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10:39<aliguori>xm-test doesn't love me
10:40<aliguori>i guess dave barrerra doesn't do daily builds anymore.. haven't seen a note in a while
10:41<rharper>aliguori: he might have been out late last week, I've seen them fairly often
10:42<aliguori>oh yeah, i think lots of people took off last week
10:42<rharper>Subject: [Xen-devel] Daily Xen Builds
10:42<rharper>Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 12:01:39 -0600
10:42<rharper>that is his last note
10:42<rharper>so prolly was out last week
10:42<rharper>spring break time
10:43<aliguori>i'm very confused
10:43<aliguori>the repo is totally borked
10:43<rharper>aliguori: woody was working on a fix for dealing with not cleaning out existing test report files
10:44<rharper>not sure where that was, but I think there is some bogus data posted because of existing log files
10:44<rharper>s/that was/that is
10:45<aliguori>the timing sucks b/c i really wanted to see some recent xm-test reports from other machines :-)
10:58<sdague>aliguori: there isn't any valid data coming into the site any more it appears
10:59<sdague>dave changed something on how he builds, so he's sending in clobbered results
10:59<sdague>and james is only doing short runs
11:00<sdague>I think at this point it's just time to take down the repo, as fixing it to screen out the bad data would mean no new data would make it in anyway
11:01<aliguori>sdague, :-/
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11:01<aliguori>sdague, in the very least, i think it needs to be purged of the bad stuff
11:02<sdague>yes, been doing that. honestly, it needs a day to make the server side more robust, just haven't had a day to spend ont it
11:03<aliguori>:-) not enough days in the week
11:03<sdague>yes, we should invent more ;)
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11:13<woody>rharper aliguori: woody was working on a fix for dealing with not cleaning out existing test report files
11:14<woody>rharper, patch submitted more than once
11:14<woody>rharper, have not checked today's chg set
11:22<aliguori>does xm test kill all non-dom0 domains or something?
11:23<aliguori>apparently so
11:27<aliguori>it looks like block-attach is actually broken
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11:34<aliguori>b30564f4091490b280e97dbe432ec81e623609ec looks suspicious
11:38<aliguori>i think that's the changeset that broke block-attach
11:38<aliguori>i'm attempting to confirm now
11:39<aliguori>ewan did a big refactoring of the hotplug scripts right around the time when it started breaking fo rme
11:39<aliguori>and the hotplug scripts are failing (this is the cause of block-attach not working)
12:00<aliguori>:-( bad hunch
12:08<DV>I started the libvirt internal refactoring ... big mess
12:08<DV>I hate refactoring code
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12:21<Bicster>can someone please suggest a good place to add a hook to run a custom shell script whenever a domain is created?
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