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05:49cfreak how can i activate SMP in 2.6.10-xen0 (dual pentiumIII) ?
05:50cfreak in kernel options I don't find the SMP option
05:51knewt only -unstable has smp inside of domains
05:53knewt xen itself has smp support before -unstable of course
05:54cfreak thank you
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09:00Surferdude um... python error when running xend start
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09:00Surferdude xen.lowlevel.xc.error: (2, 'No such file or directory')
09:08Surferdude anyone?
09:43knewt Surferdude: you're running 2.4, right?
09:44demon anything more specific in xend.log or xend-debug.log??
09:44Surferdude yes
09:45demon one of them (or both) should say something
09:45knewt you need a /dev/xen/evtchn of character type, major 10, minor 201. [[ mkdir /dev/xen; mknod -m600 /dev/xen/evtchn1 c 10 202 ]] should do the trick
09:45Surferdude also said somthing about a python api mismatch
09:45knewt s/evtchn1/evtchn/
09:45Surferdude but etc/xend.log ?
09:46demon er, that'd be in /var/log
09:46knewt log files are in /var/log/, like all good little files should
09:46knewt s/little/little log/
09:46demon but try making the devnode knewt is talking about, maybe that's it?
09:47knewt course, not all log files are necessarily little *g*
09:47Surferdude [2005-05-01 14:58:47 xend] INFO (SrvDaemon:610) Xend Daemon started
09:47Surferdude [2005-05-01 14:58:48 xend] INFO (XendRoot:91) EVENT> xend.domain.create ['Domai$
09:47Surferdude [2005-05-01 14:58:48 xend] INFO (XendRoot:91) EVENT> xend.start 0
09:47Surferdude [2005-05-01 15:24:18 xend] INFO (SrvDaemon:610) Xend Daemon started
09:47Surferdude [2005-05-01 15:24:18 xend] INFO (XendRoot:91) EVENT> xend.start 0
09:47Surferdude looks fine there
09:48Surferdude xend-debug.log is: network start bridge=xen-br0 netdev=eth0 antispoof=no
09:48Surferdude Device "eth0" does not exist.
09:48Surferdude interface eth0 does not exist!
09:48Surferdude Which i know
09:50Surferdude any ideas?
09:51knewt so where are you now? you've made sure the device node exists, and tried starting xend again and still get that error?
09:52Surferdude yes... still getting the "Python API mismatch"
09:54knewt that's just because the compiled versions are for a different version of python i believe. as long as the original .py files are still around it should work
09:54knewt does /proc/xen/privcmd exist?
09:57Surferdude nope
09:58Surferdude wait
09:58Surferdude Nope... dosesnt exist
09:58knewt you /are/ running inside of xen right now, right?
10:00Surferdude ...
10:00Surferdude oops
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10:04Surferdude yes, it exists
10:04Surferdude so the api mismatch shouldent be a problem
10:05knewt get rid of the .pyc files (as long as a .py version exists in each case), and it shouldn't complain any more
10:06knewt it'll regenerate the .pyc files the first time it uses each file anyway, it's just faster when they're pre-generated
10:06Surferdude Ok..
10:11Surferdude still getting the same error
10:12Surferdude and SrvDaemon.pyc
10:12Surferdude *.py
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10:12knewt does xen-debug.log contain anything?
10:12knewt s/xen/xend/
10:13Surferdude dosnt exist
10:13Surferdude in var/log
10:13Surferdude wait...
10:13Surferdude it doeas
10:14Surferdude just has 4 files
10:14Surferdude in the file
10:14Surferdude *the log
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14:47Surferdude Um... anyone know where i can get an individual python file for xend?
14:55Surferdude anyone :/
14:56caker which file?
14:56caker Surferdude: are you using -stable?
14:57Surferdude yes
14:57Surferdude prebuilt tarball
14:57caker or
14:58Surferdude I was wondering if they kept a folder with individual python files
14:58Surferdude guess not
14:58caker it'll be in both of those tarballs
14:58caker if it exists at all :)
15:00Surferdude If i already have the tarball extracted, where can i get it
15:00Surferdude i dont see anything there
15:00Surferdude within the extracted archive
15:01caker which tarball?
15:02caker # find . -name
15:02caker ./xen-2.0/tools/python/xen/xend/server/
15:03* mikegrb smacks Surferdude with the clue bat
15:03Surferdude lol
15:06Surferdude neither of those work... guess ill have to extract it again on another computer
15:10caker they don't work how?
15:10caker why not just run the installer again?
15:10Surferdude wont that give me an overwrite error?
15:10caker did you try it?
