or did it just work for ya?
17:24<+kvandivo>you _do_ have to patch usb-xboxir so that it doesn't repeat with a hair trigger
17:25<maxx_22>did you patch it or use the one floating around on the mythtv list
17:25<SilentDragz>can the remote not be used to do normal OS functions like launch programs and move the mouse?
17:25<+kvandivo>umm.. the one floating around on the mythtv lists might _be_ mine.. i had sent one at one point
17:25<maxx_22>it can be if you configure it to
17:26<maxx_22>the one on mythtv had code in it for the generic remote
17:26<SilentDragz>how would I go about doing that?
17:26<+kvandivo>usb-xboxir basically converts the remote kepresses into keyboard keypresses by default
17:26<SilentDragz>oh right
17:26<DoubleHeliX>anybody here who can help me plz
17:26<SilentDragz>does linux have something like mousekeys?
17:26<DoubleHeliX>i havn't found anything in the docs
17:26<dmonkey>can you use the xbox video out port for video in as ive noticed the symbol below it has and in and out arrow?
17:27<DoubleHeliX>dmonkey: i don't know sry
17:27<+kvandivo>;search_string=kvandivo%20xbox;guest=1593885&t=search_engine#74003 this was mine, max
17:27<DoubleHeliX>but i guess no ...
17:27<dmonkey>np just wondering
17:28<+kvandivo>err.. actually, that's just the .h file that redefines the keys..
17:28<+kvandivo>the changes to the other file fixes the repeat problem
17:28-!-Lupines [~lupines@] has quit [Quit: Client Exiting]
17:28-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 70] by ChanServ
17:28<DoubleHeliX>dmonkey: how did you installed your system ? with XBOXLinuxInstall ?
17:29<+kvandivo>i think for the key repeat thing i dl'd one of the ones that had been posted to the myth list
17:31<maxx_22>kvandivo: hmm,here's the ones i'd been using
17:32<maxx_22>it worked great before...not sure why it does nothing since upgrading
17:32<maxx_22>dmesg shows that the usb-xboxir picks up the ir receiver as an HID device...but it doesn't get any of the KEY SENT stuff it used to
17:33<+kvandivo>strange.. I'm on gentoox, shallax might have done some other stuff that fixed the problem
17:34* kvandivo shrugs.
17:34<maxx_22>how are you compiling yours? perhaps i'm messing that up somehow. in 2.4.20 i used the usb-xboxir.o that james 2.4.22 i had to compile it myself to get it to load
17:34<+kvandivo>ya.. you'd need to recompile it
17:34<+kvandivo>let's see.. I think I tweaked the source files, and then did a make modules modules_install
17:35<+kvandivo>and then a rmmod and a modproble
17:35<+kvandivo>err.. probe, that is. :)
17:35<maxx_22>does gentoo work alright with myth? i heard that it has video framerate problems
17:36<+kvandivo>works dandy for me.. supposedly it had some problems before the rivafb started being used..
17:36<maxx_22>maybe i'll try switching to that...i'm not a fan of debain...i've used gentoo alot more
17:36<+kvandivo>that's why i went with gentoo
17:36<+kvandivo>familiarity is a good thing
17:37<maxx_22>did you get blink working?
17:37<+kvandivo>it just _works_ on gentoo..
17:37<SilentDragz>I just bought a DVD remote and 2 xbox usb adaptors
17:37<+kvandivo>i wouldn't mind having an adapter.. i'd love to be able to hook a keyboard up
17:37<maxx_22>how long did the install's stage 3 so not forever i'd guess
17:37<+kvandivo>that's the most frustrating thing for me
17:38<+kvandivo>it's beyond stage 3, actually.. it's a ready-to-go install..
17:38<maxx_22>yeah...ssh is my only interface that works right now
17:38<+kvandivo>already has x, the desktop, etc etc
17:38<dmonkey>yeah shallax even recompiled kde for the xbox
17:39<+kvandivo>me too... that was painful
17:39<+kvandivo>especially when i don't even use kde..
17:39<dmonkey>i can guess so
17:39<+kvandivo>i can't stand to see emerge -p world showing anything, though. :)
17:39<+kvandivo>(and i wasn't in the mood to trick it)
17:39<dmonkey>yeah kde is super bloated i end up just using ice-wm
17:40<maxx_22>anyone use slothbox? slackware is what i run on my main systems and would love to see it on the xbox. looks like it's still way alpha though
17:41<DoubleHeliX>doesn't anybody know how to install Xebian on a defined partition ?
17:42<Chiphead>evening all
17:42<Chiphead>whats wrong DoubleHeliX
17:42-!-dmonkey_ [~dmonkey@] has joined #xbox-linux
17:43<maxx_22>kvandivo: did you go with home or pro?
17:43<DoubleHeliX>i want to install xebian like this:
17:43<DoubleHeliX> hda1 = 32 MB -> bootM; hda2 = 256 MB -> swap; hda3 = 3000 MB -> root; hda4=the rest -> DATA is this possible ? i only know the XBOXLinuxInstall (there it is impossible) right ??
17:43<+kvandivo>umm... home.. but when i installed home was at a newer version than pro.
17:43<DoubleHeliX>Chiphead: do ya understand me ?
17:43<dmonkey_>3 gig is a bit much for the swap i think
17:43<Chiphead>Im nor following DoubleHeliX
17:44<DoubleHeliX>nor ?
17:45<+kvandivo>on home, as emerge tries to update packages that i'm not using i just -C em and it works out pretty well
17:45<DoubleHeliX>hmm i have an 160 GB hdd clean (no partitions)
17:45<DoubleHeliX>and now i want to install xebian on it
17:45<DoubleHeliX>but i want an extra partition fpr my date
17:45<DoubleHeliX>data sry ;))
17:46<DoubleHeliX>hda1->boot, hda2->swap,hda3->root, rest (hda>3 for my data)
17:46<DoubleHeliX>do you understand me now `
17:47<DoubleHeliX>my english is not soo good :(
17:47<+kvandivo>what i want to know, that has been driving me crazy... is how to turn off the stupid screen blanking on gentoox.. I can't figure out what is causing it. no screensavers are running, and I've got xset to not blank for 60 minutes...
17:47<+kvandivo>but after 20 minutes, bam.. the screen goes blank
17:47<dmonkey_>right you would partition it then mkfs the extra one then mount the extra data drive to (for example) /data
17:47<Chiphead>DoubleHeliX, ok I see. Um not sure what it will do with the extra space. since it is a new drive and new install, I would just let it install on the whole drive and see what it does. It may just leave the extra unpartitioned and then you can just partition that last chunk and use it. If its not what you want after the install, you can always start again. if gimli shows he would know better.
17:48<DoubleHeliX>hmm k
17:48-!-dmonkey [~dmonkey@] has quit [Ping timeout: 493 seconds]
17:48<+kvandivo>window manager is windowmaker, and the prefs don't have any settings for screen blanking... (not familiar with windowmaker at all, though)
17:48<dmonkey_>or make the extra partition for /home
17:48<Chiphead>DoubleHeliX, you have nothing to loose startibgn with a new drive. just give it a try and see what you get.
17:49<DoubleHeliX>but XBOXLinuxInstall (a script) does only have 4 options
17:49<Chiphead>DoubleHeliX, use the whole drive option
17:49<DoubleHeliX>yeah i have tried it a tousand times
17:49<Chiphead>whats it do?
17:49<DoubleHeliX>but when i use the whole drive option it will format the whole 160GB - swap
17:49<+kvandivo>now _that's_ some serious swap
17:50<DoubleHeliX>and i can't add new partitions
17:50<Chiphead>Ok.. thats alright this is what you do:
17:50<SilentDragz>does linux have bluetooth support?
17:50* kvandivo points SilentDragz to google.
17:51<SilentDragz>kvandivo - you can get adapters from eBay really cheap
17:51<Chiphead>Do the install and let it do the 160m swap and make a small system partition. then after the install, login, disable swap and repartition the swap partition to a smaller one and a data partition.
