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03:15<mig>Hi, where can I get help with crashing xen-installations? (dom0 freezes)
03:28<am88b>you might want to write to xen-users mailinglist or just report bug to bugzilla
03:30<mig>Yes, it just halts. Normaly while writing to disk so I get a corrupted filesystem after reset. Maybe it depends on the harddisk-controller (3ware).
03:31<am88b>sounds like serious bug
03:35<mig>How can I log what happens? I want to know where the bug sits (xend / 3ware-driver). Can xen write a log into a console? I doesn't get a kernel-panic-screen or sth so I have to believe the xen kernel collapses.
03:38<am88b>have you checked the xen logs?
03:39<koki>mig: use a log server
03:40<mig>where should the stay?
03:40<koki>at what stage are u freezing? - boot, running, ...
03:41<mig>running, Its a gentoo-system normaly while rsync
03:41<koki>so when cpu-load goes up?
03:42<mig>its a hyperthread Xeon
03:42<koki>try dd if=/dev/zero of=/my/disk .... to see if it is the controller
03:43<koki>dual cpu, or just one?
03:43<mig>just one
03:44<koki>otherwise i would've turned stupid hyperthreading off
03:44<mig>running a pure linux stable.
03:44<koki>no, u are running xen
03:44<mig>yes that what I want.
03:44<koki>what is "pure linux stable"
03:45<koki>are u running 64bit or 32bit?
03:45<mig>booting a "normal" linux-2.16.xy, the system runs whithout props.
03:46<koki>i can definitely recommend the 64bit version of xen - solves the whole /lib/tls issue
03:46<koki>so, dd works?
03:47[~]koki thinks, maybe the thing just gets hot.
03:49<mig>dd if=/dev/zero of=/root/dd_test hangs again.
03:49<mig>I had to reset.
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04:04<mig>Can I definitivly use 32bit domUs on a 64bit xen / dom0 ?
04:11<mig>ok, maybe it solves this problem - I will try!
04:12<am88b>why would you want it, anyway?
04:14<mig>to be able to move the domU to an old machine (as backup). It's more or less a "marketing reason"...
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05:35<alekibango>hello. i have installed sid and latest xen packages.. using debian xen kernel... and succesfully created some image using xen-create-image... but now i have trouble running it... i keep getting Error: (111, 'Connection refused') or Error: (9, 'Bad file descriptor') (which depends on xend-config.sxp settings)... can someone help? i am new to xen...
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05:50<hensema>sid is?
05:51<hensema>debian unstable?
05:51<hensema>seems like xend isn't running
06:00[~]chax nods
06:00<chax>yes alekibango it looks like xend is not running
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06:10[~]alekibango is looking into it :)
06:12<alekibango>when its running,i get errror 9 bad file descriptor
06:13<chax>alekibango, does your tool give the location of the conf file it is generating for getting the guest os up ?
06:15<alekibango>yes its in /etc/xen/test.cfg, i used this article:
06:16<chax>can you see what is there for disk = [] in that file ?
06:17<alekibango>path to disk is ok
06:17<alekibango>its ext3 image
06:17<alekibango>mountable using -o loop
06:17<alekibango>i am sending part of log to pastebin... its soo loaded...
06:17<chax>yup :)
06:19<chax>they have this wonderful messages .. which dont say what file they missed to find or what file had a bad file descriptor
06:20<alekibango>its in buildDomain
06:23<chax>not able to access for some reason .. whats the essential error message that it gives ?
06:24<alekibango> File "/usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/xen/xend/", line 188, in buildDomain
06:24<alekibango> features = self.features)
06:24<alekibango>error: (9, 'Bad file descriptor')
06:25<chax>ok try this .. donno how far it works .. i'm guessting something wrong with the ui thing you are using ..
06:25<chax>try .. xm create -c /etc/xen/test.cfg
06:25<alekibango>yes thats the command
06:25<alekibango>which leads to the error
06:26<alekibango>which is somewhere in self.buildDomain()
06:26<alekibango>but i am really confused :)
06:26<chax>ok do onething
06:27<chax>check if you have /lib/modules/<kernel_version>/xen/ ......
06:27<chax>in the disk image
06:27<chax>i mean
06:27<chax>loop mount it
06:27<alekibango>ok i will
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06:28<alekibango>no xen in lib/modules/2.6.16-2-xen-k7
06:29<alekibango>(looked for *xen* in mc)
06:29<chax>1 sec
06:30<alekibango>should i build my domu kernel ? :) and install it?
06:31<chax>no no
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06:32<chax>it just uses the base-os's xen kernel specified in that conf file
06:33<alekibango>kernel = '/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.16-2-vserver-k7'
06:33<alekibango>ramdisk = '/boot/initrd.img-2.6.16-2-vserver-k7'
06:33<alekibango>memory = 256
06:33<chax>wth is it calling a bad file descriptor ..
06:33<alekibango>(from config)
06:35[~]chax thinks
06:35<alekibango>its vim /usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/xen/xend/ +188
06:35<alekibango> features = self.features)
06:35<alekibango>but i do not know why :)
06:36<alekibango>or its another statement near..
06:36<alekibango>chax: could this be by wrong network settings?
06:37<alekibango>like missing bridge or something?
06:37<chax>oh you dont need a bridge to get a xen guest up and running
06:37<chax>i dont even fill that thing
06:38<chax>i leave it at 'vif=o09:04: .... blah'
06:38<alekibango>?? o09:04 ? ?
