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04:24<movement>why does x86-64's cpu_user_regs have saved_upcall_mask separate from rflags?
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06:09<muli>is there an easy way to get an early console in domU?
06:15<muli>answer: add to domU config file 'extra="earlyprintk=serial,keep"
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08:34<fabien>I have trouble with Xen 3. When booting, it doesn't create bridge anymore, so vm creation with vif is impossible
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09:52<icblenke>so, what's the story with the 3.0.4 freeze?
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10:06<aliguori>icblenke: well, there once was a hypervisor, that lived in a big house....
10:06<aliguori>icblenke: what do you mean?
10:06<aliguori>keir announced it was going to happen a week or so ago
10:08<danpb>icblenke: keir announced it has taken effect from this morning
10:08<danpb>since the two big ticket items (pv framebufer & kexec) are now merged
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13:50<icblenke>hooray. pv framebuffer may save me.
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14:08<aliguori>icblenke: why is that?
14:09<aliguori>i was stoked to see it go in too. katzj and markus did an awesome job with it
14:09<aliguori>i've seen it in the rhel betas too. it's pretty neat to see a guest install that actually looks like a real install :-)
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14:21<movement>so much for dom0 kernel compatability.
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14:23<aliguori>movement: ?
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14:27<movement>hmm, take that back I think
14:33<hollisb>sigh... kdiff3 *looked* like it would make my life easier, right up until it ignored all the merge selections I'd made :(
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14:38<brendan>ediff's nice too, if you can get past the UI
14:39<hollisb>the UI (in kdiff3) seems to be what's screwing me
14:40<movement>aliguori: I removed some unused code in our evtchn device... now it's used a little bit more
14:40<sdague>hollisb: did you actually click save?
14:40<movement>(still unused, but compiled...)
14:40<movement>privileged unused code makes me joyous
14:40<hollisb>sdague: I'm not sure. that seems to be the problem :)
14:41<hollisb>sdague: I made a bunch of merge selections, then did a "merge all" operation... and it ignored all the selections I'd made
14:41<hollisb>using "Run Opeation for Current Item" seems to be doing what I want
14:41<hollisb>typical OSS UI :|
14:41<sdague>hollisb: until you hit the save button in the kdiff3 gui, I don't think it applies
14:42<sdague>hollisb: you can always remerge
14:42<hollisb>yeah I'm doing that now
14:43<hollisb>I need to run diff by hand though to validate what kdiff3 is doing
14:43<brendan>it doesn't have a pane to display the merge result?
14:44<sdague>the other thing I think you need to do is select merge first
14:44<sdague>then it will auto pick sections
14:44<sdague>then you can change them if you want
14:44<hollisb>I'm drowning in panes already. if it has one, I haven't run across it
14:44<brendan>meld's pretty intuitive
14:44<sdague>it's one of those things that you don't quite use enough to become intuitive with it
14:45<hollisb>intuitive is the wrong word I think
14:45<hollisb>the whole point of "intuitive" is that you don't need any expertise
14:45<sdague>probably, as I'm trying to do too many things at once ;)
14:45<brendan>I meant meld. I only tried kdiff3 once, and was confused.
14:45<hollisb>if you spend enough time in any software you figure out how to use it. that does not mean it's easy to use
14:46<hollisb>brendan: I guess I'll try that next time
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14:49[~]aliguori hands hollisb ediff-buffers
14:49<hollisb>funny, you seem to be under the impression that emacs has a good UI :-P
14:51<aliguori>you disagree :-)
14:51[~]aliguori shrugs
14:53[~]perlmonkee is so confused... hollisb seems to have correctly identified that emacs sucks... but he also seems to think that other people should *care*.
14:53<perlmonkee>not only that, he seems to be using emacs as a representative of all "OSS"
14:53<hollisb>er no
14:53<hollisb>and no
14:54<perlmonkee>well okay then, I guess I don't hate you just yet.
14:54<hollisb>if you believe kdiff3 has a great UI, then you can hate me :)
14:55[~]perlmonkee just uses the CLI
14:55<aliguori>perlmonkee should win an award
14:55<perlmonkee>which one?
14:56<aliguori>i don't know
14:56<perlmonkee>the opinionated ass award?
14:57<aliguori>that's probably a good start :-)
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15:01<sdague>hollisb: I agree, kdiff3 is really confusing
15:01<sdague>I'm just not sure I've seen a 3 way diff program that isn't
15:03<brendan>FileMerge is really easy to understand too.
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15:06<icblenke>aliguori: I can't get normal PV consoles to work, oddly enough. HVM consoles are just fine via SDL/VNC.
15:06<aliguori>icblenke: that is quite odd
15:06<icblenke>though I'm not sure if it's a function of not getting console to work, or not getting PV domUs to work at all.