17:51<DoubleHeliX>kvandivo: try.... xset s off and switch the energy saving option (dpms i think OFF)
17:51<SilentDragz>I mean does it have native support, like I plug it in and it works
17:52<Chiphead>DoubleHeliX, does that make sence?
17:52<DoubleHeliX>?? i dont understand one moment plz
17:53<dmonkey_>SilentDragz: would depend on if the modules were there for it, it might work on plug in but then again you may have to configure the kernel to make modules for it
17:53<+kvandivo>the monitor section has the 'dpms' option.. i'll take that out
17:56<+Rob>xpad works ok with jstest
17:57-!-SilentDragz [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:57-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 69] by ChanServ
17:57<+Rob>lets get freevo to work with it tomorrow
17:57-!-sighup [] has joined #xbox-linux
17:57-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+o sighup] by ChanServ
17:58* kvandivo hugs sighup.
17:58<+kvandivo>sighup, welcome back!
17:58<@sighup>kvandivo: huh?
17:58<@mikegrb>sighup: hello
17:58<@sighup>what's up, mikegrb.
17:58<maxx_22>hmm, yeah...windowmaker doesn't have a built in screensaver. if xset doesn't get rid of it then it's either dpms or you have someother program running. did you look at ps -A
17:58<@mikegrb>sighup: botsnack
17:58<+kvandivo>yes, i've looked at all that stuff.. nothing strange..
17:58-!-SilentDragz [SilentDrag@] has joined #xbox-linux
17:58<@sighup>thanks mikegrb :)
17:58<+kvandivo>i'm hoping it is dpms..
17:58<SilentDragz>I'd really like to find out what's causing these blue screens
17:59<+kvandivo>you running windows?
17:59* kvandivo giggles silently to himself.
17:59<SilentDragz>yes, but it seems to be every time I wake my mouse up from standby
17:59* mikegrb thinks that would be what is causing them
17:59<SilentDragz>ok slating windows doesn't help
17:59<SilentDragz>it might be fun, but it doesn't help
18:00<maxx_22>turn off standby
18:00<SilentDragz>it's my mouse's standby, I can't turn it off
18:01<SilentDragz>hence the standby
18:01<SilentDragz>no, cheapo brand
18:01<SilentDragz>only started doing it today tho
18:02<SilentDragz>been using the mouse for over 6 months
18:02<maxx_22>might look to see if some other program is causing it then...try it in safe mode and see if the same thing happens. at least you could rule out the mouse
18:03-!-Netsplit <-> quits: hoggy, tal|zzzZz, BleedingE
18:03<maxx_22>kvandivo: did you just emerge myth or compile cvs?
18:03<+kvandivo>in that order..
18:03<SilentDragz>all I've installed today are the divx and Xvid codecs
18:04<dmonkey_>divx5 pro has spyware in it maybe thats the cause
18:04<maxx_22>makes since...that way you'd get all the dependencies
18:04-!-Netsplit over, joins: BleedingE, tal|zzzZz, hoggy
18:04<SilentDragz>it was the bare codec
18:05<SilentDragz>didn't even install the player
18:05<maxx_22>do you have another mouse?
18:05<SilentDragz>anyway, where can I get this IR driver from?
18:05<SilentDragz>I had the link b4 but lost it
18:05<+kvandivo>maxx_22: that was the idea. i have all of my machines set up that way, and then, before i submit code back to mythcvs i can test it on all my machines
18:05<SilentDragz>it happened first while I was watching finding nemo
18:05<SilentDragz>which is xvid
18:06<maxx_22>what ir driver do you need?
18:06<+kvandivo>so you were finding nemo, but lost the link?
18:06<SilentDragz>v funny
18:06<SilentDragz>official MS remote one
18:06-!-Sh8d0w [~DaPimpinM@] has quit [Quit: ...]
18:06<maxx_22>you should have it already
18:06<maxx_22>what distro are you running?
18:07<maxx_22>it's on there...usb-xboxir.o under /lib/modules/2.4*/kernel/drivers/usb
18:07<SilentDragz>k, thx
18:07<SilentDragz>so it should autodetect when I get it?
18:08<maxx_22>should...might need to rmmod xpad though
18:08<maxx_22>rmmod to remove module
18:08<maxx_22>if it doesn't work just su to root and type rmmod xpad
18:09<SilentDragz>...I need the xpad driver
18:09<maxx_22>if you want xpad back type modprobe xpad
18:09-!-Oz_ShAdOw [shdw@] has quit [Ping timeout: 493 seconds]
18:09<maxx_22>the newest xpad works with usb-xboxir...but some of the older ones conflicted
18:09<maxx_22>try it out and see what happens
18:09<SilentDragz>well I have the latest xebian
18:10<maxx_22>should just work then
18:10-!-Oz_ShAdOw [] has joined #xbox-linux
18:10<SilentDragz>how do I configure the buttons? edit the .o?
18:10<maxx_22>edit the .h
18:10<maxx_22>or use ult
18:11<SilentDragz>-bash: ult: command not found
18:12<SilentDragz>and there is no .h
18:12<maxx_22>ults new to me...i haven't used it. just saw people talking about it on the mailing list
18:13<SilentDragz>I did locate usb-xboxir.h and it found nothing
18:13<dmonkey_>the .h will be in the source code in "/usr/src/linux/drivers/usb" i think
18:13<maxx_22>the .h you have to download from cvs...along with the .c. then edit the .h for the buttons and recompile,copy over, rmmod usb-xboxir, modprobe usb-xboxir
18:13<SilentDragz>just "make"?
18:13<maxx_22>yeah...that's what make does
18:14-!-dmonkey_ [~dmonkey@] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.8.23 [Mozilla rv:1.3/20030312]]
18:14<maxx_22>you have to have the kernel source and a valid make file...or just stick the files in the /usr/src/linux/drivers/usb and do a make modules
18:24-!-UnemployedSnail [] has joined #xbox-linux
18:24<UnemployedSnail>hello all
18:24<UnemployedSnail>i have a question
18:25<UnemployedSnail>does the xbox music mixer place another section under the dashboard???
18:26<SilentDragz>music mixer?
18:26<SilentDragz>u mean media center?
18:26<UnemployedSnail>media center is an type of OS
18:26<UnemployedSnail>that runs over xp
18:26<UnemployedSnail>yeah it is
18:26<SilentDragz>Xbox Media Center
18:26<UnemployedSnail>never heard of that
18:26<UnemployedSnail>hold on
18:26<SilentDragz>OK cos I'm not running XP Media Center 2004 -.-
18:26<SilentDragz>I can supply a screenie if u want
18:26<UnemployedSnail>web site or dcc??
18:26<@mikegrb>UnemployedSnail: read the topic please
18:26<Chiphead>we dont talkk about that stuff here guys
18:27<UnemployedSnail>ok srry
18:28<UnemployedSnail>can i talk about the xbox music mixer?
18:29<UnemployedSnail>i have a question about whether or not it places another section under the dashboard (like live does)
18:29<Ge0rG>mhm. biting into my tongue shouldn't be a problem in an idling game
18:29<UnemployedSnail>he said not to talk about xbmc
18:30<SilentDragz>that's not xbmc
18:30<SilentDragz>that's xpmc
18:30<UnemployedSnail>what does that have to do with what im talking about?
18:31<+kvandivo> $rps{$k}{idled}+=$alrmint;
18:31* Ge0rG is unincrementable
18:31<UnemployedSnail>did he just throw up or something?
18:31<+kvandivo>need to be changed so they don't automatically decrement and increment by $alrmint.. they should change by the delta between then and now...
18:32<@mikegrb>kvandivo: ;)
18:32<@mikegrb>kvandivo: great idea
18:32<@mikegrb>kvandivo: I will fix that and send jotun a patch
18:33<+kvandivo>will require a time() call and an extra var, but that's a small price to pay..
18:34<@mikegrb>certainly a good idea
18:34<UnemployedSnail>y does xbox linux have to be installed over the live section of the dashboard? and if i have auto sign-in enabled will i be able to get to the Live dashboard???
18:34-!-atari [~atari@] has joined #xbox-linux
18:34<+kvandivo>the code as written would break on any heavily loaded box, whether sigalarm is working right or not..