15:10Surferdude no...
15:10caker cd xen-2.0/tools/; make install
15:11caker (at least that works for the -src tarball)
15:12Surferdude just says cannot overwrite
15:13Surferdude ill just get the source tarball
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15:15mikegrb [michael@orion:dl] tar -zxvf xen-2.0.5-install.tgz | grep
15:15mikegrb xen-2.0-install/install/usr/lib/python/xen/xend/server/
15:15mikegrb xen-2.0-install/install/usr/lib/python/xen/xend/server/blkif.pyc
15:15mikegrb [15:15:30]-[Sun May 01]-[0]
15:15mikegrb [michael@orion:dl]
15:15mikegrb just downloaded it
15:16Surferdude Alright... just rebooting into rhel now
15:16Surferdude (networking dosnt work with the kernel i have for some reason)
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15:57knewt i'd guess most likely is the kernel not having the required driver for your card
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17:53caker gcc -m32 -march=i686 -Wall -Werror -O3 -I ../../tools/python/xen/lowlevel/xc -I ../../tools/libxc -c -o xenperf.o xenperf.c
17:53caker In file included from xenperf.c:14:
17:53caker ^-- today's -unstable
17:53caker ../../tools/libxc/xc.h:90: error: syntax error before "pid_t"
17:53caker ../../tools/libxc/xc.h:95: error: syntax error before "pid_t"
18:22caker looks like a missing a sys/types.h include in tools/libxc/xc.h
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18:30KristinnSoffa| good evening
18:30MarkWilliamso| Hello!
18:32MarkWilliamso| KristinnSoffaniasRunarsson: how's things?
18:32KristinnSoffa| good
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18:32soffi this long nick thing ain't my style I think
18:32soffi I'm about to say bad things... but god bless vmware
18:32MarkWilliamso| heh :-) I think soffi fits my IRC window better
18:33soffi yeah, I couldn't have made it if I didn't have dual screens
18:33MarkWilliamso| soffi: erk! VMWare was used for a lot of the early development of Xen :-)
18:33soffi so for you laptop users, I'm now soffi ;)
18:33soffi yeah I'm installing distros left and right to generate domU images
18:33MarkWilliamso| heh, I'm using my laptop so I can sit on the other side of the room from my machine... more comfy here.
18:34MarkWilliamso| excellent! what are you working on now?
18:34soffi checking out a centos stripped down image sent in by someone here named 'xai' and I'm generating a Mandrake 10.1 image now and a SuSE 9.3 image after that
18:35MarkWilliamso| Neato :-)
18:35soffi yup
18:35soffi I never thought I'd use Linux this much :)
18:35MarkWilliamso| btw, do SuSE not mind redistribution these days? they used to have some restrictions on the YaST license...
18:36soffi dunno.. they offer FTP installs of SuSE 9.3
18:36MarkWilliamso| Things may have changed, tho. Ah well, if nobody squeaks ;-)
18:36soffi anyway they'll hang me
18:36MarkWilliamso| Have you looked at White Box Linux? (arguably not much point if you have CentOS) or Ubuntu?
18:38soffi xai said he's gonna upload an ubuntu image
18:38soffi and I might as well make a WhiteBox image
18:39MarkWilliamso| You are the ultimate domU dude :-)
18:39soffi ghehe I'm merely hosting this stuff
18:39soffi it's so trivial to make this stuff on distros using yum f.ex
18:40soffi and Yast has this install into directory thing
18:40MarkWilliamso| Something I thought would be cool is to package up standard domU setups as "virtual appliances"
18:40soffi next up is to write some documentation
18:40MarkWilliamso| Maybe one day...
18:40soffi dreams can come true
18:40MarkWilliamso| E.g. a "router / firewall domU", a "hardened web / DNS / ftp server", etc...
18:41caker soffi: are you doing any post-installation setup (like removing ssh keys if you booted the image)?
18:41soffi I'm about to scrub the images and offer only tarballs
18:41soffi caker: good point
18:41caker soffi: beware, most RH distros will regen them if you remove them, others sshd won't start
18:41caker *RH-based distros
18:42soffi should be easy to manipulate when I've generated tarballs
18:42soffi tar xf -> remove stuff -> tar cf
18:42soffi "Congratulations! You have successfully installed Mandrake 10.1"
18:43caker debian barfs if keys aren't found, btw, possibly ubuntu
18:43soffi whaat
18:43soffi Mandrake doesn't use yum
18:45soffi I'll have to try destroying ssh keys on ubuntu or debian then
18:48MarkWilliamso| soffi: mandrake uses urpmi
18:48MarkWilliamso| it's basically the same thing.
