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06:19<sun>question - I'm trying to set up XEN to install Windows on a VT enabled machine
06:19<sun>and I can't seem to get the config right
06:20<sun>It complains that the "name" directive I defined is "not found"
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08:04<fabien>I want to test some modifications made on a xen0 kernel but I am a noob and I often get some kernel panic that reboot my machine
08:04<fabien>Anyone have tried to use qemu or boch to prevent this kind of "problem" ?
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08:12<chax>hiyya !!
08:13<chax>a quick question reg xen implementation in linux
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08:14<chax>does the guest os see the same disk block <--> partition mapping as the base os ??
08:14<chax>i mean.
08:14<chax>will /usr/lib/a_something be same for both guestos and ring 0 os ?
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11:47<pmontesinos>I am having soft lockups whenever I turn off domUs that make me restart the machine. Is anyone having thesame problme?
11:47<ns>think there is a bugzilla report open on that..which version of xen?
11:48[~]riel has 2 invites left - anybody ?
11:48<pmontesinos>unstable.. others won't boot my machine
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11:52<pmontesinos>yeah, I saw that bugzilla. I am trying to debug it, but it's funny, because most cpus are in the same function, safe_halt
11:52<pmontesinos>I would think that the softlockup detector would not need to run on those
11:52<pmontesinos>that are being "shut down"
11:55<ns> hmm, can't help you there..but what about races with stuff being shut down? might need to..
11:57<pmontesinos>I don't know.. it's getting frustrating
11:57<pmontesinos>too mnay reboots
11:57<ns>are you running on debug options?
11:57<pmontesinos>the kernel has debug support on it
11:58<pmontesinos>(domO kernel)
11:58<ns>turn it on in xen (hypervisor) too
11:59<pmontesinos>in xend?
12:00<pmontesinos>I already have loglevel debug
12:02<pmontesinos>ahh.. sorry, you mean in xen. Ok, I'll rebuild it
12:05<pmontesinos>ns: do you have an smp machine?
12:06<pmontesinos>more than 8 way?
12:07<ns>we can get hold of one
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12:34<johnlev>aliguori: there?
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13:06<johnlev>hrm, why the heck do the tools set /dev/xen/evtchn non-blocking
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14:24<swg>is someone here?
14:33<swg> having some problems where Xen wouldn't start domUs... its weird, once I run the install script, they run again, but after I logout SSH, they stopped working
14:33<swg> running Debian atm
14:33<swg> just fails with Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Backend device not found.
14:33<koki>udevd is running?
14:33<swg> this goes away after I run the install script in the xen source folder but Xen stops working right after
14:34<swg> do I check in /etc/init.d/?
14:34<koki>are you running the debian packages?
14:34<swg> yes, I think I am
14:34<koki>then i do not know
14:35<swg> client-209-158-33-90:~# ps aux | grep udevd
14:35<swg>root 944 0.0 0.7 1568 472 ? S<s 03:19 0:00 udevd
14:36<swg> any ideas?
14:37<koki>can't remember, had that error message but solved it by installing xen 3.0 some months ago
14:38<rharper>swg: check /var/log/xen-hotplug.log
14:39<swg> k let c
14:39<swg> have all these errors
14:39<swg> interface vif1.0 does not exist!
14:39<swg>interface vif2.0 does not exist!
14:39<swg>interface vif3.0 does not exist!
14:39<swg>interface vif4.0 does not exist!
14:39<swg>interface vif5.0 does not exist!
14:39<swg>interface vif1.0 does not exist!
14:39<swg>interface vif2.0 does not exist!
14:39<swg>interface vif3.0 does not exist!
14:39<swg>interface vif4.0 does not exist!
14:39<swg>interface vif5.0 does not exist!
14:40<mikegrb>swg: don't flood
14:40<swg> sorry, it is my IRC client
14:40<swg> can't paste it into one line
14:40<mikegrb>your irc client typed all that stuff?
14:40<swg> it automatically splits the thing
14:40<mikegrb>as it should
14:40<koki>swg: /etc/init.d/xend start
14:40<mikegrb>you shouldn't paste that much text, use something like
14:41<koki>should change your net topology
14:41<swg> nope, didn't work
14:41<koki>can you console into the domu's?
14:42<swg> no, can't even start them
14:42<swg> it just splits out that it cannot find the vif interface and destorys the domU
14:42<koki>swg: you said sthg about ssh, ...
14:42<swg> yea
14:42<koki>doesnt make sense to me
14:42<swg> I think it's something with sessions or something
14:43<rharper>you can pass -c to the xm create command to see how far the domU is going before dying
14:43<swg> if I go in /usr/src/xen*
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14:43<swg> yes -c is specified
14:43<swg> and run the make install script
14:43<swg> the domU runs again
14:43<swg> but if I logout of SSH
14:43<koki>what ssh?
14:43<swg> I am using SSH to logon
14:43<koki>it is a console
14:44<koki>not ssh
14:44<swg> ?