18:35<@mikegrb>sigarlm generaly works alright under uml
18:35-!-DoubleHeliX [] has left #xbox-linux [Leaving]
18:35<@mikegrb>it is just a little more suseptible, er however you spell it, to load
18:35<@mikegrb>I've been playing with some giant, well 100mb, mysql databases, pruning old data and optimizing
18:36-!-mmau [] has quit []
18:39<SilentDragz>bet that was fun mike
18:40<@mikegrb>down to around 38 mb now
18:45-!-UnemployedSnail [] has quit [Quit: meh]
18:46-!-SKroWL [] has quit [Quit: Bye]
18:46-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 67] by ChanServ
18:52-!-ShALLaX [~ufifiytt@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:52-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 66] by ChanServ
18:59-!-Commando [~Chris@] has quit []
18:59-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 65] by ChanServ
18:59-!-BabyEatinDingo [] has joined #xbox-linux
19:00-!-Howlett [~ufifiytt@] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
19:00<+Rob>sighup g7 rob
19:00<@sighup>#G7 stats for rob, the Electronics wizzard -- Current Level: 13 | Time to next level: 0 days, 00:14:40 | Status: online | Item Total: 90 | Total Time Idled: 0 days, 07:10:40
19:00-!-Howlett [~ufifiytt@] has joined #xbox-linux
19:00<+Rob>well time to go to sleep
19:01<+Rob>night everyone
19:01-!-Rob [~rob@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:01* hubb follows
19:01-!-hubb [] has quit [Quit: Linux is a true multitasking system. Are you?]
19:01-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 64] by ChanServ
19:02<Chiphead>woohoo back to #3
19:04* Ge0rG is #33
19:04* Chiphead started as #2, dropped to #4 and is on his way back up
19:05<Chiphead>heidi can eat my dust :P
19:07-!-MiChAeLoL [] has joined #xbox-linux
19:07-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+v MiChAeLoL] by ChanServ
19:09<Chiphead>damn you tjfontaine
19:42-!-jbratt [~jbratt@] has quit [Quit: Client Exiting]
19:47-!-shahriyar [] has joined #xbox-linux
19:48-!-sloshr [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:50-!-shahriyar [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:50-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 63] by ChanServ
19:50-!-SilverSurfer [Guardian@] has joined #xbox-linux
19:50<SilverSurfer>hey all
19:50<SilverSurfer>sup sup sup
19:51-!-shahriyar [] has joined #xbox-linux
19:52<Chiphead>mikegrb, we should beat up on tjfontaine
19:53<Chiphead>he started 8 hours after us
19:53* mikegrb beats up on tjfontaine
19:54<shahriyar>someone dont me a mobo and cpu
19:54<Chiphead>mikegrb, you should make your mythtvbackend status thingy a standalone program. That way I still get status updates whne Im in freevo watching a movie
19:56<shahriyar>someone help me
19:56<Chiphead>whats up?
19:56<shahriyar>i need to stay awake for the next 3 hours
19:56<shahriyar>i dont want no coffee
19:56* Chiphead jabs shahriyar with a pointy stick repeatedly
19:57<shahriyar>that is not helping
19:57<shahriyar>and i wonder why my room smells so bad
19:57<shahriyar>i should light one of these candles up
19:57* Chiphead starts singing a lalabye and just as shahriyar's eyes start to close he grabs the point stick again
19:58<shahriyar>brave new world style eh?
19:58<Chiphead>never seen it
19:58<shahriyar>its a book
19:58<Chiphead>never read it
19:58<shahriyar>basically they teach the babies certain things using new methods
19:58<Chiphead>if it aint a tech manual I aint read it :P
19:59<shahriyar>such as repeating a phrase to them while they are sleep
19:59<shahriyar>or shock them with electricity when they go near flowers
19:59<shahriyar>so then they will hate flowers, and stay and work in factories
19:59<Chiphead>sound advice
19:59<shahriyar>so you poking me as soon as i go to sleep
20:00<Chiphead>yep I see. aversion therapy
20:00<shahriyar>make my brain think of sleep as a bad thing, and i will try not to go to sleep
20:00<shahriyar>that is why people with insomnia troubles should not study in bed
20:00* Chiphead starts to sing again with stick in hand
20:00<shahriyar>because they associate bed with work, and well that is not good when u have insomnia
20:01* shahriyar cannot bear Chiphead's crappy voice anymore, and takes the stick from him, and hits him over the head multiple times :)
20:01<Chiphead>I used to fall asleep stuying phisics or calculas and would dream of the solutuions
20:01<shahriyar>Chiphead that is the same with me
20:01<Chiphead>people didnt beleive me
20:01<shahriyar>when i sleep i work on SAT IIc, and english problems
20:02<shahriyar>my mind makes the problems and i solve them
20:02* Chiphead does the same thing when having a hard time with a programming problem
20:02<shahriyar>quite and interesting way of studying but when i wake up i dont remember the problems :(
20:02-!-notmikegrb [] has joined #xbox-linux
20:02<shahriyar>hmm i wonder who notmikegrb is?
20:02* notmikegrb too
20:03<notmikegrb>hello my "shahriyar", how are you?
20:03<Chiphead>I would wake myself up and write the solutions down and go back to sleep
20:03-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 66] by ChanServ
20:03<shahriyar>listen to this this is the best
20:03<shahriyar>what's going on notmikegrb
20:03<notmikegrb>not a whole lot
20:03<shahriyar>im doing well, how is it on mike's side of the world
20:03<shahriyar>let me rephrase that
20:03<Chiphead>he wouldnt know
20:04<shahriyar>how is it on notmike's side of the world
20:04<notmikegrb>saw this nifty web irc client and figured I'd try it out
20:04<Chiphead>there ya go
20:04<notmikegrb>was curious about this 'xbox-linux' stuff
20:04<@mikegrb>who are you?
20:04<notmikegrb>who are you?
20:04<@mikegrb>I am me!
20:04* notmikegrb too
20:04<Chiphead>well he obviously is not you
20:04<@mikegrb>there can be only one me
20:04<shahriyar>so this kid who is supposed to take care of some business with me on sunday sees this other kid who looks just like me
20:04<notmikegrb>apearantly not
20:04-!-notmikegrb was kicked from #xbox-linux by mikegrb [yes!]
20:04-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 65] by ChanServ
20:04<shahriyar>the kid used to work at the same place as i used to work
20:05<shahriyar>so then he is like yeah, i got the "goods" lets go outside, and i'll give em to you
20:05<shahriyar>and they go talk outside
20:05-!-notmikegrb [] has joined #xbox-linux
20:05<shahriyar>and the kid is like yeah i have no money, i come by later
20:05-!-Hagfish [] has quit [Ping timeout: 483 seconds]
20:05<shahriyar>and of course it wasnt me because i couldnt go that they
20:06<shahriyar>so in the middle of the night that kid wakes up from sleep
20:06<shahriyar>goes "wtf, that was not shah" and then goes back to sleep
20:06<shahriyar>funniest story
20:06<Chiphead>I guess ya had to be there
20:06<shahriyar>mikegrb why?
20:06<shahriyar>where is the love ?
20:06<Chiphead>not here
20:07<shahriyar>comeon if you had the story from that guy
20:07<shahriyar>you would laugh your ass off
20:08-!-nomikegrb [] has joined #xbox-linux
20:08-!-notshahriyar [] has joined #xbox-linux
20:08<nomikegrb>oh its caught up
20:08<notshahriyar>caught of slow
20:08<notshahriyar>but i like it
20:08<@mikegrb>takes a moment at the begining
20:08<notshahriyar>it is good when one does not have access to irc
20:09<@mikegrb>it even does tab highlighting
20:09<nomikegrb>xbox-linux is for loozers
20:09* shahriyar slaps nomikegrb around a bit with a large trout
20:09<nomikegrb>nice client
20:09<shahriyar>i have to go to work again
20:10* SilverSurfer slaps a large trout with shahriyar
20:10<shahriyar>it sucks, i hope these 2 weeks end really fast, that is as long as im done with studies
20:10-!-notmikegrb [] has left #xbox-linux []
20:10-!-nomikegrb [] has left #xbox-linux []
20:10-!-notshahriyar [] has quit [Client Quit]
20:10<Chiphead>it dont update tabs when you part thought... left em there
20:10<shahriyar>SilverSurfer-- for slaping shahriyar with the large trout
20:11* shahriyar hopes his modchip is gonne arrive soon :)
20:11<SilverSurfer>i slapped the trout
20:11<shahriyar>i have ordered that thing a while a go
20:11<shahriyar>ok as long as you slapped the trout SilverSurfer++
20:11* SilverSurfer is powerful
20:11-!-SilentDragz [SilentDrag@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:11-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 63] by ChanServ
20:11<SilverSurfer>im new to this
20:11<shahriyar>mikegrb how do you challenge people in g7?