18:48soffi ahh
18:48soffi thanks :)
18:49soffi I'm getting to know all sorts of shit with all these distributions
18:49MarkWilliamso| Yeah, they all have to have their little quirks!
18:50soffi and I don't hate or love any in particular
18:51MarkWilliamso| I can't say I've found a distro that makes me happy about everything. FC3 is my current favourite though.
18:51MarkWilliamso| (subject to certain modifications that is ;-))
18:52soffi hehe
18:53soffi I like all the bells and whistles in suse9.3... for the desktop
18:55soffi but generally I use what came with my Powerbook ;)
18:56MarkWilliamso| I install FC3 but let it have it's default GNOME install. Then I install KDE 3.4 from KDE redhat project - codec enabled and bleeding edge :-)
18:56MarkWilliamso| Ah, you're using that other UNIX :-) Darwin is a very freaky OS
18:56soffi I use it for desktop only
18:56soffi haven't peeked under the hood
18:57soffi and most of my servers are FreeBSD
18:58soffi this urpmi --root stuff is pretty ugly
18:59soffi but running
18:59MarkWilliamso| Apple apparently thought "Lets take a microkernel but then shove FreeBSD in there and make it monolithic really, then lets stick some other cool stuff in there, hack about with it a bit and stick a NetBSD userland on it"
18:59MarkWilliamso| Arrrrg! :-) But it's a cool OS nonetheless. Just a bit of a mutant...
18:59soffi it's a mutant allright
19:00soffi but desktop-wise it is beutiful.. the graphics subsystem... it's just... beutiful
19:01soffi seems mandrake went allright
19:01soffi now I've gotta move it to my xen box
19:02MarkWilliamso| I find the idea of a sort of "apt" for installing distros under Xen rather appealing :-) "xen-get mandrake-10-server"
19:02MarkWilliamso| that would rock
19:03soffi yeah that'd be cool :)
19:03soffi man I could write a script that did almost that
19:04soffi curl tarball; dd an image of X size; untar to image; create xen config; rock on
19:06MarkWilliamso| it'd be fun to have something like that for automating installs to the various kinds of logical disk
19:06soffi yeah.. logical disks too
19:06soffi mmm *drool*
19:06MarkWilliamso| esp. now there are a lot of different images!
19:07MarkWilliamso| and "into a directory" for NFS root (the easiest case, I guess)
19:08soffi have you used nfs with xen ?
19:08soffi doesn't nfs suck generally ?
19:08MarkWilliamso| Not for quite a while, no.
19:08MarkWilliamso| It's not well-liked but it has some manageability advantages
19:08soffi yeah.. it is trivial
19:09MarkWilliamso| When I'm done with XenFS you'd probably use that instead.
19:09soffi so why are you hanging out here ;)
19:09soffi hehe
19:09soffi dohhh stupid me
19:09soffi forgot to make an fstab
19:10yosh MarkWilliamson: what's the design behind XenFS?
19:11MarkWilliamso| yosh: It'll work much like NFS from the user's PoV
19:11MarkWilliamso| but it uses shared memory *directly* as the transport without pretending there's an IP network there
19:11yosh ahh
19:12yosh I got shared root working with ocfs2 on xen btw
19:12MarkWilliamso| the buffer cache of the client and server OSs will actually be merged so that they use *the same memory*
19:12yosh which was why I was asking about initrd ;)
19:12MarkWilliamso| which will improve IO performance and memory sharing.
19:12MarkWilliamso| yosh: way cool!
19:12MarkWilliamso| you solved the initrd problem then?
19:12yosh yes, it was suse's fault
19:13yosh they're mkinitrd wrote a bogus size in the gzip header
19:13yosh so xen really though the initrd was 3.5 GB
19:14MarkWilliamso| eek! was that the same problem the other dude had? how did you fix it?
19:14yosh I just made an initrd by hand
19:14yosh used a cpio archive instead of an fs
19:15MarkWilliamso| ok
19:15soffi ohh what did I do wrong now
19:15soffi whole stuff is read-only
19:15yosh so I got 3 instances running off the same rootfs
19:15yosh more than that trips some ocfs2 bugs, so will have to investigate that
19:16MarkWilliamso| yosh: why not GFS?
19:16MarkWilliamso| as opposed to ocfs2?
19:16yosh cause I work on ocfs2
19:16MarkWilliamso| I thought you might say something like that!
19:18MarkWilliamso| cool. I don't have particular experience with either. I've read a bit about GFS, didn't find so much info on OCFS2.