14:44<swg> I am logged on to root using SSH
14:44<swg> right
14:45<koki>and then. xm create -c bla
14:45<swg> yea
14:45<swg> and it splits out the error
14:45<koki>.. booting xen ....
14:45<swg> saying cannot find vif
14:45<swg> and dies
14:45<koki>well. recheck your config. try with the simplest provided ones
14:45<swg> have this
14:45<swg> Using config file "centos.cfg".
14:45<swg>Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Backend device not found.
14:46<swg> and then it just dies run after, doesn't boot at all
14:46<koki>sometimes works better using the dom0 kernel to boot even the domu
14:46<koki>not in production, but for testing
14:46<swg> eh what was that?
14:47<swg> I am currently using the xen-dom0 kernel right now
14:47<koki>but also for the domU?
14:47<swg> no, domU is using the domU kernel
14:47<koki>that's what i'm sayin
14:47<swg> but I think there is a problem that lyes on the dom0 kernel or some system settings
14:48<swg> what I don't get is why I could start guests fine until I logout out of SSH
14:48<swg> after running make install in /usr/src/xen* of course
14:48<koki>did you upgrade?
14:49<koki>or just install?
14:49<swg> upgrade Xen?
14:49<koki>why not?
14:49<swg> I just installed Xen off source
14:49<swg> 3.0.2-3
14:49<swg> 2
14:49<koki>ok, so you just installed
14:49<swg> right
14:50<swg> I wonder if this is some kind of Debian or SSH problem... sighs
14:51<koki>your network line .... vif = [ 'mac=00:16:3e:00:89:01, bridge=stud89' ]
14:51<koki>sthg like that?
14:51<swg> it's xenbr0
14:51<swg> and I didn't specify mac
14:51<koki>no need to do
14:52<swg> the thing is that the thing works and boots using that conf after running make install in /usr/src/xen*
14:52<koki>change: kernel = "/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.16-xenU" to kernel = "/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.16-xen0"
14:52<swg> lol will try
14:53<koki>so you might not find your scripts? --- you can alter the debug level in the xend config
14:54<swg> umm it boots for some reason lol
14:54<koki>now you know your client kernel sucks.
14:54<swg> probably let me try restarting SSH and see what happens
14:54<koki>rebuild like it is written in the manual and enjoy the beauty of xen
14:55<koki>swg: is your ssh more secure than mine so you have to shout it all the time?
14:55<swg> ?
14:56<swg> ah
14:56<swg> same thing happens now
14:56<swg> once I restarted the session, it doesn't even boot with the dom0 kernel
14:56<swg> which I don't get at all
14:57<swg> and if I change it back to xenU, it works again
14:57<swg> it seems that it works whenever I make changes to the configs
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15:03|-|[] changed the topic of #xen: || Xen 3.0.2 is now available - bugfixes, 2.6.16, and SVM support
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15:13<johnlev>there seems to be no point in /dev/xen/evtchn being non-blocking since it's only ever read from in response to a select() anyway
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15:55<aliguori>johnlev, actually, i believe that was a result of a bug ewan found
15:55<aliguori>something like an event channel becomes active but is closed b/c the domain goes away or something
15:55<aliguori>it was leading to consoled lockups
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15:55<johnlev>that sounds like a bug in the evtchn driver
15:56<johnlev>and it's worth pointing out the console code explicitly loops until it can read something!
15:56<johnlev>xenstored does barf_perror()...
15:56<aliguori>johnlev, what, in particular, are you referring to?
15:56<aliguori>you mean a read_sync?
15:57<aliguori>oh, well, what can I say, I guess I'm a coder than Rusty :-P
15:57<aliguori>(yeah right!)
15:57<johnlev>did you leave off the adjective on purpose? :)
15:58<johnlev>is the changeset you're referring to I think
16:00<aliguori>apparently my fingers wouldn't even let me make that claim as a joke :-)
16:01<johnlev>am I right that's what you were remembering? it's not related to the evtchn device...
16:01<aliguori>one sec
16:01<aliguori>it probably is
16:01<aliguori>my memory is likely faulty
16:02<johnlev>I'm just going to send this patch out and see what people think. I may end up looking like a fool but at least I'll find out :)
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20:37<swg> hello everyone
20:40<swg>does anyone have any idea what is happening if I can't start a Xen guest on the root folder [~] but able to on other folders (ex. /bin)
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21:15<aliguori>swg, be more specific
21:15<swg> <-- here is my problem
21:16<aliguori>you have a centos.cfs in /root that isn't valid
21:17<aliguori>if there is no config file in the working directory (and an absolute path isn't specified), it checks for /etc/xen/
21:17<aliguori>in this case, you're /etc/xen/centos.cfg is valid
21:17<aliguori>if you just did xm create -c /etc/xen/centos.cfg, it would work no matter where you did it from
21:18<swg>indeed I did store my old config in ~ heh, thats why
21:18<swg>I expected it to start from /etc/xen
21:18<swg>thanks so much :P
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