20:11<SilverSurfer>my bro has modded the xbox for me
20:12<shahriyar>that is not fun
20:12<@mikegrb>shahriyar: it "just happens"
20:12<SilverSurfer>im trying to learn
20:12<Chiphead>its automatic and random
20:12<shahriyar>you should mod it yours self
20:12<shahriyar>it is such fun
20:12<Chiphead>after you level you roll for an attack
20:12<SilverSurfer>yes well he put in several emulators
20:12<shahriyar>i actually enjoyed modding my last xbox
20:12<SilverSurfer>i want more games tought
20:12<shahriyar>its called bb
20:12-!-nickr [] has joined #xbox-linux
20:13-!-nickr [] has quit [Client Quit]
20:13<shahriyar>i might get my next box from wallmart
20:13<shahriyar>it comes with 2 free games
20:13<SilverSurfer>good games?
20:13-!-nickr [] has joined #xbox-linux
20:13<shahriyar>silent something
20:13<shahriyar>and mech assualt
20:13<SilverSurfer>silent hill 2
20:13<shahriyar>the other one
20:13* Chiphead is trolling ebay for a 2nd box now
20:13<SilverSurfer>oh mech assault hahahaha
20:13<shahriyar>oh sry
20:13<SilverSurfer>to get the linux going
20:13<shahriyar>splinter cell
20:14<shahriyar>Chiphead ebay is good, but as long as you dont get screwed
20:14<shahriyar>the chance of getting screwed is high also
20:14<Chiphead>walmart should include the xbox-linux site on cdrom as well :)
20:14<nickr>Can someone help me with an install question?
20:14<shahriyar>or just gentoox?
20:14<SilverSurfer>haha its funny man
20:14* Chiphead has never been screwed yet
20:14<SilverSurfer>like its meant to be modded
20:14<shahriyar>well perhaps not
20:15<shahriyar>because mech assault is a cheap game
20:15<shahriyar>they just bundle it
20:15<shahriyar>they could as well include hitman 2
20:15<Chiphead>nickr just ask.. dont ask to ask
20:15<shahriyar>that is like 18 bucks target
20:15<shahriyar>nickr-- for asking to ask
20:15<shahriyar>sighup karma shahriyar
20:15<@sighup>shahriyar has karma of -1
20:15<shahriyar>damn, i have been -1 forever
20:15<nickr>Thanks chip head. I'm having trouble getting the saved games to show up on my usb drive. I only get a name for the drive, not any games.
20:15<Chiphead>sughup: karma Chiphead
20:16<shahriyar>i got to go
20:16<Chiphead>sihup: karma Chiphead
20:16<Chiphead>sighup: karma Chiphead
20:16<@sighup>chiphead has karma of 22
20:16<shahriyar>sighup: karma Chiphead
20:16<@sighup>chiphead has karma of 22
20:16<shahriyar>i got to go
20:16<shahriyar>later guys
20:16<Chiphead>sighup: topten karma
20:16<@sighup>Top 10 karma is: 1. laughs (1022), 2. mikegrb (73), 3. heidi (57), 4. mythtv (44), 5. slaughs (33), 6. tjfontaine (31), 7. caker (31), 8. dmp (27), 9. linode (22), 10. chiphead (22)
20:16<Chiphead>yeah baby
20:16<Chiphead>doh tied with linode
20:17* Chiphead is much cooler than linode
20:17<shahriyar>cancel him
20:17<shahriyar>then you can be before dmp
20:17<shahriyar>who is laughs?
20:17<Chiphead>it doesnt have to be a who
20:17<shahriyar>karma heh
20:17<Chiphead>shahriyar-- for not knowing that
20:17<shahriyar>sighup wakeup
20:17<@sighup>OK, shahriyar, I'll start talking.
20:17<shahriyar>karma heh
20:17<nickr>Does anyone have a suggestion?
20:18<shahriyar>Chiphead-- for not being as cool as Linode
20:18<Chiphead>sry, software hack is not my game...
20:18<shahriyar>now your are less coll than linode
20:18<shahriyar>nickr i would help ya, but i never used memory crap
20:18<Chiphead>I was as cool! not cooler
20:18<shahriyar>hard swap was my bag
20:18<Chiphead>I did a modchipo
20:18<shahriyar>karma topten
20:19<shahriyar>topten karma
20:19<Chiphead>topten karma
20:19<@sighup>Top 10 karma is: 1. laughs (1024), 2. mikegrb (73), 3. heidi (57), 4. mythtv (44), 5. slaughs (34), 6. tjfontaine (31), 7. caker (31), 8. dmp (27), 9. linode (22), 10. chiphead (22)
20:19<@sighup>Top 10 karma is: 1. laughs (1024), 2. mikegrb (73), 3. heidi (57), 4. mythtv (44), 5. slaughs (34), 6. tjfontaine (31), 7. caker (31), 8. dmp (27), 9. linode (22), 10. chiphead (22)
20:19<shahriyar>that is interesting
20:19<shahriyar>i did a --
20:19<shahriyar>[sighup] doesnt seem to be working
20:19<shahriyar>karma shahriyar
20:19<shahriyar>karma shahriyar
20:19<shahriyar>i guess database is down
20:19<Chiphead>you broke him
20:19<Chiphead>Im tellin mikegrb
20:19-!-Howlett [~ufifiytt@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:20-!-ShALLaXbox [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:20<shahriyar>shahriyar++ fpr breaking sighup
20:20<@mikegrb>sighup: forget karma shahriyar
20:20<@sighup>mikegrb, I didn't have anything matching karma shahriyar
20:20<@mikegrb>sighup: karma shahriyar
20:20<@sighup>shahriyar has karma of -1
20:20-!-ShALLaXbox [~ufifiytt@] has joined #xbox-linux
20:20-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+v ShALLaXbox] by ChanServ
20:20<@mikegrb>karma shahriyar
20:20-!-Howlett [] has joined #xbox-linux
20:20<shahriyar>signal shahriyar?
20:20<shahriyar>sighup shahriyar?
20:20<@sighup>you are GOD
20:21<shahriyar>damn right
20:21<shahriyar>sighup god bot
20:21<@sighup>shahriyar: sorry...
20:21<shahriyar>sighup goodbot
20:21<@sighup>shahriyar: i'm not following you...
20:21<@mikegrb>good botr
20:21<@sighup>thanks mikegrb :)
20:21<shahriyar>sighup good bot
20:21<@sighup>thanks shahriyar :)
20:21<shahriyar>what's the r for?
20:21<Chiphead>sighup: shahriyar =~ s/GOD/DOG/
20:21<@sighup>OK, Chiphead
20:21<shahriyar>shahriyar =~ s/DOG/GOD/
20:22<shahriyar>sighup shahriyar?
20:22<@sighup>you are DOG
20:22<shahriyar>fook you
20:22<shahriyar>sighup: shahriyar =~ s/DOG/GOD/
20:22<@sighup>OK, shahriyar
20:22<shahriyar>that's right
20:22<nickr>Should I try again tommorow?
20:22<Chiphead>sighup: shahriyar =~ s/DOG/a DOG/
20:22<@sighup>That doesn't contain 'DOG'
20:22<shahriyar>mikegrb you should lock that
20:22<Chiphead>looks like he did from you :P
20:22<shahriyar>sighup shahriyar?
