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10:42<rvl>hi there, i have a problem compiling the xen tools, it gives an error compiling. ./configure: 239: Syntax error: Bad fd number...
10:43<rvl>it's the hg set from just a couple of minutes ago...
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10:51<rvl>i just found that the configure script in "ioemu" tests for vnc.
10:51<rvl>if i disable vnc (--disable-vnc) the configure commands works... but...
10:52<rvl>the make process errors on make[1]: *** [i8259_stub.o] Error 1
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10:53<rvl>usr/src/xen-3.0-testing.hg/tools/ioemu/hw/i8259_stub.c:25:27: error: xen/hvm/ioreq.h: No such file or directory
10:53<rvl>it says....
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11:52[~]riel is confused by __set_fixmap
11:52<riel> switch (idx) {
11:52<riel> case VSYSCALL_FIRST_PAGE:
11:52<riel> set_pte_phys(address, phys, prot, SET_FIXMAP_KERNEL);
11:52<riel> break;
11:52<riel> default:
11:52<riel> set_pte_phys_ma(address, phys, prot);
11:53<riel>why does it not use a machine address when filling in the page table for the vsyscall page
11:53<riel>but it does use it for the other fixmap entries?
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13:22<visik7>anyone here have backported xen-3.0 package from edgy to dapper
13:23<murb>visik7: no, have you tried doing this yourselve, it probably isn't very difficult.
13:24<visik7>it doesn't work
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13:24<visik7>compilation doesn't fail but no package is created
13:24<visik7>dunno how to debug it
13:25<visik7>exporting DH_VERBOSE doesn't help
13:25<murb>visik7: what is the xen package called?
13:25<visik7>xen-3.0 (in edgy)
13:25<murb>is it in main?
13:26<murb>does that mean it is just pulled in from debian automagically?
13:26<visik7>no the version of sid and edgy are different
13:26<visik7>and there are specific edgy patches
13:26[~]murb looks at the hg version
13:27<murb>looks suspiouly like -unstable
13:27<visik7>yes it start to compile an unstable version
13:28<visik7>dunno why not the 3.0.2
13:28<visik7>the dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot exits with
13:29<visik7>h_installchangelogs: I have no package to build
13:29<visik7>make: *** [binary-indep] Error 1
13:29<visik7>and there aren't any errors in the console buffer
13:30<visik7>(obviously it compiles smoothly on edgy :) )
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16:09<dansmith>does anyone know how the /etc/xen/scripts/block script actually gets called from xend to setup block devices?
16:09<rharper>dansmith: dansmith hotplug, I thought
16:10<dansmith>you mean xend pokes hotplug, which then knows to call the block script?
16:10<dansmith>hrm, I hadn't thought of that
16:10[~]dansmith looks to where xend pokes hotplug
16:10<dansmith>if so, then there is some cruft in xend related to /etc/xen/scripts/block :)
16:10<rharper>if you want to debug block script, I suggest adding +x to it and then looking at /var/log/xend-hotplug.loog
16:10<dansmith>yea, I care not about the block script, but the actual call
16:12<rharper>SUBSYSTEM=="xen-backend", KERNEL=="vbd*", RUN+="/etc/xen/scripts/block $env{ACTION}"
16:12<rharper>for udev trigger
16:14<dansmith>ah, right
16:14<dansmith>so where does xend kick hotplug?
16:14<rharper>when adding devices
16:14<dansmith>and more importantly, how does one kick hotplug
16:14<rharper>so vbd add
16:14<dansmith>yea, I know, I meant where in the code ;)
16:19<rpg>dansmith, it gets called from xend i believe...lemme check
16:19<dansmith>right, I know it does.. that's what I'm trying to find..
16:21<dansmith>I must be looking for the wrong thing or something..
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16:36<rpg>dansmith, not sure ... you're looking for how the signal to bring up a backend goes from xend to udev?
16:36<dansmith>grep -r udev shows nothing
16:37<dansmith>I'm kinda baffled
16:43<rharper>dansmith: AFAIK, xend isn't involved other than to put info into the store, I believe xenbus passes info to hotplug, and then hotplug runs the xend-backend.agent, which is triggered on each of the rules that are installed.
16:44<dansmith>rharper: ahhhhhh
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17:26<freitag>hvm in unstable seems to be unhappy
17:26<freitag>my test guest only goes
17:26<freitag>False I/O request ... in-service already: 0, pvalid: 0, port: 0, data: 0, count:
17:26<freitag> 0, size: 0
17:26<freitag>No support to change vga_ram_size
17:26<freitag>and then disappears
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19:10<GyrosGeier>it appears that memory is lost when I restart a domU
19:11<GyrosGeier>am I missing something?
19:11<GyrosGeier>(running 3 domUs that take 128MiB each, 512MiB in total)
19:14<riel>do you have a zombie domain?
19:14<GyrosGeier>xm list shows nothing
19:14<GyrosGeier>how would I find it?
19:15<GyrosGeier>I mean, I can get the memory back by rebooting the dom0
19:16<GyrosGeier>but that suspends the domUs for a bit, which annoys the users
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