19:18yosh there's not much in the way of docs yet
19:19MarkWilliamso| Are you actually looking to use Xen as a development platform? I could see it being useful for testing.
19:19yosh it's a hell of a lot simpler to get going than xen
19:19yosh just testing
19:20yosh err
19:20yosh simpler to get going than GFS
19:20yosh damn thinkos
19:21yosh MarkWilliamson: I'm writing a set of scripts that will run through some basic tests on each commit to the source code repository
19:22yosh and later some nigthy long runs with a database stress test
19:23riel MarkWilliamson: nothing wrong with remember_page ;)
19:23MarkWilliamso| yosh: OK, sounds cool.
19:23MarkWilliamso| riel: it was fun code :-)
19:27MarkWilliamso| yosh: I had the impression that GFS needs an out-of-band network channel for some operations. Does OCFS have something similar? Or does everything interesting happen on the disk
19:28yosh it needs network
19:28riel yosh: time for Xen fencing modules ;)
19:28yosh :)
19:30MarkWilliamso| riel: That gives me a strange vision of my domains running around with swords...
19:30MarkWilliamso| ... and chopping at each other. Not far from the truth actually...
19:32soffi *gasp* let's go the microsoft route and promote on distro for all
19:32soffi one
19:33MarkWilliamso| one distro to bring them all and in the darkness bind them?
19:33soffi ehhh
19:33soffi sure :P
19:34soffi whatever makes you tick :)
19:37MarkWilliamso| i think I prefer my Linux not to conquer middle Earth!
19:38soffi hehe
19:56soffi guys
19:56soffi how do you recommend taring from an image
20:01MarkWilliamso| soffi: how do you mean?
20:02MarkWilliamso| from a file disk image? loopback mount it and tar as normal?
20:02soffi that's what I'm doing.... cd /mnt; tar -cf /stuff/image.tar *
20:02soffi but seems to be fucking things up
20:03soffi when I untar it.... cd /othermount; tar -xf /stuff/image.tar
20:03soffi and the I unmout othermount and boot it with Xen.. everything is readonly
20:03soffi man... ain't I the newbie ;)
20:04MarkWilliamso| *boggle*
20:04MarkWilliamso| You double checked your disk = line in the config?
20:04soffi yup
20:04soffi it boots and everything
20:05soffi but hangs when mounting sys or something
20:05MarkWilliamso| ah, I have an idea
20:05soffi must be something trivial
20:05MarkWilliamso| probably need to pass a flag to tar to tell it to preserve uids
20:06MarkWilliamso| otherwise everything will end up with your dom0 user id, which might not have any meaning in the domU
20:06* yosh suggests using rsync
20:07soffi hmmhmmhmm
20:17soffi well... Mandrake10.1 image is ready
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20:21MarkWilliamso| soffi: wicked :-)
20:22MarkWilliamso| how did you fix the tar problem?
20:22soffi didn't
20:22soffi the image is ready :)
20:22soffi tackling the tar stuff now
20:24MarkWilliamso| o i c :-)
20:24soffi :-p
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20:31MarkWilliamso| soffi: maybe the -p (preserve permissions) flag would help?
20:31MarkWilliamso| alternatively, yosh's suggestion on rsync seems sensible
20:32soffi sure.. I just have to find out how to use it :)
20:33MarkWilliamso| looks like "rsync -avz /mnt /othermnt" would do it
20:34MarkWilliamso| of course, you'll still need to figure out a sane way of tarring in the end, if you're gonna put tarballs online ;-0
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20:34soffi yeah sure.. that works like dd... I'm looking for how to create the damn tarball :P
20:35MarkWilliamso| can you see (by mounting in dom0) if it has tinkered with the user IDs or something?
20:35MarkWilliamso| or the permissions themselves for that matter..
20:35soffi doesn't seem like it
20:35soffi mounting the original image is cool
20:35MarkWilliamso| you might want to get ls to give the numerical UIDs just to make sure
20:36soffi but mounting the image that i created bu tarring untarring the original is f*ed up
20:36soffi ok let's see
20:40soffi doesn't seem to be any difference :(
20:43MarkWilliamso| can you get to single user mode in the domain?
20:44MarkWilliamso| then you can see what the domain thinks is the problem...
20:44soffi I get straight to fsck
20:44soffi :)
20:44soffi this has something to do with tar
20:44soffi I'm simply doing something wrong :)
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21:05MarkWilliamso| soffi: just to check - how do you know it's appearing read only to the guest?
21:05MarkWilliamso| what exactly does the guest think is read only about it?