20:22<@sighup>well, shahriyar is GOD
20:23<shahriyar>there ya go ma boy
20:23<shahriyar>sighup chiphead
20:23<@sighup>i think chiphead is working to remove the x requirement for mythtv :)
20:23<shahriyar>sighup chiphead =~ s/to remove the x requirement for mythtv :)/on getting a penis/
20:23<shahriyar>sighup Chiphead?
20:24<@sighup>OK, shahriyar
20:24<@sighup>i don't know, shahriyar
20:24<shahriyar>sighup chiphead?
20:24<@sighup>shahriyar: i don't know
20:24<shahriyar>that is weird
20:24<shahriyar>sighup forget chiphead
20:24<@sighup>shahriyar, I didn't have anything matching chiphead
20:24<Chiphead>broke him again
20:24<shahriyar>sighup Chiphead
20:24<@sighup>shahriyar: what?
20:24<shahriyar>sighup shahriyar?
20:24<@sighup>i haven't a clue, shahriyar
20:24<@mikegrb>topten karma
20:24<@sighup>Top 10 karma is: 1. laughs (1026), 2. mikegrb (73), 3. heidi (57), 4. mythtv (44), 5. slaughs (34), 6. tjfontaine (31), 7. caker (31), 8. dmp (27), 9. linode (22), 10. chiphead (22)
20:24<shahriyar>i think mikegrb is working on him or something?
20:25<@mikegrb>just watching
20:25<shahriyar>then what is wrong with him?>
20:25-!-dragon_reborn [] has joined #xbox-linux
20:25<shahriyar>sighup wtf?
20:25<@sighup>i don't know, shahriyar
20:25<shahriyar>hmm dude
20:25<shahriyar>oh nvm
20:25<shahriyar>sighup status
20:25<@sighup>Since Tue Nov 18 17:57:49 2003, there have been 0 modifications and 11 questions. I have been awake for 2 hours, 28 minutes, 0 seconds this session, and currently reference 12586 factoids. Addressing is in optional mode.
20:26<shahriyar>mikegrb can you access factoids by number?
20:26<shahriyar>such as " sighup factoids [1]"?
20:27-!-TheOne [] has joined #xbox-linux
20:28-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 66] by ChanServ
20:28<shahriyar>eh i have to go
20:28<shahriyar>good night
20:28<TheOne>you said that alreeady
20:29<TheOne>urls are turned into links
20:29<TheOne>and I can ALT+tab number to change tabs
20:29-!-shahriyar [] has quit []
20:29-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 65] by ChanServ
20:31-!-nickr [] has quit []
20:31-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 64] by ChanServ
20:34-!-SilentDragz [SilentDrag@] has joined #xbox-linux
20:35-!-SilverSurfer [Guardian@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:35<TheOne>heh hah heh
20:35<TheOne>that is a funny nickname
20:36<TheOne>I said it is funny
20:36<TheOne>are you a drag queen?
20:37<SilentDragz>do you want to shut up?
20:37<TheOne>was that a bit spot on for you?
20:37<SilentDragz>tjfontaine, mikegrb, Artifex, u there?
20:37* Artifex is
20:38<SilentDragz>pls can u deal with "TheOne"?
20:38* TheOne waves hello to Artifex
20:38<TheOne>artifex: he isn't ready to come out
20:38<@Artifex>whats up?
20:38<SilentDragz>he's calling me a drag queen...
20:38<TheOne>I asked if you were
20:38<SilentDragz>I come on here to help and be helped, not to be insulted by idiots
20:38<TheOne>I didn't say you were
20:39<TheOne>I only asked why your nick is what it is
20:39<TheOne>I asked if that was the reason why
20:40<SilentDragz>in future keep ur mouth shut
20:40<TheOne>you aren't very silent for a silent drag queen
20:41<TheOne>you need help, maybe I could help you
20:41<SilentDragz>I don't need help
20:41<TheOne>why do you keep asking for Artifex then
20:41<SilentDragz>cos I'm trying to get him to shut u up
20:42<TheOne>you could shut me up
20:42<TheOne>just tell me what your nick means
20:42<SilentDragz>I don't like /ignore
20:42<TheOne>then I won't have to sit here guessing
20:42<SilentDragz>u get broken conversations
20:42<dragon_reborn>children children, take it elsewhere
20:42<SilentDragz>or you could just shut up
20:42-!-Bingo [~chatzilla@] has joined #xbox-linux
20:42<SilentDragz>no u dragon_reborn
20:42<TheOne>you're taking it too personal.... I /must/ be right
20:43-!-TheOne [] has left #xbox-linux []
20:47-!-ShALLaX [] has joined #xbox-linux
20:47-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+v ShALLaX] by ChanServ
20:48-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+o ShALLaX] by ChanServ
20:52-!-ShALLaX [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:53-!-Bingo [~chatzilla@] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.35 [Mozilla rv:1.5/20031007]]
20:53-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 63] by ChanServ
20:53<roh>xebian 0.5.1 is more b0rken when it comes to default-configs as 0.4.1
20:54<roh>e.g no usable fb.modes
20:57<roh>will have to swap hhds again to get my old one
21:05-!-kinglife [~kinglife2@] has joined #xbox-linux
21:06<kinglife>can someone walk me through mkinitrd?
21:07<kinglife>anyone? pleeease?
21:07<SilentDragz>u'd be better trying when people aren't all asleep
21:08<kinglife>asleep? what, are they all in europe?
21:09-!-kinglife [~kinglife2@] has quit [Client Quit]
21:09<SilentDragz>like me
21:10<dragon_reborn>who here is from the us
21:11<SilentDragz>either nobody but u or nobody that is wants to admit it
21:11<dragon_reborn>i am, i don't care to admit it
21:15<dragon_reborn>i guess everybody's busy
21:17-!-sasquatc4 [sasquatc4@] has joined #xbox-linux
21:18<sasquatc4>anyone around? got a question, or thought
21:18<SilentDragz>I'm her
21:18<sasquatc4>its prolly already been suggested, just figued id throw in my 2 cents in case
21:18<SilentDragz>but I doubt I can help
21:18<sasquatc4>wonder if with xbox linux there would be a way to make a smaller version, that only uses a few megs of ram, like many rescue distros, that could execute xbe's yet also allow multitasking, to allow an ftp or other programs to run in the background
21:19<SilentDragz>executing xbes would probably be hard
21:19<SilentDragz>basically ur asking for a replacement dashboard
21:19<sasquatc4>see, i wasnt sure what all xbox linux could and couldnt do, never used it, only linux on pc
21:19<SilentDragz>and that's a damn good idea
21:19-!-Babyface [babyface@] has quit [Ping timeout: 493 seconds]
21:19<sasquatc4>well, more than that though
21:19<sasquatc4>since you cant do multitasking at all with a regular dash
21:19<SilentDragz>I'll send it to gimli next time he's around
21:20<SilentDragz>gimli is the creator of xebian
21:20<SilentDragz>or u may want to come along to the next dev meeting
21:20<SilentDragz>they're on mondays @ 19:00 GMT
21:20-!-Babyface [babyface@] has joined #xbox-linux
21:20<sasquatc4>just sorta came to me, not condoning this, but the fact that for game cube users, to run pirated games, they run a server on their pc and access them through a network, so if a gc can multitask, why cant an xbox
21:21<sasquatc4>but again, would first have to be able to execute xbe's within xb linux
21:21<SilentDragz>you can access samba shares on linux
21:21<SilentDragz>and if u wanna play copied games, this is the wrong place
21:21<sasquatc4>yes, i know, like i said, im not condoning it
21:22<sasquatc4>and thats not what im looking for either
21:24<@mikegrb>that isn't why you run a server on the computer
21:24<@mikegrb>that is for playing 'lan' games over the internet
21:24<@mikegrb>you can do the same with the xbox
21:24<@mikegrb>to play with someone over the internet without using xbox live
21:25<sasquatc4>yea, i know that
21:25<SilentDragz>I used to use it for Halo
21:26<@mikegrb>I doubt you will ever see the ability to run xbe's under linux on the xbox
21:26<@mikegrb>it is kind of against the point of the project
21:26<SilentDragz>it lives!
21:26<roh>mikegrb why not?