15:06<aliguori>you should always see at least some console output
15:06<aliguori>the console doesn't use xenbus
15:07<icblenke>only the xen livecd kernel has managed to spit out anything to /var/log/ inside the rootfs.img before it appears to languish. all other kernels just spin out of control at 100% cpu.
15:07<icblenke>I get HVM serial= working with xenconsole though.. it's largely PVs that are driving me mad.
15:07<aliguori>try setting crash="preserve" reboot="preserve" in the domain's config
15:08<aliguori>it's probably in a tight reboot loop
15:08<icblenke>I've been down both the udev and the hotplug route, and walked through pdb numerous times... it's like the kernels are panicing inside the domUs, but I don't have consoles to see the output.
15:09<icblenke>trying your preserve suggestion now...
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15:11<icblenke>was using destroy.
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15:13<icblenke>xenconsole: Could not read tty from store: No such file or directory
15:14<icblenke>cpu spinning. no console.
15:14<icblenke>2 weeks of this now. I've tried everything I can possibly think of.
15:21<aliguori>icblenke: did you build your own kernel
15:23<icblenke>I have built many many many of my own kernels in the past 2 weeks. yes.
15:23<icblenke>but, I've been trying to use rPath's kernels for thier images, and the xen livecd domU kernel, as well as my own.
15:24<icblenke>lets just say that I have many guest filesystems with a rather interesing /lib/modules/ tree for every domU kernel I could think to try.
15:25<aliguori>icblenke: i'd be willing to bet your kernel isn't configured right
15:25<aliguori>you probably don't have the console driver compiled in
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15:32<brendan>anyone recognize this error? 'Error: an inet prefix is expected rather than "1 9 2 . 1 6 8 . 1 .129"'
15:33<DavidS>try .128
15:33<brendan>my vif backend isn't coming up. xen-hotplug.log message
15:33<DavidS>or probably add /32
15:33<brendan>not sure what's generating that message
15:34<brendan>probably something falling out of vif-nat
15:35<brendan>can't figure out what I changed
15:35<icblenke>aliguori: that's the fun bit, I see the Xen console initialized as tty1 inside the domU, at least on the xen livecd kernel/image domU
15:35<icblenke>(by looking at /var/log/dmesg)
15:36<icblenke>(after destroying and mounting the image loopback on dom0)
15:36<icblenke>Xen virtual console successfully installed as tty1
15:37<icblenke>sadly, there never appears to be mention of a tty being allocated or assigned anywhere.. no console/tty to xenconsole into on dom0
15:40<danpb>icblenke: the host tty is setup by xenconsoled
15:41<danpb>it watches for new domains being created and then creates a psuedo TTY for them in dom0
15:44<brendan>is it possible there's been some domain sxp parser breakage in a recent changeset? this looks weird: DevController: writing {'domain': 'ubuntu', 'handle': '0', 'uuid': '5f8072d6-c65b-5be9-c479-f7cd97fdc607', 'script': '/etc/xen/scripts/vif-nat netdev=eth1 dhcp=no', 'ip': '1 9 2 . 1 6 8 . 1 . 2', 'state': '1', 'frontend': '/local/domain/1/device/vif/0', 'mac': '00:16:3e:6e:10:3d', 'online': '1', 'frontend-id': '1'} to /local/domain/0/backend/vif/1/0.
15:48<icblenke>danpb: I strace -f -p on the xenconsoled processes, and see _nothing_ after xm create
15:50<icblenke>poll([{fd=6, events=POLLIN}], 1, 2000) = 0, getppid() = 2419, every couple of seconds.
15:51<danpb>fd=6 is probably its connection to xenstored
15:51<icblenke>6 -> pipe:[5633]
15:51<danpb>which it uses to register & receive notifications
15:51<icblenke>there is no process 5633
15:52<icblenke>only one xenstored. pid 2413.
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15:55<icblenke>thanks for the pointers though. gives me some new things to try.
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17:01<icblenke>how do you pass PV devices to an HVM domain?
17:02<icblenke>the entire ioemu: thing was deprecated...
17:07<brendan>I think you just leave out ioemu:
17:07<brendan>CS 12633 broke vif=['ip=foo'] for me.
17:09<icblenke>well, I have Windows PV Ethernet now...
17:11<icblenke>the SCSI PV driver has thrown me for a loop though.
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17:21<brendan>anyone know how to use the test scripts in tools/python/xen/xend/server/tests ?
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17:22<brendan>nm, found it
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19:32<icblenke>I've been walking through xenconsoled.. it looks like it does a double fork to daemonize, and then proceeds to clone itself and send two chunks of 148 bytes between a pipe pair [6,7], and it tries to clone itself again for some reason and hangs.
19:33<icblenke>ah, the second clone is to setup a task to talk through /var/run/xenstored/socket, as expected.
19:34<icblenke>but it just hangs there when it tries to read from that xenstore socket
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19:44<icblenke>xenconsoled -i -v
19:44<icblenke>and now my consoles work.
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