21:24soffi when starting up... it's trying to mount like sys or sumting
21:24soffi it says "error permission denied"
21:28MarkWilliamso| that's wacky. have you tried the -p option to tar?
21:28MarkWilliamso| otherwise tar will do stuff like applying your umask to the files it extracts
21:32soffi hmm let's try
21:33MarkWilliamso| i'm just making a wild guess that it's changed the permissions somehow so that mount doesn't work...
21:34knewt also, silly question, but you /are/ doing the extraction as root, right?
21:34soffi yes :)
21:35soffi [root@xen mnt]# tar -cfp /root/ball.tar *
21:35soffi tar: Removing leading `/' from member names
21:35soffi tar: /root/ball.tar: Cannot stat: No such file or directory
21:35soffi tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors
21:37MarkWilliamso| use tar -cpf
21:37knewt the f needs to be at the end of the set
21:37soffi I am so stupid
21:38MarkWilliamso| tar doesn't like any options coming after the f - i've been bitten by that before and it always confuses me
21:38knewt -fp creates a file called 'p', and tries to put '/root/ball.tar' and '*' into it
21:38* soffi slaps himself around a bit with a large trout
21:38MarkWilliamso| it's always good to keep a large trout handy
21:38* knewt prefers a haddock
21:39soffi I prefer cod.. haddock is so loose
21:39demon salmon might work better
21:39soffi hehe
21:41soffi Checking root filesystem
21:41soffi fsck.ext3: Filesystem has unsupported feature(s) (/dev/sda1)
21:41soffi e2fsck: Get a newer version of e2fsck!
21:41soffi but it stopped complaining about the permissions
21:42MarkWilliamso| well I guess that's good
21:42soffi it is :)
21:42MarkWilliamso| what's your dom0 / domU in this case?
21:42soffi sda1
21:42knewt it's probably dir_index that's the unsupported feature
21:42MarkWilliamso| i meant what distro?
21:42soffi fc4test2
21:42MarkWilliamso| is one of them doing something wacky...
21:42soffi and the domu is mandrake
21:42MarkWilliamso| ah ok
21:43MarkWilliamso| is FC4 running with SELinux enabled by any chance?
21:43soffi don't think so
21:43soffi let's doublecheck
21:43--- ---> rusty [] has joined #xen
21:44MarkWilliamso| knewt: what's dir_index and who uses it?
21:44soffi disabled
21:44soffi well
21:44soffi it's too late and I've got work in the morning :/
21:45knewt when dir_index is on ext2/3 uses hashed b-trees to speed up lookups in large directories
21:48MarkWilliamso| ah ok. well that shouldn't matter for the tarball anyhow.
21:48MarkWilliamso| which is good.
21:49MarkWilliamso| soffi: good progress!
21:49MarkWilliamso| see you later.
21:49soffi allright :) gnite
21:51MarkWilliamso| time for me to sleep too.
21:51MarkWilliamso| gnight all.
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22:47cilkay Hi. Does anyone have Xen running on Mandrake?
22:50--- ---> tab [] has joined #xen
22:53demon shouldn't be any reason you can't run mandrake with a xenolinux kernel... you just have to build the kernel yourself
22:57cilkay demon, I figured that - I have the MDK sources for 2.6.11. I noticed Xen is using 2.6.10. Not sure if I have to patch the MDK kernel or just use the Xen kernel. I would have to build various modules, such as for the SCSI RAID adapter too.
22:58cilkay The README is incomplete.
22:58riel xen-unstable is on 2.6.11 ;)
22:58cilkay The last sentence in the README reads: [NB. Unless noted otherwise, all the following steps should be
22:58cilkay performed with root privileges.]
22:59cilkay But there are no "following steps". That's the end of the file.
23:00cilkay Same story with unstable.
23:02cilkay Doing make dist on unstable now - should know soon.
23:03cilkay missing curl_devel and zlib_devel - urpmi'ing them now
23:06cilkay argh! ../../tools/libxc/xc.h:95: error: syntax error before "pid_t" - so much for xen-unstable
23:06--- ---> lilo [] has joined #xen
23:11demon you might try using 2.0-testing
23:12cilkay Doing a make dist on 2.0.5 stable - seems to be going fine so far.
23:12cilkay Though I have no idea if it will include the modules for the SCSI RAID adapter.
23:48cilkay I get the grub menu - select Xen - get Error 15: file not found. Not sure what file it is referring to.
23:48demon er... it should show the commands it's running
23:48caker cilkay: if you have a separate /boot/ partition, remove boot from the paths in the example grub config they provide
23:49demon ah yeah... there is that
23:49cilkay aha, I do. Thanks.
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