21:27<sasquatc4>but they do use a network to play gc backups, again, just thought it could be useful, to be able to run xbe's in the background with xblinux, just didnt know that it couldnt actually run xbe's
21:27<@mikegrb>it is along the lines of piracy
21:27<roh>mikegrb or would that be a crime in the dark side of the atlantic too?
21:27<roh>would be cool
21:27<sasquatc4>im just using it for an example, but yea, it would
21:28<@mikegrb>It would be extremelly difficult to make it only run properly signed xbe's
21:28<sasquatc4>so you guys dont condone homebrew apps?
21:28<@mikegrb>there isn't a lote of reason for the multitask side of things, perhaps there might be some cause for cromwell having the ability
21:28<@mikegrb>we do
21:28<SilentDragz>if they're created with openxdk
21:28<@mikegrb>just not xbe based ones
21:28<@mikegrb>er xdk
21:29<SilentDragz>it would be great if it could keep the FTP server running while playing a game tho
21:29<+tytyty>sighup g7 grumpy
21:29<@sighup>#G7 stats for grumpy, the pumpkin -- Current Level: 29 | Time to next level: 0 days, 10:43:37 | Status: online | Item Total: 221 | Total Time Idled: 3 days, 04:13:55
21:29<paulproteus>sighup g7 paulproteus
21:29<@sighup>#G7 stats for paulproteus, the wikimaster -- Current Level: 26 | Time to next level: 0 days, 04:22:52 | Status: online | Item Total: 192 | Total Time Idled: 2 days, 03:28:55
21:29<SilentDragz>pls can u check my stats?
21:30<paulproteus>sighup g7 SilentDragz
21:30<sasquatc4>or just any server in general, again, dont know what all it runs, havent used it yet
21:30<@sighup>#G7 stats for SilentDragz, the n00b -- Current Level: 20 | Time to next level: 0 days, 00:51:50 | Status: online | Item Total: 146 | Total Time Idled: 0 days, 21:13:05
21:30<SilentDragz>sighup won't listn to me :P
21:30<@sighup>SilentDragz: excuse me?
21:30<paulproteus>sighup won't listen to me, either
21:30<@sighup>paulproteus: what?
21:30<SilentDragz>sighup translate cool from en to de
21:30<SilentDragz>sighup hello
21:30<@sighup>what's up, SilentDragz.
21:30<paulproteus>sighup your mom!
21:30<@sighup>paulproteus: excuse me?
21:30<+tytyty>sighup botsnack
21:30<@sighup>thanks tytyty :)
21:30<@mikegrb>SilentDragz: you can check on the webpage
21:30<+tytyty>sighup botsex
21:30<@sighup>tytyty: excuse me?
21:31<SilentDragz>too much effort
21:31<SilentDragz>I'm extracting archives, it would take about 5 mins to open MyIE2 :P
21:31<paulproteus>sighup botsex with tytyty
21:31<@sighup>paulproteus: sorry...
21:31<paulproteus>sighup botsex with yourself
21:31<@sighup>paulproteus: sorry...
21:31<paulproteus>sighup apologize
21:31<@sighup>paulproteus: huh?
21:31<paulproteus>sighup cry
21:31<@sighup>paulproteus: huh?
21:31<paulproteus>sighup die
21:31<@sighup>paulproteus: what?
21:31<SilentDragz>sighup shut up
21:31<@sighup>Sorry, SilentDragz, I'll keep my mouth shut.
21:31<paulproteus>sighup eat rotten pancakes
21:31<@sighup>paulproteus: huh?
21:32<paulproteus>sighup google "go to hell like superman"
21:32<@sighup>paulproteus: sorry...
21:32<paulproteus>!google "go to hell like superman"
21:32<SilentDragz>I think I'm gonna get into irc scripting again
21:32<@mikegrb>paulproteus: he doesn't do that one yet :/
21:33* paulproteus nods
21:33<@mikegrb>he has a module for it, I need a dependency
21:33<SilentDragz>!google goatse
21:34<dragon_reborn>!google sighup
21:35-!-jbratt [] has joined #xbox-linux
21:38<dragon_reborn>hey where can i learn more about sighup
21:38<SilentDragz>!google SilentDragz
21:38<SilentDragz>from mikegrb - he wrote him
21:38<SilentDragz>I'm in an EVE thread
21:39-!-shahriyar [] has joined #xbox-linux
21:39<shahriyar>w00t indeed
21:39<SilentDragz> - I'm on there!
21:39<SilentDragz>so is KD :)
21:39<jbratt>anyone here know about the chameleon modchip?
21:39<SilentDragz>I'm [Pulsar]SilentDragz on there
21:40<shahriyar>wtf is this?
21:41-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 66] by ChanServ
21:41<@mikegrb>Artifex: ??
21:41<shahriyar>mikegrb how it goes?
21:41<SilentDragz>I did a google for my name
21:42<@Artifex>20:41 -!- Irssi: Starting query in oftc with TheOne
21:42<@Artifex>20:41 <TheOne> I am mikegrb
21:42<SilentDragz>and that was what it gave me :)
21:42<shahriyar>when i google for my name i get the tutorial i did
21:42<SilentDragz>the next entry is this
21:42* Artifex goes back to his very important stuff
21:42<@mikegrb>shahriyar: I thought you were sleeping?
21:43<shahriyar>i have to stay up to write an essay
21:43<shahriyar>or improve on yesterday's rather
21:43<shahriyar>hopefully i can sleep soon
21:44<SilentDragz>sighup translate ba de plictiseala from ru to en
21:44<@sighup>ba de plictiseala
21:44<jbratt>nobody can answer my chameleon questions?
21:45<SilentDragz>this is #xbox-linux
21:45<jbratt>yeah, well it comes with cromwell...
21:45<jbratt>better irc to ask???
21:45<SilentDragz>not in here
21:46<SilentDragz>sighup translate ba de plichtiseala from ro to en
21:46<@sighup>babelfish cannot translate from en to en. Try translating through English.
21:46<SilentDragz>ro to en u stupid idiot
21:54<paulproteus>sighup idiot
21:54<@sighup>paulproteus: huh?
21:54<paulproteus>sighup you're a stupid idiot
21:54<@sighup>paulproteus: huh?
21:54<paulproteus>sighup eliza
21:54<@sighup>paulproteus: what?
21:54<paulproteus>sighup botinsult
21:54<@sighup>paulproteus: sorry...
21:54<paulproteus>sighup botsux0r
21:54<@sighup>paulproteus: i'm not following you...
21:54<paulproteus>sighup botsuck
21:54<@sighup>paulproteus: i'm not following you...
21:55<paulproteus>sighup banana
21:55<@sighup>paulproteus: huh?
21:55<paulproteus>sighup botsn4ck
21:55<@sighup>paulproteus: what?
21:55<paulproteus>sighup botsnack
21:59<@mikegrb>sighup: insult
21:59<@sighup>mikegrb: what?
22:00<@mikegrb>sighup: excuse
22:00<@sighup>Your excuse is: Yeah, yo mama dresses you funny and you need a mouse to delete files.
22:00<@mikegrb>that is a good insult
22:01-!-jbratt [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
22:01-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 65] by ChanServ
22:01<shahriyar>i hate this college process
22:02<SilentDragz>sighup g7 silentdragz
22:02<@sighup>#G7 stats for SilentDragz, the n00b -- Current Level: 20 | Time to next level: 0 days, 00:22:05 | Status: online | Item Total: 146 | Total Time Idled: 0 days, 21:42:50
22:02<shahriyar>sighup shahriyar?
22:02<@sighup>shahriyar: bugger all, i dunno
22:03<shahriyar>signal shahriyar is GOD
22:03<shahriyar>sighup shahriyar is GOD.
22:03<@sighup>OK, shahriyar.
22:03<shahriyar>sighup shahriyar?
22:03<@sighup>shahriyar: bugger all, i dunno
22:03<shahriyar>mikegrb something really wrong with sighup
22:03<shahriyar>sighup dave?
22:03<@sighup>shahriyar: bugger all, i dunno
22:03<@mikegrb>maybe so
22:04<SilentDragz><Cypher_Dyne> I feel like ipizza tonight.