06:38<chax>no i meant whatever mac address ...
06:39<avdyk>excuse me, I'm new here, do you mean that domU's uses kernel in the dom0 filesystem?
06:39<avdyk>because I have problems creating domU instance but I can boot on a xen-linux kernel
06:40<avdyk>it seems to be a scsi problem
06:40<alekibango>i am on ide now :)
06:40<alekibango>but i was hurted by scsi last time i tried xen
06:40<alekibango>avdyk: do you have initrd ??
06:40<chax>ok gotta rush .. be back later ...
06:40<alekibango>chax: ty anywa
06:41<avdyk>alekibango: yes
06:41<avdyk>ramdisk =
06:41<alekibango>chax: my domu is not starting - thanks to eror 9 : ))
06:41<alekibango>which sucks
06:41<chax>will get back later bye
06:42<avdyk>SCSI subsystem initialized
06:42<avdyk>register_blkdev: cannot get major 8 for sd
06:42<avdyk>/bin/cat: /sys/block/sda/dev: No such file or directory
06:42<avdyk>Waiting 1 seconds for /sys/block/sda/dev to show up
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06:43<avdyk>/bin/cat: /sys/block/sda/dev: No such file or directory
06:43<avdyk>Device /sys/block/sda/dev seems to be down.
06:43<avdyk>Debugging opportunity, type ^D to continue.
06:43<avdyk>/bin/dash: can't access tty; job control turned off
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06:54<hensema>please don't spam away/back messages in the channel
06:55<avdyk>hensema: yep, I'm trying to fix it in bitchX ;-)
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08:01<vaggie>Does XEN work with LILO?
08:02<visik7>yes but really sucks
08:03<vaggie>well grub doesnt work with LVM so i need to use LILO
08:03<vaggie>where can i read more about XEN and LILO?
08:04<visik7>I usally put kernel in a separate partition
08:04<vaggie>i did that but grub still complains..
08:04<vaggie>saying: Grub installation error on hd0
08:04<vaggie>"/boot" is outside the LVM
08:04<visik7>not for me
08:05<visik7>I used grub for lvm
08:05<visik7>with boot outside of lvm
08:05<vaggie>do you have SCSI disks?
08:05<visik7>but I did that 'couse root was in xfs (not officially supported by grub)
08:05<visik7>no sata
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08:06<vaggie>i use scsi, maybe thats why?
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08:53<avdyk>on dom0 I have several ethernet cards, how can I know which is used to make the bridge (debian/etch(testing))
08:54<avdyk>I use the network-bridge script and passes deveth=eth2
08:54<avdyk>but I'd like to be sure it's the good one
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08:56<avdyk>I use the network-bridge script and passes netdev=eth2
08:57<cypa>is it possible to run xdmcp on guest domain?
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10:38<avdyk>re- hi
10:38<avdyk>I got network problems now :(
10:38<avdyk>impossible to ping domU from dom0 and impossible to ping dom0 from domU
10:46<alekibango>having similar problem... just managed to make frist domU running :)
10:48<avdyk>alekibango: my first domU is running now... sometimes ;-)
10:48<alekibango>i just runned it for first
10:48<alekibango>time... trying to ping
10:48<alekibango>and ping loops forever lol
10:48<alekibango>so i am restarting it now :))
10:48<avdyk>same here ;-)
10:48<avdyk>now, I use 'ping -c 2 IP_ADDRESS'
10:49<avdyk>(-c == count)
10:49<alekibango>avdyk: i want to use 1 external ip and to have few servers on it (mail, www)
10:49<alekibango>found some howto for xen2
10:49<avdyk>you need a NAT, don't you?
10:49<alekibango>but people were writing that it does not work fro xen3
10:49<alekibango>i do not know what is best
10:49<alekibango>i can nat + forward ports
10:49<alekibango>but i never used bridges
10:50<avdyk>alekibango: neither do I ;-)
10:50<alekibango>if you will find some tutor or howto, tell me
10:50<avdyk>alekibango: no proble ;-)
10:50<alekibango>yeah, ping -c3 :)
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10:52<avdyk>I already set up xen on another box and domU has a network access, but on this one I can't :'(
10:52<alekibango>anyone here can give advice which network setting is best, if i have 1 ip address and want to run few servers on 1 PC like mail, www etc ?
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10:53<alekibango>damn i forgot the -c 3
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10:55<alekibango>avdyk: alias ping='ping -c3'
10:55<avdyk>yeah ;-) even better ;-)
10:55<alekibango>must for me :)))
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13:46<tessier__>Anyone know if xen can tftp the kernel image to boot?
13:46<tessier__>I am trying to build a completely diskless cpu node which uses AoE for disk storage.
13:46<tessier__>These cpu's are warm enough as it is, I don't wnt any disk in there.
13:46<tessier__>PXE can tftp the xen kernel itself but after that I am not clear how xen can get the domain0 kernel.
13:46<tessier__>It would be really nice if xen could tftp it.
13:49<tessier__>oh, wait.
13:49<tessier__>GRUB knows how to tftp! Sweet!
13:50<murb>tessier__: the nbgrub is useful!
14:02<tessier__>Yeah, I never knew grub could do that. Sure hope my network card is supported!
14:03<tessier__>The Linux kernel supports it so it should be at least theoretically possible that grub does.
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14:05<tessier__>hmm...apparently there is something called nbgrub and something called pxegrub
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