22:04<SilentDragz><Nakoo> Ipizza?
22:04<SilentDragz><[Smoke]> That's the pizza for Mac users
22:04<SilentDragz><[Smoke]> iPizza
22:04<SilentDragz><[Smoke]> It's semi-transparent and comes in at least 5 colors
22:04<SilentDragz><[Smoke]> Also, iPizza is in no way compatible with your current pizza cutting tools
22:04<@mikegrb>berkly db sux0rs
22:04-!-SilentDragz was kicked from #xbox-linux by mikegrb [flood]
22:04-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 64] by ChanServ
22:04-!-SilentDragz [SilentDrag@] has joined #xbox-linux
22:04<shahriyar>mikegrb you should have sighup kick someone when there is a fl00d
22:04<shahriyar>that would make your job as an op easier
22:05<@mikegrb>and if nickometer is > 5% ban for time proportional to how bad it is
22:05<SilentDragz>I fecked up my host's mail server last month O.o
22:05<SilentDragz>sighup nickometer SilentDragz
22:06<shahriyar>sighup nickometer shahriyar
22:06<@sighup>'shahriyar' is 0% lame, shahriyar
22:06<shahriyar>damn right
22:06<shahriyar>how does it calculae lameness?
22:06<shahriyar>sighup nickometer SilentDragz
22:06<@sighup>'SilentDragz' is 0% lame, shahriyar
22:06<SilentDragz>amount of numbers and FuNnYcApS
22:07<shahriyar>sighup nickometer mikegrb
22:07<@sighup>'mikegrb' is 0% lame, shahriyar
22:07<shahriyar>i see
22:07<shahriyar>well your names has some caps
22:07<SilentDragz>but they're not alternate
22:07<shahriyar>sighup nickometer Ge0rG
22:07<@sighup>'Ge0rG' is 98.16% lame, shahriyar
22:07<@mikegrb>shahriyar: he is broke
22:07<@mikegrb>I need to fix him
22:07<SilentDragz>I had an autoresponder set up on my email addy
22:08<SilentDragz>and I emailed a company with an autoresponder
22:08<shahriyar>i guess there is problem in the b0t
22:08<shahriyar>i should learn bout the bot system
22:08<SilentDragz>and the autoresponder was responding to the autoresponder
22:08<shahriyar>and make a good b0t
22:08<SilentDragz>and damn, it got ugly
22:09<SilentDragz>2 mail servers throwing mail at each other constantly
22:10<shahriyar>we have to hand the world to the successor generation
22:10<shahriyar>is successor used right there?
22:11<shahriyar>what should i use?
22:11<SilentDragz>or future
22:12<SilentDragz>or successive
22:12<shahriyar>future sounds nice
22:13<SilentDragz>I'm still not quoted on
22:13<SilentDragz>I must have submitted like 99999999999 quotes
22:13<@mikegrb>that should tell you something
22:14<shahriyar>does this sound right: We have to do what we have in our power to further humanity, and afterwards we have to hand the world to the future generation ?
22:14<shahriyar>it is some how wordy
22:14<SilentDragz>it doesn't make sense
22:15<SilentDragz>We have to do everything in our power to further humanity's progress, and afterwards we should have the world over to the future generation.
22:15<shahriyar>what if i use advance instead of further?
22:15<SilentDragz>not have
22:16<shahriyar>how bout this : We have to do what we have in our power to further civilization, and afterwards we should to hand the world to the future generation
22:16<shahriyar>as in everything
22:16<SilentDragz>still doesn't make sense
22:17<SilentDragz>We must use everything in our power to advance humanity's progress, and afterwards we should hand the world over to the future generation.
22:17<shahriyar>damn, i need some sleep so badddddd
22:17<SilentDragz>...then go to bed
22:17<shahriyar>there we go
22:17<shahriyar>i cann't i got to finish this tomorrow
22:17<SilentDragz>when tomorrow?
22:18<shahriyar>in 12 hours
22:18-!-dragon_reborn [] has left #xbox-linux []
22:18<@mikegrb>sighup: nickometer Ge0rG
22:18<@sighup>'Ge0rG' is 0% lame, mikegrb
22:19<SilentDragz>sighup nickometer SilentDragz
22:19<SilentDragz>sighup nickometer me
22:19<@mikegrb>sighup: nickometer SilentDragz
22:19<@sighup>'SilentDragz' is 99.995000% lame, mikegrb
22:20<shahriyar>sighup nickometer me
22:20<@sighup>'shahriyar' is 0% lame, shahriyar
22:20<shahriyar>i like this b0t
22:20<shahriyar>sighup shahriyar?
22:20<@sighup>i don't know, shahriyar
22:20<shahriyar>ahhh damn you sighup
22:20<@mikegrb>sighup: shahriyar is allmost a god like me
22:20<@sighup>...but riyar is GOD....
22:20<@mikegrb>sighup: forget riyar
22:20<@sighup>mikegrb: I forgot riyar
22:20<@mikegrb>sighup: shahriyar is allmost a god like me
22:20<@sighup>OK, mikegrb.
22:21<@mikegrb>I know what it is
22:21<shahriyar>nah mikegrb you got it all wrong
22:21<shahriyar>sighup shahriyar?
22:21<@sighup>shahriyar: bugger all, i dunno
22:21<@mikegrb>the hah is messing it up
22:21<shahriyar>what is it?
22:21<shahriyar>the hah?
22:21<@mikegrb>I can fix it but it would take a restart so I will wait for later
22:21<@mikegrb>the laugh counter
22:21<shahriyar>no offense
22:22<shahriyar>but wtf kind of coding were you doing?
22:22<shahriyar>cause an incrementation should not kill a b0t
22:22<@mikegrb>it messes with a string
22:22<@mikegrb>the string that gets sent to the learning bits is modified
22:23<@mikegrb>sighup: riyar?
22:23<@sighup>it has been said that riyar is allmost a god like me
22:23<SilentDragz>u spelled almost wrong
22:23<shahriyar>what language is this in?
22:24<@mikegrb>heh sql
22:24<shahriyar>can it be done with c++?
22:24<SilentDragz>lmao sql
22:24<@mikegrb>I am going to change the back end to sql for src
22:24* shahriyar goes to grab a ...
22:26<SilentDragz>mike - if I download the source for b0t from the site, how would I go about compiling it?
22:26<@mikegrb>that is hell of stupid question
22:26<SilentDragz>it is?
22:26<SilentDragz>I've never used perl b4
22:26<@mikegrb>you don't compile it
22:27<@mikegrb>obviously not
22:27<SilentDragz>what do I do with it then?
22:27<@mikegrb>you run it
22:28<SilentDragz>u got rid of the link from the title
22:28<SilentDragz>shows ur page but not the old one
22:28<SilentDragz>u remember the old link?
22:28<@mikegrb>on second though maybe not
22:29-!-sasquatc4 [sasquatc4@] has quit []
22:30<@mikegrb>you probably shouldn't be running it if you don't know perl
22:30<@mikegrb>learn perl first
22:31-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+l 63] by ChanServ
22:32<SilentDragz>I'm only messing with it
22:32<SilentDragz>not planning on running a proper game
22:32<@mikegrb>even if you are just going to play with it you need to understand the language
22:33<@mikegrb>you will have to modify bits of the code
22:34<@mikegrb>otherwise it's likely it will do something you don't expect when comunicating with the server and get you klined
22:34<shahriyar>SilentDragz how does this sound for a thesis? My family and the opportunity to immigrate to the United States have influenced this dream, and kept me motivated.
22:34<shahriyar>i have talked about the dream in the intro.
22:35<@mikegrb>shahriyar: sounds good
22:35<SilentDragz>My family had the oppertunity to emigrate to the United States, when they realised this dream it kept me motivated.
22:35<SilentDragz>if ur in the US, it's realized
22:36<shahriyar>dude, that changes what i am saying.
22:36<shahriyar>and this "when they realised this dream it kept me motivated." is worded kind of weird.
22:37<SilentDragz>oh right
22:37<SilentDragz>I read it again
22:38<SilentDragz>forget what I said, it's fine
22:38<shahriyar>alright cool
22:38<SilentDragz>it's 3:40am here :P
22:39<shahriyar>may i flood?
22:39<shahriyar>it's pretty funny.
22:40<shahriyar>eh i guess a kick is worth a good laugh.
22:40<shahriyar>J2 thT: it's soo simple
22:40<shahriyar>J2 thT: like in front of my face simple
22:40<shahriyar>J2 thT: now i see the light
22:40<shahriyar>J2 thT: damn, it's my desklamp
22:40<shahriyar>J2 thT: just turned on you see
22:42<+tytyty>sighup g7 grumpy
22:42<@sighup>#G7 stats for grumpy, the pumpkin -- Current Level: 29 | Time to next level: 0 days, 09:36:37 | Status: online | Item Total: 221 | Total Time Idled: 3 days, 05:20:55
22:42<+tytyty>sighup botsnack
22:44<SilentDragz>well it's working mike
22:47<SilentDragz>Perl looks VERY similar to the mIRC scripting langauge
22:48-!-ShALLaX [~ufifiytt@] has joined #xbox-linux
22:48-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+v ShALLaX] by ChanServ
22:48-!-mode/#xbox-linux [+o ShALLaX] by ChanServ
22:48<@stealth>sighup g7 stealth
22:48<@sighup>#G7 stats for stealth, the mythtv lover -- Current Level: 25 | Time to next level: 0 days, 05:41:50 | Status: online | Item Total: 221 | Total Time Idled: 1 days, 19:31:55
22:50<@stealth>holy shit
22:50-!-ShALLaX [~ufifiytt@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
22:50<@stealth><b0t> heidi [143/234] has challenged Artifex [1/172] in combat and won! 0 days, 01:00:05 is removed from heidi's clock.
22:50<@stealth>worst roll ever for artifex
22:51<SilentDragz>must stay awake for 52 mins more >.<
22:51<SilentDragz>Drone Interfacing / Rank 5 / SP: 7072 of 7125 level
22:51<SilentDragz> > currently training to level 3 / 52 minutes, 9 seconds left
22:52<shahriyar>im not doing that g7 thing anymore
22:52<shahriyar>kind of boring
22:55<SilentDragz>pls can sum1 do an nslookup for me?
22:55<@mikegrb>do it yourself
22:55<@mikegrb>and it is please not pls
22:55<SilentDragz>I did
22:55<@mikegrb>and someone not sum1
22:55<@mikegrb>it is getting exremely anoying
22:55<@mikegrb>consider this your first official warning
22:56<SilentDragz>I'm waiting for a domain to propagate and I want to see if anybody else's ISP has updated their nameservers yet
22:56<@stealth>sum1 is pissy :P
22:56<@mikegrb>stealth: heh yes
22:56<@mikegrb>stealth: I get that way everytime he says something just about
22:56<@mikegrb>SilentDragz: then go to google
22:56<@stealth>mikegrb: did you watch yesterday's strongbad email?
22:56<@mikegrb>billions of sites you can do one yourself
22:57<@mikegrb>Chiphead and the guy?
22:57<@stealth>strongbad is a cartoon
22:57<@stealth>hard to believe you haven't heard of
22:57* mikegrb checks google
22:57<shahriyar>sum1 is not as bad as u
22:58<shahriyar>in xirc it gets changed to you
22:58<shahriyar>but in mirc it just sucks, i freaking hate it
22:58<@mikegrb>sighup: fcol that
22:58<@sighup>Your fcol is
22:59<SilentDragz>hmm when I have time I'll put in word replacements for you :P
22:59<SilentDragz>sighup FCOL?
22:59<@stealth>sighup strongbad is teh r0x0r -->
22:59<@stealth>sighup strongbad?
22:59<@sighup>stealth: wish i knew
22:59<SilentDragz>strongbad owns
23:00<shahriyar>yes! 250 words
23:00<shahriyar>250 more to go!
23:00<@stealth>people can't define anymore?
23:00<@mikegrb>they can
23:00<@stealth>sighup: strongbad is teh r0x0r -->
23:00<@stealth>it is ignoring me :)
23:01<shahriyar>what is fcol?
23:02<SilentDragz>sighup: AOL is teh sux0r
23:02<SilentDragz>sighup AOL
23:03<@mikegrb>stealth: it shouldn't be
23:03<@mikegrb>stealth: I have watched it before :)
23:03<@stealth>seems to be ignoring everyone?
23:03* mikegrb goes to http://iguana/mythweb/ and sets it to record
23:03<shahriyar>sighup botsnack
23:03<shahriyar>sighup shahriyar?
23:03<@sighup>bugger all, i dunno, shahriyar
23:03<@stealth>sighup listen up
23:03<@sighup>stealth: sorry...
23:03<shahriyar>sighup shahriyar is GOD
23:03<@sighup>...but riyar is allmost a god like me...
23:03<@stealth>sighup shutup
23:03<@sighup>Sorry, stealth, I'll keep my mouth shut.
23:03<@stealth>sighup listen
23:03<@sighup>stealth: sorry...
23:03<@stealth>sighup wakeup
23:03<@sighup>OK, stealth, I'll start talking.
23:04<@stealth>sighup: strongbad is teh r0x0r -->
23:04<shahriyar>signal forget riyar
23:04<shahriyar>sighup forget riyar
23:04<@sighup>you have no access to remove factoids
23:04<SilentDragz>sighup forget strongbad
23:04<@stealth>strongbad is teh r0x0r -->
23:04<shahriyar>sighup beh?
23:04<@sighup>shahriyar: i haven't a clue
23:04<@stealth>sighup strongbad?
23:04<@sighup>i don't know, stealth
23:04<shahriyar>this thing is messe dup
23:04<@mikegrb>try the
23:04<@stealth>sighup = broken
23:04<@sighup>stealth: i'm not following you...
23:05<@stealth>strongbad is the shizzy -->
23:05<@stealth>sighup strongbad is the shizzy -->
23:05* stealth shrugs
23:06-!-Ubitsa [Ubitsa@] has joined #xbox-linux
23:06<@stealth>woo lotr shipped today
23:07<SilentDragz>sighup g7 SilentDragz
23:08<shahriyar>hmm how does this sound for the name of the essay file: mit bullshit.doc
23:08<SilentDragz>you're at MIT and you're asking us to confirm the wording of your essay?
23:09-!-oz_shadow_ [] has joined #xbox-linux
23:09<shahriyar>im applying to MIT
23:09<shahriyar>yeah im an immigrant so my essays are not that good yet
23:10<SilentDragz>you'll soon get the hang of it
23:10-!-Oz_ShAdOw [] has quit [Ping timeout: 483 seconds]
23:10<shahriyar>i got so many more to write
23:10<shahriyar>and i have the SAT writing test soon
23:10<SilentDragz>until you put the line about your parents emigrating I didn't realise that english wasn't your first language
23:11<shahriyar>yeah if it was in my own language i would absolutely rape the essay.
23:12<shahriyar>but perhaps its time for me to sleep.
23:12<SilentDragz>yeah me too in 1/2 an hour
23:12<shahriyar>and dream some math and writing problems
23:13<shahriyar>its funny how one thing can have so much influence on your life.
23:13<shahriyar>I have a friend who graduated from northeastern, which is a decent college, with a degree on comp. enginnering, and he is working at target.
23:13<shahriyar>and then there are people coming out of mit, and making 120 g's the very first year.
23:14<shahriyar>and then again it all comes to $, basically life from start to finish is a struggle for $.
23:15<shahriyar>the last struggle is to find a good stop under a tree for the grave.
23:16<SilentDragz>I'm not bothered about where I'm buried/cremated
23:16<SilentDragz>after all, I won't care, I'll be dead
23:16<shahriyar>oh im gonne be buried.
23:17<shahriyar>that's what i would like.
23:18<shahriyar>eh anyways.
23:18<shahriyar>sleep it is.
23:18<shahriyar>good night to all.
23:18<shahriyar>and i sincerely hope you guys dont dream of math problems when you go to sleep.
23:18-!-shahriyar [] has quit []
23:56-!-Proxi [] has quit []
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